A city during snow I saw beautiful Hunza city which I have already seen recently for the first time, but in dreams I see Hunza city covered with little snow and light snow falling with a mild cold which is not irritating. I can recall in my dream that I have already visited this place, then I called my friend's name and ask her to come so that I can show her the beauty and then I started taking pictures of the scenery by doing some camera setting in my phone. The presence of snow in dreams generally means some of your loved ones will experience challenges and hardships in reality. Your dilemma would be whether you are going to extend a helping hand, and get entangled in their affairs in the process, or turn a blind eye to their plight and be accused of being callous. Meanwhile, taking pictures with your camera is an indication of nostalgia. You could decide to give your opinion by giving advice to your struggling loved ones. These pieces of advice will come from your own past struggles and experiences.
Ice balls through the kitchen door I dreamt that 2 white balls of ice made round holes coming through a glass door into my kitchen. I felt curiosity about why and where the ice came from but no fear or other strong emotion. The glass door that leads to the kitchen in the dream world represents your own reserved nature. Considering your lack of strong emotion in this vision, it points toward a tendency to think before you act and generally not get too worked up over troubles or difficulties facing you in reality. This is opposed, however, by the image of the two ice balls. Ice balls may refer to some aspect of your relationship with someone close to you taking a turn for the worst. If you have been disagreeing with someone in wake life, things may soon come to a head in a less than discreet manner. The number two also plays a significant role here, as it indicates some rumors may form that will affect your self-confidence. You would need to work hard to maintain your composure and keep yourself calm in the face of these conflicts.
Lifted up in the air by a tornado In my dream I see 3 tornadoes about to form, but I turn and run from them. Later I come upon a house. I hear the storm is getting closer and I take shelter in a closet. While in the closet I hear and feel the wind lifting the house off of its foundation. I open my eyes and the home is in the air. As I look down I can see cars and lights. I notice I am very high up. I began to pray and ask God for forgiveness. I start drifting to earth gently. I wave to the ambulance personnel to see me. Being lifted or swept away by a tornado alludes to an intense, passionate romantic affair. You will feel out-of-depth and not in control, overcome by your strong emotions. Hiding inside a closet symbolizes your fears and efforts to deny your feelings. However, you cannot hide from this. Eventually you would have to give in. Finally, asking God for forgiveness signifies internal conflict. Your guilt and shame will tame your feelings, though they will not go away. It is up to you whether you accept it and experience bliss or live your life trying to control your urges.
A crush saving someone during a snowstorm I had a dream about someone I really like (crush) risking their life to save someone in danger. The danger was that people were 99% sure a little boy was stuck in a snow storm. If he was there you could try to save him and yourself but it would be hard, but if he wasn’t there then you would die. In the dream I cried as I watched my crush walk into the storm to save the person. I thought he would die. When I woke up I was crying. The snow storm refers to your personal distress and depression. This is stopping you from making a meaningful connection with your crush in reality. The imagery of him walking into a snow storm depicts your own fears about revealing your vulnerabilities to him. You are afraid that opening yourself up to him or welcoming him into your life will result in rejection. He could be overwhelmed and unprepared for your issues. Fortunately, the little boy he goes on to save symbolizes your innocence and hope. Instead of focusing on your fears, the challenge for you is to be optimistic about how things would progress. This hopeful perspective will allow you to hold on to positive aspects of yourself instead of projecting your insecurities on to others.
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