Unhappy with daughter's pregnancy My daughter was 2-months pregnant and I was looking for an abortion doctor. Dreaming that you daughter is pregnant means that she is growing up and having a mind of her own. She is starting to make her personal decisions and forging her own path in this world. However, you do not trust her ability to make decisions. This is probably why you were looking for an abortion doctor in the dream. Perhaps you are having disagreements in the waking world and you just want her to remain the obedient child that she used to be. This is not the way things work, unfortunately, and you may have to make peace with her choices even though you may not necessarily agree with them. All you can do is give advice and provide guidance, but she ultimately has the freedom to decide for herself.
Becoming visibly pregnant at a party I had a dream I was at a party and went to the back room where there was this man with a child. I started to play with him and then all of a sudden I am in a back room. I look down and I have pregnant belly, then my sister starts crawling towards me looks possessed or demented with cat-like eyes and I felt like she was going to kill my baby. Dreaming that you are pregnant can be a symbol of an unhappy existence with your partner or prospective husband. Alternatively, it can also be a sign that you are becoming more mature and developing a stronger personality. Since the setting of your dream is a party, it could mean that your personal growth would be attributed to individuals or new friends who would soon enter your life. In addition, your seemingly possessed sister could be a reflection of your own shortcomings. Perhaps your transformation would create a gap between you and your loved ones due to differing beliefs and ideologies.
Helping pregnant women in pain I am a female. I was at a camp with my friends and they were playing with mud and I had a nice outfit on so I went inside. There I saw two women tied together screaming in pain on the floor. Their family rushed to help them and took their pulses. At first I was judgemental because I thought they were overreacting, but turns out they were actually pregnant and severely hurt. I rushed over to help one of them and put her on the couch and calmed her while their family was getting more help. Camping in dreams is often associated with romantic endeavors, so seeing your friends playing in mud could reflect your feelings toward the dating game that all your friends are playing. Those around you may get into and out of relationships at the drop of a hat, but you take things more seriously and hold yourself to a higher standard of behavior, as indicated by your nicer clothing and desire not to get dirty. Your attitude towards others, however, may put you in a bad situation. The pregnant women who were in pain represent an upcoming period of unhappiness in your life. You may face many difficulties in regards to your interactions with others due to your inflexible ideals related to building new relationships.
Not feeling baby move while pregnant I was pregnant at the hospital. I told the nurse I can't feel the baby move and she could hear a heartbeat. I was rushed to delivery when the baby started to move and I started having contractions. I'm a female btw. Dreaming of encountering problems with your pregnancy suggests uncertainties about your future. There could be projects or business ventures that would not pay off or put you in debt. Alternatively, you may think that your ideas and efforts at work are not being recognized or rewarded. Despite the mounting frustrations and resentment, this vision is telling you to hold on. As indicated in the dream, the baby eventually moves and you are set to give birth. In reality, this means that you need to stay patient and wait for the day you can reap the rewards of all your hard work.
Boyfriend aborting pregnancy I had a dream that my boyfriend in real life was aborting my pregnancy. Dreaming about your boyfriend terminating your pregnancy has negative connotations. A baby generally represents hope and new beginnings. The notion of your lover aborting the baby points towards him causing a hindrance in your happiness or growth. It's an indication that you should try to reassess your relationship. It's important that the two of you encourage one another in your efforts and endeavors. It would be helpful to talk to your boyfriend about how he could actually help you achieve your desires by offering you more support and love.
Pregnant at a birthday party I am at a birthday celebration, I'm in a house that I recognize, but it's bigger than before and has new rooms built onto it and I'm sitting in a very comfortable armchair eating cake and I have a glass of wine, but I'm also pregnant with a baby girl and happy about it! There is no father around for the child? Attending a birthday celebration in the dream world means you may be self-conscious about aging or getting older. Maybe you are trying to evaluate your current state, including how much you have achieved up to this point in your existence. For married dreamers, being pregnant means you are not happy with your husband. However, if you are not yet married, then pregnancy reveals your yearning for something more. You may be looking for a new opportunity or searching for your purpose and place in this world. Perhaps you would find that purpose sooner than you think.
Future child with no resemblance to parents Hi, I'm a 32 year-old female that is 34-weeks pregnant, had a dream of my baby not looking like either myself or his dad. Dreaming that your future child does not resemble you or seems unfamiliar in some way may be a sign that you have overlooked the needs of someone close to you, possibly your partner, another family member, or a close friend. In your pregnant state, you are rightly concerned about your own welfare and that of your future child. However, you should not ignore others who may need advice or assistance, especially if you have a particular skill or area of expertise that they lack.
