Resisting falling off a bridge A recurring nightmare I had when I was about 4 where I'd fall from an actual local bridge into the falls below. I would awaken in a fright. In the final occurrence I realized I was dreaming and flew to the ground and ran off laughing. I have never had a nightmare since. This dream has actually had a profound change on the way I see fear and life in general. The bridge in your dream refers to your social connections. As such, falling off the bridge reveals your fear of being isolated and left to fend for yourself. As a kid, this fear may stem from abandonment issues. This kind of dream may recur every time you feel rejected by peers and loved ones in the waking world. Consequently, falling into the waterfalls represents your emotional response to rejection and feelings of isolation. It also symbolizes being overwhelmed by difficulties and challenges associated with striving to reach your goals. So the awareness in the dream which subsequently leads you to fly and run off laughing is indicative of the resilience and courage you have developed over the years. Perhaps you are slowly getting braver and able to stand on your own two feet.
Trapped in a maze and a voice commanding I'm female. The dream I have is a recurring dream. In my dream I'm always in a maze, I get a small sense of foreboding when I start walking through the maze as if I'm being watched. It's also always nighttime, but I never see any stars. After a while of walking and ending up in front of dead ends, a heavy fog seems to settle. I hear a voice beckoning me to come to it. When I don't, I feel something cold grab me and pull me towards the voice. The fog lifts, then and I'm standing in a mass of bodies. This recurring dream of finding yourself in a maze may allude to your inability to handle a problem in a straightforward manner. Your meandering ways could be taking you further away from your goals. Similarly, the starless night sky reveals the kind of hopelessness or loss of motivation that happens to you whenever things become too complicated. The voice and the mass of bodies, therefore, point to an immediate need for decision-making and becoming able to confront your problems head on, as others are depending on you. You may have to rethink your strategies and attitude during challenging times, so this anxiety-laden dream would stop recurring.
Being chased by something in the storm I was escaping from something, maybe aliens, I was grasping at the tops of trees holding on, it was pouring rain and windy. I found a house and was looking for supplies, someone was there and gave me some things. I told them I had to get away and survive. As I was leaving the house I remember thinking, "I don't even have an umbrella". And walked out into this horrible storm. A dream about being chased by unknown force, such as aliens, reflects your innate desire to escape from changes which are foreign or new to you. Perhaps you, as an individual, may be resistant to any modifications appearing in the course of your everyday existence. The fact that you eventually found shelter reveals the help you would receive when you struggle to make decisions on your own. In the dream world an umbrella signifies safety and security. Since you realized in the dream you did not have an umbrella while being caught in the storm, it could mean that you are left alone to deal with realities of life and therefore resist any influence or outside forces you think could negatively impact your life.
Being told of being wanted by authorities I had a vivid dream that I was getting my cards read and she first said that I would be going back to college, then she just turned and looked at me and said "Did you sin"? I said yes she then said "The authorities are looking for you". I jumped up and tried to go back to sleep but I couldn't. Being told that you would go back to college by a card reader reveals your inner thoughts about your achievements and whatever milestones you may have reached thus far. The associated guilt about the sin suggests feelings of ineptitude or being undeserving of the life you currently lead. Either you are insecure, or you think you have somehow failed the people who matter most to you. You may need to spend some time getting to the root of your insecurities in order to stop feeling unworthy and be confident in your situation in life.
Many images around while being held against own will In my dream I was being held against my will, throwing a fit about not being able to wash my laundry, talking to an undercover cop, seeing a little kid with burn blisters on them, hot frying oil, and walking around an unknown village. Being held against your will in a dream is a manifestation of your feelings of being restricted in the waking world. All these surreal images point towards your current state of mind. It seems as if there is a great deal of turmoil going on and you need to get some respite. Talking to a cop represents searching for an authority figure who could help you deal with these problems. The child with blisters represents impeding problems which you may have to face because of your inability to break free of limitations. Similarly, the image of walking around an unknown village could symbolize financial losses. Perhaps your indecisiveness is what may cause you to lose your financial footing. Make sure you take the necessary measures to help you get out trouble and try to reassert yourself to gain control of your life.
Floating in space and ending up in a house Since the age of 5 same dream. I start to fall asleep, but instead get up, I find my body is different, lighter and happy. I see myself laying in my bed and I fly to space and notice I can feel it like a soft fabric. I pinch a bit of space and tear a hole in it, inside it's bright light and I crawl into the torn hole. I fall into a room with a wooden table and perfect circle of light. A man with no face comes and tells me things to do with my life. I wake up and walk to my window and asked how long I have been alive. 5 years old. Dreaming about being in space without a spaceship is a subconscious manifestation of your habit of indulging in wayward fantasies. Perhaps as a child you may have liked daydreaming and still do. This is further reinforced by the image of entering an almost real-life situation, like being in a room where you are given advice regarding your life by a stranger. It is your own subconscious attempts to break free from these fantasies, so you could concentrate on things which are actually important. It is okay to keep time aside for trivialities, but focus more on tasks which truly matter.
Convinced the town is on fire Female. My dream consisted of watching the town I reside in, burn from a wildfire that came from a northern city (flames like the northern lights). No one in the town seems bothered by this. While I am trying to get my family to evacuate, each member calmly tells me they will and not to worry. My husband especially is very laid back about the fire that seems to be closer to our home. Also, my best friend lectures me on taking food with us, takes it out of my hands then eats it. Dreaming about a town burning, despite the morbid imagery, has positive connotations. It marks an event or joyful occurrence which is surprising. Since this is unanticipated, it is going to give you great pleasure and happiness. This denotes a time in your life when you would be contented with whatever you have and become blessed with more than you thought. This is further reinforced by your family members unperturbed by the fire. It could mean that things would eventually fall into place and harmony inside your family would remain balanced. However, the image of your friend eating up your food reveals the jealousy a friend might feel at hearing about your good fortune. Make sure you keep yourself guarded from such people and do not reveal too much to those who may be envious.
