Someone turning into a ghost I saw a girl in college who is lost and started helping her to get down steel standing stairs and did helped her going down but suddenly I saw she slipped and then spirally i don't know where she went, I thought she is dead I ran after her down but then a feeling came she became a ghost. It scared me and I started running upwards as I felt now the ghost chasing me and suddenly I started running upwards. ...and my eyes opened. To dream about searching for someone who has suddenly disappeared is a sign of forgetting about something that is really important in real (wake) life. Dreaming about seeing a ghost representing someone you know, for example your close relative or friend, signifies some unsolved issues or unanswered questions you are still facing in your life. Trying to run away from or escape a ghost signifies a vicious cycle of problems which you are trying to solve, but instead face more problems inundating your life.
Dead friend through reflections such as trees A friend recently died in a murder/suicide. I asked his spirit to send me a message through a dream. I dreamt of silver, bronze, and gold trees, spotlit and placed on elevated areas of my home. While beautiful, they were also dark and foreboding. Their branches and leaves formed particularly complex and metallic blade-like patterns. This does sound like a dream sent to you by an outside source. The colors of Silver, Bronze and Gold being represented as trees is indicative of something physical and present in your life right now. Possibly an item of significance to your friendship and/or relationship, specifically due to their importance in the dream, being lit and in obviously noticeable places. The elevation seems to be a reflection of your view of this person, holding them in high regard, having a great friendship and fond memories of them. The afterlife is beautiful and also foreboding as well as dark, just as you felt in the dream. It makes sense that you would feel a bit of a haunting presence. The branches and leaves are a very good sign in this, it shows stability, toughness and creativity. This sounds like a comforting dream, a reassurance that everything is exactly as it should be and not to worry about your friend, but to be happy with and observant of the holidays and special times that you've shared together. Please be mindful of blade-like patterns and do not reveal unnecessary or irrelevant facts or recollections to others about this person, it might be damaging to your spiritual well-being.
Facing a demon, saved by a tiger It starts out with me lying on my stomach, reading a book in a dance studio with mirrored walls. I look up and see myself in the mirror. My face cracks and begins falling away revealing a demon underneath. The mirror cracks and the demon reaches through and grabs me by the wrist. The demon's claws sink into my wrist, crushing it, and making me bleed. There is a lot of blood. The demon pulls me into the mirror. I find myself in a maze of mirrors. The demon is chasing me. It is foggy. I follow an animal, perhaps a tiger that is guiding me through the maze. This dream vision is a reflection of your relationship with a man or a male figure you are currently dealing with. If this is the case when you have a relationship with this person, chances are he is dominating or exerting a lot of pressure on you. This could also be an indication of some dark thoughts or intentions you might be having relative to an issue or dilemma you are currently facing or trying to solve. Visions of a lot of blood could be a sign of your inability to make the right decisions in order to bring your current endeavors or projects to completion. However, the tiger in this dream could point out profuse and plentiful energy, fervor, gusto and the fortitude which might help you to solve these issues.
Dream in a dream Dreams about I was in a dream dreaming. Observing or finding yourself dreaming in a dream, paradoxical it may sound, could be a symbol of your inner capabilities. In particular, this could be telling you that you have a hidden ability to "request" dreams every time before you go to bed. That is, you could have the ability of dreaming about whatever you want to dream about. You simply have to focus before falling asleep. This is a rare talent. You could be capable of controlling your dreams, and the actions you perform in your dream. You would be in synchrony with your subconscious mind, working with it to master real life possible experiences and events. You could also try to pre-program your mind to provide pleasant or desirable dream experiences, and have an overall better awake daily life routine. Additionally, the dream could reveal that you are going through an introspective period. You might be concentrating your psychological resources inside your inner self. All of these aspects of your psyche are valuable traits which you might want to develop and enhance.
Soul leaving the body I was sleeping and I see my soul leaving my body in my bed. And fly high up to the sky. Dreams about observing your soul parting your body and flying upwards could have three possible meanings. One interpretation portends serious illness or health problems. These would be about to happen and would have permanent and irreversible consequences upon your quality of life. The second possible meaning is that you are about to lose a significant part of your property, wealth or assets due to some unexpected circumstances. Such loss would cause you grief, regret and disappointment. Their negative emotional impact would be experienced for a considerable period of time. Finally, the third meaning has a more positive connotation. Namely, the dream could suggest that you are to embark in a significant spiritual journey. You would become less involved with the material aspects of life and develop your mental skills and spiritual depth and understanding. You could benefit from trying to remember the emotions involved in the dream. That is, the feelings experienced while envisioning or experiencing the soul's departure. This could help you determine which one of the interpretations is applicable to your circumstances.
