Floating on water face down I have a recurring dream. I usually have it when I'm happy and content which is rare. Otherwise, I hardly ever dream and if I do it's horrible. My recurring dream is that I'm always floating in water, can be all different bodies of water, but in each dream I am floating face down and find something under water that I want, cool beach glass, jewels, perfect shells. It makes me really happy and excited. Water is often used to symbolize emotions and consciousness, such that floating in water typically suggests peace and contentment. As you mentioned, whenever you are in a good mood or disposition, those are the times this theme in your dream recurs. As such, the image of floating on water likely reflects your stability and full control in the waking world. In those moments, you are able to manage your emotions and gain clarity about your purpose. Furthermore, the items you find underwater likely represent new insights or perspectives you have gained. These thoughts or ideas fuel your motivation to keep on working towards your goals.
Walking through objects with ease I always seem to have dreams that I am walking through walls and glass windows without them breaking and I can't feel the sensation as I push through them. But every dream I have I can do the same and also can control what I am dreaming, like if I wanted to fly I could or control objects in them. Walking through walls and windows is symbolically associated with the idea of freedom in the dream world. The recurring nature of this vision suggests you are in the process of or have the ability to break the bonds that have tied you down for a long time. Being able to control your actions in the dream world represents your ability to make things happen in reality, meaning that if you put your mind to it, you can do anything you set your heart on. You should be on the lookout for opportunities to spread your wings and make your dreams come true.
Telling oneself to leave the house I dreamt that a girl came to my house and I told her she had to leave and put her in a car. I couldn't see her face until the car was driving away and she rolled down the window and it was me. Refusing to allow someone to enter your house and physically escorting them away from the premises may reflect a personal tendency to avoid facing the truth of the situation. While some say that ignorance is bliss, willful ignorance would probably end up hurting you more than if you just accepted the situation the way it is unfolding. In fact, seeing yourself as the girl at the end of the vision suggests you may already be aware of this problem. This vision, then, is possibly a message from your subconscious asking you to face your problems in a straightforward way and formulate a possible solution.
Losing friends and being naked in public I have two recurring dream themes. One is I'm going somewhere with a friend who is leading the way. I always get separated, I lose him or her in the crowd or I look away and he or she is gone. I will wander along after that. The other dream is I'm often nude in very commonplace situations with others around. I'm the only naked one. I only care because I know they will. What do these things mean??? Having a friend leading you and then losing your way in this dream likely means that you are uncertain about where you are headed, so you tend to take a cue on others and just follow their lead. You may rely heavily on the advice of your peers and loved ones. Furthermore, you tend to constantly look for guidance because of self-doubt and insecurity. On the other hand, you could also be facing and navigating a new phase in your personal journey and you are struggling to adapt to this recent change. As for the second dream theme, nudity or being naked in public likewise reveals your fears and insecurities. This is not necessarily about body image, instead it serves to illustrate your vulnerability and sensitive nature. You could be afraid to show your weaknesses because others could use them to take advantage of you. Ultimately, these recurring themes highlight your fear of being placed in a compromising position and you tend to prefer situations wherein you have full control.
Carrying a heavy burden My dream was about carrying something heavy. That it was so heavy I struggle to walk, and each step I make will make my legs shake and want to fall, but I keep trying to keep walking. And I see a long road, then I wake up. Dreaming about carrying a heavy burden is symbolic of the extra responsibilities you have taken up in wake life. Struggling to carry the weight is a direct representation of your weariness and fatigue. However, the fact that you still carry on suggests you have both the power and endurance to bear all the burdens, even those that are not yours to keep. While it is good to be dependable in many situations, it is also important to take care of yourself. You can help others without overdoing it to the extent that you hurt yourself.
Seeing oneself in a truck accident I'm in a truck accident, the truck is rolled over on the passenger side, but the driver side is damaged. I'm outside talking to the people at the scene but I can see my body in the truck, so can the other people. Being involved in a truck accident in your dream likely points to a mistake or a severed bond in reality. You may have made bad decisions that have negatively affected your day-to-day existence. Alternatively, you may have, or could soon, cut ties with friends and loved ones due to personal differences. Either way, you may have to deal with a lot of loose ends and unresolved issues in the wake of those incidents. Furthermore, viewing your body as a third person implies objectivity. Time and distance would give you a perspective free of emotions to understand the events or decisions that led to your current state.
Lifted in the air by an unknown force I was in my kitchen when I was putting on this black hoodie. I then got lifted into the air close to the ceiling and around in circles. When I flew by the hall mirror I realized nothing was holding me, but it definitely felt like something had its grip on me. I woke up yelling "Put me down!". The starting location of this dream, the kitchen, suggests you are currently under a lot of stress in waking life. This stress is manifesting itself in your dream both through this sign and the image of the black hoodie, a symbol commonly associated with sadness and depression. This is opposed by the idea that you were flying or being carried through the air, as this is usually associated with a positive outlook on life. It seems that your current situation may even be exasperating to your unshakable optimism.
Drowning in blood and water I drowned in my own blood, then in a pool of water. Blood can be a metaphor for passion and love, while water refers to your consciousness and emotions. You could fall head over heels in love with somebody only to have your heart broken. The aftermath of the heartbreak would leave you wallowing in misery and crippling self-doubt. Then again, the dream could be a reference to the saying "blood is thicker than water." You could have a falling out with one of your relatives or family members, perhaps because of differing ideologies, which would trigger a period of soul searching and introspection on your part.
