Dreams Related To Adoption

Adopting a baby

To adopt a baby in the dream world is a very good omen for your finances. This is a metaphor for a business or investment opportunity that will thrive despite the uncertain economic outlook. If you adopted a baby boy, then it means the idea will come from you. Symbols in your REM sleep may inspire you to start a venture. For a baby girl, it means you will become an angel investor for a very lucrative startup and you can simply enjoy the passive income.

Adopting a girl who dies

I dreamt that me and my family have adopted a girl child, but the day after I dreamt that the adopted child expired and we are performing her last rites.

Dreaming about adopting a child usually means getting support from people who are very close to you, so when you saw the child passing away, it could be a sign of not receiving help and support when you need it the most from someone you count on.

Adopting someone's child

The woman I love having another person's child and being left destitute, and I accepted them as my own. Baby boy clinging to me calling me dad. And woman also clinging to me but looked beaten down living in a poor place.

Your dream reflects on multiple aspects of your current life, taking in your lover's child as your speak of not being able to complete important projects or simply failing to make the necessary progress without admitting it to yourself. Dreaming of being around poor people usually symbolizes travelling and spending a lot of time in different locations. You should beware of your time being spent away from where more important tasks and responsibilities are waiting to be taken care of in your waking life.