Dreams Related To Accidents

Falling from a bicycle

Dreaming of yourself in the process of riding a bicycle and eventually falling from it to the ground could be a symbol of some recent disappointments and failures related to the sexual aspect of your relationship with another person. For example, you could have been rigidly criticized for your performance, lack or excess of passion, as well as any other reason whatsoever, factual or not. These unpleasant emotional interactions have recently stained the simplicity and pleasure of your sexual life, thus need to be addressed as soon as possible to prevent future deterioration.

Run over by a truck

A dream vision in which you are run over by a truck heralds the coming of a metaphorical storm. Perhaps you did not look both ways when you crossed the road or the careless driver in your dream did not see you. Regardless of the circumstances, the accident in your dream scenario means you would likely experience a difficult period in the near future. This rough patch would involve a lot of challenges and personal trials. This time of great struggle may be a result of your negligence or mistakes you made which you were not conscientious enough to correct. This may be the test of character that would either make you stronger or ultimately break your spirit.

Books falling on you

A dream scenario where there are books falling on you usually conveys a negative interpretation. This means that you may be distracted from your priorities and goals because of useless and time-consuming tasks, activities and challenges. Unfortunately, the amount of time and effort you spend on those tedious undertakings could keep you from accomplishing more productive targets and going after worthy pursuits. If you keep on getting sidetracked, you may end up stagnating in your chosen field.

Getting in an accident

Being involved in an accident is a dream symbol for a passionate affair. You could become infatuated with someone in reality which would more likely be reciprocated. However, it is unclear whether it would be a long-term relationship or just turn out to be a fling. Whatever the case may be, the period of time you spend together would be characterized by excitement and bliss. It would definitely leave an indelible mark in your memory as you share multiple unforgettable experiences.

If the accident involves a car, whether you were in the car when it happened or a car caused the accident, it could point to a fateful encounter in reality. This significant meeting would occur while you are traveling by car or a similar vehicle on the road, as either a passenger or a driver. This meeting has the potential of changing your life, whether it refers to a career change or a marked difference in your worldview. You would most likely come out as a different person after this.

Accident on water

A dream about accidents that happen on water, like a shipwreck or drowning incidents, often pertain to great disappointments in reality especially concerning the romantic aspect of your life. You may find out something new about your partner which would negatively impact your relationship. On the other hand, if the accident happened on land, then this is associated with bad luck for your career prospects. You could experience disappointments and failures at work or whatever project you may be working on.

Being a witness of an accident

Witnessing an accident in a dream could be an allusion to a significant individual who would help you find the answers you have been looking for. These answers could potentially resolve whatever issue or dilemma you have been dealing with lately. This person may be someone you already know, you just need to ask for help or open up about your problems. It could also be a new acquaintance or someone with enough power and influence to make a huge difference in your life.

Being a victim of an accident

Dreaming of being a victim in an accident, whether it is a car crash or tragic mishap, is a positive dream symbol. There is a big chance that you would succeed in achieving your current target or goal. You may have been struggling to find a breakthrough in order to complete your project or accomplish something. Fortunately, no matter how difficult it is, this vision reveals you triumph. In a sense, the accident could represent an unexpected moment of clarity or insight which would allow you to succeed.

An accident in general

In general, an accident in the dream world reveals the dreamer's propensity towards self-harm. This self-destructive tendency may lie dormant while your emotional state is stable. However, this could manifest in times of extreme stress and adverse circumstances. Perhaps you may benefit from meditation and mindfulness. Alternatively, if there are other people involved in the accident, then you may have to reflect and be more open to information or ways of acting stored in your subconscious to prepare you for possible psychological distress.

Getting injured in an accident

Sustaining an injury during an accident contains both positive and negative interpretations in dreams. The negative part of it has to do with upcoming difficulties and problems which could take a toll on your mental and physical well-being. On a positive note, you would eventually overcome all those obstacles if you remain steadfast and focused on your goals. It would not be easy and it would take a while before your life starts balancing itself out, but you would get there. All those trials would only serve to make you stronger.

Someone you know in an accident

Dreaming that someone you know gets into an accident in a dream is actually a positive dream symbol. Contrary to the morbid tone of the vision, that person would likely receive some blessings in reality. The positive changes brought about by either financial, professional or personal fulfillment would take this individual to a better place, especially if he or she has been struggling for a while now. Perhaps being a witness of the accident is a reflection of your pride and happiness for the success of this individual.

Avoiding getting in an accident

Narrowly avoiding an accident in a dream vision refers to a similar sort of luck in reality. You could be lucky enough to avoid getting into a big mess as you find a perfect resolution just in time before an issue could get worse. There is a period before things get out of your control when you would get the foresight to decide in a way that is in your best interest. For instance, saying no to a questionable investment opportunity or signing a binding contract for a project that is doomed to failure.

A lot of damage after an accident

Dreaming of witnessing a lot of damage, such as cars and properties, after a serious accident means you likely also have a lot of cleaning up to do in reality. This time, you may have to fix your own mess by yourself instead of depending on others or hoping that someone else would make things better for you. It would be a serious test of your ability to steer your life in the right direction. This is an opportunity for you to take control and manage everything as efficiently as possible even without the assistance of others.

Feeling bad after an accident

Dreaming that you felt bad after an accident usually portends huge losses and possible failures in your reality. In a sense, the accident represents the upcoming problems you have to deal with as a result of bad events in your career moves or even in your personal life. Meanwhile, the negative feeling, or possibly thinking that you are to blame, likely means that much of the hardships that fall upon you are results of your own bad decisions and careless actions. As such, you need to take stock of the situation and learn to rise from it.

Being blamed for an accident

To dream that you are being blamed for an accident denotes significant losses in your professional or personal life. Career-wise, you my commit a big mistake with certain tasks or responsibilities which could damage your reputation or risk losing your job. On a personal level, this dream symbol could mean you would suffer from a serious health problem. This ailment could require a long period of recovery which may also drain your resources for various treatments and medical attention you would need.

Getting in an accident for young women

For young women, dreaming of getting in an accident reveals hidden problems in the dreamer's current relationship. Perhaps your boyfriend is experiencing a lot of stress from work or dealing with difficult personal problems and he has opted not to share his suffering with you. Maybe he wants to spare you from the headache and emotional issues that could result from carrying those problems. You may have noticed his erratic behavior lately which is why you dreamt of this possibility. You may need to make him feel comfortable enough to share his troubles with you.

Causing an accident

Causing an accident in a dream could be a subconscious message telling you to be more conscientious about your life. You may constantly be getting into trouble or missing your targets because of a failure to plan or careless decision-making. So instead of allowing things to happen and merely to the consequences, perhaps you need to re-evaluate your strengths and weaknesses as well as focus on your priorities so you can forge a stable and secure future for yourself.

Someone you know dying in an accident

Witnessing someone you know in reality dying in an accident during a dream vision could reveal your hidden anger or hostile thoughts toward this person. Your dislike of this person may be bubbling into the surface because of a recent altercation or confrontational situation you had. Alternatively, this could also be a symbol of threat or danger lurking in your surroundings. Perhaps it is a person looking to take advantage of you or an accident waiting to happen. You may need to pay more attention and focus to avert mishaps.

An accident nearby

A dream wherein an accident occurs nearby suggests a dilemma or a complicated situation you need to resolve in reality. The complication may stem from the fact that the person involved is a close friend or someone you trust. As such, shady deals, betrayals or fraud connected to this person may make it more difficult for you to take action. More than the act of betrayal, you may be more concerned about the motivations behind the action and what would drive a friend to turn his or her back on you.

Not doing anything after an accident

Reacting passively or not doing anything after witnessing an accident or being part of an accident is a dream symbol for wasting time in reality. You could be forced to entertain someone or meet up with an executive from your industry only to be disappointed in your overall encounter. Instead of learning something new, this person may be more interested in shallow and useless pursuits. Perhaps this would help you weed out toxic personalities from your life and focus on investing in meaningful and productive relationships.

An accident in the air

Dreaming of an accident occurring in the air, such as a plane crash or a mid-air collision of some sort, depicts failure in reality. The odds may turn against you as you face disappointments one after another. The bad luck may crush your hopes of ever achieving your aspirations. In addition, there is a chance that you would reach a dead end with a project or venture you have been working on for the longest time. Maybe you are just not getting enough funding or support that would allow you to realize your goals.

Being in a coma after an accident

Dreaming of going into coma after an accident could reveal your tendency to escape into daydreams. As a way of avoiding conflict or escaping your responsibilities, you may prefer to live in a fantasy world instead of facing your problems. In addition, this could also be an indication of unrealistic and impractical pursuits which would not only waste your time, but also your resources. It may be high time for you to be more grounded and work on achievable goals before gunning for more lofty targets.

An accident involving a train

Dreaming of either witnessing a train accident, or being on board the train as the accident happened, could reveal your risk-taking behavior in reality. Perhaps you easily get carried away by your emotions or seek out adrenaline rush because you like the feeling. Unfortunately, relying on risky behavior or engaging in dangerous activities could backfire. You could get into serious trouble, either physically or via a major blow to your credibility and reliability. Instead of succeeding, you may end up failing spectacularly.

A motorcycle accident

Seeing a motorcycle accident in a dream vision is generally a positive message. This is especially true if you do not own a motorcycle or do not ride a motorcycle in reality. It means blessings are headed your way which would become a source of happiness. Maybe you would meet someone who would inspire you to believe in yourself and open doors of opportunity. This can also be an indication of your ability to avoid negative situations because of your strong instincts. As such, you would be able to keep bad issues at bay.

A chain of accidents

Dreaming about a chain or series of accidents, whether they are linked or not, sends a serious message of warning to the dreamer. If you are planning to go on a trip or travel for work or leisure, you may want to postpone it as this dream symbol points to a threat or tragic incident that could occur during this trip. To stay on on the safe side, try to steer clear of risky activities or unfamiliar places to avoid untoward events in reality. Your subconscious may be picking up negative energies which is why you dreamt of this.

A helicopter crash

Witnessing a helicopter crash in a dream reveals your inability to pay attention to your surroundings. For instance, you could be looking at the crash from a safe distance or perhaps you are a passenger of the helicopter. These dream scenarios all allude to your mind's tendency to wander. Unfortunately, this kind of attitude could get you in trouble. You may even get yourself involved in an accident. For instance, crossing the road without looking at both sides or poor reflexes because you failed to pay attention to external stimuli.

Being a victim of a helicopter crash

Dreaming that you are a victim of a helicopter crash, maybe as a passenger or a bystander at the crash site, may be an indication of an opportunity. Specifically, if you have been dealing with a dilemma or challenges in reality, this dream symbol is a positive sign telling you that the answer to your problems is close at hand. You may have to wait for the right time to execute your plans or find the perfect moment to deal with an issue. There could even be further symbols in your vision hinting at the perfect timing.

Falling off a cliff

Falling off the edge of a high cliff could represent a tendency to test the depth of water with both feet. You may get involved in activities or schemes that you do not truly understand. In fact, this has possibly lead you down one of two paths. It is possible you have fudged your way through a task, causing much stress and anxiety because you did not know if you could pull it off. However, it is equally likely that you have had to give up at some point, letting down those who were relying on you to get the job done. It may be time to carefully consider your commitment to any project before signing up in the future.

Drowning in a lake

Drowning in a lake means you may be struggling to manage your emotions in reality. Too many problems and complications could cause the floodgate of your feelings to burst which could lead to an emotional breakdown. Alternatively, the lake could be a metaphor for your consciousness and state of mind, so in a sense drowning in this lake could mean that you do not know yourself that well and discovering hidden aspects of yourself may cause an identity crisis. Perhaps this dream symbol is a sign that you need more self-awareness and introspection.

Car accident with bestfriend

Getting into a car accident or crash with your best friend can be interpreted two different ways, depending on your circumstances in reality. In some cases, this symbol is associated with conflict and drama within the friendship, likely resulting in a disagreement or physical confrontation. However, this same symbol may predict going through a terrible ordeal side by side. This means you would have to rely on each other and provide moral support during this trying time.

Falling into a hole

If you fall into a hole or a pit during the course of a dream vision, it means you are currently under the influence of someone who is not guiding you down the right path. You may have recently met someone you really want to please or impress, so you have been acting in a way that is contrary to your moral character. Alternatively, you may feel indebted to someone who is not actually worthy of your gratefulness.

Almost car crash

Almost crashing your car in a dream, or being involved in a near car accident, means you would narrowly miss a potentially devastating failure. You may be roped into investing in a risky scheme or close a shady deal which could ruin your career or put you into a financial bind. Fortunately, a well-meaning colleague or loved one could talk some sense into you which would stop you from making a very bad decision before it becomes irreversible.

