Husband dancing naked I am a female and married. I dreamt that a man was trying to lure me but I did not give in. He insisted on knowing where my house was and I showed him a wrong house. Then I entered the house alone and met my husband naked slow dancing in aerobic manner while I looked at him smiling. He displayed such muscles and looked really serious as he danced. What could this mean? The man trying to lure or seduce you in the dream represents your growing sexual desires. You want to be more adventurous in bed and try out different ways to express your sexuality. However, your own inhibition is keeping you from telling your partner about your desires. The fact that you were misdirecting the man suggests your efforts at suppressing your sexual urges. You feel ashamed and worried that you will be judged. Then, you witnessed your naked husband dancing sensuously, which reveals your intense attraction to him. His state of nudity is an assurance that you are free to communicate your needs to him. It means he is open, totally transparent and trustworthy, so you have nothing to fear about experimenting with him.
Spouse in love with someone else I'm a female. I dreamt that my spouse moved on with a very brown pretty girl, and though I was there he didn't care. His brother said I should just move on because he doesn't love me anymore. I want to know what it means. Thank you. Dreaming that your spouse has left you for another woman actually has little to do with his fidelity or love for you in wake life. Rather, this symbol is a reflection of your own trusting or gullible personality. While this vision does not predict your husband would cheat on you, it does suggest that your own nature would prevent you from recognizing the signs of deceit happening around you. In essence, you could consider this vision a warning to be more careful about whom you trust and what information you share, especially online. There are plenty of people, be they supposed friends or faraway hackers, who could take advantage of your lack of discretion.
Wife beaten to death I have dreamt consistently of my wife being brutally beaten up by random people I don't know, and then every time, dying, as I am struggling to defend her life. And each time I become burdened with hiding her body, even though there are no signs of police or authorities that I need to worry about. It's been 3 times now during accidental naps I've taken. Which I no longer enjoy. Thank you for your time. Analysis of this dream suggests that there is absolutely nothing to worry about despite the disturbing imagery you are perceiving. The beating and passing of your wife in your vision is actually symbolic of her good health and well-being. She may even be able to enjoy extra peace of mind after getting some good news or taking some time to herself. The other symbol, having to hide the body, represents the repression of some aspect of your personality or some nagging thoughts. Perhaps you feel guilty about your true feelings and hope that ignoring them would bring peace and happiness to your connection with your wife. However, it would be better to be straightforward with your significant other so that you can both enjoy the time you spend in each other's company.
Getting into the casket with dead husband I dreamed that my husband was lying in a casket and still looked ok, color in his skin. As he was moved to the side I went in the casket and laid next to him on his left side and moved his arms to touch me, his left arm stayed down next to my body and I put the his right on my upper left arm to hold me. As I did this he all of a sudden took a deep breath and became alive and got out of the casket and went to find out why was he in the casket and left me there while I looked glad he was alive. Getting into the casket with what appears to be your dead husband could be interpreted as a sign of your devoted nature. Death is not necessarily the end of love, so this symbol could be a reflection of your love for your husband beyond *until death do us part.* Despite your love for your husband, however, you may not care as much for some of his relatives. Seeing your husband rise from the casket seemingly alive predicts having to deal with a visitor whose presence in your home would require you to do a lot of work beforehand. For example, your mother-in-law may be a neat freak, so you would have to clean the entire house before her arrival so that she does not have any fuel with which to berate you.
Husband having two penises I saw two penises on my husband, the larger one was covered in exotic feathers like a headdress and the smaller one was flatter but growing when I touched it. This vision seems to be related to your sex life with your husband. In general, the image of a penis in a woman's dreams allude to some challenges in the physical aspect of her relationship with her partner. The two diverging penises allude to two children. In some cases they represent children already present, but some traditional sources also consider them indicators of the number a children a woman would have in her lifetime. Touching your husband's penis under these circumstances could reveal there is some disconnect between what the two of you want for your family. One of your may desire more children than the other. The penis with feathers is a warning that this discord may cause your eyes and heart to stray if you are not careful. It would be wise to discuss things openly with your spouse so that you are both happy and on the same page about what you want.
Fighting with wife We were old and my wife said "That's it, I'm done with you, get out!". Then she chased me out trying to kill me with a razor. I ran out and fell in a bush and was trying to fight her off. Then I woke up. Seeing yourself and your wife as older than you are in reality is often thought to be the reflection of the times you live in. In essence, you are probably experiencing a rough patch either financially or medically. However, the fight you had actually represents how close you two are in wake life. Even in these challenging times your relationship is able to deepen because you work together so well. The razor blade points toward more hardship and trials in the future, but with your partner at your side you would be able to get through anything.
Husband announcing his love for another woman I dreamt my husband came to me and said he is in love with Bernadette. He then walks away holding this lady's hands. Envisioning that your husband is in love with someone else is generally not considered a prophetic dream. Rather, this dream symbolically represents your unconscious recognition that you tend to be too trusting or gullible. Seeing your husband as a cheater or a liar suggests you know that you give people too much credit. In fact, this dream may be a reaction to a recent situation in which you were duped by something that was too good to be true. Alternatively, it may be a warning from your subconscious mind that you need to be more careful about who you are dealing with in reality.
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