Talking about snow and rain with father I dreamed that I was walking in snow and I leaned over to touch it, after I reached for my phone in my coat pocket (the coat was a sky-blue color). I was talking to my father, I told him we had 6 inches of snow then commented on him getting 2 inches of rain. We were both very happy. Actually, the joy that I felt in this dream is indescribable. Touching the snow in a dream alludes to your tendency to cut yourself off or become detached whenever there is a sign of conflict. Similarly, the coat is a metaphor of the wall you build around yourself for self-preservation. The comparison between the snow on your end and the rain at your father's side may have something to do with your realization that you are stronger being together with your family rather than when you distance yourself from them for whatever reason. These dream images are making you realize the value and closeness of your family, even though they may be eliciting contradictory feelings of joy and sadness at the same time.
Unable to close the window during a blizzard I dreamt I was watching a case of colored mason jars break in a blizzard through a window I was trying to close. The window was hard to close because of all the snow building up on it. The blizzard in your dream alludes to a lack of love and warmth in your current existence. You may be feeling lonely and neglected by friends and family. In that sense, the cold and punishing weather mirror your emotional state. Furthermore, a jar is a metaphor for motherhood and is often associated with the womb. Hence, the colored mason jars may represent the fragility of familial relations. Perhaps you feel as if your family is breaking apart recently. Maybe some of them have moved away or you are spending less quality time with each other, hence you feel the need to reconnect and strengthen the bond.
Crawling up the stairs when it snows Crawling up the stairs in the snow. Making your way up the stairs in your dream illustrates your slow yet steady progress towards your goals. Despite the odds against you, you choose to persevere, hence this vision reveals the enormous willpower and motivation you possess. Furthermore, snow in dreams usually represents feelings of isolation. Perhaps you feel like no one is supporting your goals and aspirations to succeed. When you are left alone, overlooked or misunderstood, you have to rely on your own skills and resilience to trudge the path you chose for yourself.
Trying to run away from a tornado I was trying to run away from a tornado but the wind just slowed me down. It was like I was running in place but very slowly. Dreaming about trying to escape from a tornado and envisioning its powerful impact on you could mean that you would be able to counteract or eliminate people who may be presently standing in your way or hampering your efforts in achieving something important. However, the notion of being slowed down could also mean that this process could take longer than you initially expected or your actions could trigger some tensions or conflicts before you eventually succeed.
Girlfriend unaffected by storm My girlfriend was standing alone in the middle of a rain storm, then all of a sudden, where she was standing was perfectly dry and she was smiling the whole time. When you witness someone being caught in a storm, it could be a metaphor for the inner struggles and suffering this person could be going through at the moment. You could be the only one capable of noticing it and so you are the one they are looking to for support and help during this rough time. Seeing your girlfriend smiling at the end of the dream means she is expecting to receive your help or advice to be completely satisfied and happy.
Lost in the rain with a twin sister Me and my twin sister. We are females. Were in the rain and different forms of rain would come toward us and we would go through each one and the last one ended in complete darkness. We were looking for each other and when we got our hands together I woke. Rain in dreams typically refers to problems as well as bouts of depression. The latter can be the direct result of going through a rough period. As such, seeing different forms of rain with your twin means that both of you could experience a lot of challenges ahead. Fortunately, working together and having each other's back would allow you to overcome these difficult times. Meanwhile, the darkness at the end means you may be entering an uncharted territory. Perhaps the two of you could become separated, whether geographically or with diverging beliefs. Your bond and closeness could be challenged as you enter a new chapter in your lives. Hence, you would have to rely on each other's love to see you through this period of uncertainty.
Eating hail It's hailing in the courtyard of my mother's father's house. I am with them looking at it. We are happy to see it. Hails are big and small. I took a piece and eat it. It was not like hail. That piece was like ordinary ice. Seeing hail falling from the sky in a dream vision portends difficult times ahead. You and your loved ones could experience a rough patch sometime soon. Disagreements and opposing ideals could create conflict among yourselves. On your part, you may choose to distance yourself from the others or become emotionally unavailable for your self-preservation. In addition, eating hail may be an allusion to becoming emotionally cold and aloof. Perhaps building a wall in order to avoid getting hurt is not the best thing to do during sensitive situations. Your subconscious could be telling you to reflect on your coping mechanisms and try to find more suitable as well as healthier ways to deal with family concerns and conflict in general.
A tornado hitting a gas station Hello! I had a dream I was at a gas station and someone I have been trying to do business with for a long time saw me there and told me they wanted me to follow them and come by their store. Before I was able to get into the car, a major tornado started to come. So I grabbed my small puppies and was putting them in the car. My grandmother was outside to but before I could get her in the car, the tornado came, so I jumped in the car. Having a dream wherein you interact with a business partner is neither a positive nor a negative sign, although it is often interpreted as a warning, which means you should be careful with items that hold great value to those around you who may have given them to you for safekeeping or to use for some other reason, either materially or sentimentally. Your dream suggests that this item or objects could become lost or misplaced by you if not watched over diligently. The images of a destructive tornado reflect your future if you give too much of an importance to matters distracting you from following this advice, and as the image of your grandmother being present in the same dream implies, you should rely on wisdom and mature way of thinking to be prepared if anything you do not want to happen does take place.
Trying to get to husband in bad weather My dream was about serve weather going on and me trying to make it to my husband, but I couldn't cause of the weather and he was in need of my help. Stormy or severe weather patterns in dreams allude to difficulties and obstacles in your professional and personal life. You may have too much on your plate right now that you could end up neglecting some of your duties at home. In particular, trying to help your husband but being slowed down by the bad weather means you are no longer in control of your responsibilities. You may need to delegate some of your work to others and learn which ones to prioritize for you and your family's sake.
