A gorilla and a windshield cracking I dreamed I was outside with others, somehow there was a large gorilla nearby. He didn't bother me, but scared me, as I moved away from it. Also, I dreamed I was in car, side window was cracked, then windshield started cracking across, but I could still see, wasn't directly in my vision line. A gorilla generally represents power or sex-related situations. You are likely very attracted to or want to impress someone in your life, yet this person does not seem to be interested in you. It may be because you are intimidated by his presence, so your interactions are always awkward and uncomfortable. In the second dream, the cracked windshield and side window or glass represent your skewed or distorted view of reality. You are either overestimating your own abilities or underestimating your capacity to succeed. As a result, you are going to experience tremendous stress and difficulty in your quest to achieving your goals. If this is connected to the first dream, then you are actually prone to self-sabotage. Instead of having faith in yourself, you are the first one to bring yourself down. Bosses and authority figures would see your crippling insecurity and dismiss you as someone who is not ambitious enough to rise in your chosen industry.
Boyfriend being shot on the street Me and my boyfriend were walking the streets in a familiar city. He then gets in an argument with a stranger who decided to hit on me. After a long argument the stranger pulls out a small gun and shoots my boyfriend in the forehead. However, my boyfriend does not die. I called 911 and have him CPR and he survived. Dreaming that your boyfriend gets into an altercation with a stranger is an indication of your troubled relationship. The stranger who was hitting on you is actually an aspect of your personality which you are trying to suppress because this could damage your relationship with your boyfriend. In reality, this could point to differences in opinion. You strongly disagree with your boyfriend about certain issues, yet you do not openly contradict him because you do not want to cause any conflict. However, you may eventually lose your temper in reality which could lead to an argument. The imagery of your boyfriend getting shot in the head means you would win the argument or emerge as the more rational between the two of you. Fortunately, because he did not die, it means that you would be able to overcome this challenge and reconcile whatever differences you may have.
A body burning on the street and a white dog Burning of a dead body. The smoke was covering the entire street like a fog. Three people were trying to cross that street. I am yelling at them "Don't cross that way. I know another way". A white dog came running to me, with a scared look on its face and I took it in my hands with a smile. The person who was burning the body was singing a song which I didn't recognize. The presence of morbid imagery in dreams typically reveals that the dreamer is suffering. The burning corpse in your vision could symbolize self-destruction or a downward spiral, meaning your harmful and unhealthy habits or activities may be catching up with you. Perhaps you are developing these vices as a coping mechanism for some other troubles in your life. This is connected with the smokey fog that seemed to cover the streets, a symbol that implies you cannot see the damage you are doing to yourself or do not understand how to dig yourself out of this pit. The image of the white dog coming towards you, however, reveals that there is hope. White dogs symbolize true and loyal friends, so now would be a good time to rely on those who always have your best interests at heart. They would be able to help you solve your problems and develop healthier coping mechanisms.
A swing collapsing and things inside shoes A swing set collapse in the yard. A large bug in a shoe and 3 frogs in the other, 1 large poisonous and 2 small ones. The swing set in your vision points to a carefree attitude and uncomplicated lifestyle, possibly one that you used to have, judging by its collapsed state in the yard. Even though things have become more difficult for you, the shoes suggest not much has changed. This means that either this lack of change has caused you to stagnate and therefore become frustrated or that your position has been slowly deteriorating for some time. The large bug that was in one shoe is opposed to the frogs in the other. While the bug represents fear and negative emotions, the frogs could indicate the potential to grow from these setbacks. If you have the opportunity to make a big change in your life, particularly one that involves moving house or starting a new job, now may be the best time to make use of the opportunity that has presented itself. If you do not, you could continue to struggle for some time.
Meeting fiance at a festival I dreamed I'm at a festival and suddenly my fiancé who is saving up for over a year to join me and get married, suddenly appears in front of me, and excited to see me, tells me he decided to fly over. I'm shocked and happy and ask him where did he get the money to fly over but then I woke up and dream ended. What does this mean? The festival represents your happy place. It means you have a lot of reasons to be joyful and to celebrate. And since you are in a great place right now, especially emotionally, you would further attract blessings and good fortune in your life. Your fiance's arrival in the dream signals the fulfillment of your desires and aspirations. This also symbolizes your implicit trust in him because he has been nothing but steadfast and reliable, so remain patient because everything would start falling into place soon enough. The beginning of a new chapter in your life is about to begin.
Attacked by a mob and brother giving money I was homeless and found a nice quiet space to reflect and have peace on a dumpster. Some loud unruly boys came up and I asked them to watch their language. They turned angry and began to attack me. The group kept growing larger and taking turns hitting me. Before I knew it, I was being attacked by a mob of angry black teenagers. In real life, I’m a middle-aged black woman over 50. Earlier tonight, I dreamt my brother was giving a green American $80 bill! 2 complete different dreams. Being homeless in the dream world is normally associated with disappointment in reality. Being near a dumpster normally suggests being the victim of ill gossip or having your friends turn against you, but the quiet, peaceful sensation you felt may point more toward either an honest mistake on the part of your friend or that they are perhaps doing things you disagree with. In either case, the angry mob of unruly boys represents growing anxiety during this period. It seems you are very worried about this individual and what they are doing with their life. Perhaps you need to sit down and have a heart to heart with them to get this situation sorted. This matches perfectly with your other vision of receiving eighty dollars, a symbol associated with having a kind and generous nature. You have a knack for giving of yourself for the benefit of others, and this friend would certainly benefit from your kind aid.
