Training someone to be a fighter and improve I was watching a random person whom I apparently knew fight. The person lost the fight and was getting criticized by our peers. I guess we were all fighters. I kept telling him that he just needed to work harder and eventually he would improve. Some random person suggested that I should train him. All of a sudden, I'm sitting in a circle with some people meditating, when I make my choice to train this person. I hop up with a new aura of energy and tell this person that I will help them. The whole dream changes. Everyone's hyped up as they know this person is going to be something special. Overall, this dream vision of training your peer to be a fighter could be revealing your own lack of leadership and initiative when you need it the most. It could be that you have faced some episodes of indecisiveness or lack of control in your everyday dealings. Trying to control another person or people in a dream carries notions of being unable to manage your interaction with other people, which could be hurting your self-confidence and personal character. You seem to have a strong and courageous personality, but you could be at odds as far as you ability to get your points across is concerned.
Interacting with a crush and getting a wig I went to see a play and my crush sat next to me. Then afterwards I told him to meet me in the village because I needed to get a white wig because his eyes were gray on a full noon and wanted him to teach me his power. My crush agreed and said my eyes are beautiful and that they were like the stars. Anyway, I left and got the wig, but on my way home I somehow lost the wig. I told my crush this when I found him, he said he would go back to the store and get me the wig. I agreed and started running, but suddenly a steep slope came, so I quit running and started jogging. This is a fairly complicated vision with a number of prominent symbols, so a concise interpretation is rather difficult to find. The first major sign is seeing someone you know in real life in your dream. This is normally a sign of having had a recent interaction with this person or thinking about them often, which is clear given your existing feelings for him. However, because he seems to reciprocate these feelings in your vision, it indicates that, whether anything comes of it or not, you have satisfying relationships with family and friends, so you do not feel lonely or isolated. The last two symbols are probably unrelated to the first two. Losing a wig represents being criticized for something you were working on, such as a school project or some creative endeavor. You may have put on a brave face for others, but their rejection of your efforts may have hurt you deeply. While you may not want to take their harsh words to heart, the image of the play at the beginning of the vision suggests you may not be pursuing the right goal in your life anyway. This means that you should probably reevaluate what is important to you and make decisions which bring you closer to your ideal future.
Moving to an unknown place Moving not knowing where. Both moving house and going somewhere unknown are symbolic of experiencing a major transformation in your waking life. Not knowing where you are moving suggests a major change brought forward through someone else's actions, like being offered a new position or suddenly being given the opportunity to do something you have always wanted. Moving house also means the same outcomes, though it indicates someone bringing this news to you in the form of a verbal message or written correspondence, implying that you already know the person who delivers this news to you.
Having two different selves and meeting with a friend Had a dream that I went out with a friend, he was a prominent person coming with his entourage. All of them are wearing white garments, but in the dream my friend saw that I appeared to be two of me, with different attires and the prominent person shook hands with just one of me. Both seeing your friend wearing white clothes and receiving a handshake either from him or a member of his entourage in this dream point to the possibility of parting your ways with this person for reasons known to you, or unexpectedly. The images of his prominence are your doubts and insecurity regarding this relationship and you may be considering someone more suitable and understanding as a friend. In your opinion, you have certain strong sides, but there are also weaknesses, as represented by the image of yourself split in two distinct selves, which may never be reconciled or taken as a whole by your friend. Overall, this dream vision serves as a hint to re-evaluate the sides of your personality, so you can create meaningful and lasting friendships in the future.
Losing weight and being complimented for it I had lost a lot of weight in the upcoming year, and many people had complimented me. I had talked to a boy over the phone who was in college and said he couldn't come home for my birthday. Suddenly, I go to my school office and find flowers from him. I walk to my car and find him there and we hugged for a long time. Dreaming about losing weight is reflective of a frugal nature. While being strict with finances is usually a good idea, this vision suggests things may have gone too far, and your actions regarding finances may be putting a strain on your relationships. Your friends may be trying to get you to hang out more than you responsibly can, which is also supported by talking to a boy on the phone. This means you may want to spend more time on your own doing activities which suit your budget-minded lifestyle. The image of receiving flowers and being affectionate with the boy predict that, despite your wishes for privacy, there are a number of men who could be interested in you at the moment. Depending on your situation and feelings, you might consider getting to know one of these people better.