Being involved in a car accident

Being involved in a car accident, whether you caused it or another driver hits your vehicle, means you are becoming unstable. You could be working yourself to exhaustion so you are short-tempered and volatile from all the stress. It can also refer to your emotional state, so the problem lies in your pessimism and a tendency to go into depression whenever you experience difficult problems. In worst case scenarios, you could be thinking of self-harm as a way of letting out all the pain and anger you feel inside.

Fire accident

A fire accident, caused by anything from a burning candle to faulty electrical wiring, is usually an indication of upcoming metamorphosis or a radical change. Since this is an accidental fire, it means you would be caught by surprise by a sudden switch in your routine or even your personality. A big policy or rule could be implemented in your neighborhood or your workplace which would require everyone involved to adjust and behave accordingly. On the other hand, fire can also mean anger and aggression. So watch out for incendiary comments which could bring out your violent side.

Unable to avoid danger

If you were unable to avoid danger in dreams, such as getting injured from accidents and natural disasters, unfortunately means you are going to experience a big slump in your business, work or current project. This downturn could also occur in your household with family members and loved ones giving you a cold shoulder. For couples, this dream symbol portends failed plans and bad investments. In worst cases, this can signify a big rift that would lead to your eventual break up.

Being subjected to danger

If you dream of being subjected to danger, for example deciding to climb a mountain or participating in other risky and extreme adventures, reveals your current state of restlessness. You are still not ready to settle down or follow the well-trodden path, so your mind wanders since you want to explore and experience more out of this world. This could also reveal uncertainty. Your indecisiveness could stem from your lack of understanding about what you really want and what role you want to fill in this lifetime.

A situation involving danger

A situation which you deem dangerous and risky in dreams, such as saving someone from a burning building or going free diving with sharks, reveals your anxiety and high-strung personality. You tend to be emotional and moody whenever things do not go your way which does not help you deal with the situation better. You need to learn to control your emotions, especially when it comes to loved ones, so you can clear your head and make better decisions. When you allow emotions to dictate your actions, you are bound to make more mistakes.

Falling off a roof

The dream symbolizes that you are highly likely to receive upsetting information about someone in your inner circle. Sometimes disheartening news can dampen your moods and leave you feeling low. You should prepare yourself for the probability of being away from a relative or close confidant. Expect to hear troubling news in due time as it will discourage you from enjoying your day fully.

Drowning because of an anchor

Drowning because of an anchor, such as when it is tied to the foot and pulls you under the water, can reveal that you are tired and dissatisfied with how your life is currently playing out. In a sense, it represents being tied down to things that are less than appealing or exciting. It is possible that you are currently undertaking far too many responsibilities and carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Perhaps you should give up or set aside a few of them before your burn out.

Boyfriend in a motorcycle accident

For women, envisioning that your boyfriend has been in a motorcycle accident is often considered to be a sign that your relationship with him is destined to last a long time. The happiness and stability provided by your partnership with each other would bring you great satisfaction.


Falling is often associated with trouble and misfortune. If you experience this symbol while you are dreaming, you should be very cautious over the following days. For example, you should double check to make sure you lock your doors and look both ways before you cross the street. Failure to do so may have disastrous results.

A terrible car crash

Figuring in a horrific car crash does not bode well for your mental and physical health. You are losing control of your own life and this is manifesting in your dreams. You see no purpose or meaning in living, so you are deliberately making terrible decisions to the detriment of yourself and the people who care about you. On the other hand, this could also be an indication of misguided bravado. You think you can do no wrong, so you take great risks and perform death-defying stunts for the thrill of it. Unfortunately, during one this ill-advised adventures, you could get seriously injured.

Attacked by a dog

Being attacked by a dog during the course of a dream vision portends trouble and misfortune in wake life. Your enemies may be working against you, plotting ways to make your day to day life difficult. Alternatively, you may meet resistance from parents or other authority figures when you are trying to assert yourself or follow your own path.

Airplane accident

Being part or even just witnessing an airplane accident, such as veering off the runway or a mid-air collision, is a dark reflection of your suicidal tendencies. Your subconscious is urging you to seek psychological help to ward off any self-destructive thoughts. It would also help to surround yourself with positive energies and loving people. This symbol is also a reminder to cut off ties with enablers or people who are tempting you to succumb to your darker urges.

Yourself collapsing

Collapsing or fainting in a dream signifies health issues. You are making yourself weak and vulnerable to communicable diseases because of your reluctance to adapt a healthier lifestyle. As you get older, it will be harder and harder to bounce back and recover from an illness, so take care of yourself. Alternatively, envisioning yourself collapsing can also point to bodily injury as a result of inattention. Not focusing on the road while driving or letting your mind wander while crossing the street will result in accidents.

Ex drowning

Seeing your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend drowning during a dream vision suggests that there is a lack of closure in the relationship. Perhaps you ended things by "going on a break" even though one or both of you knew that it was really the end. Alternatively, you may have some unanswered questions about why the relationship failed in the first place. If you are still on good terms with this individual, you may consider reaching out to them gently through a neutral party to gain some insight into the relationship. Otherwise, you may consider talking to someone else you trust who could help you move on.

Car crashes

Freudian psychoanalysis of car crashes as a dream symbol suggest that they represent major events or changes taking place in reality. In a sense, the crash itself points toward a singular point in time when some aspect of your understanding or lifestyle changed. Depending on the circumstances of the crash, it is possible to gain a greater understanding of the meaning behind this vision. For example, if you were driving carefully but were hit by someone else, it could mean you would be blindsided by the bad behavior of others. Alternatively, being a reckless driving and causing the crash yourself could point toward a series of bad decisions, habits or behavior that is leading you to a point of no return.

Drowning in a car

Drowning in a car, such as going down an embankment and crashing into a lake, often alludes to difficulties with your social standing or position in reality. The car in this vision may be a metaphor for your position, so sinking directly refers to difficulty rising up or even maintaining your current stratum. Perhaps you have been angling for a promotion or were hoping to be selected for a special project only to be completely overlooked. Unless you can play by the rules of your group and find a way to stand out, you are likely to continue sinking lower and lower.

Snakes biting a loved one

A vision of snakes biting your loved one, whether it is your child or a significant other, indicates misunderstandings due to intense emotions. For instance, an offhand comment or teasing could trigger your personal issues and make you lash out in anger. Maybe you were just tired or saddled by a lot of responsibilities and any little criticism can set you off. This could cause a huge rift in your relationship. Other suggestive interpretation of this symbol involves nasty personalities who merely want to stir up trouble within your social group or colleagues backstabbing you out of spite.

Saving someone from drowning

Saving someone from drowning symbolizes heroism and chivalry. You follow a strict code of morality and ethics which include helping the weak and disenfranchised. You will soon be channeling this personal code when a person in your community gets threatened or oppressed by powerful personalities. This injustice will rouse anger in you prompting you to step in and defend your neighbor from abusive people. On the other hand, a troubled person battling drugs or destructive habits will require your intervention so they can start their journey to recovery.

Baby drowning

A drowning baby is an ill omen to perceive in a dream. It is often the result of an overwhelmed, overburdened mind or heart in reality. For instance, you may feel the stress of bills piling up or of children who do not listen. Furthermore, you may be dealing with more than one issue at the same time. If you see this image in your dream, consider reaching out for help. Find a babysitter, hire an accountant or consult a doctor to relieve some of the burden you are carrying.

Saving your child from drowning

Saving your child from drowning, whether in the pool or at sea, means there is a threat to your loved one's health and well-being. You feel responsible for this person, so it is likely your own child, an aging parent or any of your other dependents. This dreamscape scenario urges you to keep your loved ones away from risky situations that could lead to injury or illnesses. On the other hand, suggestive interpretation of this symbol likely reveals your anxious state. You constantly worry about the safety of your family, so you tend to become an alarmist which may cause more stress in your household.

Someone getting hit by a car

Envisioning someone being hit by a vehicle in the dream realm may seem horrific and leave a strong impression on you. However, rather than being related to an accident in reality, it is actually a metaphor for a romantic liaison. In a sense, this vision represents suddenly being "struck" with love by someone who comes into your life unexpectedly. However, others may not approve of the connection, due to social, religious or other reasons. For instance, one of you may already be in a relationship, or you may be from two different backgrounds with a history of mistrust or violence.

Car accident and death

Envisioning yourself or someone else dying as a result of a car accident means you are about to be punished for your bad behavior. This ominous dream reading may point to something benign like getting a ticket for parking in a no-parking space or having to go through a serious offense like libel. Be sure you are on your best behavior because this prediction indicates a slew of bad luck hounding you in the near future. Doing good deeds or avoiding risky actions may counteract this bad vibe.

Surviving a plane crash

To dream of being a survivor of a plane crash is a positive prediction of mental health recovery. The plane crash itself is a metaphor of depression and suicidal thoughts, so emerging alive from this plane crash is a good sign that you will overcome your personal demons. In addition, this symbol can also refer to quitting vices and bad habits. With the help of a support group and possibly some medical intervention, you will finally start following a healthier lifestyle.

Seeing a car accident

To see or witness a car accident in the dreamscape is a prediction of an intense romance. You will fall head over heels with a high-profile or well-respected individual. This love affair will make you very happy, although your public displays of affection may be awkward for others. The discomfort of being around your affectionate interactions may also stem from your tendency to ignore other people and letting your world revolve around this person.

Falling off a cliff in a car

To fall off a cliff while driving or being a passenger of a car in your dreamscape is an indication of too much bravado. You may have a tendency to jump the gun without carefully considering the ramifications. You may invest your money in an investment opportunity which will turn out to be impractical. It is also possible that you would volunteer yourself to a project without thinking about the amount of time and work required. You need to be more self-aware about your brash actions to avoid wasting resources.

Driving into water

Driving off into a body of water suggests you are losing control of your life. Freudian sources would attribute this to various troubles or difficulties that are turning your life upside down. If you were able to escape the vehicle safely before being pulled under, it could mean you could learn something from your trials or find a unique solution to your problems. However, drowning could reveal that you would not be able to overcome this particular set of circumstances even with assistance or by drastically changing your end goal.

Car sinking in water

A dream in which a car sinks in water, such as during a flood or after crashing into a body of water, suggests potential failure due to emotional turbulence. Personal problems may get in the way of your work, so your output and performance may suffer. The car itself is the metaphor for motivation and career progression, meaning its sinking state illustrates the breakdown of your plans and goals. You may have to deal with your personal issues first before you can get back to your daily grind. You can only focus on professional development once your aura is clear.

Being electrocuted

Being electrocuted in a dream, whether it was an accident or a form of torture, is often thought to be a predictor of misfortune and pain. In many cases, this discomfort or pain may be due to an actual shock, such as receiving some terrible, completely unexpected piece of news. Alternatively, you may be shocked to learn that you have a serious medical condition that would either require lifetime management or perhaps even no cure yet. This would bring you great suffering and sadness.

Someone else falling off a cliff

Envisioning someone else falling off the edge of a cliff may reveal that you are having some kind of prophetic vision about someone close to you in wake life. It may be the individual you saw in your vision or someone with similar features. In essence, this vision suggests this man or woman likes to test the depth of water with both feet, meaning they tend to get involved in things without thinking things through. Your dream may be your unconscious mind urging you to help this individual figure out a better way of dealing with their situation by relying on your experience or knowledge.

Someone burning alive

A vivid dream about someone getting burned alive is a prediction about abrupt departure of a beloved person in your life. The departure does not have to mean death, it could be physical distance or cutting ties with someone special to you. A specific incident will reveal the huge difference in your beliefs and lifestyle. This will force you to end any social connection with them and people within your social group will likely take sides.

Running away from fire

If you see yourself run away from a raging fire in the dreamscape, it means you will face a stressful situation. Tempers could flare and rouse your emotions. Unfortunately, if you succumb to your emotions, you could say something offensive or hurt others. Hence, this dream symbol is a word of warning. Instead of stoking the fire, it is better to distance yourself from the situation and collect your thoughts before you say something you will regret.

Driving off a bridge into water

Envisioning yourself driving a vehicle off a bridge and into a body of water is often considered an ill omen according to Freudian philosophy. This symbol is often seen as a metaphor for a life spinning out of control. If you purposely drove into the water, it suggests you are making bad choices that would be detrimental to your life in the future, like drug use, vaping, brushing off studies or neglecting your work. However, if the car seemed to veer off the bridge on its own, some other force may be leading you down this dark path, like an evil spirit or a mentor who does not have your best interests at heart.

Fire explosion

A fiery explosion, from a bomb or an accident, is a metaphor for spiritual enlightenment or reincarnation. This fundamental shift in your life will happen so suddenly that you will experience disorientation as you adjust. You could get fired from your job which could lead to better opportunities or your partner could break up with you and allow you to focus on self-care. On the other hand, this is also a warning about self-destruction. You could be losing control of your life and you are headed into the deep end. Your subconscious may be telling you to seek professional help before it is too late.

