Being chased by demons My husband was driving us to my mom's house one night. He noticed a demon-type creature on the side of the road that I couldn't see, then it popped into existence, along with a swarm of others. I knew we'd be safe after getting to my mom's, so I tried calling her to make sure the door was unlocked. Each time I dialed her number, it changed to the wrong number. We got to my mom's and the door was locked, causing us to panic. I woke up as the creatures were swarming around us. Female. Being pursued or chased by a swarm of demons in the dream world suggests lingering psychological and emotional issues. There may be some brewing issues or problems in your marriage due to disagreements or personal issues coming from either or both of you. Demons in dreams typically symbolize self-doubt, anger and other negative emotions as well as destructive habits you may have harbored over the years. Your bond could be tested by your personal demons. Meanwhile, your mother's locked house likely reflects feelings of rejection and insecurities. Perhaps you feel like your relatives are not as supportive about your marriage and that you have to navigate marital issues on your own.
Sexual assault by an unknown entity In my dream I arrive home (it's not my home as I know it though in reality) with my husband, he stood at the other end of the room, a non-entity (we can't see anything) takes my coat off, lifts my top and bra and bites my breast. I'm screaming, unable to move and my husband can't get to me. I struggled to wake from this dream. Dreaming that there is an intruder in your home suggests instability in your relationship with your husband or between you and someone close to you. Something may have changed in your dynamics or you have observed changes in their behavior that is causing friction between the two of you. In addition, this conflict may be wearing you down or causing you to drop your guard. Perhaps there is something wanted from you that you cannot provide. Specifically, the bite to your breast may be an allusion to dependency and motherhood. Maybe your husband wants to have a baby but you are not ready for this kind of responsibility. Alternatively, the entity may refer to someone in your social circle who is becoming too clingy or a little too privy to your personal affairs.
A house haunted by a girl A young girl is haunting a house. She is not a threat to me but haunting my friend. She will pull me and my friends into a family portrait. There is also sometimes a war going on in the house but only I can see it. Or there was a swarm of bees near her. The young girl haunting your friend in the dream means your friend could be hiding something from you. This secret may be connected to a past mistake or problems from before which are starting to manifest in the present. There could also be some guilt or shame involved. Additionally, the swarm of bees near the girl alludes to work and restlessness. As such, this issue or burden your friend is carrying could be connected to a former job or a past occupation. You could soon be contacted by this company or pursued by your friend's former employers.
A house with evil inside luring people in My dream was about moving into a house that was evil that hypnotized everyone who walked inside it into not leaving. There were evil forces in the house and you could feel them but you didn't want to leave once you were inside. I also couldn't scream once I was inside. I never saw anything evil but I was terrified of whatever evil was there. A dream wherein you can sense an evil presence is actually a manifestation of what might be going around in your wake life. Evil is often associated with emotions of repression. Perhaps you are facing a difficult problem which seems to be causing feelings of anger and hurt within you. The notion of the evil capturing everyone inside refers to your own negativity which engulfs those around you. The inability to scream out loud further points towards the suppression which you are experiencing. It would be better to confide to your loved ones in order to avoid feeling oppressed.
A demon from a dark cloud My dream was me waking up under spiritual attack. Had a dark cloud around me and my voice sounded demonic. In my dream I started shouting for the demon to go away and started to yell "Jesus" until I woke. The dark cloud that surrounds you in this vision represents little doubts about your religion that eat at the back of your mind. This is likely the work of the demon in this vision, a minion of Satan. It is possible that your doubts are beginning to get in the way of more fundamental beliefs. Calling out to Jesus, in the context of this vision, suggests you are aware of what is happening and desire to find a way to have unconditional trust once more. The journey back to this spiritual place, however, would require much study and self-reflection.
A family member turning into someone My family member was changing to a different being. Was scared of something, I would go and try to calm that person down but had to clear cobwebs out of the way to get to the person. Dreaming that someone you know is becoming someone else in the dream world is a reflection of the changes you see taking place in this individual's life in reality. These could be good changes, like getting over an addiction, or negative changes, like alienating others or behaving poorly. In either case, clearing cobwebs to get to this person shows your desire and ability to help this person, suggesting you have some gift that complements their traits.
Unable to move because of a strange hand I was in bed, sitting right next to my friend talking to her and I felt a cold hand go onto my side and sharp nails dug into my side and I could not move any part of my body besides my left hand. So with my left hand I started slowly pointing to her that my left hand could barely move. I could not talk or move any other part of my body. I could not see whose hand it was. It lasted about 5 minutes of pain and I finally woke up and found out I was actually poking my friend in my sleep. Dreaming of being paralyzed or unable to move usually represents feelings of helplessness or a sense of futility in your waking life. Perhaps you have not been having the best time as of late and you are starting to think that there is little you can do to fix it. Alternatively, your inability to move in this dream scenario suggests that while your were dreaming, your mind could still be aware of the surroundings and your immobile body while in a sleep mode. Sometimes straddling in this state of being half-asleep can cause panic and anxiety, hence dreamers try to wake themselves up before it turns into a nightmare.