Waiting for drug test results from a parole officer I'm at home and a parole officer shows up unexpectedly, I know who she is and she is requesting me to give a piss test. And talking dirty to me as I give up the sample. Then I start cleaning house as I await the result. I know I smoked weed. But it seems like a long time to wait, so I look for her and yes she is there, still no test result. Awake mad because I'm not on parole and don't smoke weed. 2-x reoccurring dream. Dreaming about being on parole and having an officer come to your house can be interpreted as a sign that you are about to make a very important decision which could affect the rest or multiple aspects of your life. Given the rest of this dream, this decision is probably in regards to your work, meaning you may be near a promotion, transfer, or complete change of work. The next symbol, submitting a urine sample for analysis, specifically represents work-related anxiety and stress. Working hard for weeks and months on end is likely to cause high levels of stress, especially physical stress which could exhaust you over time if not addressed. Spending time cleaning things in your house, however, predicts improvements in your standard of living and a well-deserved break after all your hard work. Once everything is settled, taking some time for yourself to recuperate and create a clean slate may help in the transition to your next phase.
Being pushed down the bed while asleep I dreamt I was being pushed down on my bed like someone was trying to stop me from moving. I was trying to wake up asking God for help and as I woke up I was thanking God. This vision is a warning to be mindful of your choices and behavior you engage in. Being unable to move in a dream suggests there is a war within you between what is good and practical and your selfish, immoral desires. There is no middle ground in this case, and you must either choose between an ethical, though less appealing, choice and one that may alienate you from others. This is further supported by your asking God for help and then thanking him, which suggests that meticulous attention to detail and hard work, namely the good but more difficult choice, is the right one. Giving into temptation this once may be one step toward a complete degradation of character and morals.
Putting money in a safe and strange sexual experience I had a dream that I am putting money in a safe and also another dream that I am making love to a woman who has a male organ. Dreaming about keeping money in a safe points to having a lack of diligence, it is an indication of your carelessness and simple-mindedness. Maybe you are being unmindful about your life because you feel that there will be someone else who will watch out for you, as the image of a woman with male genitalia (more power) from another dream suggests. It could also mean that you tend to take things lightly, even when the situation requires a more careful thought and consideration from you. Maybe it is high time to start being more responsible and plan ahead when it is needed.
Falling, surviving and surrounded by statues I saw me falling from top of some place in a very heavy water fall. I was scared and I landed on a huge stone from where I got without any injury and I started walking and then I saw huge idols of Lord Buddha in bronze color around me. Falling from a great height and surviving in a dream could predict being faced with opportunities and experiences that look very tempting or promising. However, the feeling of being scared during this fall suggests you may be easily fooled or have a tendency to get involved with meaningless and trifle things instead of focusing on what really matters. The imagery of idols at the end of this dream is suggestive of your current search for inspirational and challenging things in life, which could certainly make you happier and more wholesome once your destination is reached.
Pursuaded to get down from a building top and choosing another way I am standing on high ledge looking down at ladder to get me down. Someone unknown is with me. Down at the bottom is a person telling me to step on the structure to get down and being very convincing. I knew if I step down I will fall and kill myself for the structure is very unstable. Finally is said NO, and took the a service elevator down, even if the power was not working in this construction building which is very high. Finally I reached the ground safe and said to the person with me "See, if I stepped down on that structure, I would have killed myself. Now I am safe back on the ground". Finding yourself in a high place with others who are urging you to come down is symbolic of rising negative energy in your life. However, you seem to understand the danger of falling from this height, which indicates you are aware of the evil around you and seek to distance yourself from it though you may be unsure where to turn or how to go about this. Reaching the ground safely by way of an elevator predicts meeting or being introduced to someone who has a very positive impact and influence on your life. This person can guide you on the right path and help you overcome the challenges that may arise due to the circumstances which surround you.
