Encountering and trying to chase a ghost I was standing in a veranda (possibly my school's). Across the veranda I turn to see a white clad girl ghost-like figure who is staring at me and begins to run towards me. I run towards her too, then she turns and vanishes behind a closed door. I shout behind her like showing courage and wanting answers (I was shouting in real in my sleep). Then I woke up. Being at school in a dream suggests you may be facing some stressful situations in wake life. However, this symbol is opposed with the image of the girl in white, which suggests a carefree lifestyle and a lack of concern. When put together in the context of this vision, it seems you may be under a lot of pressure, and while you know what your responsibilities are and what you need to do, you still feel as though the carefree innocence of childhood is slowly getting away from you making you realize the true challenges that lie ahead.
Presence of a boy and areas becoming cold as a result It started off with me feeling a presence in my house, and because I had just gotten home in the car with my grandma I think (I don't always remember dreams clearly), and there was a young boy stuffed in the front door, curled up like an embryo, (sounds really weird, I know) and I had noticed that before the car went up the driveway and after trying to check it out, there was no boy there, where he front door was or anything. The next day after that, that area by the front door and the rest of home was cold. Frightening situations in dreams often mirror similar fears and anxiety experienced in waking life. Seeing the curled up young boy in your front door indicates an unraveling of surprising information or an unexpected encounter. Just as the boy's appearance in the dream suggests, you will be unprepared to handle this impending development. Be prepared for some major changes as you enter a new phase in your life. It is unclear whether this bit of news or discovery is positive or negative, however the lingering cold by the front door left by the boy's presence implies fear and trepidation. Perhaps, this change could trigger feelings of abandonment or hopelessness. In order to overcome inevitable changes in your life, you must first prepare yourself to be brave enough to face them.
A girl shaped like light passing through the body A dream of a light-shaped girl passing through the body. If this light shaped like a girl that passes through the body has a ghostly presence, then the vision suggests an illuminating experience. The appearance of a transparent apparition is symbolic of certain feelings, circumstances or influences which may have a profound impact on your life without you being aware of their presence and possible implications. The incandescent likeness of the girl points to an enlightened person in your life who could impart life-changing lessons and open your mind.
Turning into a ghost following suicide and being stuck I dreamt I shot myself in the head near a body of water. I died, but was looking down at my two siblings who came to the place I took my life. I could see the indent still in the sand where the impact was. I wrote in the sand I am still with you to my sisters. They couldn't see me as I was a ghost. But they did get my message. Shortly after I was stuck, I could no longer go where people I knew were. I couldn't visit my parents to look over them. I was stuck in nowhere. I felt anxiety. The body of water represents your consciousness and committing suicide near it alludes to a troubled, anxious mindset you are trying to overcome at the moment. The dream suggests a developing distance from your support system as a result of going through a dilemma or personal crisis. Turning into a ghost reveals your inability to confront your problems and your desire to escape instead. It is possible that you choose to detach yourself from your loved ones to avoid getting them involved. Unfortunately, the more you push them away, the harder it will be to get them to understand your motivations and get them back into your life. A fresh perspective is needed to resolve your issues. Whether it is a personal problem or a matter of entering a new chapter in your life, you need not be alone on the journey.
Having a demon for a father About a demon that was my father and a demon at the same time, and I was very scared. A dream in which you see a demon taking on different incarnations, including those of your loved ones like your father, is an ominous sign for those you may personally know and who are currently afflicted with a disease or an illness. The vision portends emotional turmoil that could cause you and these sickly individuals undue stress and anxiety.
Being sucked into another dimension and unable to return I was trying to open the door of a house where my friend was stuck, but she was yelling "Don't open or you'll get stuck". I was along with my friends who are actually not my friends in real, but were in my dream. I forcefully open the door and then some strong energy sucks us inside. We were 4-5 people. The world was something like you got stuck inside a mirror, but everything turned black and white. Then it started like game, everyone finding clues to get out and they succeed, but I got stuck inside the mirror. Doors represent opportunities. The part where you open the door despite the admonitions reflect your hard-headed nature and refusal to listen to the advice of others. This part of yourself may end up getting you into a bad situation, even dragging other people into your troubles. The impression of a mirror thus points to your need for some self-reflection and self-awareness in order to get you out of making poor decisions. In relation to that symbol, the black and white nature of the latter part of your dream conveys the need to be more circumspect with your decisions. Black and white reveals a one-sided point of view, thus you could benefit from being more open to other people's opinions to get a more holistic view of the problem and thereby make sound judgments.
