Climbing down a tree and clothes inside out I am a female and my older sister dreamt of me climbing down from a tree which is in our backyard, wearing my leopard dress inside out. Your sister's vision could be related to how she perceives your current lifestyle in reality. For example, the image of you climbing down a tree in your own backyard could mean she thinks that you are letting your relationships slide. You might not be putting as much time or effort into maintaining the connections as she thinks you should. Additionally, the image of wearing your clothes inside out suggests she feels you are giving in to old habits, so perhaps this is not the first time there has been some conflict.
Going through a door and falling into a hole I am having a dream that I'm with my mom but she doesn't look like herself and she tells me not to go through a door and I go through it, get chased and try to see who's chasing me but no one is there and the I fall in a endless hole. Doors in dreams represent fresh starts and new possibilities. Your mom in your dream may be reminding you to be extra cautious and circumspect before accepting opportunities or getting involved in deals which seem too good to be true. Being chased upon entering the door alludes to the strings attached to offers and proposals. If you do not keep your guard up and your wits about you, you could end up digging a bigger hole for yourself. Free falling towards the end of your dream refers to troubles ahead. You may end up in debt or having to deal with one problem after another if you make decisions on a whim or without careful consideration.
Followed by foxes and pregnant I saw myself going to the hospital and on the way two white foxes snatching my dress. After reaching the hospital I saw my parents happy and the doctor said I am 3 months pregnant. Visions of foxes are usually symbols of deceit and can contain predictions of dealings with cunning and dishonest people, such as a lover who cheats. The notion of foxes jumping on you and snatching your dress could predict that you may experience a detour while pursuing your dreams causing you to stop and calm down for a little while. However, the news about being pregnant at the end contain positive energies. It could mean that, even though it will be hard, you would be able to reach your dreams and fulfill your goals while relying on support and love of those who are close to you.
Naked in public and finding a celebrity's wallet I was in public, naked and realized that my upper body was covered in hair, raising from my entire chest at least. I realized that I had removed my clothes. I was aware l had to cover myself. I walked a little way. I was with a companion. Insisted we had to go to a downward exterior concrete stairwell of a library. There l found what I knew I would find, a small black zippered cloth wallet containing Demi Moore's personal Identification, cards, etc. Dreaming about finding yourself naked in public could mean that you are involved in some kind of illicit relationship, something you are not proud of because you are probably aware that it could bring some problems later on, however you do not seem to be able to stop yourself from pursuing it. The thick hair shows the immorality of your thoughts or actions in the context of such relationship, while the famous personality's belongings could be a symbol of the person you imagine yourself becoming when you indulge in these pleasure-seeking activities. A more secluded place represented by the library in this dream is perhaps your subconscious mind's way of reminding you to use wisdom and common sense if you want to obtain peace of mind and stability in your waking life.
Flying with birds Male. Thought I was flying with two birds. Seeing yourself flying in a dream is a promising message indicating freedom and independence. Perhaps you have been wanting to break free from social pressures and expectations. Fortunately, this vision may be telling you that your desires are close at hand. In addition, flying with birds is an allusion to the kind of group you would likely meet or become part of. These individuals are driven and ambitious, so you would learn a lot from their wisdom and experiences. You would grow personally and professionally as a result of surrounding yourself with front runners and innovators.
Being spotted by a helicopter Saw a helicopter using spotlights to spot me and I tried to hide yet it found me. Helicopters in dreams represent goals and aspirations. As such, your dream reveals your reservations about pursuing your dreams. Perhaps insecurity and indecisiveness are at play in your current dilemma. Yet you seem to be really passionate about your goals, so no matter how much you deny your desire to pursue your passions, your subconscious keeps reminding you to follow your instincts. The spotlights could mean that realizing your dreams may entail being scrutinized. This may be the part which you fear the most.