Living in an unfamilar city and a bird flying in I was on the phone with my ex-bf whom I haven't been with for 5 years now, he was asking me where I live now. I remember looking around out the window and seeing tall buildings like I was living in the city. I then walked to the bathroom and I could see a bird flying towards me. The bird had a bright light around it, it flew in my window and on my head and pooped on me and the bird was saying like a poem or riddle. I can't remember what it was saying. In a dream, conversing with an ex-boyfriend has negative connotations. It could denote one of the people close to you, such as a family member, spouse or friend, becoming ill or disabled. This vision does not reveal the severity of the condition, but the later symbols indicate you could profit or better your situation due to these circumstances. This is because seeing tall buildings signifies a fortunate event positively affecting your finances. It suggests that you are likely to receive a financial incentive, like a stipend, bonus or reward. This positive event is further strengthened by the talking bird, as this particular sign symbolizes fortune and good luck. It would be wise to take a chance and go forward with activities that you have been planning for a while.
Going the opposite way from others Everyone is going round and me going the opposite way round to them. Being surrounded by a group of people in a dream vision is a powerful portent indicative of exciting developments or events taking place in reality. Given the opposing directions of your movement, you may be about to go against the grain and do something new and interesting that others have yet to try. While you may feel some embarrassment, shyness or even discomfort at the idea of standing out, this vision suggests something great could come of your efforts if you put yourself out there and have courage.
Unable to dial emergency number I keep having dreams where different emergencies are happening and I need to dial 911, but something happens each time to where my fingers physically cannot dial the numbers. Sometimes my fingers physically won't move, sometimes I keep pressing the wrong numbers, and sometimes my fingers just keep missing the buttons. Being in a catastrophic or emergency situation in a dream vision often predicts much the same in wake life, namely that you may find yourself in some difficult situation in the near future. This is opposed by the image of you unsuccessfully contacting emergency services on the phone, a symbol which points toward self-deprecating feelings or behavior. You may think you are unlucky when in reality there is nothing wrong or there are very few problems in your life. These two signs combined seem to suggest that you blow things out of proportion or even make problems where none exist. This vision could be a warning from your subconscious to chill out and see the good in life rather than focusing on the bad.
Being alone I have had two reoccurring dreams. Both I was alone. One was about being alone in a big house and it was cozy inside and storming outside. The other was me traveling the world alone. Dreaming of being alone likely pertains to feelings of isolation and rejection. You could be feeling neglected or misunderstood. Then again, it could also mean that you have a tendency to isolate yourself or become detached from your surroundings. The first dream of being by yourself in a big house while it is storming outside symbolizes disconnection. Perhaps you realize that you are unable to empathize with the problems of others because of your privilege. Thus, this could become a lonely existence. On the other hand, solo travels refer to your quest towards self-awareness. In order to empathize and understand the plight of others, perhaps it is necessary to reflect on your own feelings and behavior.
Meeting with a younger version of oneself Hello, I had a dream last night about meeting my younger or past self. I met with a 14-16 year old me and I am 21. I've never encountered this type of dream before and I can't find a consistent interpretation online. What does this mean? Thank you. Themes involving the past in the dream world usually have something to do with nostalgia. In your case, meeting your younger self likely means that you are currently at a crossroads in your personal journey. Maybe there are still unresolved issues from your youth and loose ends you need to deal with before moving forward with your journey. Alternatively, this current dilemma you are facing may be inspiring a desire to go back to a less complicated existence during your teenage years. This is probably an idealized period because you were more carefree and careless with your actions. Meanwhile, you now have to contend with grown-up responsibilities and accountability. This is probably why your fears and anxieties are making you confront and revisit your more youthful self.
Getting wet while others do not I saw a dream in which I was getting wet and my friend only few distance away was just looking at the rain and was not getting wet. This vision contains two fairly ominous symbols and, as a result, should be regarded carefully. First, getting drenched by rain in a dream vision means you would have much trouble in the near future. This symbol is often associated with both conflict and failure. The other image, your nearby friend being unaffected by the rain, can have one of two possible interpretations under these circumstances. On one hand, it could simply represent your friend being unable to help and support you during this trying time or, more disturbingly, that your friend has somehow played a part in your misfortune.
Surrounded by lions and toilets A group of lions around me in a den but did not hurt me. I found myself on a road full of toilets. To find yourself in a den full of lions means you would interact with someone ignorant and selfish in the future. This is likely to be someone who is already present in your life, although they may not have exhibited such behavior before. Such an interaction with this individual would change you, but because you were unhurt by the lions, it is possible that you may come out better than before. This vision is confirmed by the second dream. A road littered with toilets signifies a huge alteration in your daily life that is completely opposite from what you are used to. You may be able to use your dealing with the selfish man or woman to become the ideal version of yourself and, in doing so, create a completely new image and lifestyle.
Being able to breathe under water I was walking beside a semi-crowded public outdoor pool with overflowing water, suddenly I lose my balance and fall into the water face first with half of my body submerged, but it didn't seem like I was drowning. I could breathe normally and it was actually soothing seeing that it was hot that day. I also had a small snorkel in my hand that I never used, and at that moment I wake up. Dreaming about accidentally falling into a pool of water portends unexpected changes soon occurring in your life. These could actually alter everything for you and even dramatically impact the course of your life. However, when you perceived yourself able to breathe while being submerged, it's an indication that you would adapt to these circumstances easily and may even benefit from them. Make sure that you keep yourself open to anything new and continue to stay focused to get the best out of any situation, no matter how unexpected or complicated it might seem.
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