Walking naked through neighborhood I find myself walking at night naked or nearly naked to get to my car or to get home which is several miles away and through a neighborhood that I am familiar with and where people would know me. In the dream I have not yet been caught but I'm worrying about it. I wake up before I get caught but never make it home or to my car. Your dream wherein you are walking naked at night alludes to fear of being exposed. Exposure could mean long-held secrets or things that you are ashamed of. Maybe you got involved in questionable activities and you are anxious about being found out. Whatever secret it is that you are hiding, you fear that it would bring you shame and tarnish your reputation. Alternatively, this dream could be a reflection of your low self-esteem. Perhaps you are not yet fully comfortable in your own skin or you have not fully embraced your flaws and shortcomings. You may be a perfectionist, hence you do not want others to find out about your insecurities and weaker sides. However, in order to find security and inner peace, as symbolized by the need to go home, you need to be able to accept yourself fully, as any human being who has flaws and weaknesses.
Going through a series of losses Was in a change room, left for 2 seconds and an aboriginal lady stole my purse, but I caught her. We got into a big argument waited for cops to come and was waiting for my husband. I was crying a lot. A lady asked if I was going to be OK. Then, all of a sudden, I was driving alone, very upset, realized I was lost and scared on a dangerous road, called husband, crying, saying "I'm lost". Came to a bridge, lost control of the car, dropped phone and woke up. This dream seems to suggest feelings of insecurity on your part inside your relationship with your husband. Losing a purse to a theft in this dream is indicative of owing someone a debt, but being unable to repay them when asked to. Both waiting for the police to arrive and having an accident on a bridge allude to great uncertainty and a lot going on on your mind at the moment. Perhaps you sense that you are left alone in this predicament, without any help or support you would expect from your husband or other family members.
Looking for something house-to-house I am trying to get somewhere. I have left something and need to get back to get it. In trying to accomplish that I make my way back as the crow flies. I find myself walking into people's houses. Houses I don't know and people I don't know. Walking into a door and knowing I need to crawl out a window to get to where I am going... I try to not let them see me and when they do it is no big deal. During my venture I get side-tracked, never accomplishing what I set out to find. Dreaming that you have left something behind and need to go back to that place to retrieve it symbolically represents the presence of a task or decision that you have yet to take care of. This outstanding issue is likely something you have been avoiding, as the image of entering through a door could point toward some indecisiveness about the matter. Maybe you are unsure about the consequences and want to avoid responsibility for the results, or maybe you are afraid that you can never return to where you were before the choice was made. In either case, exiting from the window is probably a suggestion from your subconscious to jump in feet first and not worry too much about things you do not have control over.
Left in the dark after candles burn out It was about candles and some were being put out and others were just going out by themselves. All of a sudden everything got dark and I got upset for no reason, but I couldn't move because I was stuck, so I ended up crying. Seeing burning candles suddenly being extinguished without reason or explanation is an ill-omen. Candles usually represent good luck when trying to reach certain goals, but seeing them being put out points to certain issues that would get between you and what you are hoping to accomplish. Being unable to move and crying at the end could be interpreted as your own feelings of helplessness regarding the difficulties you may encounter along the way.
Losing a singing voice Hi, I love singing. That's what I am praying for if that is what God wants me to do with my voice. I sang in the bar before, but I know God don't want me to sing there. I sang also praise and worship songs. I was dreaming that my golden voice disappeared, I don't know if they can still hear me, all I know I can't hear it myself, or let's say I am deaf! I cried because I lost my voice. What does it mean? Thank you and more power. Losing your voice or being unable to hear your own voice in a dream represents the sadness you feel or the concern you have for the future of your singing career. You seem to have strong motivation to sing, but your circumstances do not allow you to shine to your fullest potential. In this case, your vision is a warning about falling into despair, perhaps giving up your dream altogether. It may be time to find a new attack plan to achieve your goals and utilize your voice under the right circumstances.
Misfortunes happening in a row I am from India and I have come to Canada to my relatives. This is the third dream I had last night. The first was I am with my daughter in a lift going up in a building and the lift wire broke, it started falling down fast and I woke up with fear. In the second, I was in aircraft with my family and suddenly my wife had a heart attack, I was in distress and I saw my son creating ruckus on the plane and wanted it to land immediately. The third was I was in a room in a building and it started falling and I woke up. These visions are highly ominous and should be regarded with caution. Falling in a lift is a very inauspicious symbol associated with a decrease in your quality of life. Despite your recent change of scenery, there are likely some aspects of life which have not improved. For example, you may have difficulty communicating your wants and needs to others, or the change in climate may have started having a negative effect on your overall health. Envisioning your wife having a heart attack while in flight also suggests misfortune, suggesting that the cause is your own inability to manage your time and resources wisely. You may want to take your next steps more carefully than you were planning to avoid the worst of these issues.
