Trying to rid a house of evil spirit Ok, so I had a dream that I was at someone's house. I walked into the kitchen and in the left corner was a black dark evil energy. Every time I or anyone would get near it, they would start feeling horrible, having seizures and stuff like that. This lady just moved in and I told her to burn sage. I was extremely terrified and I was freaking out. I kept telling this lady to call a priest to bless the room. I made her give me her phone number, so I could call her and make sure the priest came by. There is a dark shadow hovering in your reality. This shadow is represented by the dark and evil energy lurking in the corner of the kitchen in your dream. This evil presence points to negative emotions, such as anger, envy and frustration. These negative thoughts or intentions may be rooted in your subconscious and affect the positive aspects of your existence. Your tendency to lash out may be affecting your friends and family members. On the other hand, the kitchen in your dream signifies your need for warmth, spiritual nourishment and some emotional healing. Kitchens also represent motherhood and nurturing figures in your life. Perhaps the responsibility associated with taking care of children is stressing you out and causing your to project your anger and frustrations onto others who do not deserve to be treated this way.
Having to leave the house which is possessed I dreamed about an old childhood house where police was knocking on the window, when I opened the door, it started raining. They told me to get out because the house was possessed, as me and my family were walking out, you could see the color of our eyes changing from black to normal. Walking past my bedroom window I could see all the demons in the house. Dreaming about your childhood home is usually a positive sign serving as the manifestation of your comfort in that place. The police knocking at the window also represents strength and confidence, revealing your happiness and contentment at that time. The rain which follows and having to leave the house both signify how you have changed. More specifically, they point toward a tendency to avoid relying on others and being reluctant to get close to anyone who could hurt you. This culminates in your image of demons inside the house, which is a powerful sign representing your acknowledgement of these dark feelings. It may be time to look inside yourself, realize the reason why you push everyone away, and take steps to improve this attitude in the future, so you can get back to the old, happy you.
A framed picture attacking I'm in a small, run-down apartment with my ex best friend. She disappears and this picture in a frame shoots out at me, I jump, so it doesn't hit me and it turns and comes back, this happens a third time only when I jump I turn upside down and am staring at the photo from mid-air just screaming. Being inside an apartment that is old and falling apart is a highly negative symbol associated with unfortunate situations developing in wake life. This is likely related to the resurgence of your ex-best friend, suggesting a conflict with her arising in the near future. The picture which shoots towards you perceived in this dream as a direct attack represents your past coming back to haunt you, probably in the form of information or ideas you shared with this friend in the past. She may use this information against you, spreading rumors or gossip which could leave you vulnerable and unprotected in the presence of others.
Being attacked by a hose with a flame I dreamt a nightmare. The devil entered my room, though I only saw a shadow. I heard hissing from under my pillow and when I moved it, there was a thing like a blue hose hissing at me and acting like a snake as if it were to strike me. Its head though was a blue flame as in the hottest part of fire. The flame would grow in size as it tried to strike. I grabbed it by the throat and said "In Jesus name"! A few times I said it with the intensity growing bigger until the flame was gone. Nightmares are reflections of real-world fears and anxieties. The shadow of the Devil in your dream could be a representation of negative emotions and thoughts you are harboring. Some ill-conceived ideas and brewing anger may be taking root in your head due to frustrating circumstances at work or in your home. As such, the hose symbolizes your awareness that you need to control harmful thoughts and actions. It shows your need for cleansing and purification from your personal demons. Consequently, the blue flame is a symbol of divine intervention and spiritual guidance. You may have to hold on to your faith and ideals so as not to succumb to evil temptations.
Escaping Satan I was escaping Satan and a bunch of ghosts, there was lots of fire. When I finally got through the gates, I could see them behind me and I wasn't scared anymore. Running away from Satan and his minions represents much the same in wake life, namely that you are trying to avoid the negative influence of someone above you. This individual may seem to make benign requests or suggestions, but you can tell (at least subconsciously) that there is more to this situation than meets the eye. Successfully leaving through the gates and being unafraid suggests you can escape and move on with your life and, additionally, are likely to prosper because of your ability to follow the truth in your heart.
