Being a shadow and surrounded by evil creatures Me standing in all white room and I'm just a shadow. Then myself then I start morphing really skinny and really fat over and over. Then it stops and I start getting surrounded by evil creatures and they close in on me. I wake up when they are on top of me. Symbolically, a shadow represents a continuation or extension of the dreamer's self. Based on your description, it could be that you always rely solely and exclusively on your own abilities, aspects of personality and wits during problematic situations or when serious issues emerge. The evil creatures could be a subconscious projection of your unwillingness to accept help and support offered by other people because you feel there could be more damage than good if you allow them to step in or learn too much sensitive information about a particular issue you face.
A spirit following and possessing others In my dream I was in a house where I saw something moving on the roof as I look up, I see this spirit moving and destroying my house, and I started praying and chasing it out of my house. It ran away into a nearby church and I went there also praying. It got inside this woman and I drove it out of her. It ran went away leaving for good. What does it mean? Seeing a spirit indicates you are experiencing some internal turmoil at the moment, most likely over the passing of someone who has influenced or affected you in some way or someone exiting your life in a sudden, dramatic manner. Chasing after the ghost and praying for it to leave represents some conflict in your family which is preventing you from having a peaceful, satisfying home life. This is most likely connected to the passing or disappearance of the person mentioned above. In either situation, seeing the ghost leave for good predicts things settling down soon, especially if everyone takes the time to communicate honestly and respectfully with each other.
Seeing a crescent moon on the hand after being touched Had a dream of an old woman dressed in a black dress and hood. She touched my stomach and then a crescent moon appeared on my left hand. All of these symbols present in your dream are negative in their nature. Meeting an old woman dressed in black in your dream tells of problems or troubles coming your way. It can be due to old issues from your past that continue to hound you or existing issues inside a very close relationship you have with someone at the moment. Crescent moon appearing on your left hand is symbolic of your weaknesses related to being indifferent, uncaring or arrogant toward the other half in this relationship or other people in general. The notion of this sign showing on your left hand is also an indication of upcoming betrayal coming from you. The outcomes of these negative circumstances may cause a rift in the relationship or physical separation, which in turn could lead to a period of time filled with loneliness and heartbreak.
Mother with a boy who turns into a ghost in the hallway My mom was walking down the hallway with 5 high circle lights to my room with a little boy. The hallway was lit under the light but went dark in between the light shining down. I ask her "Mom, who is that?" and she replied "You see him, Diane, you see him". They walk closer to me, she is holding his hand. I repeat "Mom, who is that?", she said "You see him". The boy will smile and frown by the time they got halfway through the hallway. I ask her again, she said "You see Billy, Diane. You see him - Billy". I said "Yes" and he was at my face when she replied he is a ghost. His eyes turn white hazy... This vision seems to be the manifestation of some negative emotions you have recently experienced in wake life. These negative experiences or situations are bringing you down, making you feel small and unimportant. Because of the prominence she plays in this vision (leading the boy to you), your mother may be the source of this frustration and sadness. This could be the result of a misunderstanding or a difference in values. Until these issues are resolved and forgiveness is exchanged, however, you are unlikely to find peace or repose.
Being a ghost and trying to be reborn by sending a message I was dead and I was a ghost and I was getting torn in two and needed to let go. And I wrote a letter but I was living in a parallel dimension, but alongside the living, they couldn't see or hear me, but two women and I needed to move on, so I could be reborn new because if I stayed around too long your spirit goes numb and you stay as presence that loses grip on normality and u geek pain. So I needed to get a message out and wrote on paper saying "Goodbye, I love you" and the two women found it an saw my name on it and held it up to the window to read it before it faded. The ghost in your vision is actually your subconscious, and it is trying to warn you of challenges you are destined to face in your future. Specifically, the image of you as a ghost who is trying to communicate with others predicts confrontation with an enemy and a series of challenges that are in the way of your achieving your goals. The fading paper with your message also holds symbolic meaning, pointing toward some painful memories that may have held you back until now. In essence, your spirit "going numb" from staying around too long indicates not making progress and moving forward in your waking life. In this case, by letting go of the past and overcoming the challenges you can be reborn and experience a new phase in your life.
A ghost of a woman with a horse head Don't know if it's a dream or not (I assume that it is because I don't believe in that ghost nonsense), but I have this woman standing by my bed (in the same spot every time) in some sort of wedding gown, with a see-through veil over her face. Though instead of a normal head, lies a horse skull (I think). Honestly, the dream terrifies me to no end. As the bedroom is often associated with sexual desire or lust, the woman who enters your room could symbolize your desire to be with someone, either a lover who is far away or someone who is currently not available to you. The wedding dress, just as in waking life, is connected to marriage and relationships. This further points toward someone you are not currently seeing, but whom you could be interested in, at least physically. The horse skull that replaces the woman's head, however, is a warning from your subconscious that pursuing a relationship or getting physically involved with this person can only lead to trouble, if not tragedy. Not heeding this notice could result in a terrible period of suffering and disappointment in your life.
Strange things happening around the house My family and I were sitting at the kitchen table reading the Bible and all of a sudden cabinets started opening and I got this uneasy feeling. Later, I saw what appeared to be an Asian female following me throughout everyday life. She wouldn't even let me shower without terrorizing me. This vision has a number of mixed symbols which do not lend themselves to easy interpretation. Namely, the image of your family sitting around the table is a positive sign related to hearing good news concerning the members of your family. This could be the miraculous healing of a loved one or the answer to some other desperately sought after prayer. However, reading the Bible could indicate some disappointment or dissatisfaction with your current relationship or someone you are interested in, so while some relationships may improve, others are likely to become worse or disappear altogether. The cabinet doors which open and close of their own accord are often associated with welcoming extra money into your household, possibly through a better paid job or a sudden award or incentive.
