Being accused Injustice.. Being accused of something I haven't done. Dreaming about being subjected to an act or acts of injustice of any kind can be interpreted as a dream advising you not to be excessively and overly obsessed and worried about everyday issues and troubles in anticipation for them to happen and bring you down. The meaning of this dream is to simply be happy and content with each new coming day and take care of things which need to be taken care of as they come. Otherwise, you could start harboring negative attitude and experience unnecessary stress. If you had a dream vision of being accused of something you had not done or were not responsible for, this is an indication of succeeding in something you are currently trying to pursue or make come true.
Being in an empty apartment and labeled unattractive Alone in my apt that was completely empty. I walk up to a wall and find a video tape taped to the wall. It is labeled "Ugly Girl." I knew someone was watching me and had filmed me, and was in my house. I ran out of the house trying to make it to my apartment office. As I run there are men sitting on my path and I ask them what the quickest way there is, they point and I keep running. I am very scared (p.s. this is very cool! thanks for taking the time to do interpret!). This dream could be an indication of your recent attempts or plans to initiate contact with a certain person in your life or network with a group of people who interest you in a significant way. This interest could be originating from your desire to acquire more friends or to succeed, either by improving your interpersonal skills or by matching your behavior with that of peers who surround you in everyday life. However, you could have experienced some downfalls or disappointments, and the main reason for such outcomes could be exposing your weaker side, such as trusting others too much or letting them take advantage of your gullible nature. The dream also reveals that you could be trying to find shortcuts and fastest ways possible to solve potential problems while communicating with others in your social circle, and such "sorting machine" approach could hamper your efforts in finding true and long-lasting connections.
Punished by family, naked and saved by a beautiful stranger A sad dream that ended on such a beautiful note that I can't forget it. I was living in a house somewhere with a family that does not love me. I made a mistake and they punish me by stripping me naked and chaining me to the gate. People pass by and make fun of me laughing and ridiculing. And then he comes - his kind, gentle arms lift me up and cradle me with love. He touches his face to mine and understands instantly. He takes me away - away into our own dream world. It was just so beautiful and reassuring to be in his arms. Perceiving yourself stripped naked as a way of being punished by your unloving family could be a subconscious reflection of your current state of mind when you are having a romantic affair with someone and try to keep a secret. It could also be that you are having a secret crush on someone, but afraid of making a first step to tell this person or feeling ashamed, for some reason, that people will find out about your involvement. Deep inside you want to find ways to resolve this situation, but being constrained by material dependence or family ties in waking life prevents you from doing so. Additionally, this dream could be related to simple fascination with some fictional character or someone else’s ongoing love affair which has left a lasting imprint in your consciousness manifesting itself in your dream world.
Perceived as a child held in own arms I saw me as a child in my own arms without any expression on my face. This dream about seeing yourself as a child could be indicative of your tendency to exhibit inappropriate or offensive behavior or treat people in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable. As a result, they can have a very low opinion about you or try to avoid you at all costs. Holding yourself in your own arms and with no facial expression could mean that you do little to nothing about improving the situation because you try to rationalize your actions and attitude.
A mirror image of oneself and dancing I step into a garden and there is a boy who looks exactly like me but in a boy form. We are then dancing to the beat of my mothers heart beat until a dark shadow from the tree pulls him away from me. I am then alone and the rows cold and the garden starts to die around me. Then a black figure walks into the gate and tries to hit me. As it strikes my face I wake up. Seeing the mirror image of yourself in a dream is usually representative of a relationship, which is further illustrated through dancing together with it, that is holding you down or not necessarily beneficial to you. This relationship may be with someone who is unable to do much on their own or relies heavily on you, as this person is depicted as very similar to you, in looks and superficially, but who cannot actually be you, due to their lack of abilities or resources. The connection between you could be familial, professional, platonic or romantic in nature, though it is unlikely to be either someone very close to you or a mere acquaintance. Because your doppelganger is suddenly pulled away and everything becomes cold and begins to die, it likely indicates your hesitation to end your association with this person, either because you do not like to change or because you fear repercussions. This is also shown in the dark figure which comes forth to assault you, symbolizing a lack of confidence or low self-esteem in your decision-making abilities.
Looking through a frosted glass and a couple holding a dead baby I dreamt I was looking through frosted glass but I could see right through the glass. Then I dreamt about a man and lady, but he was holding a child that had passed away... If the glass you were looking through in your dream was frosted because of the cold, it could predict meeting with someone soon who may become your true love. If you were able to see through the glass which was artificially matted, this is a reflection of your ability to predict unfavorable changes or challenges coming your way and successfully avoid potential issues and problems. The second dream vision could point to something related to people you know closely and if they have been through difficulties or tough times, the issues might soon disappear because the man in this relationship would be able to find the right solution to end the hardship.
Being suicidal and purposely crashing a car I dreamed that I was very suicidal and depressed and wanted to die, so I took the car, but I am only 15 and in the dream it was like no one cared how old I was, and when I started the car this person told me to stop and not go but I went anyways and I drove very fast hoping I would crash. Then somehow I flipped the car and purposely made the car crash, but nothing was wrong with me, the car got all squeezed in and there was no blood and this little boy was recording the whole thing, please help me out. Having suicidal tendencies in a dream may be an indication of hindering someone else's chances for success, especially in tasks or endeavors that are important to them or crucial to their future. Perhaps you are distracting one of your friends as they try to study for an important test, or maybe you are unintentionally standing in the way of two people getting together and starting a relationship. Trying to drive a car that does not belong to you and then crashing it predicts getting involved with a bad crowd and, in particular, participating in illegal activities like fraud or identity theft. You may think your actions are harmless at first, but just like driving a car before a giant crash, the reality will become a major issue for you if you get in too deep. The little boy recording this series of events represents looking at your life from another perspective. Therefore, it would be wise to look at your actions and those you associate with and decide if this is the person you really want to be. If dark thoughts persist in waking moments, you may also want to talk to an authority figure, like a parent or counselor, so they can point you in the right direction if you need help.