Running from evil and hiding in a monastery I first saw evil after us... And then I entered into a monastery which was inside a cave. And all of this in my dream itself I was telling it to my grandmothers, the one who is dead and the other who is alive. Both of these were happening in my dream. I dreamt in my dream. Trying to run away or escape from an evil force or the devil in a dream means that you could become persecuted by authorities or subjected to court proceedings or other legal actions against you. Alternatively, you may be running away from yourself, at least from the negative parts, such as insecurity or feelings of guilt. To confront your inner demons, you need to dig deep into yourself as symbolized by the monastery inside a cave. Explore your inner workings and face up to your limitations, so you can sort out problems in the waking world. Your grandmothers serve as a metaphor for wisdom. Whatever you may be going through, you seem to be seeking guidance from your elders.
Being surrounded by a circle of the undead I was in a house I had never seen before with people I have never met. We were hiding from these people trying to get us, which in my mind we coherent zombie-like people. These people started to hold hands to create a circle around the house and barricade us in. I got outside and started running from a little girl, I don't know. She got closer and closer and I started feeling scared and then woke up. Hiding inside a house among strangers suggests upcoming stressful encounters and issues in the waking world. You could be experiencing a lot of pressure at work or school, hence the manifestation of this scary vision. Though hiding out and running away from the problem, symbolized by zombies, may seem to be the best way to ward off undesirable circumstances and troubles, you are merely getting yourself backed up in a corner and making yourself easy prey. On the other hand, the zombies may point to your personal fears. You could be starting to feel burnout from work or studying and beginning to go through everyday tasks and duties without invested emotion or passion for the outcome of your labor. Try to revisit your motivation in order to avoid being too jaded.
A ghost telling the maid to leave the house I dreamt my daughter called me hysterically and woke up and then fell asleep again and I dreamt that me and my maid were sitting on the floor folding clothes and she told me she can't work for me anymore. And I asked why and offered her more money and better hours and she declined and said "No, there is a thing in the house" and "he" doesn't want her there and he will kill her. I kept asking what thing and she said the thing in the house is haunting her and will kill her if she doesn't leave and I woke up. Dreaming about someone whom you employ is often thought to reflect your own hard work and determination, particularly in matters of business or household tasks. You are likely a disciplined person who takes pride in the work you perform. However, you maid's refusal to provide services for you (despite your efforts to persuade her to stay) suggests that you have limits to what you are willing to do, especially in how you treat others involved. This could mean you are willing to bend over backwards to support those who you feel are worthy, but tend to ignore those not worth your effort. This could cause conflict, especially among you family, if you choose not to help someone related to you. This can be seen in the idea of the haunted house, predicting conflict and discord among relatives.
Being attacked by a shadow coming out of the closet The closet door of my bedroom opens and a shadow comes out and starts going on top of me and at this I am screaming, but nothing is coming out and I am also trying to rehearse a bible verse (psalm 91) and it doesn't let me. And then I start yelling at my aunt (who is close to me) and no voice is coming out until I finally say her name. If it wasn't for me being woken up by someone sleeping next to me in real life, cause when I was being shaken I felt the shake in the dream I finally woke up. Closet doors in a dream tend to symbolically represent separation between two important aspects. In this case, your soul or faith seems to be what is experiencing this split. The shadow moving on top of you is often interpreted as the manifestation of dual realities within you, meaning you may ideologically think and believe one way, but these desires to be seen as "good" are perhaps distorted by selfish behavior or thoughtless actions. Until you can meld the two halves together, it may be difficult to find peace within yourself.