A person turning into glass A person became glass and I hammered it. This dream could carry a warning. Someone in your social circle might be turning deceitful towards you or is trying to get you in a questionable and potentially harmful situation or activity. By hammering glass and breaking it you are showing yourself you can resists and counteract their intentions. If in the dream you were able to tear the person into pieces, you might succeed at preventing their ill-intended actions. Note that the person in the dream might not be the one who is actually being dishonest with you.
Motionless in bed and turning into a ghost I had a dream of me I couldn't move, I couldn't speak (it was as if I was not really asleep in my bed but turned to my side away from my lamp.) After a long struggle of movement and trying to speak I got my light on and it was as if I then could move instantly....First thing I did then was take my duvet and hovered like I was a ghost to my moms room, but with a lot of speed and when I got there I climbed into her bed and got into her face as if I challenged her. Just as she turned to look who it was...her face stricken with fear. I woke up this time for real heart was running away shock and move. Dreaming about being physically paralyzed (seeing yourself unable to move or speak) could symbolize envy. You could be jealous, overly preoccupied with and resentful of someone's or other people's success and achievements. It could also translate the feeling of powerlessness that you currently feel in regards to some unfortunate or difficult situation (not related to being unable to possess what that other person has). Finding a way out of this stagnant dead-end situation would involve some brilliant idea or intervention. Turning into a ghost and entering your mother's bedroom is most likely your subconscious desire to confess or express these feelings of envy and inferiority to someone who is close to you. This person is not necessarily your mother, an interpretation reinforced by the changes in her facial expression upon your arrival. Your further suspect that your actions and feelings are somewhat shocking and will make others unhappy. You probably mistakenly perceive someone else's accomplishments as an indication of your own weakness or lack of integrity. However, these thoughts are groundless. This individual, who you feel is your competitor, could simply be more attuned, get more out of her or his life, be more optimistic or be an overachiever.
Spirit entering other people's body, waterfall, sea and ocean I was staying in a hostel and continuously I got bad dreams like spirit entering in me and nowadays I am dreaming of waterfall, ocean and sea. I even see unknown persons misbehaving me or my friend. Dreaming about a spirit entering someone's body reflects your concerns about people whom you know closely and being worried about their well-being or even the possibility of passing away. The symbol of a waterfall seen in your dream together with other water symbols (ocean and sea) means you are living in a constant fear of bad things or unexpected changes happening either to you or to other people whom you happen to know. We are assuming you are talking about "other people making you and your friend misbehave" in the last part, from this perspective and in relation to your previous dreams it could mean you are very prone and vulnerable to what others tell you about the way you act, position yourself in life or conduct yourself. You may want to reconsider the way you take criticism or blame from others to make it less damaging to your emotional well-being.
Fighting zombies, talking to someone and meeting an unattractive girl. Last night I had a game-like dream of fighting zombie Apocalypse... After that I had a dream if fighting my cousin sister...... The next scene includes me seeing an attractive girl and talking to her...but she no more looked attractive when I came nearer... Zombies in a dream represent you old bad habits you are trying to get rid of and leave behind, so you might have been going through a process of trying to refine yourself (i.e. quit smoking, learn something new or change your daily routine in some way). The second part of this dream could be the fact that someone is standing in your way preventing you from accomplishing what you have been trying to overcome or eliminate from your life. Finally, the vision of meeting with an unattractive girl means help and support you seek and will receive from someone who is in a close relationship with you in order for you to make these improvements in your life.
A person that looks like Devil and overpowering a demon I dream of a casino and a friend is with me but keep warning me do not make a pact with Max. I don't gamble but every time i put my hand in my pocket i take out money. My friend ask me if i made a pact with Max i say no i haven't. But curiosity forced me to find out who is this max person. Next I am in a office with Max and he looks like the Devil i ask him if he is the Devil he did not answer me as he looked at a door in hes office there was a small eager looking demon approaching and Max waved hes hand like magic stroke and the door closed on the eager looking demon slamming the door in his face. This vision is somewhat complex to interpret with precision. There is definitely a central figure, which is the person named Max, who later appeared to you as the Devil himself. Based on these notions, you are most likely concerned and worried about possible traps and pitfalls you think you might be facing soon and which could be set by some people in your close social circle or even by strangers who might soon appear in your life. Another important observation you have taken from this dream is related to the friend, who seems to be guiding you and giving you advice. This could reveal that there would be someone in your wake life who might serve as a link to something negative soon to occur or who might be tempting you in some way. At the end of this dream, there is a little demon behind a door. This symbol could illustrate how, at this point, you seem to be perceiving some weak and insignificant signals of upcoming nuisances and difficulties which already make you feel anxious and concerned. Yet, you also seem to be aware that there may be major disappointments and issues down the road if some particular path is taken. The details about the casino and money you mention could point to the financial nature of such potential troubles, but not necessarily. Overall, there is obvious tension between the do and the don't, the sin and the virtue or the black and the white. You could be, at least subconsciously, feeling torn between two possible choices in your actions and decisions. This is probably causing you some considerable anguish. If you are able to recall more details or in case this dream vision occurs again with a different scenario, feel free to ask us to elaborate more on possible interpretation of what it could mean.