Unable to write and being robbed of money Same dream. My boyfriend holding a strange female's hand slightly on the fingers, guiding her while walking on the grass out of his yard. A young male friend with them in which I held back to write my phone number with a red ink pen. I tried writing the number on the wall and on paper, it was not visible for the guy to see it to contact me if there was any deception going on with my boyfriend. Also being mugged by strange man on roadside who kept grabbing my money (20's rolled up) and a bank card. Witnessing your boyfriend holding the hand of another girl in your dream is a reflection of your insecurity. You may be questioning your boyfriend's love and loyalty in the real world due to some observable changes in his behavior. Likewise, the mugging incident represents your fear of losing something valuable, likely a reference to your fear of losing your boyfriend, as illustrated in the first scenario. Instead of jumping to conclusions, perhaps your subconscious is merely showing you your own apprehensions so that you can discuss or work out your concerns about your relationship in a straightforward manner before you go overboard with your assumptions.
Being a slave to own family Female. I was a slave in my childhood home and would only be allowed basic things if I completed tasks. Mother refused to help me. Dreaming of being a slave likely points to your sense of oppression in the real world. Perhaps you feel like a prisoner in your home and you want to have more freedom to pursue your interests. Even as an adult, you may still feel the burden of expectations from your family or society in general. This perceived notion of always needing to please others could be bringing out feelings of frustration and resentment. You want to break free. However, the fact that your mother does not help you in the dream means that you may tend to depend on your parents or other powerful figures to make important decisions. Perhaps it is time for you to stand up for yourself and do whatever it is that makes you happy instead being limited by what others expect of you.
A little girl resembling self I had a dream that I was with my family and my boyfriend and they wanted me to watch this little girl that looked exactly like me as a child and when she looked up at me, she had one eye that was blue and one was red. Then I was sitting at a table eating with my family and the little girl popped up and opened her eyes and I just screamed so loud and hid behind my mom. I am a female and I am 18 and am very curious about my dream meaning. Seeing a younger version of yourself in this dream probably means that you are approaching a crossroads in your existence. You may have some unresolved issues from your past which would once again resurface. The scenario involving your family eating a meal points to a significant event in your future which would affect everyone in your close kin. Perhaps a wedding would take place or a big gathering. Whatever the case, your personal demons and past issues may get in the way of a happy occasion. You may need to deal with your problems before you can welcome a new chapter in your personal journey.
Own self standing by the bed I dreamed that I woke up, checked my alarm clock and it was 5 minutes before my alarm went off. I was startled by someone standing at the edge of my bed. It was me. I was just standing there looking at me (but I'm definitely only aware of being the me in bed). The standing me appears very calm. My presence doesn't scare me, but gives me the feeling that I can't do anything. Then my alarm woke me up. Seeing your likeness or a doppelganger in a dream generally alludes to bad decisions. In addition, doppelgangers portend tragic events such as accidents, physical decline or general bad luck. These unfortunate circumstances could be brought about by careless decision-making or even reckless behavior. Furthermore, noticing the alarm clock in the same dream reveals your anxieties. You may feel like you are running out of time in trying to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself. This sense of dread and apprehension, if left uncontrolled or allowed to influence your state of mind, could lead to a period of suffering. Hence, it may be best to be prudent with your actions and decisions to avoid negative outcomes.
Staring at a bowl and seeing an object in the sky I was sitting at a table in a small house staring at a bowl of soup for quite some time. Then I stood up and walked out to the backyard, it was a large field with a treeline after about 100ft. I then looked up and saw a large object floating in the sky. I am a male. This vision seems to be related to a friendship from your past, either a recent one that ended due to a conflict or one from long ago that fell apart because of distance and time. In either case, staring at the bowl of soup suggests that you lost a relationship which was important to you, and the result is that you have felt a bit of melancholy since that time. You probably valued that individual's companionship, so losing it has left you more alone and vulnerable than you were before. The treeline in the distance implies your current connections cannot fill the void left by this friend. This leads to the symbol of the large object in the sky, a sign that represents adversity. You would either have to find a way to make amends with this friend or get over your sadness so you can connect with someone new.
Ability to breathe underwater I have dreams, different ones, where i can breathe underwater. In a dream vision, being in water is often associated with opportunity. Being underwater, however, might be the manifestation of some existing fears, suggesting that this opportunity may be an art or hobby that you do not think could be a viable path for you. Your ability to breathe underwater, then, serves as a reminder that anything is possible with creativity and a bit of elbow grease. If you put your mind to it, no path is impossible.
Seeing own self in a mirror I had a dream of seeing someone behind me in a mirror, but I was alone in my bedroom and upon looking closely at the mirror it was me, it was like looking at my twin though I don't have one! She was me, but wearing a green floral dress. It was so creepy I freaked out and woke up with a start! Seeing your likeness or your own image in the dream world suggests regrettable decisions. Dreaming of doppelgangers typically carries a negative message because they represent the dreamer's unsavory characteristics or dark sides. Thus, looking into a mirror and seeing your doppelganger means you likely need to confront your issues and personal problems before they take over or play havoc with your state of mind. Take care not to allow your pessimism or negative worldview to dictate your actions in the real world.
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