Being followed by a dead person on a boat I'm a girl. I was in a houseboat with multiple decks with my family. When I was having a look throughout the boat, I entered one open store room, like an area on the upper deck and saw a guy lying on his stomach. When I turned him, I saw he was dead, but suddenly he opened his eyes. I covered him and came downstairs. After that, his soul kept following me saying he will make me talk with him as I didn't help him (wrote on a mirror). Later on he confesses, he loves me and shows his face in the mirror. Dreaming about finding yourself on a boat along with your family could mean a brighter future ahead and favorable news coming your way, perhaps even some major changes for the better. However, dreaming about talking or interacting with a dead person could mean someone close to you, such as a family member or a friend, wants to reach out in order to overcome some of the hardships he or she may be facing at the moment. Similarly, the image of a strange person communicating to you through a mirror is associated with someone trying to establish a contact with you which, when initiated, could be very important to your and their well-being.
Falling down the stairs and rising back as an angel Female. Recurring, once in a while, rare dream I had all of my childhood. I walk down the stairs, then I fall to the bottom of the stairs. However, I rise back up, like an angel and then proceed to walk down the stairs as normal. When you dream about yourself tumbling down the stairs, it could be a negative sign, a metaphor of yourself moving downwards and distancing yourself from your main objectives. The imagery of falling down could also mean there is an envious person who wants you to fail at everything you do. However, since by the end of the dream you managed to come back up as angel, it is an indication that you are resilient enough to endure these possible attacks, but should be cautious about how you utilize your strong sides while protecting your weak spots.
An angel passing through fire In my dream I was outside by a fire and an angel passed through the flames and came right at me, no words were spoken. When you dream about seeing an angel, it could mean you are about to go through some events that will astonish you and touch the core of your existence, such as some drastic change or transformation which could be beneficial because of new opportunities it could bring along. Also, witnessing a fire that is harmless could also be a symbol of abundance and a lifestyle characterized by prosperity and wealth. Perhaps these are the outcomes of what the drastic change would bring about.
Friendly ghosts in the bedroom I am a male, age 54, I dreamt that I was lying in bed and saw a ghost on my right hand side on my bedroom wall and then another one walking on my right, walking past and next to my bed. They both seemed to be friendly. Envisioning the presence of a friendly ghost in the realm of dreams could indicate you are about to experience a boost to your good luck. This means that your current endeavors and projects would be completed on time and with great success. Plans or even random events are likely to go in your favor as well. Two ghosts may reveal that there are two specific areas of your life which would benefit from this period of time.
A demon that kills loved ones Female. I lose someone I care about and spend what feels like a long time finding them and it's frustrating and a lot of times I find them again but they are not the same person anymore and they either want nothing to do with me or avoid me. Once (this is a reoccurring dream, just different settings and sometimes people) I found them and a demon or something dark spoke through them and taunted me, then killed the person I cared about. Trying to find a loved one in a dream means that there is a growing gap between you and this person. Perhaps you risk losing this loved one or your dynamic becomes irreparably changed due to a rift or conflict. It can also signify insecurity whenever you feel rejected or inadequate in the dream. Your abandonment issues may be resurfacing because of changes in their behavior you have recently observed. Alternatively, the demon that killed your loved one in the dream probably refers to your weaknesses and personal issues. The demon may be your short temper, insecurities or any negative emotion you may be holding inside of you. Maybe you need to confront your own demons in order to avoid alienating your loved ones.
Demons splitting body in half I dreamt there was a crash and I seen the corpses, as I ran down for help there was an old graveyard, I must have walked on the wrong stones because I came to well-dressed demons with red eyes that wouldn't let me leave, then tried to get me into an old stone building, they split me in two and forced one half in that I couldn't get to again if I went in after I was gone. They were very forceful, they told me they are coming for the other half and there's nothing I can do to stop it, I woke up. Dreaming about being chased and intimidated by demons could mean that you are facing lingering psychological or emotional issues, particularly if you are in a relationship with someone. You could be having problems with your spouse or any other loved one, which may have led you to acquire destructive habits. Demons are often a manifestation of multiplying issues or self-doubt, anger and other harmful emotions and those negative feelings are often the reason why our bond with other people becomes strained and eventually breaks. The vision you had of being divided in half could symbolize your worries of struggling with such negative emotions and being unable to handle your relationships properly. Perhaps you should muster enough courage to face your inner demons and improve your relationships with others so you are not perturbed by demonic forces in your dreams.
