Dreams Related To Addressee

Missing addressee on envelope

Seeing the missing addressee on an envelope that is intended to be mailed could be a warning to refrain from taking on a project or performing some action until you have all the necessary details to perform it. Trying to go forth without the needed information will lead to great disappointment in your project's or action's outcome.

Forgotten addressee's name

If you have forgotten an addressee's name for a message that you originally intended to mail, then it is probable that you will find yourself being engaged in a meaningless activity or project that will take up a lot of unnecessary time and energy and will cause your efforts to be meaningless, unfruitful, and a financial failure.

Returned mail with addressee's name

If you dream of getting returned mail with the addressee's name on it, then it may be possible that you will soon hear news about one of your relatives being in big trouble.