Getting into an awkward situation and becoming famous I was on a water slide and as I was going down it broke and as I was in the air a girl from my volleyball team took a video of me while one of my friends danced awkwardly and the other was in a complete panic. Then the girl from my volleyball team posted it online and then I just saw a video of me falling with 1 billion views on YouTube posted by the girl. Dreaming about seeing yourself becoming famous or popular (in your case online) means that one of your wishes or plans still remains unrealized either because of the lack of resources, time or personal abilities, or because other people are standing in your way. Most likely, you have overestimated your own abilities or existing competition and may be living through some disappointing times right now because you fell like the opportunity is gone forever now.
In a dark room and promising I am in a dark room saying I promise. Envisioning yourself in a dark room may represent worry over uncertain outcomes for some result you are expecting or complications occurring in regard to a task you are working on. Giving your word in a dream, particularly if it was repeated multiple times, points toward taking on new responsibilities or being trusted with some duty that is difficult for you to handle alone. It may be that your participation, whether you chose to become involved or not, causes some stress or agitation in you life. In summary, this dream seems to be a warning to consider carefully everything you must do before taking action or getting too heavily engrossed in a task.
Getting down from the hill with steps I was high up on a hill, there were lots of people about. There were steps down, but I couldn't get down as several of the steps were broken. I don't know how I managed to get down, but I did. Seeing yourself in a high place, like the top of a hill or a high staircase, is a positive sign connected to the work you do or activities you join in real life. It indicates a kind, thoughtful disposition and a natural gift for helping those in trouble or need, such as members of your family, friends, acquaintances, or people you work with. Being able to descend the stairs even though some were damaged and broken symbolizes a blindness to social class, wealth, or other superficial factors, representing your sympathy and empathy towards anyone who needs your assistance whether they can return the favor or not.
Dressed as a celebrity I had a dream I was part of a sketch comedy act. I was dressed as Ozzy Osbourne and it was set in a retirement home. I had on a Beatles T-shirt, and when they asked me why I had on a Beatles T-shirt, I said "because they f***ing dress me here"! Dreaming about performing while portraying someone famous or popular means that you tend to imitate or act like this person or people in your waking life. The questions asked by the audience about your performance or about the way you were dressed could also mean that some people from your social circle or even unfamiliar people could be displeased or even irritated by the way you act and present yourself in front of them. The dream could also serve as a warning of some upcoming surprises or news which could be both positive, or not so pleasant when you receive them.
Floating over the bed and unable to scream I am in an old white-washed house, in the bedroom. I am floating above the bed and then do one clockwise spin and drop hard onto the bed. Then I hear a whisper of my name and it's a mans voice. I try to scream repeatedly and nothing comes out of my mouth. Dreaming about being in a random house predicts meeting or interacting with someone you know and are probably close to, though in an unexpected or unusual way. The exact imagery of being inside a bedroom may point toward some romantic or intimate interactions, but this may not necessarily be the case. A spinning clock is often interpreted as a symbol for being very busy or confused, likely causing feeling of anxiousness, helplessness, or frustration. Finally, both whispers and lack of a voice are signs of becoming sick in the future. It may be that because you are so busy and stressed, you do not have time to properly take care of yourself and, as a result, come down with a cold or some other minor illness.
Being homeless I dreamed I was homeless. Dreams containing images of being homeless predict a possibility of soon experiencing great disappointments, frustrations and things which would turn out to be a complete opposite of what you were expecting to happen. The underlying cause of these circumstances is most likely the result of unfair treatment, disrespect or inferiority complex you may have or express in respect to other people around you.
Hearing voices with no people around Someone yells "Stone mountain" in my ear and I hear a whole lot of people talking but no one is around. Hearing sounds while finding yourself alone suggests recent feelings of isolation or rejection, most likely from a family member or close friend. It may be that you wanted to hang out when they were busy or that you got into some small disagreement. If the sounds made you feel uncomfortable, sad, or scared, it may indicate feelings of guilt and regret for the part you played. However, if the sounds had no effect or made you happy, it may reflect a tendency to hold your opinion higher than other people's ideas.
Being saved by someone from drowning I was sleeping on a boat, boat wasn't moving and things were calm. I knew I was going to fall, and I let myself fall into the water. Like my mind was awake, but I couldn't wake my body. I was trying to swim up, but I was falling faster than I could swim, like my body wasn't fully awake but my mind was aware what was happening. Then somebody else saved me. Not exactly sure who it was, it was a guy friend, not my husband. Being on a boat in a dream indicates going through a change in your life. The fact that you are sleeping at first suggests you were not previously ready for this journey. However, falling into water, in this vision, predicts that you can handle the changes and solve any problems that come your way. This is also supported by the person who saved you in this dream, who represents struggles in your past, but a great potential to succeed, especially with the help of other people.
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