A dark figure setting things on fire Poltergeist activity in my home. I was scared, then this huge figure appeared and started setting fire to all my precious belongings, he was laughing and taunting me. I assumed it was the Devil, the dream was very traumatic and has really shaken me. Your dream could point to the presence of someone close to you who may be plotting to lead you astray in your current situation, possibly alluring you with the idea of an alternative lifestyle you may be aspiring to, but who could actually destroy the relationships you have with the people you love or ruin you financially. You should be aware of the people you are surrounding yourself with and be suspicious of any lofty promises of happiness from someone you cannot trust completely.
Future being revealed while in space I had a dream about standing in line whilst the people in said line were chained whilst I was not chained. The line started moving as guards keep telling us not to tell the person or thing that we were meeting their plans. This whole ordeal happened in space. The person or thing we were supposed to meet would supposedly foretell the future of each of us. I have seen one woman confess her plans and the said person or thing got upset and started killing the guards and whomever was in control of us. Standing or waiting in line with a group of people in a dream is usually associated with patience and timing. Seeing that the others in the same line are chained could reveal your proactive and assertive personality. Perhaps you think that your friends and colleagues in the real world are too shackled by their limitations and worldly preoccupations that they are not advancing or improving as quickly as they should. Alternatively, you may think they are not realizing their full potential because they are endlessly comparing themselves to others and mindlessly following what others are doing. You, on the other hand, are free to leave the line which means you can explore other opportunities and find new work which would challenge you. However, just like everybody else you may be anxious and fearful about your future, as indicated by the entities foretelling your fate. And because guards are symbols of wisdom and self-discipline in dreams, their death could represent irrationality. In a sense, succumbing to your fears or letting your apprehensions about the future take over could cloud you judgment and keep you from grabbing opportunities as they come.
Freeing a spirit that turns into a butterfly I freed a a spirit that was scary, but all she wanted was to be free, and when I freed her she turned into a big butterfly. Spirits usually refer to the dreamer's awareness of mortality and fear of death. Since the spirit was perceived to be scary or malicious, freeing a spirit could be an indication of your desire to purge yourself of your bad habits and negative thoughts. In doing so, you envision it turning into a butterfly which symbolizes happiness and transformation. Perhaps you think that changing who you are inside would reflect in your outward appearance. On the other hand, the scary nature of the spirit may be a misconception as you described. You may feel misunderstood in reality because you are afraid of expressing yourself and being true to who you are. In that sense, the act of freeing it could be an allusion to being honest and embracing your true self. Being free to show who you are would then allow everyone to see your true colors and consequently embrace you for your courage and integrity.
Surrounded by demons I am a 19 year old female. I was in an underground place with a reddish illumination. It looked to be demons or some demonic creatures gathered together. Looking to be fighting or eating at something. Then they turned to me and it felt like I was forced out if my dream. Dreaming that you are underground means you have entered your own subconscious. Consequently, the gathering of demons which you saw in the vision are your own personal demons that are unknown to you or issues that have been repressed because you are not willing to confront them. This is also why it felt like you were forced out of your own dream. You do not want to accept or acknowledge these aspects of your personality, so you would rather turn a blind eye on them. However, because of the fact that you dreamt of this scenario, it means you are almost ready to look within yourself. A pivotal event would make you unravel and make these repressed issues rise to the surface. This could either help you heal or bring out your bad side.