Being someone else I am always someone else in my dreams. Dreaming that you are someone else means that you are struggling with your identity. Because this scenario is a recurring theme in your dreams, you may be in the process of constructing your sense of self. An essential part of this process is building your self-confidence, including becoming comfortable in your own skin. Alternatively, you may be trying out different personas in reality out of curiosity. Meeting new personalities and experiencing different social situations may have opened up your worldview, allowing you to explore parts of yourself which you previously did not know existed.
Jumping through a window and getting injured I jumped through a window and glass shards got into my knee. Windows in dreams refer to opportunities, so jumping through a window can symbolize exciting events and favorable circumstances. Perhaps you cannot wait to take on new challenges and learn new things. However, grabbing this opportunity, whether it is for career or personal advancement, could be both difficult and painful. The shards of broken glass in your knee allude to losing your balance and sense of control. There may be a lot of unfamiliar situations and tasks which could take a lot out of you on all fronts: physically, emotionally and mentally. The emotional aspects may come from dealing with new personalities and the politics that comes with it.
Unable to call 911 and getting lost For a while I've been having a reoccurring dream where something happens, and I can't get a hold of 911. The situation (there's a break in, someone kidnaps me, etc.) is usually different, but the fact I can't get a hold of 911 stays the same. Most recently I've had a different but similar dream. In this one, I am somewhere normal, but I don't know the exact way to get home, so I type it into my GPS. But I can't get home (missing exits, taking wrong turns, etc.) even though the GPS says 2-4 minutes away. You are right to see a connection between these two dream visions as they are quite similar in their meaning. First, having an emergency but being unable to reach medical or police services could reveal communication problems when in high-stress situations. For example, if you need to make a good impression on a higher-up or deliver an important news to a client, you may find yourself tripping over your tongue or even sabotaging your own efforts to be perceived in a good light. In the second vision, your unsuccessful efforts to get to a certain location also speak of your troubles in fulfilling your responsibilities or achieving your goals. Because you seem to be alone or at least unassisted in these visions, it is possible your subconscious is trying to show you how important it is to get support from those around you by putting you in impossible situations while you are being all by yourself.
Whispering instead of screaming My dream was about a loud screeching sound that seemed to be coming out of a shadowy figure by my bed. I am in the same room as my mom, so in my dream I tried to wake her by screaming her name but it only came out as a raspy whisper. I have actually had lots of dreams that something bad or scary is happening to me and I try to call for help, but I can't scream. My voice is always a raspy whisper. I wanted to know what this means. If you possibly could tell me? The struggle to speak in a dream vision is often considered an allusion to your insecurities and possibly hints at an identity crisis. You may be having trouble expressing yourself to friends and family in reality, and this is causing your subconscious to become cloudy and burdened with self-doubt. Wanting to scream, in this case, actually reveals pent up anger and frustrations that you are trying to express. The emotions are piling up inside, and they are looking for an outlet. The evil, shadowy presence by your bed could represent past attempts to tell others how you really feel that have turned out poorly. Perhaps your confidants did not believe you or reacted badly to what you shared. You may need to temper your feelings slightly to improve how others react to your true feelings.
Unable to stop the car and being lost My car stops on top of a steep hill, on a hilly curvy road and begins going backwards. I finally come to a stop at a highway cop dept. and they are talking about faulty breaks, then I woke up. My reoccurring dream is being lost in a very large building and can't find my way out. Driving your car up a steep hill indicates your drive and ambition. The curvy road means you had to go through a lot of obstacles to gain what you have achieved so far in your life. Unfortunately, stopping and then going downhill likely reveals more struggles and setbacks in your future. Things are not going to go according to plan. Furthermore, the cops or policemen represent authority figures, probably your mentors or supervisors at work. Hearing them talk about faulty brakes may reveal your cautious nature and fear of taking risks lest you lose all that you have worked so hard for. On the other hand, your recurring dream of being trapped in a large building could mean that you are trapped in your own mind. It is possible that you are dwelling on past mistakes or you keep stumbling into old habits and behavioral patterns. This could be related to your dream vision involving car troubles. You probably do not know what you want, so you keep searching within yourself for answers. However, too much thinking and over-analyzing may be keeping you from achieving your full potential.
