Being an angel with wings I am a female. In my dream I am an angel with beautiful wings. I am flying. I feel very free and happy. After a couple of minutes I land on earth, my wings go into my back and hide so I blend in as a human. Then I help children in need. Dreaming about having wings and flying could have multiple interpretations, but the notion of being an angel at the same time in this dream vision could be indicative of your worries and concerns toward someone you care about in your waking life. This desire to help the individual, either materially or emotionally, resonates with the ending of your dream. Your recollection of hiding your wings inside your back after flying could also point out dissatisfaction with your own existence and constant questioning your true calling and place in life. Perhaps by helping others you can finally attain peace of mind and certainty for yourself.
Accused and redeemed because of God I was being arrested for false accusation and then while taking me to the court someone shaved my hair. Then we reached the court and I cried out loud if The Almighty is a living then he will save me and then after a few minutes it was proved that I am innocent. Your dream could mean that you are feeling conflicted about something you have recently done which you think is regarded as a sin by other people, perhaps by the members of your social circle or your family, but you firmly believe that you are not engaging in any wrongdoing. Since you seemed unable to prove it to others in the dream, you reach out to the authority of god in order to prove your innocence and rehabilitate yourself in the eyes of others. This is also a way for you to find the strength to come clean and tell everyone the truth about yourself.
Being Virgin Mary and Greek gods In my dream I'm my regular self (16 year old female), but I am the Virgin Mary, and I'm not a virgin. I never do the deed in my dream but I just know that I am not a virgin but I'm still the Virgin Mary with Jesus inside of me. It wasn't god that impregnated me though, it was the Greek god Dionysus. He just stands in front of me and says nothing. All of the sudden I sit up and say, "Wait am I Ariadne?". Then he nods. Ariadne is the human girl who Thesus left on Naxos to be wed to Dionysus in the legend of the Minotaur. Then it ends and I never actually give birth to Jesus. Your dream seems to be riddled with symbolic images of the Western civilization. You being the Virgin Mary could mean you are admired by others because of qualities people associate with that religious figure, such as kindness or devotion. However, you seem to feel a little bit like a fraud because of your sins and when everyone expects you to give birth to Jesus you are actually anticipating to give birth from the Greek god of pleasure, the complete opposite of the Virgin Mary and you wonder whether you had been chosen for his wife. This could mean you do not relate to the angelical image you might project to other people but you actually feel much closer to your primordial desires, the kind we might call pagan. Perhaps you want to be seen as you really are and you do not wish to be taken as a fraud in case you are not able to conform to other people's expectations of you.
Walking and holding a candle Walking alone at night on a sidewalk while holding a lit candle up and then people started to follow me. It was like to remind the world that god is real. Seeing lit candles in dreams is usually associated with religion and faith, especially when feel that you have opportunities to reunite with God and with others around you, forging deeper connections with people and possibly meeting again with someone you have fallen out of touch with. Either way, it harbors positive feelings of a happier, brighter future awaiting you and your renewed faith in higher power and stronger bonds with your loved ones, which could provide you with peace of mind and solace to dedicate yourself to projects and ideas that inspire you.
Being a prophet and fighting with Lucifer I was a prophet of God. Healing people from mental disability and physical dysfunction. Lucifer kept trying to kill me and my son. I saw through his plan and took my son before he did. I was very upset to be a prophet. Dreaming about being a prophet of God while under persecution by Lucifer could mean that you are observing some negative things which are happening around you and you want to change them, however you feel powerless to do so. You could be struggling morally with the decisions people close to you are making and you want to help them but you do not know how to do it and you feel like you and your loved ones are suffering from other people's life choices.
Being healed by a prophet I dreamt a well-known prophet was touching my legs and he told me he loves me. I suffer from arthritis of hips and shoulders. I was at a conference with him but when I woke up I couldn't remember the venue. This prophet is famous for healing. A prophet in dreams alludes to wisdom and guidance. In your case, your health issues may have conjured up the prophet healing you in your dream in an attempt to shed some light on how to effectively manage your ailment. Perhaps you are afraid that your arthritis would worsen in the coming weeks and months. Hence, your subconscious may be assuring you that with faith and proper self-care, you can improve the condition you suffer from.
The Virgin Mary and bananas Mama Mary with baby Jesus asked me to pick up the bananas given to her as gifts. One piece fell and she still wants it though it's already deformed from falling. Dreaming about the Virgin Mary and Jesus could mean that you are undergoing some inner spiritual conflict and you are looking for the support of higher power to resolve it. Because you mention that the Virgin Mary accepted one of the bananas you picked up after it fell on the ground and went bad, it could be a sign that Jesus and his mother will always love you no matter what happens, all you have to do is acknowledge your sins and ask for forgiveness, with an honest desire to improve the aspects of yourself you question or are not happy with.
Being touched by an angel I heard an angel say "Husband", it touched me very lightly on the hip and the touch got heavier as it pressed in on my hip and it woke me up. When I woke up I could still feel where it touched me. When an angel is present in a dream, it usually sheds light on some future event that would be both wonderful and a little unsettling to witness. It could refer to an interaction with a spirit or other higher power, or it may mean you would have a close encounter with death or another universe. The pressure on your hip may have been the angel's attempt at guiding you toward this experience. You could interpret this literally, as in the direction the angel pushed represents the direction you need to go, or figuratively, as in when it is related to some physical relationship with someone in reality.