Becoming possessed by a ghost and punished by demons There was a ghost in my home awhile back. I showed my friends where I felt the ghost's presence. We asked if it was it with us. It replied *yes* through me. I became possessed and my friends ran away into another room after I asked them for help. I followed them to that room (not being possessed). My 2 y/o niece was sitting there and I sat across from her. She seemed older and asked me questions. If I didn't get them right I was punished by the demon. Sometimes I would get them wrong on purpose to see what would happen. One time nothing happened and my mom came in and said it was bad, something worse could happen later. Trying to communicate with a ghost in this dream could reveal some unhealthy relationships or the way you are treated by other people in your social circle. You are most likely cunningly deceived or subjected to lies by certain people you have to deal with on a regular basis. You could have made some conscious attempts to *test* their sincerity on several occasions, but unsuccessfully to this day. You are misguided and confused by either their behavior toward you or the information they share with you. Demons, as symbolic recollections taken from a dream, are often interpreted as clusters of negative energy accumulated by dreamers, and in the context of your dream story, you could be starting to test your limits of tolerance needed to deal with this situation and these people.
Exotic animals, seeing a ghost and being run over In the dream last night, first I somewhat remember animals that were moving furniture and other objects around in a cave to prevent from being caught or killed, these were exotic animals, I don't remember much more. Then I was a ghost in a house of a family and the eldest son said I see you, and we had sex in the attic. It was love making type of sex and very warm feelings. Then I was walking down the street, first I was in a silver SUV with my dad and other family and I saw a pep rally and jumped from the car and he ran me over. But I was OK but angry. Although this is a somewhat complicated dream with several symbolic visions mixed together, there are some points worth mentioning. Your visions of having sex with a stranger could be a reflection of your current state of mind when you are questioning whether you should continue seeing the person you have recently had a close intimate encounter with, or go your separate ways. You could be trying to get his attention by showing your other sides and aspects of your personality, however you are most likely failing in your attempts to impress him, as suggested by the vision of exotic animals in a cave. Finally, being run over by a car and surviving the accident could point out that you have lately been a part of confrontation or conflict with someone as far as romantic affairs are concerned, and you would be able to come out of this situation as a victor, no matter what had been said or done.
Communicating with people who were dead I been having this dream for the past 2 days of me dying and still being able to communicate with people that are living. Everyone knew I was dead but somehow I was still able to see them, touch them and talk to them although they weren't able to see me. The only people that were in my dream were my father who I don't talk to at all, my mom and my step father and some old childhood friends that we no longer talk to each other, but are still my neighbors. Along with them I was present in my high school graduation and I also saw a lot of strangers. I wasn't able to see my face clearly in my coffin. To generalize, you had a dream where you experienced either being a ghost or communicating with them, which could be indicative of some emotional turmoil or unsettled emotions which have been raging inside you. This could be because of a petty issue or a minor circumstance only, but one which you might be thinking is way too important due to its mysterious and enigmatic nature. Perceiving yourself dead in this dream is, however, a reassuring sign of upcoming positive changes and your ability to live and enjoy a much happier life and coming to terms with what's bothering you at the moment.
Hands by themselves I saw just 2 hands appearing and vanishing ... Then those hands started to hold and leaving my hands too. Seeing a hand or hands separated or apart from the rest of the body in a dream is a symbol for helplessness or a lack of control in a given situation. Disembodied hands mean seeking help to do or complete something or wishing to be able to do something, but being unable to take control or receive support from those you would normally count on. Based on the last part of this dream vision, you might have been asking around for help or assistance, but to no avail so far.
Someone killing lizards by touching I saw one person staying with us though cannot recall who it was killing lizards simply by touching them, one lizard falls near me on my bed and that one too is killed by him. I shriek and run. Being on or near your bed in a dream is a sign that whatever happens in the dream is concerning you. Seeing lizards in a dream may indicate danger, particularly from gossip and rumors, which may sully your reputation. However, someone is protecting you from this evil in your vision, predicting that there is someone on your side in real life too, like a close friend or family member, who is willing to defend you when others ridicule you or try to ruin your name.
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