Haunted by the presence of evil spirit Evil spirit killed a preacher in a house with no roof just walls. Evil spirit under a sheet on my friend's bed. A friend was talking in his sleep. Trying to tell the friend about it, but couldn't get the words out. Then was laying in bed with the boyfriend in the same house and table moves with a grapefruit on a smoking plate. Walking down a road with my friend and saw my brother. Tried to tell him about it, but couldn't get the words out. The evil spirit in your dream represents negative emotions, such as anger, envy and frustration. These negative thoughts or intentions may be lurking in your subconscious and affecting the positive aspects of your existence. Killing the preacher also points to the weakening of your faith due to wicked thoughts or questionable behavior. The evil spirit under the bed and wreaking havoc on your loved ones illustrates the ill effects of behaving badly. Being unable to talk alludes to your lack of self-control. This dream reminds you to reconsider your current actions to prevent yourself from hurting your loved ones.
Communicating with a black ghost figure I had a dream of a black-silhouette figure following my mom around and we both sat down to talk to it. He talked to us through a YouTube video that wasn't published and told us he is here to keep us safe and told us some stuff that I don't remember. I felt calm in the dream, but my mom was getting more scared. Keep in mind I get scared when being around ghosts and stuff like that. Perceiving a silhouette or profile of a man in a dream suggests changes about to take place. The presence of your mom in this vision reveals that these changes would affect your family. Perhaps you would be relocating or entering a new phase in your personal journey that would take you out of your comfort zone. The fact that this figure appears as a silhouette means that along with the change there would be time filled with uncertainties and unpredictable consequences. The upside is, you do not seem too concerned about it. You may be confident in yourself in a sense that you can overcome any kind of challenges coming your way. On the other hand, expect your mom to act protective of you, as she is not yet ready to let you go.
Frightened by a white candle following through book cases This is for a male friend, he is now 63 years old. At the time of having this dream he was around 5 years and it still troubles him today. He finds himself looking down a long row of bookcases, all filled with books, one either side. A candle is glowing in the dark at the end, as he moves onto the next few rows the candle follows. However, he starts feeling dread and at every row thereafter he is waiting for the inevitable to happen, when the candle flies at him, hitting him in the face. Thanks. Your friend's dream which involves the symbols of books and a candle alludes to knowledge and enlightenment. This vision of him walking between a long row of bookcases represents his personal journey. In this journey, his experiences provide him with more knowledge and lessons, this accumulated wisdom is symbolized by the books on the shelves. The light of the candle illuminating his path towards the end of the row of books stands for enlightenment. In the course of his personal journey comes enlightenment, all of the knowledge obtained provides him with a unique perspective on the way he lives. Perhaps the fear he felt towards the candle, and whether it would end up hurting him, has to do with the fact that some of the lessons, experiences and meeting with people could have been done differently according to him.
Family members possessed by demons Demons were haunting me and it felt like I was possessed by one and my father-in-law was haunted by a demon, my father-in-law wanted to help me but he couldn't because he was haunted by them. I cried out to my mother-in-law who passed away a few years ago and she came and put her hand on my forehead and said everything will be ok. Don't know what it means. Demons in dream world represent negative energies and thoughts. They could come from inside of you, your dark side, of from external forces. In the context of your dream, being possessed by demons or the devil suggests that you could be your own worst enemy. Your personal demons may be dragging you down and forcing you to become a darker version of yourself. In your time of confusion and identity crisis, you can turn to the wisdom of your elders to help you find your way. Alternatively, this dream vision of being possessed could be symbolic of your need to turn to authorities or influential figures for help and support you may require at the moment.
In love with a vampire I had a dream that a vampire took me for his own and we were dating. At first I was scared, but then I became to love the vampire, but was still kind of scared of him. We couldn't be around any of my friends or family and we were living in a house with no roof. The vampire had taken me from my previous boyfriend, at first I was sad about that, but I soon realized that it may have been for the best. I began to take care of the vampire partially for love and partially because I was afraid of him. Vampires are not usually a good sign to see in dream visions, normally representing sadness and tragedy. In this case, dating a vampire could mean putting yourself in a situation that could turn out poorly. This can also be seen in your initial fear of the vampire and your accepting that your past relationship may not have been the best for you. Additionally, the absence of a roof in the house and your separation from family and friends could point to emotional distance between you and those you should be able to rely on. It may be time to bridge those gaps, as trying to find people to rely on after there is a problem is often more difficult than maintaining a relationship during both happy and sad times.
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