Being attacked by own self I fell asleep in my recliner. In my dream I was in my recliner, wearing the same clothes. Everything looked exactly like it did in reality. Suddenly, I was being attacked by an evil being. I knew she wasn't human because she hovered over me. But, she was the mirror image of me! She was even wearing the same exact clothes. Terrifying! Seeing the mirror image of yourself in a dream vision often reflects some stressful situation you are facing in reality. For example, this could be related to your personal life, meaning you may be having trouble with family members or distant relations. On the other hand, this symbol may represent bringing problems from your work or community home with you, suggesting that you cannot escape the pressure even in your personal space. The evil presence you felt from the mirror image could indicate that the stress and darkness within you is eating up or changing who you are now. You may even fear that the changes would be irreversible. However, until you face the issues and solve the problems, you are unlikely to have peace of mind.
Sister's soul I saw my sister is dead, but her soul is still living. She is moving into another house. I am worried and crying. Sometimes my mum and my sister are decorating her new house as her soul will disappear soon... The presence of your sister's soul in this dream is a symbol that suggests you would have much hardship and heartache in waking life. Your enemies or people who dislike you could start gossiping behind your back, and your friends would either be unwilling or unable to help you. Your worries and tears within the dream represent much the same in reality, indicating that your emotions during this period would be overwhelmingly negative. The decorating you envisioned may point toward a need to prepare yourself for the upcoming challenges.
Saving a tiger cub from demons Saving a tiger cub while demons are attacking. The tiger cub in your dream represents youth and all the meanings associated with it, including being carefree and innocent. The demons, on the other hand, are the threats all around you, usually negative emotions threatening to transform you into a cynical and pessimistic version of yourself. Perhaps despite all the disheartening things taking place in your community and all around the world, you are still trying to preserve your sense of wonder and zest for life.
Being a vampire and fighting a werewolf My dream was about I'm a vampire and I'm fighting a werewolf. The werewolf is my crush. Being or becoming a vampire in the dream world often represents some careless action in reality. You may have failed to prepare for something properly or turned in work that was rattled with errors and inaccuracies. The result of your actions can be seen in the image of the werewolf, a symbol commonly associated with bad tidings. You may be disappointed by the outcome of some task or not be properly rewarded due to your poor performance elsewhere. The idea that you fought this werewolf despite the attraction could reveal budding acknowledgement of your problems and a desire to fix them, although the exact method for doing so would require more time and thought.
Defeating demons and growing wings Demons had burnt down my house and turned my home city into a wasteland. I was completely surrounded by them. Suddenly, I knew what to do. A power rose from me and I began to speak strange words. Then, all around me, the demons were cast out of their bodies. I was able to save my family. But when I looked over my shoulder, I realized I'd sprouted a pair of large, black wings.They were the same color as the demons. Demons are the manifestation of our desire for power and influence in the dream world. Therefore, seeing your house and home city in ruins as a result of the demons' invasion could represent your ambitions destroying everything you love and hold dear. The other important symbol in this vision is the wings you grew at the end. Wings can be associated with material wealth and property, although the black color seen in your vision may reveal that the source of your prosperity may not be legal or morally sound, further contributing to the issues described. It would seem that your efforts to become rich, famous or influential would not come without consequences. If you wish to proceed, you should be willing to part with your past and current ambitions completely.
Being attacked by a ghost I was attacked by a ghost. An encounter with a ghost in the dream world alludes to your psychological state. Being attacked by this ghost could be indicative of impending emotional breakdown. Perhaps you have some pent up anger and frustration building up inside you which could lead to a complete meltdown. The cause of your anger may just be a petty issue or a minor annoyance, but your tendency to keep things to yourself may make things grow much worse.
Something with a face growing on the back I'm a female. I had a dream there were marks on my back and it started to grow big and thick. Heavy, that I couldn't walk. When I looked it was growing right over my shoulders and my mother touched it and it tried to bite her hand, it had a face. The marks you saw on your back represent the anger and frustration you would feel as as result of someone's actions against you. It is possible the other person would say or do something harsh or inappropriate, either as an accident or on purpose, which would cause you distress. However, seeing the marks grow and develop a mind of their own suggests you would let your negative feelings take control of you. You could hurt others, like your mother, if you lash out at them for no reason other than your own bad attitude.
A dot on the wall and a demon in the room I am in a white room or hallway and I see a black dot in the distance, then I blinked and it was gone. I turned around after and a demon appeared in front of me covered in blood. The white room in your dream suggests new beginnings and a fresh start. You could be tired of your routines and daily existence, hence you are looking for new opportunities. Meanwhile, demons generally represent negative thoughts and attitudes. This means that while you may be actively looking for ways to break out of your current situation, you are also a victim of your own pessimistic views. Perhaps you feel insecure about your own skills and capabilities. So the only way to achieve your goals would be to focus on what is important and confront your inner demons.
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