A colorful lightning striking someone I dreamt that there were 4 lightning bolts at same time, red, blue, green, last one maybe orange were coming from the night dark sky to a head of an unknown person near me. And I woke up and thought "Wow, very colorful lightning!". Seeing lightning bolts striking someone near you may be a reminder that others could be facing battles that are not completely apparent to you. Friends and family may put on a brave front, but they are possibly dealing with financial troubles, relationship concerns or work-related stress. For a relative, companion or friendly face, the colorful pattern of bolts should be considered both a reminder and a warning. On one hand, you should be thankful that these issues are being highlighted by the bolts so you have a chance to show gratitude and appreciation to others. On the other hand, however, if you have some knowledge of the difficulties those you care about may be experiencing, you should remember to lend a helping hand where you can. After all, learning from the mistakes of others and trying not to go down the same path would not go amiss.
Different kinds of clouds while walking I am a girl, in my dream I was walking with my father on the road near our neighbor's house. Then we saw heavy clouds threatening to rain. My father said "Let us go and hide inside that house before it starts raining", but before reaching the house, an ice-looking cloud came fast and covered the house. Me and my father ran to the nearby thick shrub to hide from the rain. My father picked a white cloud and covered his head and shoulders. But the heavy clouds disappeared without raining. We felt relieved and happy. Heavy and dark clouds usually foreshadow a series of failures and disappointments in reality. You and your father could experience some financial difficulty and this would pose a lot of issues in terms of fulfilling your day-to-day needs. Your father could lose his job or the company he works for could go bankrupt or incur a big debt. The cloud that covered your neighbor's house refers to your safety net which may not help you out during your time of need. Certain friends, loved ones or lending companies may not be able to extend some financial aid to help you get through this tough time. Fortunately, since the heavy cloud did not lead to a downpour, you would not fully fall into poverty. The white cloud your father uses for cover points to odd jobs and other streams of income he would pursue just to make ends meet. At the end of it, your relationship would be stronger because of the shared struggle.
Watching tornadoes from the shore I was standing on the beach in the sand. I would say it was afternoon but the sky was dark blue with gray clouds. The water was very choppy. Looked like if I was out to sea and had 30ft foot waves around. I saw no waves crashing on sand. There was 3 very wide tornadoes in the ocean. They weren't water spouts. Very wide and dusty-like tornadoes. I was unable to move but I wasn't scared nor did I want to move. I just kept watching them. Two didn't not move, the middle one got bigger as it came to me. Your dream vision illustrates your detachment from your surroundings or even apathy about what is happening in your reality and the people around you. Specifically, the sandy beach means you are currently in a safe place and in a bubble of security which is why you cannot relate to the plight of others. However, negative things and developments are going to inadvertently affect you and your loved ones, so you need to take action. The gray clouds represent failure as well as a period of emotional roller coaster as a result of some negative turn of events. Similarly, the waves suggest financial losses and hardships. The lack of fear in this dream signifies complacency because you think you are immune to economic downturns or sociopolitical problems, however the tornado that grew bigger and was approaching you is your subconscious telling you to start caring and become proactive because you would find yourself at risk if you do not start taking the necessary precautions.
Twins walking through a snowy field My mother told me the other day that she had dreamt of me and my identical twin brother. We are both 47 years old. She told me that we were walking or marching through a field of snow. Walking on snow signifies blessings and hope. So your mother's dream of seeing you and your twin walking in a field of snow is good news for both of you. Positive developments would happen to projects, plans and undertakings both of you are currently prioritizing. Whatever would bring you happiness, the coming period would be lucky and favorable to you, whether it has to do with business or embarking on the adventure of a lifetime.
Bad weather and several moons I am a female. I had this dream on April the 13th. My dream started off with a lot of rain and lights flickering and hail falling rapidly from the sky and then I went outside and I looked up to the sky and saw 5 full moons, 3 in a row and 2 at the bottom, and then I hear someone say "They are coming". That's where my dream ended. Dreaming of experiencing heavy rain accompanied by hail denotes frustration, periods of boredom as well as dissatisfaction about the current state of your life. For wealthy people, this can indicate big, financial losses, while less fortunate individuals can expect success and additional income from this dream symbol. Meanwhile, the full moon is a fairly auspicious sign often associated with strong and dependable relationships, especially with the people with whom you have gone through a period of growth. As such, 5 moons stand for your closest friends and loved ones who would help you navigate the difficult time or period you are about to enter.
Time travels and tornadoes Time traveling between present day and colonial times, my mother appeared in present day and asked me about my grandma. I tried explaining to her that I can't remember because I'd been traveling in time. Then a tornado comes my way, my kids and boyfriend take cover. It passes us but turns around and comes back. We start running, I'm carrying a baby and holding the hand of another kid. A black panther runs up the sidewalk and a lion follows. Another tornado comes. Envisioning yourself traveling in time signifies unhappiness and dissatisfaction with your present situation. Even though you work so hard to improve your way of life and focus on the brighter side, bad things always seem to happen and it seems like you have fallen on some bad luck. Likewise, seeing or witnessing a tornado refers to failure and disappointment as projects and other endeavors unfortunately would not yield satisfactory results. You can only control things up to a point, but your upcoming plans are destined to fail because of unfavorable circumstances and uncooperative stakeholders. These series of unfortunate results would test your limits, both in terms of resilience and your optimism. The black panther as well as the lion represent powerful and influential personalities or forces that have significant effects on your life and these are outside your control. This whole ordeal would make you look at the bigger picture and true reasons for your misfortune. This way you can begin to take control of your narrative and find its meaning instead of wallowing in despair.
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