Boyfriend becoming a zombie I had a boyfriend who was nice, and he loved to spend time with me. He wore green a lot. He was willing to go and die for me. We were in a zombie apocalypse, and he raced out ahead of me to fight even though I was going to help him. He ended up becoming a zombie himself, and wanted to try and kill me, but a part of him couldn't. I went inside a house for nine years hiding from him, but I missed him so much. I thought about him every day. He was still a zombie trying to come inside. In this vision, your boyfriend seems to represent all that is happy and good in your life. For example, the presence of a lover or significant other by itself usually represents love in a general sense, while the green clothing he wore could be symbolic of other sources of happiness in your life, such as a fulfilling job, a supportive family or an interesting hobby. When your boyfriend turns into a zombie while fighting to save you, however, it suggests you have a tendency to overindulge. For example, perhaps you spend too much time playing rather than working, or maybe you spend more time hanging out with your friends than working on your familial relationships. Whatever the case, this lack of discipline may haunt you in the future. You could lose out on important opportunities or destroy a relationship because you did not recognize its importance. This vision is warning you to think carefully about what truly matters to you and not to over do it, especially when it comes to things that are not important for your future.
Being reached by light from a man I saw a dream in Haridwar where a light came from a man and a snake came in between and the light reached me and the dream finished? The light emanating from a man represents enlightenment and wisdom. This man represents a spiritual adviser, mentor or even a holy being whom you trust for guidance. Meanwhile, the snake represents a malicious being or a negative influence who is trying to get between you and your beliefs. This individual would try to derail your path and tempt you into committing sinful acts and disgraceful behavior. Fortunately, your will and personal values would win. You would get yourself back on track, living a life you can be proud of.
A black figure with an evil smile My cousins and I were finding our way out of a building and as we were running I saw a black figure with wings go by really quickly and as I was going to wake up I saw her face and she smiled but it was a creepy smile. Trying to leave or escape a building refers to your rebellious nature. Authority figures in your life are trying to steer you into specific paths which they think would result in a better future for you and your cousins. However, you have other ideas and plans for yourself. So in this scenario, you are trying to stand up to your elders and other individuals who are advising you to pick a certain course, job or opportunity instead of following your passions. Similarly, the winged creature or female in the vision is the one you are most afraid of. In reality this is someone you look up to and possibly hold in high esteem. She could be the reason why you cannot fully decide to go your own way because you are afraid of disappointing her.
A baby stolen by a ghost I am a 36 year old female, a mother of two. I had three dreams now that my baby is being stolen from me, the weirdest one a few nights ago was that a ghost or spirit took him, he was swaddled up in a blanket, literally floating away from me. I was trying to grab him back down I couldn't see the ghost or spirit. Dreaming that your baby has been snatched, stolen or taken away from you reveals your anxieties about keeping your child safe and secure, especially if there are threats in your surroundings. Your maternal instinct is trying to strengthen your defenses to keep your children out of the harm's way. In particular, the ghost or spirit that took your baby provides a specific clue about your source of anxiety regarding their safety. The spirit symbolizes the unknown, so it is possible that the quickly changing world, brought about by the advancements in technology, is making you feel afraid about the kind of future your children would live in and whether or not you are capable of shielding them from the harsh realities of life.
Someone's spirit enterting a goat I'm a 21-year old female and I dreamt about someone's spirit that had entered a goat and the goat could change from being huge to a small one, it had blocked me and grandma's way and told us we were to pass only if we repeated what it told us, so it was saying things while we were repeating the stuff and fleeing. It followed us and at last caught up with grandma and I'm not sure if it killed her because I only recall me saying it's the spirit of Njenga, then woke up scared. Goats are symbolic of bad behavior in reality, so envisioning a goat that could transform itself by growing bigger and smaller may mean you tend to rub people the wrong way. It is possible that this only refers to those outside of your family, meaning what you find appropriate to do around your family members and close friends could be considered rude or too familiar by those outside of those circles. The repetition you had to speak and the idea that the goat followed you and your grandmother suggests you are starting to realize these issues are holding you back from advancing in certain areas in your life. Perhaps you even see a parallel between your life and hers. They say that those who do not know their past are doomed to repeat it, and this may very well be the case with you. It might be time to embrace the family history and find out how you can improve your life based on what you learn.
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