The “Express” option forr submitting your dream interpretation requests to DreamLookUp website allows visitors to send very short dream interpretation requests (4-5 words maximum) which will be answered by our staff dream interpreters within the shortest time possible (up to 6 hours waiting time), but in a very short and concise fashion (4-5 words of reply maximum). Please use “Interpret My Dream!” option instead if you would like to receive a more elaborate interpretation but searched and answered within a longer period of time (typically 2-3 days). Requests with donations are processed within 24 hours.
Please submit your request using the “express” submission form below. You will receive a confirmation email in a few minutes confirming your request has been received. IMPORTANT! Please check your junk email folder if our confirmation email is treated as spam by your email provider. Replies to email addresses ending on msn.com, hotmail.com and outlook.com are now blocked by MSN.com, use alternatives. You can also add www.dreamlookup.com to your safe senders.
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Please submit dream symbols from your dream(s) for us to interpret (up to 5 words total), examples may include “Rainy weather”, “Gold earrings”, etc. We will look up the meaning and send you a short answer (4-5 words maximum) by email in a few hours.

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