Surviving an explosion

To survive an explosion in the dream world is a symbol of optimism. This could be a prediction of recovery from depression or any mental health issues. You will be lucky to have relationships intact or repair them even after a huge meltdown. Alternatively, walking away unscathed from an explosion is an allusion to a memorable blessing coming you way. You could end up getting cleared of a serious medical condition or survive an accident in reality.

Someone falling off balcony

Witnessing a person fall off a balcony predicts a separation. At first this will seem like an ill omen about unavoidable circumstances which will test your relationship to its limits. However, upon closer inspection, this dream symbol has a silver lining. The distance will not be permanent, perhaps it will only be due to work or other obligations. On the other hand, if the person falling is your child, then it means someone's child might contract a serious illness.

Someone falling down stairs

To see a person falling down a flight of stairs indicates a lack of direction or sense of purpose. It also suggests losing sight of your original goals. You are due for a true awakening which will guide you back to your true calling. Perhaps you need to take a break from whatever is derailing you such as unhealthy habits or toxic relationships. This is your subconscious reminding you to search within yourself and channel the drive and motivation you used to possess.

Explosion and fire

The combination of fire and explosion in the dream world denotes spiritual enlightenment. You will go through a challenging period which will test your limits, both physically and mentally. In metaphysics, this explosive reaction is telling you that your spirit needs nourishment because you have been wrapped up in worldly preoccupations. After all the difficulties, you need to find your center once more through self-care, meditation or possibly a retreat that would help in your recovery.

Child falling down stairs

In general, witnessing a person fall down the stairs in a dream vision means the dreamer feels rudderless. This lack of direction can lead to career stagnation and a negative perception of yourself. If it is a child who fell down the stairs, it means you are losing touch of your child-like wonder. Perhaps you are feeling jaded and pessimistic about your future. You think your childhood dreams are so far out of your reach that it would be easy to just give up. This is merely a projection of your frustrations. It is up to you if you decide to give in to negativity or forge on with your aspirations.

Car going into water

Freudian interpretations of seeing a car being submerged or sinking into water are often thought to bode ill for the dreamer. It generally reflects a lack of control in life leading to a type of freefall into misfortune and bad luck. If you were the one driving into the water, it is likely you would be the instrument of your own failure. However, seeing someone else in the driver's seat may reveal that your sorry state would be due to the interference of others.

Accident of someone

Seeing someone else have an accident during the course of a dream vision usually signifies that you would soon receive help on an issue that has been plaguing you in wake life. For instance, you may meet someone who has the right experience to help you fix a problem or make the acquaintance of someone who can open the door to a new and important opportunity for you. All you have to do is take the first step and ask for help.

Falling off a building

To see yourself fall off a tall building, as opposed to jumping off a building, suggests losing control over something. Buildings typically represent ambition and professional aspirations, so falling off this structure indicates work-related problems. This could be an ill omen about letting your insecurities or inner saboteur prevent you from being successful in your field. You could also have misguided speculations about how your colleagues view you. Instead of allowing external factors to influence your self-worth, it may be time to start believing in yourself and your capabilities.

Falling down stairs

To fall down a flight of stairs is indicative of a setback. It means losing your focus or lacking the motivation to pursue your goals. Each step of the stairs is a metaphor for tasks you need to accomplish and decisions you need to make in order to be a step closer to your dreams. You could be languishing or there are roadblocks that prevent you from forging ahead. In any case, this can also be an opportunity for enlightenment. A failure or a mistake that stalls your life plans could take you to a whole new path. It may not be what you want, but it could be what you need.

Driving off a cliff

Driving off a cliff is a sign closely associated with turning points or shifting control in reality. The exact meaning depends on the situation and who else was in the car with you. For instance, purposely driving off of a cliff yourself could mean you are attempting to wrench control of a situation away from someone else by dominating the decision-making in a particular situation. Alternatively, if there was no clear reason why you went off the cliff, it suggests you are in a bit of a freefall or being controlled by outside forces that may or may not be recognizable at this point.

Escaping a sinking car

Freeing yourself from a submerging car means your self-control is returning. You may have been experiencing volatile emotions recently and you are actively trying to manage your emotions to avoid causing more conflict or going down a self-destructive path. Fortunately, this dream scenario suggests you will successfully awaken from an emotional stupor before things become too unmanageable. Your road to enlightenment may occur from your own introspective methods or guided by a trusted dreamworker.

Baby falling on floor

A baby falling to floor from a couch or maybe your arms is often thought to be a symbol that precedes receiving unexpected news. While the news may be generally positive or helpful, your initial reaction may be to feel confused or unsure. It would be wise to try and keep your reactions in check until you are sure how you feel.

Saving a child from drowning

To save a child from going underwater and dying, whether or not this child is yours, suggests someone close to you is at risk of getting overwhelmed by emotions. This could be a young person or someone you feel protective of. An intervention by loved ones or a psychotherapist may help this person manage possible self-destructive tendencies. The child could also be a projection of your own youthful innocence and idealism. You feel like the world is stifling your curiosity and making you more cynical. Perhaps you need to find a balance to remain realistic, while not totally snuffing out your inner child.

Something burning

Many wonder what does it mean when you dream about something burning. In many cases, the interpretation of this symbol depends on what exactly has caught on fire. While apartments, houses and buildings being set ablaze may refer to happy events taking place in the future. Papers, clothes, trees and personal effects being burnt, on the other hand, often represent loss or failure. You would need to go back to the dream and focus on the item getting burnt in your mind's eye to find the exact meaning of this intense symbolic vision.

Car falling into water

Dreaming that your car has plunged into water is often an allusion to something or someone threatening your life or lifestyle in reality. This symbolic imagery is a metaphor for your position in life being in danger of becoming less than it is currently, either figuratively or literally. Your subconscious may be channeling this sign based on cues you are receiving in wake life, such as suspicious behavior by someone you know and do not trust.

In a car accident with sister

I dreamed about an accident together with my sister and my co-worker and her kids. Me and my sister fell out of the vehicle before the vehicle was totaled by another vehicle and dropped out.

Dreaming about your sister falling out of the vehicle as a result of a car accident can mean she will be able to avoid confrontation with someone who is actively attempting to contradict her or persuade her to do things according to what they they think is best for her, which is not necessarily true. She may become able to pursue her plans on her own without these people or a person standing in her way.

Son surviving a plane crash

A plane crashes into a my father-in-law's building and my son is unhurt and lying on the ground.

Finding yourself in the aftermath of an airplane crash means that you should single-handedly complete your tasks or projects without relying much on others because their help will most likely be counterproductive. The vision of your son lying on the ground in the same dream suggests you may be trying to ask him to help you out, but it may not benefit you in any significant way or will not be something he will be overly interested in doing.

Father falling off the bridge

3 people including me and my father standing very high under some under-construction bridge. It was early morning within the dream. In getting to the top of the bridge his hand slips and father falls on the ground from where we were standing. Where we were standing was very high from the ground. After falling my father gets injured and is asking for help. Then I woke up. The time of the dream was 6.30-7.00AM.

This dream has some negative connotations. The symbol of a bridge is usually a representation of connection or relationship between two people, when you mention the bridge being under construction it symbolizes some difficulties or unsolved issues in your relationship with your father. Falling off the bridge is a sign of some unwanted or unfavorable (not necessarily negative) changes either in your or your father's life which may significantly affect your relationship. You may start experiencing adversity coming from other people while dealing with these upcoming changes or while rebuilding this relationship with your father.

Big black car turning in an opposite direction

I saw in my dream that there is black car which was going and suddenly turned back opposite on the same track and I am thinking how come it is turned back in wrong direction. And I see that big huge black luxurious car and I am seeing that from very close distance at the moment the car turned back and I saw I got up. What could be meaning of this dream?

This dream about a luxury car going in an opposite direction is indicative of chance encounters with people who are more affluent or well-off than you. On the other hand such a vision could symbolize that you feel ambiguous or vague about certain aspects of your life. This might in fact be making you wonder what these specific turns of events in your life might be signifying. All in all, it is a merely a symbol of the indecisiveness which you feel when particular events in your life make you feel confused.

Falling and getting injured

Hi! In my dream I was in my aunt village, and I was with my dad, two of my aunt daughters and my daughter. We decided to take a toll of the village and as soon as I step out of the house I fell on the ground. It was slippery and wet and muddy. I just lied on the ground and they watched me. After sometime since I couldn't get up they were trying to take me to hospital. I started feeling something hard on my stomach on my right. I panicked and some nurses attended me. Something was pointed from inside of my stomach makes me scared. And I screamed and cried and my daughter I believe was also crying.

Dreaming about falling over and being unable to recuperate from it has negative connotations. It could portend interludes of hardships and melancholy, sadness or anger. In particular, you could be unable to turn some difficult circumstance to your favor or benefit. As a consequence, you could go through a depressive state that would aggravate the situation. You further had a vision in your dream about having something sticking out of your stomach. This could be an indication of subconscious concerns about your health. The health issues would not necessarily be related to gastrointestinal ailments. Rather, these could relate to some physical symptoms that you already have or would start noticing. Alternatively, these would relate to some unwanted, undesirable or conflictual feelings that you could be about to experience.

Watching a plane crash

A plane is turning 3 or 4 rounds, then crashed into the sea.

Finding yourself being a witness of an airplane crash in a dream means that you should single-handedly complete your tasks or projects without relying much on others because their help will most likely be counterproductive. The sea in this dream is most likely a reflection of you being overwhelmed by the number or complexity of tasks or projects you have been working on recently.

Totaling a car and unable to find a cell phone

My car was in a parking lot and someone crashed into it and pretty much totaled it. I also couldn't find my cell phone to call for help. There were some people around who found my phone but had no info on the car accident. Then later I was able to get into the car and drive home but it was still in very bad shape with both headlights broken out.

Dreaming about seeing your car totaled by someone often is not a very positive symbol. It could represent repeated and unsuccessful attempts to start a new relationship, or to make some particular relationship work. However, eventually, your heart would be broken. You would be grieving and you would feel lost, stuck or alone. That is, the dream suggests that you could experience some major disappointment because of your inability to start or maintain a relationship with someone with whom you want to be. The useless phone incident accentuates the idea that you would feel alone. This would partly result from your difficulties in discussing your relationship affairs with others. It is possible that you would be the one responsible for such misdirection. Specifically, you could have engaged in reproachful or undignified acts. This behavior would have the consequence of increasing the distance between you and the other person.

An airplane crash

An airplane crash.

Seeing yourself being present inside the plane when it is going down could be indicative of lurking suicidal thoughts or possible suicidal tendencies. If you happened to be an observer of an airplane crush, this could mean that your subconsciousness could be hosting thoughts of committing homicide. Finding yourself in the aftermath of an airplane crash means that you should single-handedly complete your tasks without relying much on others because their help will most likely be counterproductive.

Being saved from a falling tree by a friend

A distant friend of mine had returned from abroad to attend his high school reunion, he has graduated and we were at the same school. He came to me and asked why didn't I join the broadcasting club. I said I would have loved to but I'm shy. He smiled at me and ruffled my hair and told me that he'd like to meet me again soon before leaving. On the same night, a lightening stroke a tree and it almost fell on me, that friend was near and pulled me in for a hug, saving my life from the falling tree. Then he walked me home and we talked along the way. When we arrived, he told me that he'd like to date me. I blushed.

The symbolic vision of being shy or reluctant to do something in a dream is a sign of receiving praise and becoming respected after completing something important in your life. But at the present moment you could be finding yourself hesitant or unsure and subconsciously looking for other people to help you with either starting or continuing with your endeavor. The image of a falling tree and being rescued from under it speaks of failures or episodes of frustrations experienced in the past, but because you were saved in your dream you can expect success this time around. However it would probably be a trade-off when you would have to give back something in return or help the other person or people with their issues and problems. You could even be considering asking a person you know very well to assist you, but afraid they might take it the wrong way.

Driving off a bridge with daughter in the car

My daughter dreamed that we were driving on a bridge in my car. The car I am currently driving. When the bridge was out, she warned me to slow down but I kept going, driving off into water. She said it was very high. She saw me very pale with a number around my neck in the water. She was able to get out. A very scary dream for her!

This dream your daughter told you about when you were together in a car traveling means that she is concerned about the situation you and her are currently in. The bridge in dream interpretation signifies the connection of the dreamer with someone important in their life, in this case you. It could be that two of you cannot find a compromise or reach an agreement in some serious matter which impacts you both. It could also be that you always try to take control of the situation without letting her to make her input in decisions the outcomes of which would affect you both. She subconsciously tries to find ways to resolve this problem, and the fact that she was sharing the entire dream story with you means that she's even making obvious attempts to do it in real life. Finally, the vision of a number appearing on your neck in this dream, and if the number was indiscernible, means that she is quite uncertain in regards to what to do next in the situation and needs your participation in order to improve the situation you are both in at the moment.