Losing a boarding pass and purse I lost my boarding pass (with destination unknown) and searched frantically for it, but did not find it. Then I lost my purse with additional documentation in it, so had to stop searching. At the end I found my purse and resumed searching with a sigh of relief. Losing a purse in dreams often reveals the dreamer's fear of financial instability. Usually, this dream scenario occurs when you are unsure about your capacity to repay your debts. However, in the context of your dream, the purse may symbolize identity more than financial security. Since you were traveling in this dream vision, perhaps the loss of your purse and your boarding pass serves to illustrate your feelings of inadequacy or ineptitude. You could be gunning for a promotion or hoping to close a deal in reality, however there could be a nagging thought at the back of your mind which is making you doubt your skills and capabilities. Perhaps you are afraid of failure or of not being good enough. Alternatively, this may also refer to your anxieties about a significant change that is about to happen in your waking life. You could be moving to another country or starting a new job or project. In such situations, adapting to new circumstances and resulting uncertainties ahead could be the main reasons for your worries. You want to be prepared, but at the same time you are scared of forgetting something crucial.
Learning about being taken advantage of I am a female and I was at a house party. 10 people were in the house. There was this man there that was being rude to me. I kept asking him "Why don't you love me?" He responded by saying "I was just using you!" I could not see his face. Attending a party in the dream world and talking to someone you do not know or recognize may reveal that your enemies or rivals are getting closer to their goal of putting you down. The idea that one man in particular was rude or unkind to you suggests this may be related to some romantic liaison from your past or present. For example, one of your ex-lovers may be interested in getting revenge for a past hurt or are jealous of a current connection. The fact that you could not see this man's face in the vision predicts frustration with this situation if your enemies succeed in making your life difficult. You may want to take extra precautions and avoid unnecessary contact with those who do not have your best interests at heart.
Lost and trapped in a hotel I'm female, I dream I am in a hotel or holiday resort and I'm lost, I can't find my way, nor my family, I don't recognize where I am or how to get out of an area or a market or how to find the lift, nor my room. I get into corridors that are only miles of brick or concrete, sometimes leading to a dead end and then can't find the way back and start to panic and feel trapped. A hotel as a dream symbol usually refers to prosperity, relaxation and leisure. A resort similarly represents the same meanings as a hotel. In addition, resorts and hotels are often used to illustrate a need to escape. You could be going through a stressful period in your life, hence your mind has transported you in this seemingly ideal place which reveals your desire to kick back and forget about your troubles at least for a little while. However, getting lost in the hotel could be an indication of confusion and inability to get back to your usual routine. An experience or encounter may have altered your perspective about life or changed your way of life in a significant way. If this is the case, the feeling of being trapped means you are struggling to get your life back on track or get things back to normal. A dilemma may have backed you up in a corner and you feel like there is no way out of it. So perhaps this is your subconscious showing you the weight of your burden which in turn may encourage you to reach out to your loved ones for help or some much-needed advice, otherwise your anxiety could worsen.
Being burnt alive I dreamt that I was being chased by familiar people because of something I did. And my younger brother tried to help me escape. But the people eventually found me and delivered me to be burnt alive.. My bigger sister was standing by to comfort me. And I took sleeping pills to get me dozed so that I won't feel the pain.. I burnt without feeling anything.. But I did not see end results. Envisioning people you recognize or know in the dream world suggests you are worried about or suspicious of them in reality. Perhaps you wonder if they have your best interest at heart or if they are using you for their own gain. Being burned alive, then, is a warning that if you delve deeper you are probably not going to like what you find. This does not necessarily mean your friends and family are out to betray you, however. It just means there is more to this situation than meets the eye. If you want to know the truth, be prepared to ask the tough questions and do not be surprised if what you find is more sad, shocking or terrifying than you originally thought.
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