Dreams Related To Airplane

Exiting an airplane with daughter

My daughter and myself are traveling on an airplane. We make a smooth landing and leave the plane by the back door. The stairs on leaving are very broad and strong, there are only 3 steps to walk down. As I'm leaving the plane, I'm looking at a large sapphire in my engagement ring. Then my daughter and myself are walking hand in hand across beautiful fresh white snow to our destination.

Dreaming about flying on a plane has negative connotations. It points towards some rash decisions you may have made in your waking life which could negatively affect you financially. This negativity is further reinforced by the image of you descending using the steps. It could be considered a warning that you need to tread with caution because going down the steps generally represents slow progression towards misfortune. However, the powerful symbolism of the sapphire ring points to endeavors in the future which would bear fruit. Thus it would be in your best interest to take baby steps regarding any financial decisions and to postpone any major changes whatever they may be in the time to follow this dream vision.

Trying to get on a flight

Female. I was going on a couple of trips and had to rush to my flight gate, which always happened to be very far away and I'd go up and down stairs and ladders. Same thing happened again, but this time in Vegas. I could see my destination, but there was an enormous crowd in the way. There was a concert going on, so I walked behind them on stage to get to the other side. Then in order to get to my gate, I had to climb a ladder. But before that I got asked out on a date by one of the band members.

Rushing to get to your flight and running up and down stairs and ladders to get there has two meanings. First, it reveals some difficulty fitting in with friends or colleagues, suggesting you have trouble forming deep bonds on relying on those around you. Second, it also portends difficulty reaching your goals or making dreams come true. In this case, it seems your desire is to form those deeper bonds with friends or to establish and maintain a romantic relationship with someone. Furthermore, being asked on a date by a band member shows how necessary physical and emotional connections are for you. It may take time to develop strong relationships, but it would be worth the extra effort.

Taking a flight on airplane

Taking a flight on an airplane is a warning against possible loss or failure. You might be placed in an undesirable position because of decisions you make about finances or projects, and this will bring about a sudden change in your life. Try to postpone projects you want to start and be more mindful about your finances.

An airplane crash

An airplane crash.

Seeing yourself being present inside the plane when it is going down could be indicative of lurking suicidal thoughts or possible suicidal tendencies. If you happened to be an observer of an airplane crush, this could mean that your subconsciousness could be hosting thoughts of committing homicide. Finding yourself in the aftermath of an airplane crash means that you should single-handedly complete your tasks without relying much on others because their help will most likely be counterproductive.

Flying an airplane

Dreams of flying an airplane often symbolize your aspiration to pursue a long-held dream. This dream suggests that you are on the verge of taking the initial steps to bring this dream to fruition. It serves as a positive sign, encouraging you to have confidence in your abilities and to embark on this journey to realize your aspirations. It implies that you are prepared to soar to new heights and make your dreams a reality.

Airplane in front of you

Seeing an airplane in front of you is a positive sign of happiness and prosperity. This dream suggests that you will encounter unexpected joy and success in the future, bringing favorable outcomes to your life. Embrace the upcoming opportunities and achievements that will contribute to your overall well-being and satisfaction. The airplane symbolizes a journey or endeavor that will lead to positive outcomes, making this dream an encouraging and optimistic reflection of your future prospects.

Airplane in the air

Watching an airplane in the air is a sign that you make every effort to separate yourself from others and from the reality of this world. You try to avoid anything that is new and strive to make things constant because you are afraid of any major change that you may face.

This dream can be a sign of dissatisfaction with the way your life is, and if this dream is recurring in its nature, chances are you may be entertaining suicidal thoughts or slowly falling in a state of depression or self-destructive behavior without realizing what is actually happening.

Quickly descending airplane

Dreams of descending in an airplane can be symbolic of facing changes or uncertainties in life, potentially eliciting feelings of anxiety or discomfort. The sense of sorrow and pain in the dream may represent emotional responses to these changes. This dream could be prompting you to reflect on your current circumstances and how you're handling transitions. It's essential to consider your recent experiences and emotions to gain deeper insight into the dream's relevance to your waking life.

Airplane taking off

The image of an airplane taking off is synonymous with starting a new project or journey. You may soon find an opportunity that you had never considered before, or you may finally be able to pursue some dream you never had the chance to in the past.