Father under a truck and catching fire

My dad was under a truck and I was screaming at him. Then, all of a sudden I could see through the hood and it was red. Then I backed away and it caught on fire with him under it. Please help me as I am scared and worried.

This dream vision of seeing your father under a truck which later caught on fire could be a reflection of your past experience when you witnessed an accident either live or read or watched about it in the media which had left a lasting imprint in your memory ever since. At the same time, the symbol of fire in dream interpretation relevant to this dream could also be associated with the power, ability and willingness to re-focus and strengthen your outlook on life which would result in more positive or rewarding life experiences for you. Think of the end of this dream about the fire engulfing the truck as your subconscious striving to transform memories of someone's misfortune and suffering into something more serene, sensible and balanced.

Truck rolling into a lake

My truck rolls into a calm but dark-looking lake and I am trying to hold on to it so it doesn't fall in. But I can't, the front is half-way in with the back end only sticking straight up out of the water and I am yelling for help watching it sink. And 2 girls run over and help me pull it back out of the water.

The symbolic vision of the calm and dark lake in this dream could be a subconscious representation of a problem or issue you have been facing lately. You could be struggling to resolve it, but unsure which direction you need to take (perceived as distinct images of the opposite ends of the truck in this dream). Even though you were helped by other people in the dream, in reality you could be left alone while trying to take appropriate steps needed to improve the situation affecting your life. It is also possible that your ability to deal with the issue is greatly affected by the things you cannot control or manage on your own. Some external forces make it difficult, if not impossible, to get through. These visions are most likely connected to your personal life, something private and personal you cannot easily share with others to get help, therefore you could be struggling to find a way out on your own.

Two ships sinking and swimming to another ship

Two huge ships were sinking in the same direction, everyone died except me and another person that I knew, I was on top of one ship and that person was on the other ship. All parts of both ships were deep in the water except the top where we were standing, water was clear enough and I was able to swim to the other ship easily. Found a valuable jewel shape of an wild animal in the ship that I was in. Wanted to use that jewel as a payment if pirates helped us.

This dream about a sinking ship with only you surviving and all the others gone could be telling you about your current situation when you are subjected to some strong influence or being controlled by a group of people (friends, coworkers or family members) who want to force their opinions or rules on you. It seems that some other people who might have fallen under their influence were unable to resist or counteract such pressure and gave up. Even though you try to come up with a solution to find a way out of this situation for yourself, an important outcome or a consequence is holding you back, therefore you are still in the process of identifying the most reasonable solution to this issue. The jewel in the same dream represents the trade-offs you could be facing when trying to break free from such confrontation in your waking life.

Hitting another car

I was driving down the street hit the back of another car.

This dream of hitting someone's car in the back could manifest your recent attempts to get someone's attention, either with the purpose of dating or to advance your plans in order to benefit from them later, with little to no success. This indifference or refusal the person had expressed towards you could result from their explicit aversion in regards to your straightforwardness or the lack of proper etiquette on your part while communicating your intentions. This dream could serve as a wake-up call to reconsider your approaches to dealing with people around you if you want to end up with more favorable outcomes.

A car driving into a pond

I'm sleeping, woke up to a car driving into a pond and snake rushing down to bite me.

Dreaming about driving into a pond means that you have recently behaved in a rushed way and are now sensing that it is going to result in issues. The image of a pond by itself speaks of issues or complications which have been dormant for awhile, but now may begin to surface. Dreaming of being bitten by a snake or serpent may serve as a warning that rivals or people who are jealous of you are making plans against you. It may be that they covet your success and position and are therefore scheming to hinder your projects and plans, or it may be jealousy of your respect and rapport with others, which may inspire them to spread rumors or gossip about you. This type of dream is telling you to take care and precautions against these people who seek to harm you and protect your own interests.

Crashing a car on purpose

I dreamed that I was very suicidal and depressed and wanted to die, so I took the car, but I am only 15 and in the dream it was like no one cared how old I was, and when I started the car this person told me to stop and not go but I went anyways and I drove very fast hoping I would crash. Then somehow I flipped the car and purposely made the car crash, but nothing was wrong with me, the car got all squeezed in and there was no blood and this little boy was recording the whole thing, please help me out.

Having suicidal tendencies in a dream may be an indication of hindering someone else's chances for success, especially in tasks or endeavors that are important to them or crucial to their future. Perhaps you are distracting one of your friends as they try to study for an important test, or maybe you are unintentionally standing in the way of two people getting together and starting a relationship. Trying to drive a car that does not belong to you and then crashing it predicts getting involved with a bad crowd and, in particular, participating in illegal activities like fraud or identity theft. You may think your actions are harmless at first, but just like driving a car before a giant crash, the reality will become a major issue for you if you get in too deep. The little boy recording this series of events represents looking at your life from another perspective. Therefore, it would be wise to look at your actions and those you associate with and decide if this is the person you really want to be. If dark thoughts persist in waking moments, you may also want to talk to an authority figure, like a parent or counselor, so they can point you in the right direction if you need help.

Driving into a river and losing documents

I am driving and suddenly can not tell where the road is due to road construction and end up driving into a strong current river. I am holding onto my truck trying to pull it out. Finally the river takes my car and I crawl out of the river. Somehow, I have a cell phone and call my mom and tell her what happened. Explained that my purse with all my id's went with the car. While I am waiting I walk to try and figure out how I ended up in the river.

Dreaming about off the road under construction could represent repeated and unsuccessful attempts to start a new relationship, or to make some particular relationship work because of the other person's resistance or stubbornness (represented in this dream as strong river current). However, eventually, your heart would be broken. You would be grieving and you would feel lost, stuck or alone. That is, the dream suggests that you could experience some major disappointment because of your inability to start or maintain a relationship with someone with whom you want to be. Losing your cell phone and ID's supports the notion that you would feel alone and confused. This would partly result from difficulties in discussing your relationship issues with others. It is possible that you would be the one responsible for such misdirection. Specifically, you may engage in reproachful or undignified acts. This behavior would have the consequence of increasing the distance between you and the other person.

Sister falling off the boat

Me and my family were away in a city, sort of rundown area, and we went on a boat trip, when my little sister fell over board, I saved her but I think she was injured by the boat, when we got to shore, my memory of the dream blacked out, and came back, but at that point I wasn't aware she had died or where she was?

In general, having a dream when you see yourself on a boat trip with your family members could be an indication of upcoming changes. Some anticipated or unexpected event or circumstance would soon occur. As a consequence, you may have the need to look for new living arrangements or restructure your life. In particular, the visions of your sister falling out of a boat into the water could serve as a warning to be careful and watchful because your relationship with her could also be affected in a significant way. The end of this dream could be predicting a possibility of rejection, abandonment, loss or separation from each other.

Daughter causing a car accident

I dreamed that my 13 year-old daughter was driving my car but I wasn't in it. She kind of brushed against a parked police car, when I came to help her, with my hands I pushed the car away from the parked car which was scratched a little bit. Still processing the scratch on the car when again she crashed the car to a bunch of parked cars. I was running toward her, she got out of the car without a scratch. Suddenly the car flipped down the parking lot building on other parked cars. As I stood there looking at the damages I started thinking about my insurance fee going up then I hoped that I was dreaming.

Dreaming of your vehicle being controlled by someone else indicates not feeling in control of certain aspects of your life. This may be directly related to your daughter, perhaps because her schedule dictates yours and eats up a lot of your time. However, this could also be related to work or volunteer activities as well. Seeing your daughter's accidents progress in severity represents the situation is quickly becoming or will soon become more than you can handle, your inability to fix or prevent the damage symbolizing the difficulty you are having finding balance. Your concern in the dream is well-founded. This dream could be a subconscious warning to take a step back and reassess how much you are taking on.

Driving off into the ocean

My husband was the driver and I was the passenger. The car goes off the bridge into the ocean and as we get deeper and deeper down, the car window glass begins to break and then I wake up.

Dreaming about being in a car accident that you did not cause may indicate some problems or challenges you are about to face that could cause things to go topsy-turvy in your life. These issues are likely completely out of your control and also may develop out of the blue. Falling into the ocean has two possible meanings. On one hand, it may indicate experiencing new situations or learning new things. However, in this case, it probably represents finding a solution or answer that solves your problems and gives you some closure and peace of mind.

Saving others on a sinking boat

I'm at what seems like a field trip and I'm with friends from school. We're on this type of big boat. I move to the back of the boat. I see that the boat is about to sink, so I try to go and warn the adults, but then it was too late. The boat goes down underneath the water. I was able to swim to a dock right next to where we were and I was able to save some people from drowning.

Trips or vacations on a boat represent going through some changes in your life, similar to the way a ship goes up and down with each passing wave. Dreaming that the boat you are on is sinking, however, indicates rising pressure, possibly from the friends you see in your vision, symbolizing that this change may be in regards to something at your school. Your friends may be asking you to do something you are not comfortable with or have no time or interest participating in. Being able to save yourself, and some others, predicts finding a way to successfully avoid whatever has been proposed, possibly to the relief of some others who were not strong enough to speak their mind in such a situation.

Saving children from falling down the stairs

I am at the bottom of some stairs outside an apartment building looking up at the second story where there were around ten or fifteen kids running around. So I walked up and two kids were climbing over the rail and before I can stop them they jumped over the rail. When I looked down, the older kid was OK, and the younger one was dead. I looked behind me and I saw my two kids standing there. I reached out to grab them to stop them for fear they would do the same thing but they just laughed and ran off.

Dreaming about looking at or watching kids on top of the stairs from the bottom could symbolize your strong desire to have a better relationship with younger people, including your own kids. The images of kids jumping over the rail indicate that you may have attempted to get closer or initiate contact with them, but unsuccessfully. It could be that you and your children have different, if not opposing interests, or cannot find common things to talk about or do together. Or it could mean that they need more freedom and independence as they grow older, and you subconsciously begin to acknowledge and accept the fact.

Alone on a derailed train

Riding on a train and it crashes. I'm walking around. There is nobody else around. A girl finds me and we begin to walk together.

Trains often represent your goals and dreams, particularly ones that you are very involved with right now. The image of this train derailing, however, suggests that a wrench is about to be thrown into your plans, preventing you from meeting some important deadlines or expectations other people may have in this regard. Being alone but then finding someone to walk with predicts a meeting or working with someone who is able to put this project back on track. All you have to do is keep working hard and be open to the ideas others might want to share with you.

Plane crash over grandparents' house

Dream of a plane crash on the hill above my grandparents house with fire rushing down the hill towards the house and I start screaming and throwing water around the house, so the fire wouldn't burn the house, but the fire went next door and burn down the house.

This dream contains a lot of negative images. The first major sign is that of the plane crash, which predicts collaborative projects in your life are doomed to fail unless you take the reins and do things yourself. Your team members are probably not sure what to do, and their half-hearted, inexperienced decisions/attempts are not likely to help your work in the long-run. Additionally, both your attempts to stop the fire with water and the burning of the other house predict experiencing material loss. The first of these symbols is associated with financial hardship while the latter is closely linked to burglary and thievery. You may want to be on the look out for suspicious persons hanging around your home or work area.

Saving son from drowning

I dreamt my son wandered outside the police station where I was waiting to file a report of my purse being stolen. I searched everywhere screaming his name and then found him face down in a pond. I pulled him out after him being in there 15 minutes and gave him CPR. He woke up and was fine just wet. I was terrified I lost my only child and then after saving him worried my mom was going to tell me what a horrible mother I was. I wouldn't let him go after he woke up and suddenly I woke up.

Although somewhat dark and disturbing, this dream about helping your son who was drowning signifies your protective and nurturing traits of character. It shows that you are in a good position right now and that you feel happy and content with what you have achieved in life, both for yourself and your family members. This vision can also indicate your capacity to be the first one to respond when someone is in need of help, advice or guidance. Based on the notion of guilty feelings you had expressed toward the end of this dream, this outstanding personal quality was passed down onto you from your parents.

Swallowing a burning coal

My nephew swallowed burning coal and we knew he was going to die. It felt horrific.

Visions of burning or glowing coal are associated with favorable changes and becoming much better off emotionally and materially. Based on the dream vision you have had, though, it could indicate that you are anxious to help someone attain these positive things in their lives (not necessarily your nephew), but you subconsciously sense you or other family members are not doing enough to help them reach this state or level of happiness. It could especially be true when you are planning for the upcoming holidays, for example shopping for Christmas or trying to get everyone together for festivities and celebrations.

Children drowning without supervision

All the children were left at daycare, the workers walked out. When I went back, the children had drowned in a pool.

