A coworker perceived as mother A lady that was on my staff as an employee is clearly in a dream on a couple of photos with my father and turns out to be my mother! Everything so clear and stays with me, usually I forget my dreams, this one like fact sticks with me. The lady is my junior, so physically impossible. Seeing your subordinate as you mother in the photos with your father probably means that you feel a kinship towards her. Perhaps you see similarities between her and your mother, which is why she appears to have taken the place of the image of you mother in the pictures. You may also be getting closer with this individual or getting to know her better such that you treat her as part of your family. This affinity is recognized by your subconscious hence it imprinted her image into your dream.
Trying to burn a bag in the office Someone dreamt about me, that a light-skinned lady was standing around the office that me and my boyfriend currently work in, telling her in the dream that I am carrying a bag that the lady gave to me and that I was about to burn it. And if I do, that she wouldn't give me another bag again. Purses and bags are often linked with the ideas of sensitive information or secrets, so your friend's vision that someone thought you were about to burn a bag could be the manifestation of their concern that you would reveal some important information you previously shared with them. Being refused another bag, then, would suggest that your friend's mind is made up and that if you betray their trust, they would not share anything else with you ever again.
Bowl movement at work I was in a manager meeting at work and I shit myself. This vision could be considered a warning to be careful with an item or items that hold great value to those around you, specifically objects that you have borrowed or been given for safekeeping. The meeting you are at suggests this item could become lost or misplaced by you if not watched over diligently. Soiling yourself during the meeting may represent becoming more and more anxious and agitated in regards to whether you want to continue having the item around or give it back to the owner.
Attacked by roaches and snakes at work I had a dream that a big cockroach crawled up my leg and begin to feed off of my vagina. I also looked around and saw a lot of snakes. I was at work re-possessing a vehicle. Dreams about feeling a cockroach crawling on and touching a part of your body is often thought to predict getting into some sort of trouble or accidentally putting yourself in harm's way. The location of the cockroach is rather suggestive, possibly pointing toward an intimate relationship which you, and probably others, know is a bad idea. However, you may be ignoring your better judgement in favor of your desire to be with this individual. The snakes you see around you could portend suffering great pain and sadness if this situation continues to persist for an extended period of time.
Having sex with a coworker at a grocery store I was at work (a grocery store) walking around talking to coworkers. One coworker was flirting with me, so I flirted back. He kept trying to get me to go into the back room with him and have sex, I was too worried someone was going to see us and we would get fired, but I ended up meeting with him in the meat department's cooler anyways and we had sex on a table. He was nice and gentle and amazing, it was great and then another coworker caught us, but didn't really care and I then woke up. This vision of flirting and having sex at work seems to allude to having a promiscuous nature. Your enjoyment of dancing the line between relationships and flings may be fun, but it could also make taking care of the more important aspects of your life, like your job, more difficult. Having sex at work specifically indicates that you are too open to others about your feelings, thoughts and current relationships, whether you are completely honest or not. It can also refer to craving attention to yourself while finding ways to be the center of everyone's focus. If you do not find a way to channel your emotions and tendencies in a more modest and productive way, you may find yourself in hot water in the future.
Being intimidated by the boss at work I was at work as a server and it was really busy. I was moving very quickly so my boss pulled me to the side and started yelling at me. I ended up screaming at him and walking out of the restaurant. After, he was hunting me down and didn't want me to get away. A dream about serving food to other people has positive connotations. It could be a prelude to great news which awaits you. All your current endeavors would turn out to be successful and you would come out triumphant. Similarly, being reprimanded by your boss, despite the negative imagery in the waking world, represents your outstanding skills to cope with or overcome any challenges which you tend to think of as real-life tests of your agility, perseverance and ability to succeed no matter what.
Finding out about being laid off at work I came to work and were told I was moved to another department or agency and I was not told all my stuff was packed up and I was upset. I left, then came back to find out why they moved me and no one would talk to me and they called security. Then I took off. Dreaming that you have been transferred to another department or company without your prior knowledge likely reflects the type of alienation you feel in your workplace. Perhaps you feel underappreciated despite all the effort you put into your job. Not being aware that your stuff has been packed alludes to possible insecurities on your part. It is likely that your frustrations are associated with you questioning your contributions at work. Maybe you do not feel fulfilled or accomplished and believe you can do much more.
Lying on the floor with a coworker Hello! I am a female and I dreamt that a coworker that I have feelings for was laying on the floor with me and he was just looking at me like he was staring into my soul and his finger tips brushed mine and at that moment I wake up. Dreaming of the object of your affection reveals your growing feelings for him in wake life. The eye contact and brief skin contact through your fingertips is likely your subconscious urging you to act on your feelings and get to know him better in reality. After all, the floor represents the foundation of whatever type of relationship you have at the moment. In order for this relationship to progress, you may need to exert some extra effort to strengthen your current connection.