A plane about to crash on the street I was walking down the street and I have seen a plane heading my direction, the bus driver said "Run for your life don't look back", as the plane got closer to me I woke up. A plane that is headed in your direction while you are on the ground, especially if it is quickly descending, means you are going to suffer a huge financial or material loss. Fortunately, the bus driver symbolizes a leader who will give you valuable advice to avoid bankruptcy or getting deep in debt. You need to listen to a financial adviser, your boss or anyone you trust about financial matters to be able to manage your money well. These are the only measures you can take to secure your savings.
Looking at a window front I was looking at a large window front from the outside and saw many images of Hanuman. Envisioning yourself peeking in through a window can be an indication of impending failure, especially if you have a large task or project ahead of you. You may find yourself struggling to meet the expectations set for you by a parent, teacher or boss. On one hand, you do not want to disappoint others or have them lose faith in you. Alternatively, you probably do not have the passion for the goal that has been set for you. Perhaps the image of Hanuman suggests your strengths lie elsewhere, and you should be focusing your energy on tasks that play to your traits and aspirations instead of committing yourself to something you do not like doing.
A homeless man stealing food I bought french toast and an omelette to go at a restaurant. I gave up my seat at a table to a family while I waited for my food. I left and the street lights started falling. I put down my food and a homeless man in a yellow shirt stole my food. I screamed for help to stop him, but I couldn't catch him. Both the french toast and omelet convey a positive message of satisfaction. Everything so far is going according to your plan and expectations. However, soon you will have to make certain sacrifices which would threaten your comfort and way of life. The falling street lights further point to depression. Once you are out of your comfort zone, you will begin to doubt your capability to get yourself out of this slump. Do not let hopelessness take over because while things will not be as great as you would want them to be, you are still luckier than others. In fact, the homeless man is a symbolic reminder to value what you have instead of whining about what you have lost.
A clinking gate A clinking gate. A clinking gate refers to a very tempting chance or opportunity to overhaul your life. If you decide to take on this offer, say a brand new job or a marriage proposal, you will be leaving behind your current routines and lifestyle. What comes after accepting this life-changing offer includes a lot of adjustment and a change of pace. This is likely very tempting for you because you are feeling bored or dissatisfied with current state of affairs.
Taking care of a homeless man A homeless man tries to steal my wallet (the one I have in real life) but I take it out of his bag. I load his stuff in mom's car. My mom and I get his haircut and get him cleaned up and are in the car driving to take him to a shelter. He made me feel nervous being around him and a little scared. The man was weird and seemed mentally ill. A homeless man as a dream symbol is usually a reminder for the dreamer to be grateful and to value what you have. This includes your loved ones, your health and your sense of security compared to other, less fortunate, people. Unfortunately, the other symbols in your dream suggest bad decisions. While you are financially secure, your own choices and actions could drive you into debt. This is illustrated by the homeless man trying to take or steal your wallet. You think you will always have your friends and family to bail you out or lend you money, but your recklessness and hedonism will eventually force them to withdraw support so you can learn how to manage your finances responsibly.
With mother in a taxi and a dead friend I am a female. I dreamed me and my mother in a taxi. She got out to meet a dead friend in real but alive in the dream. I wanted to go with her but I couldn't. He looked happy. We never been so close with him in our life though. I also knew he was dead in real. Is my mom in danger? The taxi in this dream likely reveals your gullible nature. You probably tend to allow others to control and boss you around, especially your mother. While her presence may be helpful in many ways, especially if she offers advice or moral support, the choices you make may be different under her eye than they would be if you were on your own. The presence of a friend you know has already passed is considered a symbol of shame and ridicule. Perhaps others in your social circle mock you for your lack of ability to discern between truth and lies. This vision can be interpreted as a sign that you should try to figure more things out by yourself and make decisions only after careful thought and consideration.
Riding fast and an explosion I was riding quite fast on a busy road, at times I'd lost my control maintaining the speed, at the brink there was a flash of explosion made my car blew off. Thought I died for real but at sudden I woke up. Driving fast signifies impatience and recklessness. Your tendency to want things to happen instantaneously makes you disregard the risks and negative consequences to yourself and to others. Unfortunately, you are headed for tragedy if you do not learn to weigh your actions more conscientiously. The explosion means whatever success you gain will not necessarily be good for you. You are on a self-destructive path and you must learn some self-awareness to avoid further damage.
Fixing potholes on the road I was clearing and filling the potholes of a bad road in a dream thereby making the bad road usable for the drivers. Filling and smoothing out potholes on the road means you are going to keep your head down and start fixing your financial problems for the benefit of your loved ones. Fortunately, with focus and consistency, your finances will stabilize soon enough. This is a sign of your selflessness and maturity when you are willing to sacrifice your time and energy to make yourself and others live a more comfortable and stable life.
A roadway blocked by a river I was making some beautiful crafts, selling them to a lady. She was wealthy and wanted me to make her several more. I was ready to stop making them, as they took a lot of time. I was driving toward her house, a long road off by itself. I saw her beautiful house, with many cars in the circle driveway, also a big gas truck. As I went by, there was a truck blocking me, with a man and 2 dogs going to her house. I turned the car around, and both ways the river had overflowed blocking both ways out. Dreaming about making beautiful handmade crafts usually depicts a desire to create or pursue a passion project. Art can also represent resourcefulness, which is why this dream symbol often appears in visions when the dreamer is experiencing a creative or mental block. This ties in with driving and the wealthy woman's beautiful house because it shows you are personally involved with this new venture rather than just being an observer or patron. However, the river that overflows and blocks your retreat is a two-fold symbol. On one hand, it represents a lack of guidance and a need, perhaps, to find a mentor to guide you on your creative endeavor. On the other hand, however, the water also prevents you from running away from your problems or avoiding your goal. In essence, this vision is the manifestation of your need for a creative outlet and a message from your subconscious that now is the time to let your creative juices flow.
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