Seeing a daycare full of kids but under no supervision is an ominous sign representing the manifestation of fears or concerns from your wake life. This is also supported by the image of these same children drowning in a pool which symbolizes being overwhelmed by work and ongoing projects. In essence, you worry about the outcome of your multiple endeavors because there are so many of them and only one of you. It may be wise to focus your attention on a few tasks that are more likely to succeed than to try and do everything simultaneously.

Getting into an accident on a bike

I have seen that I am driving my bike very fast, but suddenly I got crashed by another bike, my bike is totally broken and the guy on another bike got a heavy injury, but I am safe. I got up and took my bike and gone from that place. Nobody stopped me for that accident. What is the meaning?

Going very quickly on a bike represents your impatience or desire to quickly know the results of something important to you, like a test or competition. It also suggests that there are likely to be delays in getting the information you want, though not because of anything you have or have not done, meaning it is beyond your control. Being uninjured after the crash and fleeing from the scene of the accident both indicate avoiding confrontation unscathed. This may be related to the first symbol, which means there is probably someone else interested in the same information as you are. While you may not face any difficulties as a consequence, you may be inconvenienced by the extra time needed to get the answers you seek.

Someone getting his private parts injured

In my dream, I was standing on the dock and a guy says his propeller for his tender got caught in a net, he immediately jumps into the water. Next thing, we are with another girl and I saw blood coming from the side of the tender.

The two strongest symbols in this vision are the dock on the water and the blood as a result of injury. Water is often associated with opportunity and new experiences, so the vision of a dock by itself could be interpreted as currently being on the verge of a new adventure or path waiting to be explored. Blood in the water, in this case, is also a positive image, representing your ability to get straight down to business and manage your affairs with great efficiency. Your hard work during this new journey ahead of you is likely to garner the admiration of those around you and maybe financially rewarding as well.

Daughter injured by a fishing hook

In a boat with a male and my daughter. She was asleep. A fishing hook hooked her just above her eye. She put her hand to it in her sleep and ended up pushing the hook deeper and getting it stuck in her hand as well. I grabbed her but couldn't stop her from getting it deeper. I was calling the male (unknown who this was) to help.

Symbolically, seeing or handling fishing hooks in your dreams could serve as an indication that you have been trying to introduce or welcome someone new into your life and, based on the parallel visions in this dream, it could be a new male friend or even a father figure for your daughter. However, she may be reluctant or strongly opposed to your efforts to make it happen. These visions altogether could also portend a worsening relationship between you and your daughter if you choose to pursue these plans further.

Getting into a motorbike accident

Was driving a motorbike, the next thing it stops while I was busy checking what was happening, then I hear my niece screaming hit by a car, then all of a sudden my daughter was holding my mom by her hand, then she screamed my niece's name, then when I turn, the same car hit my mom and my daughter. Then I ran to my daughter, picked her up, and then cried for help, everyone was just staring at me with no help.

A vision of a motorbike or motorcycle in a dream is often associated with freedom and adventure. As such, this dream may be telling you that in your desire to break free of or escape from some responsibilities, you may be overlooking problems within your family. The lack of help from others indicates that the resolution is your responsibility. To deal with your family's plight, you need to take charge of the situation and avoid being distracted by flights of fancy or temptations taking your time away from your loved ones. This vision is telling you to stay on course and prioritize your family over other preoccupations.

Water flooding a stranger's house

Some stranger's home flooded because of heavy rain and I am trying to save someone in the unknown house and sometimes I try to escape too. I am going downstairs and upstairs, but water is there everywhere and it is increasing with time. Water level is in between my ankle and knee around 1 foot. But water is coming from everywhere.

A house in dreams often represents who you are or your current disposition. To see a house being flooded because of heavy rain is a warning of coming troubles and sorrows within your household. Perhaps you are becoming overwhelmed by your emotions and trying to find yourself or your inner balance in the process. Feelings of being trapped by the downpour could pertain to your tendency to close yourself off. Maybe it is high time to reflect and get to the root of your troubles.

A woman drowning but surviving

A lady drowned, looked dead, was revived by somebody, then I saw smoke rising to show she was breathing again.

Dreaming of a drowned person is an omen of a possible unpleasant event that is transpiring soon. You could bear witness to an accident or you could commit a grievous mistake that may affect someone negatively. An error in judgment, on your part or someone close to you, could get you in trouble. On a positive note, the mistake can be remedied and someone of authority or capability, possibly a friend, may help you out of your predicament.

Being in an elevator that is falling down

I got on the elevator with other people and the elevator felt as if it started to drop uncontrollably. I fell to the floor and stayed on the bottom of the elevator when no one else on the elevator was tripping, but me.

Seeing yourself trapped inside an elevator that is falling uncontrollably is a powerful sign that points to a decrease in the quality of your character and life. For reasons known only to you, troubles may start arising in the near future, and people close to you could start distancing themselves. You should try to be more careful with your words and the way you conduct yourself socially.

A crashing plane with a lover inside

I am a 22-year-old girl. I saw a dream that my lover was coming from abroad to my native land in a plane and I saw that plane above my house and when it was about to reach, there was some problem with it and it starts to jerk in the air and it seems headed for an air crash. I looked at it a lot and I expect everyone to die with my lover along with that air crash. I see this dream from an early age.

Seeing an airplane crash and burn before your eyes can have multiple meanings, but seems, in this case, to indicate the necessity of paying attention to your surroundings and taking care of your problems yourself. This implies that your natural tendency is to wait for others to step in and solve your problems for you. However, if you continue to rely on this approach, you may find things do not turn out the way you want.

Someone surviving a car accident

Sitting at a stop light in the right-hand lane. I was in the passenger seat. A car sped around all stopped cars and ran the light. Another car on the cross street hit the rear end of a car in front of it without breaking. Very silent after the crash. I thought the driver was dead, but he backed up and came toward my car. He hit another pole on the corner before he got to me. I could see the driver's face. Felt he was going to die because of the incredible impact when he hit the other car.

Car crashes are highly symbolic in dream visions and carry an ominous warning for the future. In essence, car crashes alone represent major occurrences in your life, usually ones that end badly for you. Watching other cars crash into each other suggests you see those around you acting in ways that could lead to self-destruction or at the very least cause issues later in their lives. Seeing the car come towards you and feeling the impact of the crash, however, takes this idea a step further, indicating you may be dragged down the same path through peer pressure or obligation if you are not careful.

A bride getting an electric shock

I have seen attending someone's engagement ceremony and that person is getting ready for the function sitting in front of the mirror and suddenly right behind her, a short circuit happened. I am yelling at her to move out. But she is sitting right there wearing a white gown. And I woke up.

Attending an engagement ceremony in your dream signifies the changing dynamics in your social circle. This could be a sign that someone near and dear is drifting away or showing signs of detachment. Trying to get the person out of harm's way is indicative of your suspicious nature. Maybe someone you know closely is entering a new venture or committing to something important to them and you think it is a bad idea. You may think that they are veering away from who they are and this worries you.

An uncontrollable boat

I was on a beautiful boat with friends and family. Suddenly the boat evolved from the water and went out of control through the waterways avoiding smaller boats before it eventually crashed. No one was hurt I was worried about not being able to swim if needed and asked my son to be sure he helped me out in case we were plunged in. We were not, the water was calm but the boat was ruined.

A boat crashing or getting wrecked in a dream is a forewarning of bad times ahead. You could be headed into a tough period at work or even at home, as you were with friends and family in the dream. The water represents your emotional state and the boat is your way of navigating your emotions. As such, the ruined boat alludes to a tendency to let emotions get the better of you during stressful situations. Your dream vision seems to convey the calm after the storm, that is, you may achieve emotional stability only after a huge emotional outburst. It is both a reminder and a warning of the consequences you could face if you let emotions overrule reason in times of trouble.

Being in a car accident and almost drowning

I was driving with my husband and there was a construction hole with water in it. He drove into it and tried to steer us into a large pipe for air. The car was filling up, he said "It's ok, it's fresh salt water". The car filled up, I said to him "We gotta get out!" and I started struggling, but couldn't get out and then I woke up. Oh, and I was on the phone with my mom when it happened. Now I'm scared to go on my cruise.

The car accident in your dream reflects deep-seated anxiety and fear from your waking life. Envisioning your husband behind the wheel represents his role as the person in charge and control of important decisions. Perhaps you are placing your trust in him and allowing him to steer the course of your life. Driving into the construction hole and getting the car filled up with saltwater in the process suggest that no matter how much you plan, there are always circumstances that are beyond your control. Saltwater symbolizes emotional upheavals. It is possible that mounting tensions due to anxiety in anticipation of your vacation could cause altercations or arguments resulting in hurt feelings.

Being trapped under water

I was trapped under water and could only break through the surface when I broke the dock that was in front of me. And when I broke through the surface of the water I gasped for air really loud and woke up.

When dreaming that you are struggling under water, trying to break through the surface and finally succeeding in doing so is a positive omen. It represents the strong possibility of getting a promotion at work or an enticing new job offer. This in turn could earn you the respect of your peers and the admiration of the people close to you.

An old apartment after a fire

I dreamed that my former pizza shop was burning down, but not the whole building, the part or apartment where I lived was still standing.

To dream that your place of business is burning down is actually an auspicious sign. This means that all your current plans or projects you have implemented will be very profitable and produce successful outcomes. For this to happen, a transformation or a new strategy may need to be put in place. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, this vision reflects renewal and fresh ideas.

Driving off a cliff and drowning

I am a single mother of six with a recurring dream pattern of me driving off a cliff and drowning, but I recently had a similar dream but with a twist... I'm driving with my two daughters and I was fussing at the oldest and went over a cliff... I jumped out... The car went over and all I heard was screams... Then out of nowhere I don't know who they were, guys jumped in and rescued them.

Driving off a cliff with your daughters in the car with you speaks of disagreements and possible discord between you and your children. It could be that you and one or all of them cannot find a compromise or reach an agreement in some serious matter which affects each of you. It is also possible that you always try to take control of the situation without letting them to make their input in decisions the outcomes of which would affect you all. Should you let emotions drive you to the edge, you could end up damaging your relationship with your children. This vision reminds you to remain understanding and magnanimous when your family matters are at stake.

No help following an accident

I had a dream that I was unable to get medical help for my 2-year old son after he broke his leg. It's not the first time I've had dreams like this, but the outcome is always the same in being unable to get medical help after he's had a bad accident.

Accidents often refer to mistakes or injury. The injury need not be physical, it could also be psychological in nature. As such, the dream of a broken leg may be referring to your son's inability to stand up for himself or defend himself when the going gets tough. Perhaps the accident points to instances of bullying or his errors in judgment wherein you find yourself unable to help him overcome this setback. Maybe you feel helpless in your desire to make your son feel better after failures or disappointments. Or you could be feeling some guilt because of your inability to help.

Wind blowing away wedding invitations

I dreamt of wind blowing away my 3 wedding lists and people were saying god knows why it happened.

Dreaming that problems arise during your wedding or while preparing for someone else's wedding because of unforeseen circumstances represents a warning. You may soon encounter some problems caused by misunderstandings that could become difficult to handle. As long as you maintain a positive attitude and keep your wits about you should be able to overcome such issues in the end.

A friend getting killed in a car accident

My best friend was in her car driving and a truck hit her in the rear so hard that her car compacted flat with her in it. She was flat as a pancake.

If you dream that someone gets into an accident while sustaining injuries in the process, it alludes to unforeseen circumstances or the consequences of the actions they are about to go through. Despite the best efforts of your peers and loved ones to be in control of their lives, there are still unpredictable factors that can alter the course of their lives. Things that happen to them could likely affect you too and you may become affected in some way as well.

A child getting hit by a car

My child and I were at a park playing and heading home. Her on her tricycle, and I am on a scooter. I fell and she got ahead of me. I turned the corner to find her hit by a car in the middle of the street and I could hear her screaming.

The park symbolizes a place of renewal and readjustment. Perhaps playing in the park with your child in the dream is a manifestation of your desire to connect with her deeper. Both the tricycle and the scooter represent a carefree spirit and youthful attitude. In a way, you may envy her youth or maybe it is this free-spirited aspect of yourself that you have in common with her. The accident could be a projection of your fears for her well-being. You may be worried that her carefree ways could get her into trouble. Then again, the accident and her screams suggest a possible strain in your relationship. A re-connection and renewal of your bond may be necessary to ward off such fearful visions.

Aftermath of a car accident

I had a dream I was parked in a parking lot when an SUV ran into another car driving by SUV at high speed pushing car to the intersection. I was getting ready to pull out of my parking space, when another SUV sped past me. I pulled out of my parking space pulling out of the parking lot onto the intersection when I saw the driver from the car dead in the street in a business button-down collared shirt with a red tie and his legs were severed, ripped off his body. I could not see his legs. Than I woke up.