Bats and crows outside the window I had a dream of crows and bats clinging to the window. Bats were moving slowly, as if trying to get ready for the attack. Crows were watching over, as if waiting for something to happen and getting ready for it. This dream came three days back, since then I am having a very unpleasant feeling and confused. Kindly help. You are right to feel concerned about this vision as both crows and bats are often associated with terrible things coming to impact your future. It seems, then, that your subconscious is sending a strong warning signal to watch out and be careful. Seeing these creatures outside your window may further point toward this danger coming from the outside rather than something from within your home. It may be wise to avoid dealing with the outside world for some time, especially if you were planning on engaging in social interactions, gatherings or travel.
Strange music and a distorted image My brother and I had just got done playing a video game. We stepped into the hallway when all of a sudden some sort of creepy music started playing, like someone was hitting PVC pipes. I happened to look up to the ceiling, to discover this picture I recalled seeing earlier in my dream that my brother had gotten. The picture was of some distorted entity, the face unrecognizable and scribbles around it. As me and my brother both realized it wasn't supposed to be there, the music became chaotic. Hallways are often symbolically linked with a certain, specific aspect of your life. In this case, the presence of you brother could indicate an issue with him specifically or something that affects your family as a whole. In either situation, hearing strange, creepy music playing from an unknown source is often thought to represent something terrible coming, some event or activity which would usher in a period of unhappiness for you and those connected to the incident. Furthermore, the unrecognizable face of the picture and the scribbles which distort other parts of the image could be interpreted as a sign that the threat to you and your loved ones may be coming from outside the home, such a rival or larger evil entity. It would be wise to use extreme caution and to limit time spent in open areas.
Objects with demonic forces inside Dreams about talking objects that turn out to be strong demonic forces that want to kill me and my family, but instead become my family because they saw I was alone and they decided not to kill me or my family, yet become part of it. I have been having this dream for 15 years, not every night, but I know when this dream is going to happen, usually happens every other 2 weeks. Dreaming about inanimate objects talking could predict a web of lies being woven around you. More specifically, it points toward the presence of someone on the fringe of your life who is trying to find a way to get closer in order to deceive you. However, these forces changing their mind mid-vision is a fairly positive symbol, pointing toward this person having a change of heart at some point. Considering the re-occurring nature of this vision, it could represent the part you play in this drama. For instance, your attitude or personality may make you seem like a good target for potential schemers, but once they learn more about you, they may change their tactics and leave you alone.
A ghost sacrificing a little girl A little girl holding a doll was walking up the stairs with an all grey ghost following her. He captured her and took her to the attic that had a pool full of water directly under the full moon. He sacrificed her and the moon disappeared with her. The dream kept switching from third-person to the ghost's perspective. The little girl with the doll seems to be the manifestation of some negative feelings you may be carrying with you. Symbolically, a girl with a doll is usually tied to loneliness or abandonment, but it could also represent not feeling safe or not being able to trust someone. Whatever this negative feeling is, the grey ghost following and kidnapping her suggests the situation is unlikely to improve any time soon, as ghosts that are not white could point toward bad situations arising. Seeing things from the ghost's perspective could represent your hand in the worsening situation. Perhaps you are purposely holding on to the negative energy, or maybe you do not know how to move on. In either case, the direction your future could take depends highly on the reason for the sacrifice. If it seemed to be in the name of a positive higher being, like God, you may be able to find redemption and peace. However, if it was for some dark purpose, the sacrifice could represent being consumed by these dark feelings and getting involved in immoral or questionable activities.
Old wallpaper, burning smell and demons in the room When I went into my room, my old wallpaper was back up on my walls, but they were lopsided and slanted and parts of it were on the ceiling and floor. There was also incense burning. I was very upset by this and told my family to come in and pray because I felt that the room was demonic. We then got in a circle and started praying. I began levitating and became very upset, because I felt that my prayers weren't working. Then a demon grabbed the back of my neck and I felt its nails. Then I woke up. The demon in your dream may represent someone in your family or social group who is causing your distress. On the other hand, the old wallpaper may point to past secrets and mistakes that could be the source of your negative emotions. Perhaps this inner demon is making you lash out on others. Something in reality may have caused the return of old issues and you are feeling quite vulnerable as a result. The incense and prayers allude to you desire to resolve past conflicts by looking deep within yourself in order to glean important insights and lessons.