A workmate wearing a green dress I saw my workmate wearing a green dress and I had a huge amount of money on me and I was going to buy her a green wrist watch. The green color of the dress in your dream could be interpreted as an auspicious sign associated with contentment. The huge amount of money you had also tells of a very beneficial situation that you are about to experience at your workplace. The green wrist watch is symbolic of the fact that it is almost time for something important or long-anticipated to happen. Every job involves certain goals and everyone at work is supposed to work towards achieving them. This dream vision predicts positive results which you have been working tirelessly towards allowing you and your workmates to reap the benefits of your collective efforts.
Confronting a co-worker I talked to a guy at work and told him his lack of commitment isn't working. I told him I was done with it. I am sitting in my want him to be boyfriend's dead mom's (whom I never met) kitchen. He walks out of the room. She touches my arm and says help. Last time I told him I was done, I had the same dream except she didn't touch me. You could be questioning where your relationship is going, hence this scenario manifested in your dream. The recurring appearance of the guy's deceased mother perhaps happens because you are seeking some guidance before making important decisions. She may be a representation of wisdom and experience. Whenever you are emotional and prone to making irrational decisions, her presence serves to calm you down and help you channel your pragmatic side so you can make a more informed decision.
Someone looking for papers Important papers locked in a desk, someone was after the papers. They were looking for the papers and were really mad they could not find them. Papers tend to represent memories or events that stand out in our life. Therefore, the important papers allude to some parts of your past that have had a major impact on your current situation or personality. The notion that they were locked away may mean you are not fully aware of their significance. Furthermore, the idea that someone was trying to get to the papers could also mean there is a certain individual who wants to influence your life in a negative way, superseding what you learned from your past experiences.
Being fired from a toy store After moving to Canada I had been hired in a toy store. In the back of the store there's a room where people make toys. I was carefully making a helicopter when my manager comes in and tells me that I'm fired. I got fired on the first day. I replied "I guess this job is not for me", then I leave the room. I entered the toy store where I can see my best friend outside the window. He looks at me sadly as if he knew I got fired. I ran outside the store crying then when I came out, he wasn't there. Moving to another country to work in a toy store may reveal the growing distance between you and your childhood. While this can be purely related to age and maturity, it can also reveal a decline in optimism or a lack of joy in living. You may be disillusioned with the world and how society functions. Being fired could mean that these feelings are hindering your progress in certain areas of your life, particularly relationships. Crying at the end of the vision predicts being on the receiving end of bad news or fighting with someone you care about. Unless you can move past your dark emotions, you may find it difficult to connect deeply with those you wish to befriend.
An interrupted phone call from the boss When I was calling my boss, the phone call interrupted. Trying to reach someone by phone and being unsuccessful in doing so could mean you are having strong feelings of self-deprecation or an attitude which may indicate a high degree of unnecessary criticism directed at yourself. You could be under the impression that your life is miserable, when actually you do not have that much to complain about and there is nothing wrong with you to make you feel anxious or excessively negative about the way you act.
Being re-hired after court litigation I'm a female whose contract ended about 18 months ago and subsequently I decided to challenge the company on their unfair dismissal. I have won two of my cases so far and the company has appealed the second case where it will come up at the Labor Court in May. However, I dreamt this morning that my manager has put my name down for a job in the same department that I worked in as he was NOT the person who let me go, but his Director who used me as collateral damage for her dislike in him. This dream vision could be a projection of your current concerns over the unfinished court case. You could be feeling like this process will never end, that you may have gotten too involved and that even when you do win these people would still have the power to drag this court case forever. You dream that the people you are suing still have power over you, even though this may no longer be the case, because you could be feeling your life is at a standstill, that until everything is decided you would not be capable of moving on to other projects and personal goals.
A crush during a job interview I dreamt that I was in a job interview. What was odd is that the person I currently have feelings for was also in attendance. The interviewer asked me a rude question at some point, so I stormed off. My crush came after me to try and convince me to go back, saying I had been the preferred candidate up until that point, but when I did I was told I would not be able to cope with the pressures of such a job. My crush suddenly became indifferent about me not getting the job. Why was he prominent in it? Seeing someone you know in real life in your dream is normally a sign of having had a recent interaction with this person or thinking about them often, which is clear given your existing feelings for him. His prominence in this vision may be related both to your affection for him and the location of the job interview. The interview can be interpreted in two parts. The idea of an interview by itself may refer to your ability to interact or network with others. However, the fact that this was for a job may mean you find such interactions tedious or stressful, especially given your sudden desire to leave. This difficulty you have in social settings may be part of the reason you are having trouble developing the relationship further.
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