Car crashes are highly symbolic in dream visions and carry an ominous warning of bad events about to happen. Car crashes generally represent major occurrences, usually ones that could end badly for you. Watching the SUV crash into another vehicle suggests that you see those around you acting in ways that could lead to self-destruction or at the very least cause negative issues later in their lives. On the other hand, perhaps in trying to look for other opportunities, as symbolized by making your way out of the parking space, you may soon find yourself working or living together with individuals who are burnt out and jaded from moving too fast and too soon instead of following a steady pace. These are cautionary tales that your subconscious may be trying to convey to you.

A child falling and ending up in a coma

My boyfriend's daughter fell off a stage while in his care. And was then in hospital in a coma.

A dream in which you witness a child falling, more specifically, somebody you know like your boyfriend's daughter, could have some negative connotations for people close to you. It portends the possibility of a colleague's or a friend's child falling ill to a sickness or an affliction shortly. You may be able to be of some assistance or provide moral support during such trying times should you choose to.

A bus after an accident

A bus full of people tipped over, onlookers were silent and backed away. I was watching this with my 2 girls wondering if I should help. Then a door to the depot closed with the bus inside, a "Closed" sign was put up at the door.

Witnessing a bus accident in your dream alludes to your sense of responsibility. The feeling that you are responsible for the well-being of the group inside the bus possibly represents existing concerns related to friends, family or colleagues. Maybe you are presently in charge of a project and have been experiencing the weight of your duties lately, which made this scenario manifest in the dream. Your hesitation and the bystanders around you reveals your reservations in fully committing to your role. However, deep inside you know that you need to step up for the greater good.

Drowning in a creek

Wrecked into a flooded creek but escaped through a back window that happened to be open. I woke up gasping for air like I'd been drowning. Please help because for some reason it really scared me and I've not been able to forget it. Thank you.

Bodies of water seen in dreams typically reveal your emotional state. The creek in your dream reflects the flow of your mental and spiritual energies. As such, trying to escape the flooded creek suggests emotional upheaval and spiritual exhaustion. Perhaps your faith is being shaken or certain moral issues are causing this turbulence within you. Escaping through a back window alludes to a new perspective or fresh outlook. To sort out your troubles, you may need to find an alternative path.

Being saved from a building on fire

My ex-boyfriend saved me from a burning building. He was in the dream along with the guy I used to like. After getting out of the building, everyone was rushed to the hospital with severe burn wounds and at the hospital, doctors found out that I had cancer. What does it mean?

Being saved from a burning building is an auspicious symbol associated with the idea of overcoming some difficulty or obstacle that stands in your way to success. Despite this positive connotation, being rushed to the hospital in the same dream suggests you have some fears, at least subconsciously, that something is not right or that something is about to go wrong. Your instinct is likely to be spot on, as getting cancer in a dream vision is not a sign to be taken lightly. It means you may get some terrible illnesses, including cancer, which may be difficult to cure without early detection and aggressive intervention.

Falling out of a plane without the seat belt

In my dream, I'm flying in a biplane with 2 or 3 seats. I don't know the pilot, but if there is a third seat, my husband is in it. I'm always in the second seat. My seat belt will not work, but the pilot rolls the plane anyway so that it is upside down, and I fall out.

This vision has a very clear interpretation but should be regarded as a warning as well in regards to any plans you could be making currently. Taking a flight by itself is an ominous sign which predicts failure and the misfortune that follows. The cause of this disappointing event can be seen in your broken seat belt, which suggests you are spreading yourself too thin. Because you cannot fully dedicate yourself to each of the goals you have set for yourself, you are likely to have great difficulty accomplishing any of them.

Attacked by a snake while at a water park

I dreamed I was at an aquarium water park and I was riding a bike through its site-seeing and as I was approaching a glass bridge, a strange-looking snake jumped out of the water and bit me on my upper right thigh.

The bike you ride through the aquarium in this dream is a manifestation of your youthfulness, light heart and the predominance of your instincts over common sense, suggesting that you rely on irrational emotions to guide your everyday actions and decisions. The snake that jumps out of the water represents the people who know you well enough to take advantage of your kindness and compassion toward them. You may need to pay more attention to the way you act and be more careful with your generosity, as it could become a great disadvantage for your own life shortly.

Scenes of drowning on a beach and on a ship

My son was on the waves' edge at sea and he was underwater but breathing first, but when I tried to save him, it was like he was stuck, so three attempts. Then I pulled him free, and he coughed up water, but he was OK. Then a new dream, I was in a pool on a ship under decks and I was with someone, do not know who. We heard it crash, then we were trapped inside the ship sinking. I knew I was going to drown, I could see the water rising up past windows, then I woke up. These dreams happened one after another, what do they mean?

The first vision, watching your son drown, can be given a fairly literal interpretation. It is likely that you, as his mother and caretaker, recognize, at least subconsciously, that something is not quite right with him. He may be developing some illness or having difficulty getting along with someone he knows. You were able to save him, so it is likely that you can set things straight and get him back to his normal self. The second vision is slightly more complicated. Being trapped in a sinking ship in the second vision represents your internal fears as a parent, the constant worrying about if you are making the right choices or if you are setting a good example. In truth, your lack of self-confidence is probably the main issue keeping you back from being the best parent you can be.

Slipping and falling on a mountain

I have had this dream for YEARS and I have no idea what this means. I am climbing a mountain, but then my foot slips on a rock and I begin to fall. Then I jerk awake.

This recurring dream of climbing a mountain and falling on the way represents a fork in the road for your career. Falling from the mountain slope could be interpreted as a strong possibility of finding a better occupation. Something that could make your life more fulfilling and enriching could be just around the corner if you just dare to look for it.

Son disappearing after a road accident

I dreamt of my 3-year-old son. He was hit by a truck in front of me. I ran to look, but there was nobody or blood, only his shoes. I cried so much. All I wanted was his body so that I bury him a decent burial. I cried so much that I was calling the truck driver to give me my son's body.

Accidents in dreams often represent mistakes or injuries. The injury need not be physical, it could also be psychological. Your son's involvement in the accident and his subsequent disappearance in the dream may be a reflection of your anxieties regarding your son's safety. Maybe you feel apprehensive about raising your son for fear of making mistakes and inadvertently putting him in harm's way.

Falling in a ditch from a bicycle

Dream about falling in a ditch hole with a bicycle where I am carrying two little children.

A bicycle in a dream generally represents an aspect of your personality that is lively, energetic and youthful. It also symbolizes the yearning to achieve balance with work, leisure and personal obligations. As such, falling into a ditch while riding the bicycle likely reveals your inability to balance your responsibilities in the waking world. The hole, naturally, refers to difficulties and problems that would arise should you remain unable to set your priorities straight. The trouble is, your shortcomings do not only spell trouble for you, but could also impact others who depend on you.

Planning to cause a car accident

I purposely got into a car accident. I remember contemplating it for a few seconds, pressing on the gas and hitting this middle-aged man's car.

Cars in dreams are often symbolic of our journey through life, and car accidents usually represent momentous events that cause a certain part of our lives to come to a sudden, jarring halt. In this way, your decision to cause the accident may suggest you are on a downward spiral that would culminate in either a literal or a figurative crash and burn situation. The fact that you contemplated your action first may mean there is still time to change the course of the future. If you wish to get through this trying time, you may need to seek help or advice from those older and wiser.

Falling into water while bicycling

I was cycling down the road when the road ended and I fell into water where I had to swim to get out, then I woke up.

Cycling or riding a bike in this dream represents your efforts to balance your personal and professional life. Hence, falling into the water portends emotional breakdown, possibly from sheer exhaustion. Fortunately, you still had the ability to swim and reach safety within the dream, which means that your current ventures, projects and other work-related responsibilities would be completed through determination and perseverance.

A helicopter burning in the sky

I saw leaves enter into a small big beautiful circle formed in the sky and in the sky in cloud helicopter fully burnt without fire inside the sky, without flames, smoke but only voice of a man crying in burning. I can hear his crying and in that place where helicopter burned inside sky the leaves enter into that place.

The burnt helicopter in your dream represents broken dreams. Failure and disappointment could be in your future. Perhaps you are reaching for goals beyond your grasp despite being ill-equipped to follow those lofty aspirations. Fortunately, the circle of leaves symbolizes hope in the face of adversity. It means that your personal journey would come full circle. After the crushing blow of failure, you would find opportunities for growth and obtain the prosperity you desire.

A car accident caused by a bicyclist

In my dream I am with my child and we almost collide with a guy on a bicycle which makes us fall onto the road and almost get hit by two passing cars, one is red about to hit us head on but goes around us and one is blue from behind which just passes us. I am lying in the middle of the road protecting my child with the feeling of passing out and thinking that was close.

A dream wherein you have a close encounter with a stranger during a road accident portends a period of difficulties in your life. You may have to face a series of challenges. The colors of the cars you noticed in this dream are quite telling, pointing to the issues which could involve rage (the red car) and passivity or indifference (the blue car). At the same time, the notion of you trying to save your child is a manifestation of your protective feelings for the ones you love. Try and remain strong, your willpower and fortitude will help you overcome any misfortunes coming your way.

Wife losing face in a car accident

I was in a car accident, couldn't get to my wife, the car caught fire, she was burning. When I got her out, her face was burnt, then it fell away and she was faceless.

A car accident in dreams typically refers to destructive thoughts with a possibility of inflicting self-harm. In that context, the burning car could mean that your self-destructive habits or thoughtless ways may cause conflict in your family. You may even mess up your own standing because of your lack of foresight and self-control. Similarly, a burning person or a person on fire usually refers to suffering and destruction. This vision means that your mistakes could have adverse effects on your wife and family, so her faceless appearance at the end of the dream may refer to losing face. Your actions may bring shame and humiliation to your loved ones.

Hitting the ground and being injured

Two dreams. Both about hanging on to something and falling. In the first dream I hit the ground and am hurt. In another, I'm able to save myself and get down safely, but a lady friend falls and is injured.

When you dream about falling and hurting yourself, it could predict an onset of some bad things happening in your life, such as being abandoned by the people closest to you, suffering great losses or losing hope. The second dream of being able to save yourself could mean you have the courage and resources to escape this situation, but you could harbor concerns that your friend is going to go through the same ordeal and you are worried about her walking down the same path.

Elevated in the air because of lake waves

Standing at a lake with my husband and a boat went by. The waves propelled me straight into the air in my chair, it was small like a small boat seat on a peg leg, and I kept going up and up and I only felt terrified and wanted desperately to find a way to survive the fall to the water. But all I kept doing was going higher and higher and higher. It was horrible.

The situation you describe is akin to the feeling of dying in a shipwreck, since you experienced a life-threatening scenario involving a boat that could cause you to drown. This is, unfortunately, a rather negative symbol, which could mean you may find yourself facing an equally dangerous scenario in real life and maybe are on the verge of suffering some kind of misfortune which could be detrimental either to you personally or to those close to you. However, since you mentioned your husband being in the same dream, perhaps he is the person whom you should have to reach out for help when you feel any actual threats appearing in your real life.

A plane missing the airport

I was on a plane preparing for landing. Suddenly, the plane started to go up as it was flying too low. The pilot somehow started to save the plane from hitting trees, still one wing hit the tree, nothing happened. I jumped off the plane and started running to avoid any explosion from the plane. Finally the plane landed in a small street. Everything was ok. I thought I can collect my bags from the airport as they will take it there. I was also thinking how will they take this plane to the airport.

Your dream could mean that you are experiencing a rather difficult period related to work and are struggling to balance your career and family or social life. While you are working hard to achieve your goals, it could result in exhaustion which is dangerous to your physical health and social relations. This threat is symbolized by the plane almost crashing. However, the notion that the plane did not indeed crash in the end could mean that you would be able to re-prioritize your tasks and become much healthier and happier, capable of separating the important things in your life from those that are less critical.

Electrocuting a bartender in a pool

I'm female. I was at an outside circular bar located inside a pool. Meaning the bartender was in the water also. I was moving around the bar when I accidentally knocked an electric griddle into the water near the bartender and he was electrocuted. I realize immediately the impact and scream for help, but others around the bar don't seem to realize what's happening until it's to late.

The combination of electricity and water in dreams, especially with lethal outcomes such as the one you had caused to the bartender, is usually a manifestation of some episode of anger, mistreatment or humiliation you may have recently experienced in a social setting. These visions could be subconscious projections of your regrets about how you had acted or how different the situation would have been if you could go through it again. Alternatively, you may have witnessed similar scenarios taking place among others, as a side observer, and could now be feeling guilty for not being able to help and prevent them from happening when they occurred.

A girl being hit by a transport truck

I dreamed about a girl being hit by a transport truck, I tried saving her by calling her, but the truck drives its way to her in a slow motion. I could see every detail on how she was being hit. Her head was crashed. She tried to run, but she wasn't able to make it.

