Dreams Related To Agitator

Arguing with an agitator

To argue with an agitator means there will be situations unfolding in your life that will cause you to form associations with eccentric people whom you may eventually form romantic relationships with.

Physical fight with an agitator

Getting into a brawl with an agitator is an indication of your natural talents and abilities being thrown into the trash.

Watching an agitator at work

Watching an agitator in a dream means you will soon discover that it is very hard to make your wants, desires, or demands come true.

Working as an agitator

If you are working or acting as an agitator in your dreams, then it is probable that you will encounter conflicts and disagreements with colleagues or business partners that will require you to validate your point or view.

Listening to an agitator

To listen to an agitator means you have developed the background, skills, and other good qualities needed to become a good leader or manager of a project.