Dreams Related To Accessories

Looking through accessories

If you see yourself looking through accessories in a dream, then it could be a sign that you are getting ready to experience some unexpected circumstances that will bring troubles into your life.

Unable to decide on accessory

Dreaming of an inability to decide on an accessory while in a department or retail store is an indication that the smooth and balanced flow of your life will be interrupted by an immensely sharp change in direction that is mainly due to your lack of paying attention to specific details or due to your inability to maintain composure and self-control.

Buying fashionable accessories

Buying fashionable accessories from a retail store could mean you will soon experience changes that will affect your life by bringing significant troubles or illness. Any of these changes will have a negative effect on your life and overall well-being.

Accessorizing others

I am female and I am dressing 10-12 strangers, all female, accessorizing them.

Dreaming that you are a stylist, in charge of dressing and accessorizing other people, means you tend to impose your opinions on others. You do not like to lose, so much so that casual conversations can turn into a debate when you are involved. On the other hand, this could also indicate a tendency to dispense unsolicited advice to your friends and family. If you continue sending them TED talk videos and self-help books or that great new organizer app you are using, they could stop answering your calls and replying to your messages out of annoyance.