Dreaming about someone being killed in such a horrific way could mean that you suspect there is someone in your social circle going through a difficult time and you would like to help, but at the moment you feel powerless to do so. A transport truck is a massive vehicle with a lot of power, but it also has a driver who can be the cause of accidents on the road. This could mean there is someone whom you consider responsible for causing pain to a loved one, but you are not able to confront that person for reasons known to you.

A man causing a road accident

I am a 24 year old female and I just woke up from a dream where I was driving on the highway talking to my mother-in-law and a man walked into the highway and later down he caused a Toyota Tacoma truck, maybe dark blue or dark grey, to roll over. There was blood everywhere. I pulled over and was screaming that I had to call 911 then I woke up terrified.

Dreaming of being involved in or witnessing a car accident is usually a warning about experiencing a rough road ahead. There could be obstacles which you would need to overcome in order to achieve your professional or personal goals. In addition, the truck represents too many responsibilities and burdens in your daily existence. Perhaps you are taking on too may tasks which you are no longer able to handle. If you do not learn to seek help from others or prioritize your tasks, you may end up sabotaging your potential to the detriment of your mental and physical well-being.

Someone hitting a car

A person hit my car twice.

Watching someone hit your car twice in your dream vision suggests that you have an extreme obsession with someone from reality. To see your car being broken by someone means that bad news related to that influential person may come your way soon. In some cases, this could refer to the injury or death of someone you care about, but it is more commonly associated with being conned or taken advantage of by said individual.

Being in a hit-and-run

I'm 16 from the UK and I don't have my license yet. I was driving my parents' car and I hit someone on a bike. They died and I ran away to this man's house who I tried to get a fake provisional from, I was going to try to make up a story. Someone knocked on the door and I ran up a very long winding flight of stairs. I then went to turn myself in and I woke up.

The main theme of this dream is connected to your position as the driver of the car. This symbol, in a dream vision, is often associated with movement in your life. It can either refer to physical traveling or mental growth and development. In either case, hitting someone on a bike may mean there is some roadblock or impediment to your progress, potentially in the form of a relationship problem. Your initial reaction to tell a lie could suggest having a guilty conscious about your interactions with said individual, which may be the cause of your inability to get over the trouble. Running up the stairs at the end of the vision, however, is a positive symbol predicting a swift and happy conclusion to this minor setback.

A gas leak in the car

I dreamt of a gas leak and I smelled it. I knew it will blow up, so I put it in the middle of the road. That road is my husband's hometown and I saw his Mother's name written then I saw his Mother's picture.

Gas perceived in a dream is a symbol often associated with keeping the peace or maintaining stable relations, so envisioning a gas leak, especially to the extent that you smelled it, could be an indication that tensions are at a peak or may soon bubble over into something ugly. The source of your conflict may indeed be your mother-in-law, considering both her name and likeness appeared in your dream. You may have bumped heads with her in the past, and all the past conflict may soon become impossible to ignore. If you aim to keep things calm and peaceful, you may need to make a special effort to keep your cool in the face of rising emotions.

A decapitated body during bungee jumping

I am a female. My dream began in NYC. I was with a good friend of mine who is like a maternal figure to me. We went to the Empire State Building, because my friend had heard that people were going to be jumping down on bungee cords from the center of the building. There was a cylinder cut through the middle of the building, so people could jump from top to bottom year round without going outdoors. There was a reputable company hooking people up in harnesses. My friend and I watched one person attach his harness, ascend to the top of the building, out of site. I climbed a few stairs to get a better look of the cylinder and to watch him jump down. Suddenly a lifeless and headless body landed by my feet. "He's decapitated! Someone call 911!" I screamed, and blacked out. When I came to, my friend was urging me to grab the headless man and take him to the hospital ourselves because the ambulance wasn't coming fast enough. In the time it took for me to come to, someone else had stitched his head poorly back on and he was a little conscious. She put the man in the back of her SUV, I sat in front and she drove furiously. We got to the hospital and I screamed that we needed a stretcher so a nurse calmly helped us bring him inside. He was taken into an ICU, so my friend and I waited in the waiting room. She was doing word puzzles and I was feeling sleepy so I laid my head on her shoulder and composed a note to her on a chalkboard in my mind that said "I thank my lucky stars that you're in my life." She got up to go to the bathroom or get some food so I worked on the word puzzles. I was surprised she hadn't finished one, because it seemed so easy. It required me to find the words "higher" and "end" in a block of text like a word search. When she came back I asked how the man had been decapitated. She said that the harness was so tight that it constricted his vessels. He threw up in the air and then his head popped clean off. I said that I was glad we hadn't tried to go jumping there. Note: I am a student who just returned to school for nursing.

Skyscrapers, like the Empire State Building in your dream vision, usually refers to ambition. You likely have big dreams and big plans for your professional advancement which is why you went back to school. Pursuing your passions can sometimes push you to take a leap of faith and this is represented by the bungee jumping scenario which symbolizes taking risks and being resilient. You would have to face your fears and be placed in situations when you have to act fast using your stock knowledge. You would make mistakes, but the challenge is to bounce back and learn from those mistakes instead of giving up. Perhaps this also reveals your fears about messing up, especially in your chosen field of healthcare industry when you are placed in situations when your actions can either extend or further endanger a person's life. This fear is further illustrated by the headless or decapitated body. It signifies negative consequences of poor judgment. So while risk-taking can pay off, it can also backfire if you are too reckless or too hasty. As such, your subconscious may be telling you to take calculated risks, weigh the pros and cons before making crucial decisions. Your ability to make level-headed decisions under pressure could propel you to success. Finally, the presence of your good friend likely reveals your implicit trust in her. She may be short-sighted sometimes or you may have some disagreements, but at the end of the day whenever you need someone to lean on, she gives you the support and enables you to believe in yourself when the going gets tough. The part about the puzzles could indicate your different point of views and personalities. You may be the more ambitious one and she is the more cautious between the two of you. You balance each other out especially when one of you becomes irrational or is not thinking straight.

A car accident while driving diligently

Today I woke up with a dream that I was driving on a freeway smoothly and easily within speed limit, and then suddenly realized the car in front of me was stopped. I put a hard break instantly and woke up. Whether I hit the car in front of me or not is unclear. From the time I woke up I am feeling scared. It's like everything going smoothly and then you have to stop a sudden. Please interpret for me.

Driving in dreams often represents the path you are taking and how well you are navigating life's ups and downs. So driving safely and smoothly means you are on the right track, with little to no obstacles in your way. In addition, the freeway represents freedom or independence. It also suggests that you are on the fast track to reaching your goals and ambition, though your driving implies that you prefer a steady approach to achieving your aspirations. However, the stopped car in front of you presents a setback. It is possible that a loved one may stop or stall your momentum because of a personal crisis or an emergency. Maybe you need to extend a helping hand and set aside your personal ambitions for a while. There is also a likelihood that you would meet someone new who would cause a disturbance in your existence. It does not have to be a negative development, although it would certainly catch you off guard. Perhaps you would fall in love and your priorities would change.

A playhouse on fire

A child's playhouse catches fire from my friend's blanket and is burning it down. I pulled a child off the top just before the slide to safety and the palms of her hands were burnt from the fire. I fought hard to put out the fire with the extinguisher but had trouble, eventually putting it out. My best friend's blanket he gave me was burnt to nothing as was my umbrella that was somehow there too. The fire was caused by a burning barrel several feet away that raged out of control.

The playhouse in your dream refers to your inner child, innocence or your youth. Meanwhile, the child you saved represents an aspect of yourself that is child-like, such as curiosity and a carefree nature. When combined with the fire, those two dream symbols point to an inevitable and major shift in your way of life. Fire can mean transformation and passion, but it can also signify destruction. So it looks like in your quest to pursue your passions and chase after your dreams, a part of you has to be quashed or contained. In your case, it seems a happy-go-lucky attitude and perhaps some immaturity would have to be tempered, if not entirely extinguished, so you can have a fighting chance at achieving your goals. Finally, both the blanket and umbrella refer to security and comfort. You need to stop being dependent on others and get out of your comfort zone to be fully committed to the next chapter of your life which is filled with adult responsibilities. Your parents or sources of financial support could cut you off and you would be forced to learn how to support yourself.

Car window being smashed

I had a dream someone was smashing my rear car window out!! I was in a car accident in 2014 and went through my rear window I don't know if it's related - the only thing in the dream state was revenge is what I was yelling.

This vision seems to have more to do with how you perceive the influence of others in your day to day life rather than a reaction to past trauma. In the realm of dreams, cars tend to represent our lives and our personal spaces, so having your space violated by someone smashing in the windows could mean you perceive a threat to your person in reality. This could be interpreted as a warning from your subconscious to be wary of those around you. Some people may come into your life and try to subtly sabotage your work, while others would come in and obviously try to make your life more difficult. If you are just starting to deal with a new group of individuals, it may be best to exercise caution until you know their true intentions.

A car crashing through a window

A car crashing through my lounge window.

The car crashing through your window symbolizes a traumatic or shocking incident that would stir you into action. Up to this point, you have been cruising pleasantly in your comfort zone. Unfortunately, you cannot lounge around any longer because an emergency, possibly involving a loved one, would force you to get out of your comfort zone and take a little risk for the good of yourself and the important people in your life. This would also allow you to re-evaluate your existence and help you realize how much you are missing out in this world because of your procrastination or lack of initiative.

Helping someone at the mall

I am at the mall and no one is there except these two boys. One is lying on the ground and the other is over him trying to wake him up. I go over and help. I do CPR on the boy.

Malls in dreams symbolize materialism and facades or outward appearances. Being inside a mall in your dream connotes a need to make a good impression on someone. This matches with the image of the two boys at the mall, a symbol that suggests you are waiting for news. Perhaps you are waiting for your boss to give you a promotion, or maybe you need a family member to do something for you. In either case, having to perform CPR on one of the boys could reveal things not working out in your favor. However, all is not lost. While you are unlikely to succeed at this particular goal, you are likely to grow and develop you character, which would help you in later endeavors.

Saving someone's baby from drowning

I dreamt that after making friends with a family of three, we (my partner and new "friends") went on a boat ride on a canal or river. Their baby fell into the water, I alerted the baby's dad and we both dived head first into the deep water. I saved the baby and had to help the dad out too.

Sailing in a boat is symbolic of your tendency to get bored easily or make drama where none is needed. Instead of calmly letting things run their course, you tend to stick your nose into business that is not yours and stoke the fires, getting others riled up for your own entertainment. The baby falling into the water and your attempts to save the baby and its father are symbolic of your more mature, reasonable self that is attempting to literally pull you out of situations where your involvement could make everything become more complicated. In essence, this vision can be interpreted as a warning to keep your opinions and thoughts to yourself so that you do not get in over your head. If you continue to insert yourself into situations that do not require your input, you could end up in a real conflict of your own.

Falling down the stairs

Everywhere I was going I would fall down the stairs.

Going downstairs in the dream world is synonymous with moving further away from your goals and true purpose. Falling, then, could be interpreted literally as moving quickly away from what you once considered important. Perhaps you have recently made some bad decisions that do not really align with who you are and what you want. This vision may be a warning to start focusing on what you want out of life and to move in a direction conducive to those goals.

A road accident caused by ice

I had a very realistic dream where I was driving in a white truck by myself, while driving around a curve, a man told me to slow down and watch for the ice on the road. I did slow down but however still spun out of control and flipped the truck. It hit a maroon truck during the spinning and finally stopping in a corner off the side of the highway. After regaining consciousness I could feel my right lung collapsing and I couldn't breath and blood was cold and pouring from the back of my head.

Driving is often considered synonymous with our journey through life, so driving a truck and then getting into a car accident may reveal an upcoming challenge or difficulty you would face on the road to happiness. The spinning out of control and flipped vehicle represents the feelings you would go through during this period, namely confusion, hurt and disappointment. The source of your troubles could be tied to the image of your collapsed lung, as the imagery of lungs serves as a reminder that life is fleeting and you should learn not only to live your life to the fullest, you also need to learn how to appreciate what you have. Every little blessing, from friends, opportunities and experiences needs to be treasured because neglecting to be thankful can attract bad karma. In essence, this vision is telling you to appreciate the little things even during hard times.

In a truck plunging into water

I dreamed I was in a new house under construction, just the frame work up. The bedroom was really large, could see the garage. My sister was there. Then I was in a truck driven by a friend, she accidentally went too close to the water and when correcting the truck it went in. I was able to get out, and hung on to the edge of the water wall with my fingers. I called my sister for help. I dreamed I sold my house for a large amount of money. That is why I was building a new one in first dream.