Being under a curse and unable to break free That I was in a rundown part of town for a voodoo doctor because someone had painted something on my back that connected me with the Grim Reaper. The only way to make the voodoo curse go away was to kiss every piece of baby clothes that remained mine. With very little help I couldn't get my baby clothes before I knew what was going to happen to me. I woke. Being cursed in a dream reveals that you are currently preoccupied with making plans or figuring out how to become richer or earn more income. Similarly, baby clothes symbolically represent being limited in abilities or resources needed to succeed, especially it these clothes were perceived or thought of in this dream as belonging to an infant or toddler. You could also be sensing that someone more capable and resourceful is standing in your way preventing you from moving forward in the desired direction. These visions, therefore, could represent and validate your weak spots and shortcomings which need to be worked on before you can succeed in your undertakings.
Scared by a strange boy trying to enter the house A male colleague visits me late at night saying he has left something in our family house. I pleaded with him to wait till tomorrow, but he refused and left. As he was leaving, he left the door opened and there was a little boy standing outside my house. He looked scary and he was trying to get into the house. So, we started struggling and I was able to close my door. He said to me "If you don't want me to come in I will go". He digs a hole and buries himself in front of my door. This vision seems to be a representation of your love life, with your colleague acting as a stand-in for the person you are interested in or romantically involved with. The little boy standing outside your house gives you a bad feeling for a reason. He represents negative emotions in regard to your relationships, such as distrust, annoyance or jealousy. The symbolic vision of the boy burying himself in a hole after your refusal to let him inside could be indicative of wanting to let go of these feelings, which could lead to a positive change in your intimate relationship. The last symbol of the open door represents wanting to let love in though a deeper and more meaningful connection. You may now be at a point in your life when you seek to develop a deep mutual love for someone giving you more satisfaction and fulfillment in your relationships.
Scared of images of goats appearing on the body I dreamed that 3 goat heads were marked on my back in my dream. I was sleeping and for some reason I saw something on my chest. It disappeared, only to lift my shirt more in the mirror and I could see what appeared to be three goats. I then ran to my mother in the dream and she told me that she could see exactly what I saw. I began to become very frightened and I cried in her arms. That dream was very spooky, what does it mean??? Goats are often associated with personal tendencies to make others uncomfortable or do things which anger or annoy those around you. Seeing these goats on your body, therefore, suggests the tables are about to turn. In this case, it seems that you may meet with or be introduced to someone who makes you feel uncomfortable or wary. The markings appearing on your body in this dream could be a warning to watch your behavior around others so that you can improve your relationships or avoid making someone important to your future upset or walk away for no apparent reason.
Drawing crosses to protect from evil At someone's bad house. I drew on the walls crosses for safety against bad. Seeing yourself drawing in a dream is a sign of your tendency to idealize things in your waking life while ignoring the real facts and harsh reality. Although things may not be going well for you at the moment, you have convinced yourself that everything is great. This is unhealthy and you might want to look at your current situation from a different perspective because your over-confidence may be undermined when something unexpected or negative comes into play. Crosses are symbolic representations of available options, and, in this case, could point that you have not fully explored those you may have at hand.
Ex killing grandmother who becomes a ghost I dreamed that my ex vandalized my car, killed my grandmother in my car. I sat in my car and she wouldn't let me out. My brother came to my car, when I touched him she went through him and then I seen her as a ghost just walk away. Dreaming about your car being vandalized or deliberately destroyed is often interpreted as a sign of facing disruptions in wake life. You could already be seeing these disturbances popping up in your schedule in the form of unnecessary meetings or unwanted responsibilities. The death of your grandmother and the subsequent apparition both appear as a manifestation of the stress and frustration you are likely to feel in such a situation. You may need to take a step back and take a deep breath before forming a plan to tackle the challenges from this point on.
A hand from under the bed grabbing and pulling I had a dream both yesterday night and tonight that a gray hand was reaching from under the bed trying to grab me and pull me under the bed. Your dream might be a reflection of your anxiety over being forced to do something you don't feel you are ready to do, a task for which you deem yourself ill-equipped to tackle and yet see no alternative but to perform. Instead of trying to go against the current, you should let things take their intended course and make yourself prepared or available as best as you can. It might be beneficial for you in the long run, even though you think it is a big nuisance at the moment.
An evil ghost going after kids An evil ghost was trying to hurt my children. An evil, menacing ghost which threatens your family is an ominous sign predicting inevitable changes which would negatively affect your household. This could be directly related to your children since they were the main victims in this dream, but it could also affect the family as a whole. You may want to be on the lookout for upcoming disruptions or threats which may cause issues and try to guard against them as best you can.
Being grabbed and pulled down the bed I'm in bed. Something grabs my ankles and starts to pull me down the bed. I try to hold on to something, I try to kick my legs free, but I can't. I try to scream, but it's stuck, it won't come out. My husband eventually wakes me up. I've never got to the end of the dream if there is an end. It is reoccurring, I've had it no more than 5/6 times over a couple of years. Dreaming of something intangible or ghostly, yet capable of reaching and terrifying you, symbolizes having to let go emotionally of things or people that are no longer part of your life. What you feel as something that's dragging you under the bed could be your own lack of closure regarding aspects of your existence you realize are important to you, but overshadowed by everyday routines, obligations and responsibilities you have to follow through.
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