Being tested by an unknown creature I'm pressured to identify shapes, numbers and letters on a huge white screen. The process speeds up and it's hard to keep identifying them in the sequence they appeared in. All the time during this "test", I am monitored by a being or entity I can't make out, as they're right at the edge of my peripheral vision. They don't seem human, and very detached. Being tested by unknown entities in your dream reveals a fear of failure. Perhaps you have been feeling extreme stress and pressure in reality as a result of piling workloads or rising expectations from your superiors. Maybe you feel as if they are expecting too much out of you and you could be headed for a burnout if you do not slow down. For this reason, you view bosses or clients in the waking world as cold and calculating creatures, the same way they were depicted in the dream. Perhaps a little understanding and acceptance on both sides, you and them, would help make working conditions better for all.
Being haunted by a little girl I was slowly becoming more, and more paralyzed. A little girl was trying to posses me, and continuously harassed (haunted) me. Eventually I tried to kill myself. Dreaming that you are paralyzed reflects a sense of hopelessness and lack of control. The little girl trying to possess you may be symbolic of your reckless and childish side. You could be temperamental and prone to emotional upheavals. Perhaps you feel you cannot control your petty side and that being unable to do so could end up killing your spirit by driving all your loved ones away.
A moon making family disappear My family started to disappear one by one in my dimly house, everything was black and white and as my family disappeared, I noticed a malicious aura and ran upstairs as darkness consumed the living room and followed me. I cornered myself upstairs and the (full) moon in full detail (craters) and silver white soft aura surrounding it. Anyways, it stopped the thing for a sec. But it then shattered and I was consumed or something, the rest after the moon shattering was lost to me. Envisioning your family disappearing one by one from your house could represent your guilt from a serious mistake you have recently made. You may not even be aware that what you did has resulted in something so terrible yet, but the news is sure to reach you soon. The dark malicious aura which follows and corners you suggests you have many questions now, such as how you can make up for what has been done. The full, detailed moon you saw in this dream could signify your interpersonal relations suffering while you struggle with what to do. It would be wise to dedicate your efforts to rectifying the situation before you turn your attention elsewhere.
An evil doll head A doll head follows me everywhere I go and tries to hurt and kill me, my family and friends. The doll head can control objects and possess objects. The doll's head by itself in your vision represents feelings of loneliness and isolation. You likely try to brush off these emotions or hide them from others for fear of these individuals becoming more distant that they already are, but in reality you feel all alone even when in the midst of a large group. The head attacking you, then, suggests that beyond others becoming more distant, you worry that they would reject you outright, either for not wanting to be closer to them or for some other reasons known to you. This vision is in essence the manifestation of your fears and doubts, indicating that if you want to get over them, you have to face them head on.
Removing a spirit from the body I was sitting on the floor of my living room and thought "I have a spirit in me that attracts riches, but I have never been happy", I was staying with my cousin and she was the one who took me to get that spirit. I was tired of the spirit, I told her to remove the spirit from my body, she did something and pinkish sweat and air started coming out through my pores all over my body and pink gas leaving my pores. After I looked at my hand and fingers, they had become wrinkled and scaled-like. You may be sensing an imbalance in your current existence as revealed in this dream scenario. The spirit giving you success on the professional front alludes to your focus and career-driven attitude. Success and recognition may have been your main purpose in the years leading up to this dream. Yet perhaps recently you are becoming weary of prioritizing your career with no one to share your ambitions and achievements with. You could be on the brink of deciding to shift priorities in favor of finding a romantic partner for a change. And yet the final scene in the dream sequence also reveals your fear of losing yourself or being unable to take care of your needs once another person is in the picture.
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