Running through a loop of doors I had a nightmare that involved someone trying to kill me. I kept going through doors, but none of them lead to where they should've gone. I couldn't see who was trying to kill, but I was very afraid. I was stuck in a continuous loop of going through doors. Someone attempting to kill you during the course of a dream vision is an ominous sign predicting the rise of negative energy in your life, specifically in the form of a new acquaintance who tries to coerce you into doing things you normally would not. Going through door after door and being unable to find an escape route suggests finding your way out of this situation could prove to be very challenging. Because you were unable to solve the problem before the end of the dream, it could represent your inability to do so in wake life as well.
Being naked in public places I continually dream that I am in some public place busy with what I am doing and suddenly realize that my breast are exposed (naked). I am embarrassed, but I try to stay cool about it. People are looking, but I try to act like I am confident. This has been in different pubic settings in each dream. Dreaming of being naked in public reveals your fears and insecurities. This is not about body image, rather an issue of vulnerability. You could be reluctant to show your weaknesses lest they get used against you. It is also possible that you are afraid that others would find out about certain secrets or private information about you. You dislike being in a compromising position and you tend to prefer situations wherein you have full control.
Unable to find way back home I left my kids at home whilst I went to the shop round the corner and I got lost and couldn't find my way home. I rung my mum to go to my room after them because I felt my baby was crying, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get home. Getting lost while out and about is often associated with the idea of misunderstandings and communication troubles between you and those around you. In this case, your mother could be one of the main sources of your frustration in this regard, given her presence in the vision. You may also feel some distance between you and your children which is represented by the physical separation experienced in this vision. It may be wise to be more clear about your wants and desires when talking, but also to listen carefully both to what others are saying and what they are not saying.
Unable to count when asked Since I was little I always had this dream where I would be asked to count. I don't know what I would count, but I couldn't ever count, not even to one. I would wake up crying and I have never been able to count and I want to know what my dream means. Counting in dreams typically alludes to being organized to the point of being obsessive. It signifies discipline and systematic thinking. Thus, being unable to count could point to a laid-back attitude. Perhaps others are putting a lot of pressure on you or forcing you to be more responsible and it is not in your nature to be the one in charge. This recurring dream means you may be constantly faced with responsibilities you did not choose or want in the first place. However, having no other choice or not wanting to disappoint others still makes you do your best to perform your duties despite piling stress.
Unable to see but hearing loud voices When I was younger, I had a recurring dream. I couldn't see anything. I could only hear. It started as one whisper and grew into a thousand of people talking really loudly. Dreaming that you are blind refers to your tendency to ignore the truth even when it is already obvious. You may be experiencing difficulties and problems at the moment and you refuse to acknowledge their overpowering effects. Perhaps you are ignoring the obvious solution because it would involve your own effort and time. The recurring aspect of this dream means you are not learning a valuable lesson. Maybe you need to listen more to others rather than rely on your own ways, because a second opinion can offer valuable insights and help look at things from a different perspective.
The complete opposite of reality In my dream, I went to sleep and dreamed about my life and how it is now. When I woke up in the dream, everything was completely opposite. I lived west instead of east. My best male friend was a woman and my wife, my real wife was my best friend. Instead of being an engineer I was a nurse, or a doctor. In the dream I have no kids, in real life I do. My dad died instead of my mom. And when I would try to tell people in the dream that it wasn't right they thought I was crazy. I don't feel right, now. Dreaming that your life is the opposite of what it is now is an ominous message to receive in a dream vision. This vision speaks of peer rejection, suggesting your social life and interactions may suffer greatly in the near future. It could be that you are simply being misunderstood, or people may begin to distance themselves from you because your words and actions may be rubbing them the wrong way. In many ways, this could symbolize the need for self-assessment and an evaluation of how you treat and interact with others. If you do not, you could go through a period of loneliness and isolation, which could in turn result in extreme depression.
White clothes and straight hair Wearing white pants and white suit jacket with low hills and hair freshly done straight. Wearing white clothes in your dream refers to substantial changes in your life that would happen in the near future. However, these events or circumstances would have a negative impact on your current situation and thus would likely lead to undesirable outcomes. Alternatively, it means you are trying to be optimistic about your life. The straightened hair points to achieving clarity through a more pragmatic and down-to-earth perspective.
Hiding from being seen I move to avoid being seen and am hiding behind a bicycle tire. I continue to move to keep from being seen. In real life I am moving in bed. I have had this dream 3 times and actually fall out of bed onto the floor each time. Hiding or not wanting to be seen in a dream implies keeping secrets as well as shame. You could be in the possession of some sensitive information and you are afraid of being found out.The recurring aspect of this dream means that the weight of keeping secrets is starting to take its toll on you. You are restless in the dream and in reality possibly because your conscience is constantly keeping you in check. Perhaps some of what you are doing in the waking world goes against your beliefs and values.
Being a male for females I am a female but for years I have dreamt that I am a male of some sort. Usually in a fantasy or movie setting. I only have dreams that I am myself when it's about work or stressful or upsetting situations in my life. For a woman, being a man in a dream vision represents constant anticipation that some aspect of your day-to-day existence could become rather unusual. You may be expecting that this strange turn of events could have a deep impact on your life and on interactions with others despite seeming to be inconsequential in the short-term. The fact that these visions often take place in unreal or fictional settings supports this idea, further showcasing the different twists and turns you constantly expect to take place in your life.
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