Not feeling well in a dream A dream about feeling unwell. Being sick in the context of a dream often points to being on the receiving end of bad news. If you were expecting to hear back from someone about something positive, such as a new job or special opportunity, you may be very disappointed. In one case, you may get just the opposite news to what you were hoping for, or you may find that the other party is ignoring your calls, giving you no sense of closure.
Strange animal transformations and being clawed as a result I was a fox running through a forest. As I was running I noticed a bush move. I stopped running, however, I changed perspectives and now I was the thing in the bush. I jump out and attack the fox, but as I do this I change perspectives again. Now I'm the fox. A wolf is trying to bite my side. I try clawing the wolf so it will let go. But then I wake up because I just clawed my own arm in real life. Later today, I looked at my arm and I see marks where I had clawed myself. What does this mean? This is a symbolically rich vision centered on the interaction between the fox and the wolf. Foxes often symbolically represent communicating or dealing with a person who is not all they seem. This means they either do not have your best interests at heart or they are outright deceiving you and trying to take advantage of your gullibility. This is juxtaposed by the image of the wolf which is symbolic of another rival in your life. This person's actions border on predatory, meaning they are not afraid of getting aggressive if it suits their goals. The interesting part is your perspective, which seems to indicate you are both the fox and the wolf. In order to get the higher ground in this challenging and precarious situation, you may have to utilize the tactics of your competitors, which may surprise them and help you get ahead.
Falling and being saved by a cow Bad people were chasing me in a old style, very tall cathedral-type building, so I jumped over the railing from the highest level of the cathedral and as I started falling, I fall on top of a cow that was falling as well, then the cow hit the ground and I was on top of the cow... So, the cow broke my fall but it died of course because I fell on top of it. What does this mean? Falling from a great height and surviving in a dream is indicative of being faced with opportunities and experiences that look very tempting or promising. The other details of this dream are more closely related to your personality traits and the attitude you express when you try to use these chances to your advantage. Being chased in this dream represents that you are likely surrounded by rivals and competitors who want to succeed in the same field or get their share of the things they equally desire. In this pursuit, you tend to rely and depend on others, rather than act on your own, which could be beneficial for you, because it increases your chances to succeed, but not so good for them, because they may be losing on goals important to them.
Strange advances from own self In my dream I was laying in a bed under anesthesia while the doctor was getting things ready. Another, me was in a bed next to myself looking at my unconscious self just laying there asleep. My unconscious self woke up out of anesthesia and noticed me and came on to the bed I was on and tried to lay with me. I was freaked out by it in my dream state and was reluctant and tried pushing myself away. Then myself tried kissing myself and called me baby and honey and sweet names, then went back to his bed. He seemed groggy, like he didn't know it was himself. It was the strangest dream ever. This vision is highly ominous in nature and predicts some serious negative changes in your health. Being in a hospital, much like in wake life, represents illness or becoming sick in the near future. But not something simple, like a cold or an upset stomach. It is more likely to be some disease which knocks you flat and prevents you from living your life normally. Additionally, getting into bed with yourself, especially initiating intimacy and romantic overtures with yourself, suggests this could be related to diseases that could be passed on to you, particularly STDs and Hepatitis. You may want to keep an eye on your health or see a doctor soon to check for such diseases if they are a possibility.
Being captured, deprived of food and made fun of I am captivated with my kids, but I have lots of food with me and people snatched entire food and they are eating without giving grain. And I am shouting at them that I need to eat food as I am breast-feeding my baby, but everyone is making fun of me. This dream has two main images which have the same significance. Dreaming of being captured or taken as a hostage signifies losses and disappointments especially related to your romantic and intimate life. In the dream you also had food taken away from you, which can indicate being separated from your loved ones, either temporarily or forever. It can also predict treason or betrayal you are about to face in a short period of time.
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