An angel on fire Male. My dream was of an angel on fire descending down. Seeing an angel on fire means someone you know who has a pure heart would be corrupted by evil forces in their environment. This could be a kid you know who would become involved in criminal activities and their potential would be crushed because of terrible circumstances. Alternatively, the angel could also be a symbol of your own goodness and desire to protect your loved ones. Unfortunately, you would be exposed to the harsh realities of life which would make you cynical or even ruthless in order to survive. Your ambition would outweigh compassion and you would end up hurting important people in your life.
A violent church teacher I was at church and my best friend was being violently yelled at by my baptism teacher because he had no dad and then the friend gave me a signal to take all the kids who are my friends and run outside. Then I told them to go outside and I came back inside. When I came back, my baptism teacher said they are going to fight later, then left the room. Next I remember all the kids I took outside, me and my friend were in a room, the teacher came in, I tried to defend them and the teacher tried to blind me. The I woke up. Dreams of being reprimanded by a teacher are usually related to disciplinary issues. In your case, the vision of your teacher yelling at your best friend means one or both of you need to learn a lesson. Your grades could be failing or you could be disrupting your class yet you do not understand the negative consequences of your actions. Maybe you see your teacher as the villain in your life, but your subconscious is telling you to look at things from the teacher's perspective so you can understand why he or she is giving you a hard time. Blindness at the end actually means you need to think about your actions in order to see clearly.
A black angel on a black horse Hi, I am a female. I dreamed of a black angel on a black horse came to me in church and I was crying out loudly as the room was spinning and woke up out of my sleep an screamed "Jesus" as I opened my eyes. A black angel represents the end of a chapter in your life. While endings can be a sad affair, it just means that you can look forward to a new beginning. So there is an implication that you would soon embark on a new journey. As illustrated by the black horse, this journey would be daunting and filled with uncertainty. The church gives further clues about the nature of your impending journey. Churches often symbolize enlightenment and the dreamer's long-held beliefs, so combined with the previous dream symbols, it seems that your faith would soon be tested. Real-world events and first-hand experiences would open your mind about the realities of life, both good and bad, which would ultimately give you the knowledge to decide for yourself whether what you believe is infallible or ultimately flawed.
Being invited to heaven I was in heaven with my friend who passed and she told me they are preparing a place for me at the table and she would see me soon. Heaven as a dream symbol represents perfection. Usually, this has to do with your ideal life, including all aspects of your existence. When this symbol appears in a vision, it often means that your reality is far from your expectations. You are probably going through a lot of problems, if not then you are about to experience a rough patch which would make you want to escape to a place which is much more comfortable and problem-free. Being told that you have a place in heaven means you would eventually overcome your problems and triumph over adversity, but you cannot achieve this on your own. The table symbolizes support, meaning you need to seek help from your friends and family in order to survive the challenges ahead.
Pastor killing other people I am female. I have different dreams about same pastor. First dream, I was with a male friend known to me in dreams only, we were chasing murderers, after getting rid of them this pastor came to us and I realized he murdered a baby, the pastor touched me and I fainted, to wake up I saw myself in my childhood house with a note from this friend saying "I have realized you are the woman I have to marry". I saw bridesmaids coming for me dressed in white. The second dream was that the pastor killed a woman and buried her in a desert. Envisioning a pastor in the dream world points toward having to make a difficult choice in reality. It is likely that this decision is causing you a lot of anxiety and heartache, probably because you would likely disappoint someone no matter which way you decide to go. The murderers you chased in the first vision suggest you have a strong desire to succeed and that your strong will and ability to mobilize not only yourself but others are some of your core strengths. The second vision where the pastor kills and buries a woman in the desert, however, speaks of overwhelming stress and pressure. Perhaps this pressure is not just coming from those around you but also from your own self. Maybe you expect that you should be able to find a solution that appeals to everyone. While this is an admirable way to think, it may not be possible. Instead, you should focus on how your choice would affect you and those you care about most. Focusing on those most important to you would help alleviate some of your obligation to others and help you justify your decision if others object.
Bible falling in water I dreamed my bible fell in bath water. The Bible symbolizes truth, faith and higher knowledge, so this dream symbol in your vision means you are seeking truth, clarity and enlightenment about your current existence. Unfortunately, when the Bible fell in bath water, especially if the water was already dirty, it indicates you are not yet ready to face the truth. You still tend to be swayed by your emotions and other external factors instead of relying on your spirituality to behave accordingly during difficult situations.
Dancing with Jews and surrounded by gold I dreamed of dancing with Jewish Rabbis dressed in shining gold robes and there were other Jews there too. We were in a huge shining gold room with a dome. Gold everywhere. The presence of rabbis in your dream indicates a renewal of faith. Meanwhile, the golden color symbolizes prosperity and spiritual enlightenment, so the prevalence of gold in your dream vision denotes an outpouring of blessings. Specifically, the gold-colored robes represent an opportunity to follow your dreams and realize your ambitions, while the golden room refers to a talent or skill you would uncover that would propel you to success. You only need to dig deeper and find your strength to achieve your full potential.
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