When you dream that you are building a home for yourself, you can interpret this vision as a sign of good things to come. Look forward to improvements in your life which will be quite substantial. Selling your old home in order to build the new one, then, refers to actively making these changes to your life through your own efforts. For example, you may be starting a new diet or exercise plan, or perhaps you have recently decided to study a new subject or begin meditation. The source of your current troubles which you are changing may be related to the car your friend was driving and the subsequent accident within this dream, as this may be a symbol that some of your acquaintances in wake life, not necessarily this particular friend, have undue power over you. This vision is a sign you are ready to move on from their bad influence and take control of bettering your circumstances.

Daughter hurt in a car accident

My 14-year old daughter was in a car wreck with her friend. As she was walking away from the crash unhurt the car exploded and a piece of metal shaped like a snake flew off and hit her in the back, it burnt into her back and paralyzed her. What does this mean?

This vision speaks much of your concern for your daughter's future as well as your hopes for what she might accomplish. Specifically, cars and car accidents are usually considered indicators of change in an individual's life. As her mother, you are watching as your daughter grows from a child who needs guidance to a young woman who is capable of taking care of herself. It is natural to consider what events and situations she might encounter. The snake-shaped object that burns her back and paralyzes her, however, can be interpreted as a sign of being open to new possibilities. Her destiny is somewhere inside her, and her potential is waiting to be unlocked. The best you can do for her is to help her discover her true talents and passions.

Causing fire with a cigarette

Right after I lit up my cigarette everything surrounding me was on fire.

Lighting or smoking a cigarette can mean that you intend to quit this habit, though it can also refer to a goal your are currently working on to achieve. In combination with the dream symbol of a fire starting from nowhere, the cigarette refers more to the latter interpretation which is a good sign. This means you will soon get what you want, whether it is a material possession or a promotion at work. It can even symbolize an addition to your family, perhaps a baby or a pet, which will add much joy and levity to your family life.

Injuring a baby in the kitchen

Female, 55. Me in my kitchen, pulled a stainless steel cookie sheet out, lost grip of it, it flew over my shoulder and landed across the kitchen. My sister's baby in a carrier, the cookie sheet landed, baby's head was cut open, you could see inside top and in back. No blood. The ears were cut on top, I held baby's head together. I struggled to know which hospital would be best to take the baby, who to call. Couldn't find a cell phone. No one was helping. Someone else had baby's head opened up in half between something.

To see a baby's head get cut open means you have a business idea or project which is keeping you preoccupied. Certain parts of this undertaking is giving you difficulty, so this symbolism in your dream is a reflection of your struggle to implement your ideas. Even the kitchen reveals your frustrations. It symbolizes hindrances to your plans and bothersome details in your upcoming future. Unfortunately, this nuisance will also affect your loved ones negatively. You could drag them into your own affairs even though they want nothing to do with it. To avoid getting into this predicament, you could benefit from seeking professional help and prepare yourself adequately before taking on a big responsibility or venture.

Losing intestines in a snow accident

First I was propelled out of a sled into the snow but I wasn't hurt. Later, I somehow fell out of a plane and landed into the snow. My back hurt when I got up. I touched my back and saw my intestines were hanging out of my back. I told my mom I think something is seriously wrong and she said I was fine. Then I showed her my back and she saw my intestines and I said that it was nothing and refused to take me to the hospital. I felt very hurt and sad.

Dreaming about falling into the snow suggests occasional bouts of frustration and uncertainty regarding your current projects. Even though some events and roadblocks are out of your control, you should avoid putting yourself in risky situations by being more attentive. Furthermore, the symbol of the plane should be considered a warning that those projects would become busier in the near future. It may even predict disappointment and trouble. For example, you may not be able to completely concentrate on the goals you want to achieve. This is followed by the last main symbol of this vision, which is finding yourself hurt or injured in an accident. This portent holds both positive and negative meanings in dream visions. On one hand, it predicts upcoming complications that could negatively affect your mental and physical health. However, it also tends to mean that you would ultimately overcome all those impediments if you focus on your objectives. This knowledge that you would eventually be victorious could help you persevere through the difficulties and hardships to come.

Fire at the stall with horses

I dreamt that I went to a horse stable to help out. The place had just got 6 new dark foals. And I could see them in a stall together, lying down enjoying the sun. As I clean other stalls, fire just starts up everywhere, on the tree and road. In a panic, I release some of the horses. The fires don't last very long. The last of it, I watched a tree branch catch fire, burn and then extinguish. It was now night time, and I'm at the barn. I see the six foals cuddling each other and sleeping.

The scenery of the horse stable is considered symbolic of prosperity and happiness, both current and potential. You have likely been blessed with many good things in life, as both the stable and horses point toward an abundance of love, energy and contentment in your surroundings. The sudden fire, despite causing you to panic and worry, is actually a sign associated with success and achievement. This, combined with the dark foals sleeping peacefully at the end of the vision, portends domestic bliss and serenity in your household for the foreseeable future. The atmosphere of your household would be most pleasant and agreeable, bringing you much happiness and satisfaction.

A motorcycle burning in the garage fire

Yesterday my husband hooked up a new outdoor light pole above the garage. Its power source is through the electricity in the garage. Last night I dreamed the garage suddenly caught on fire from the continuous electrical current and my husband's motorcycle that was housed inside blew up, blowing up the whole garage.

Seeing your husband installing the light pole above the garage means you feel excluded by some of your husband's activities. Perhaps he is becoming more and more invested in his hobby or he is always going out with his group of friends. Since you do not share their interests, there are times when you are probably not invited. Alternatively, after turning down invites so many times, your husband has given up on convincing you to try out his hobby or to give his friends a chance. Similarly, the motorcycle symbolizes your husband's independent and adventurous nature. There could be a part of you which resents his risk-taking ways. You want him to settle down and be more cautious, especially about your family. Therefore, the fire points to transformation. He will soon let go of his impractical hobbies or passions for the benefit of your family. His realization about setting priorities will strengthen your marriage. On the other hand, this could also reveal your unspoken wish that he focuses more of his time and energy on your family. It is still up to him whether or not he believes his interests are detrimental or beneficial to your partnership.

Stomach injured during an accident

I had an accident and my stomach opened. But a lady assisted me.

An injury to your stomach, such as an open wound or a gaping hole, predicts emotional turmoil. The accident refers to a series of obstacles which will cause a lot of stress and subsequent mental breakdown. The psychological strain may be due to your tendency to keep your problems to yourself because you do not want to burden others. Fortunately, the lady who helped you in the dream refers to a good Samaritan. At the height of your distress, a compassionate soul will sense your suffering and extend a helping hand. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship as well.

Trying to swim after a boat and ship collision

My dream is about me riding a small boat with other people I don't know. I was the only passenger awake, then I saw a big ship colliding with the boat I was on, I sunk under the water. I thought I would die but I resurfaced in the water and tried to swim even if I don't know how. My dream ended with me trying to keep swimming and looking for something to hold onto.

Being in a small boat at the beginning of your vision alludes to some health problems in wake life that, while not life threatening, could make your day to day activities more difficult. This could include anything from temporary injuries, like a broken leg, to a consistent issue, like diabetes or high-blood pressure. The tension dealing with this medical condition would cause is likely related to the second symbol, which is the collision of your boat with the much larger ship. The image portends butting heads with someone in wake life, likely someone who is actually trying to help you. For example, if you are married, your spouse's attempts to care for and comfort you could make you feel like an infant and incapable of doing things for yourself. Of course, if you are treated like a baby or child, you would be upset and ready to lash out at those who no longer see you as strong and capable. The final image, being trapped underwater but eventually resurfacing, suggests you would be able to overcome these emotions and accept your situation. The grace with which you conduct yourself would earn you the respect and affection of those who care about you in reality.

Drowning in the car with ex

This is a dream an ex came to me about yesterday. "Me and you fell off a building in my car into a lake and I get you and me out the seat belts, but I was getting dragged to the bottom and you started to get attacked by something and I kept fighting to come help you, but I then just saw you get separated and I woke up just messed up in the head all day".

Your ex's dream about drowning in a car together could mean that they experience a lot of frustration and sadness because you split up. Perhaps your ex is sensing that the break up was rushed in some way by you or that you two still have some feelings for each other or things that did not have a proper closure. The notion of your ex fighting to save you in the dream is perhaps an allusion to some unfinished business or people you both know and communicate with that are still present in both of your now separate lives. Being dragged to the bottom in this accident also points to your ex's strong emotional side, so perhaps your ex is trying to appeal to your feelings in order to either win you back or to move on with your lives.

Car accident because of flooding

I dreamed I was driving home, it was raining. There was a lot of water on the road, as I was driving I saw the water was getting deep, but cars were still able to move. As I went through the deep water, the car started to go airborne, then started flipping. I could hear the glass shattering and feel the car flipping. After it stopped, the car was totaled, but I was ok, not hurt.

Driving in the rainy weather means your life recently has had a lot of up and downs, you could be going through periods of fun and excitement just to be faced with sadness and disappointment later on. The flipping car in the dream also signifies emotional turmoil, but most likely about something insignificant in its nature or not deserving the anguish. You could occupy your time with more productive pursuits in order to take your mind off the things that keep bothering you.

Multiple planes crashing into water

I witnessed 3 plane crashed, one fell out of the sky from afar and two other both slid gracefully into water right next to me as I was driving in a big metropolitan area. I was not scared and at the end I was watching on TV as a remote camera searched one of the places under water. I was in an awe of the damage, no bodies were seen.

Witnessing planes crashing represents the overwhelming tasks ahead of you. You are likely juggling different projects or priorities and you are close to getting burnt out. On the positive side, a plane crash also reveals your extraordinary ability to single-handedly accomplish numerous tasks and achieve excellent results. In fact, the vision of you driving calmly means you are undeterred. No matter how chaotic your surroundings may be, you remain focused on your goals. Just do not forget to monitor your health and set reasonable expectations to avoid negative consequences both in your physical and mental health.

A motorbike landing on top of a truck

I saw a motorbike which landed on a big truck, the person was safely rescued by a colleague.

The image of a motorcycle landing on a large truck suggests you are on the verge of giving up in reality. Jungian philosophy says that motorbikes are the manifestation of our own sense of adventure and motivation, while trucks and other large vehicles are representatives of the plans or paths of others. In a sense, you are trading happiness, creativity and novel experiences for the boring, clear-cut path already tried and tested by others. There are two possible reasons for seeing this vision. Perhaps the rescue by your colleague means you were getting too far off the beaten path and were in danger of ruining yourself. Alternatively, it may mean that you are in danger of falling into a rut and need a boost of creative energy to keep going. Consider your situation carefully and act accordingly.

Dying in a car accident

I was driving my car slowly down a dirt road. I heard my car horn blow, just as it did everything went black. I said "Oh, my car just blew up and I am, this is what it's like to be dead".

Driving your car down a dusty, bumpy road could be a metaphor for the current direction of your life. Things are probably not in the best condition, and you are just slowly making your way the best you can. The car suddenly blowing up and your pondering about what it is like to be dead alludes to health issues. Perhaps you are currently engaging in behavior that is making you sick or more susceptible to illness, for example, smoking, overindulging in food or ignoring health and guidelines. The only way to get "back on the right track" is to turn your life around and start living a healthier, more holistic lifestyle.

Rescuing an old person after falling

Rescuing an elderly woman from a hole in the floor.

Dreaming about helping an elderly person after they had fallen on or into the floor contains references to your own fear of getting old and dying or mortality in general.

Fire breaking out of wire

Witnessing a fire breaking out of a wire or a cord is speculation of favorable things ahead of you. This dream suggests that you would acquire skills or any tangible objects that be highly beneficial for you. In addition, for a married couple, this dream means that you would soon expect an addition to your family, more specifically a child, whether by childbirth or adoption.

Drowning with students

Visualizing yourself doing a school activity and seeing a child who suddenly drowns is a connotation for a range of emotions that hold you back from making a sound judgment and affect how you build relationships. You are prone to show your vulnerable side to people, which can easily make you a target of deceit and disinformation. This issue needs to be addressed and resolved within yourself, for this can negatively affect your future.

Falling into a canyon

The imagery of falling into a canyon, whether you fell off balance or you were pushed into the ravine, is a symbol of highly charged emotions or feelings. You may face difficulty in certain experiences or challenges which you think you are ill-equipped to handle. This bout of insecurity may point to previous failures or a fear of letting down other people. While you dream of achieving your goals in life, your perfectionistic tendencies may prevent you from taking risks. On the other hand, the sensation of falling may be associated with having an orgasm or having pent-up desires.

Putting out a fire with water

If you put out fire with a bucket of water, it is a sign of peace and tranquility that you will soon attain. If you are trying to stop your house from burning, then perhaps you are faced with an escalating conflict which is tearing your family apart. Your role may be to become the mediator to avoid further damage to relationships within your household. Your level-headed nature and diplomatic ways will help you intervene and find solutions to seemingly irreconcilable differences.