Airplane landing

When considering a dream meaning airplane landing sequences or the image of a plane coming in for a landing, it usually alludes to losing something, be it property or a connection with someone. If the airplane landed safely, it suggests you would be able to get back on your feet quickly after the shock of this loss. A rough or crash landing, however, portends being completely shaken or at least sidetracked by this situation.

Jumping off an airplane

Dreaming of jumping off an airplane is a symbol of unfulfilled dreams. It means that whatever plans or aspirations you have at the moment will not find fruition. It also signifies that these endeavors you try to pursue may not be what could be worth your time and you should plan for something that is more advantageous for you.

Problem while on airplane

Having a technical problem on an airplane or a malfunction while you are in flight tells you that you are spreading yourself thin by having too many plans and projects happening all at the same time. This will cause a lot of disorganization and distress in your life.

Designing an airplane

Dreaming about designing an airplane is a warning that the risks you took to pursue a venture will be in vain. Your project is destined for failure regardless of how hard or how long you work on it.

Airplane accident

Being part or even just witnessing an airplane accident, such as veering off the runway or a mid-air collision, is a dark reflection of your suicidal tendencies. Your subconscious is urging you to seek psychological help to ward off any self-destructive thoughts. It would also help to surround yourself with positive energies and loving people. This symbol is also a reminder to cut off ties with enablers or people who are tempting you to succumb to your darker urges.

Being a passenger in an airplane

Being a passenger on an airplane is often considered an ill omen, especially according to the dream interpretation works of John Paul Jackson. The unfortunate oracle portends soon losing something important to you, like a race, job or promotion. Alternatively, you may fail at some new venture you were undertaking, especially ones that are related to your finances. You may find that your life would change suddenly in an unpredictable way, so it may be wise to hold off on certain projects until things are more certain.

Focusing on airplane seats

Here's one which is quite funny but I woke up crying which I really don't understand.... Dreamt I was on a plane and suddenly saw bold white writing at the back of the black seat in front of me which read: "Ejector seat in case of emergency" "Waterproof seat. Person might pee in his or her seat". Okay, so that's funny and out of the ordinary and I poked the person next to me and said hey did you see that... And read it out loud to her and her reply was "It's written on your seat too". He-he-he, okay so that's when I woke up crying???

Although in-flight problems did not occur during the dream, their possibility was present in the dream as the emergency sign suggests. Having technical problems on an airplane or anticipating a malfunction during a flight could symbolize dispersion. You could be spreading yourself thin over an excessive multiplicity of simultaneous plans and projects. This would cause a lot of disorganization and distress in your life and hinder the accomplishment of your objectives. Urination is a very intimate and personal process. Visions related to public urination, as with the signs displayed on the plane seats, could represent some potential feelings of shame or fear. You could be feeling ashamed for not being able to finish your projects on time or fear potential negative consequences. Although you would think that it would not happen to you, you could be prone to such experiences. These would be natural and ordinary reactions to your situation. Anyone could experience these emotions. Alternatively, someone could be trying to exert control over you, interfere with your life or demand your undivided attention. You would feel you wanted to flee. Urination would be the failed attempt to escape existing danger. The dream could be alerting you about this possibility. In the context of the entire dream, you could be going through a phase in life when you (and your peers, as the last part of this dream suggests) are under a lot of pressure. This pressure might be caused by someone who has a lot of power and authority over you.

Flying by holding on to the airplane

I dreamt I was in an airplane but being like a skydiver, I didn't have a parachute, I was holding tight to the airplane and we landed safely. I was all happy about the incident.

This vision seems to be related to either your work or some organization you are involved with in wake life. Flying in an airplane, like you did during your vision, suggests you are overlooking something important. Maybe you are rushing through paperwork without checking that everything is correct, or perhaps you are not really listening when friends or companions are speaking to you. This leads to the feeling that you were going to jump from the plane without a parachute. Missing an important detail in a document or conversation could leave you feeling like you are in a freefall or caught off guard when the misstep comes to light. Fortunately, the end of the vision shows you landing safely and feeling happy, suggesting that, with this warning, you would be able to avoid a potentially disastrous situation.