Being pregnant and afraid to give birth for males Hi, I am a single white 45-y.o. man. I had a dream that I was pregnant and almost ready to give birth, but afraid to give birth out of my butt. I was advised and suggestions were given to me by people around me in my dream to schedule a C-Section. Pregnancy for males usually means that the dreamer is feeling burdened by an issue or concern. You may have been carrying a problem or responsibility of considerable consequence that has been weighing you down. Giving birth out of your butt or anus signifies release. You want to get rid of this problem once and for all. However, it may not be so easy to shake off. As implied in the dream vision, the people around you are suggesting a C-section, which means it would require introspection and personal transformation to rid yourself of the burdens you carry. Perhaps there is a lesson you need to learn before you can fully be free of these existing concerns.
Mother pregnant and cutting the baby out I'm a 24-year old female. My dream was about my mom being pregnant (would be her 4th child), but I also dreamed that either she or someone else tried to cut the baby out and I found my mom in that state and she nearly died. The dream was very realistic and gory. Thank you! Pregnancy is usually an auspicious symbol in dreams. It is often associated with blessings, opportunities and lucrative new ventures. However, the unfortunate circumstances surrounding your mother's pregnancy in the dream vision carry a very negative message. Specifically, your mother may be a victim of manipulation or involved in an unhealthy relationship. Trying to cut out the baby from the womb suggests self-destructive behavior. There is a likelihood that someone close to her is abusing her generosity or perhaps forcing her to do things that are against her beliefs and principles. Alternatively, she could be on the brink of a financial catastrophe because of her own bad decisions or due to being surrounded by individuals taking advantage of her.
Pregnant and throwing up water Hi, I'm a female, I dreamed that I was throwing up water and in the dream I found out I was pregnant. What does this dream mean? This vision has two main symbols which are important to consider. First, throwing up may reveal some sickness within you that you are fighting. Your body could be trying to ward off an illness, even if you are not showing any symptoms. Water, however, is often a symbol of correctness or of following the right path, so it seems like the sickness would not be life-threatening. Rather, it would help you get where you need to go next. Where you are going may be related to your pregnancy in the vision, as this is often thought to represent meeting someone new who would become an important part of your life.
A pregnant child My 5-year old granddaughter is pregnant and about to give birth. A pregnant child in dreams typically refers to growth and development. On the one hand, you may feel like your granddaughter is growing up too fast for you to get the most out of her childhood. On the other hand, it is also possible that her pregnancy is a metaphor for your stronger bond. Perhaps you have shared quite a lot of moments together which makes you feel like you are now closer that you have ever been. So much so that the dynamics of your relationship may have inspired you to reignite some of the interests and passion you may have lost over the years. In that sense, the baby your granddaughter is carrying in the dream vision could likely represent your own renewed drive for creativity and discovery.
Dressing a pregnant person and being lost I'm a female. In the midst of my dream I was clothing a pregnant person and was quite excited about the news. Then later before I found my way, I was getting lost in a very familiar but more complicated architecture in apparently Massachusetts. Mind you I am based in South Africa and I didn't have anyone to share the rest of the dream with. Also the character limit had me summarize the dream Dreaming about interacting with a pregnant person could be a metaphor for a future filled with new possibilities opening up right in front of you. However, because you described being lost in a familiar yet architecturally-complex place, it could mean that, although you have envisioned this future for yourself for a while now and therefore are trying to follow through with what is expected of you, you could still be experiencing some anxiety over these new opportunities ahead and do not feel entirely comfortable with the choices you may have made so far.
Being pregnant and traveling I dreamed about getting pregnant and traveling somewhere with my parents and my mom's siblings. Dreaming about being pregnant and traveling could mean that there is something new in your future that will bring you great joy and happiness, even though it is not necessarily a newborn child. It could be a long-term project finally coming to fruition, possibly something connected with your family life since you mentioned your parents and your relatives present in the dream as well. Whatever it is, it could change your life for the better.
A possessed woman unhappy about pregnancy I had a dream that I was six months pregnant and a possessed lady would run at my stomach with a torch screaming and acting afraid of my baby inside of me. When you dream about being pregnant, it often means that you are experiencing a difficult period of time with your prospective husband or current lover. The woman acting afraid of the baby inside you could represent the future of your relationship with said individual. More specifically, the woman may refer to the hardship and pain you would go though, suggesting that you should really consider whether or not you want to move forward with this relationship.
Being charged more because pregnant First off, I'm a woman. That is about to become very obvious. I only remember part of the dream. I was in a gas station or convenience store and I was buying something really cheap, and the old woman charged me 6 extra dollars and when I asked her what it was for, she told me it was because I was pregnant and didn't realize it yet. Finding yourself at a convenience store in your dream reveals your lack motivation and enthusiasm. You could be looking for purpose and inspiration in order to reignite your passion for your work or even a reason to chase your personal goals. In this context, perhaps the cheap items you were trying to purchase could mean you are chasing cheap thrills and shallow goals in the hope that the rush you get from those experiences would awaken your zest for life. Unfortunately, the old woman you encounter generally symbolizes upcoming problems. Those problems may be a result of bad decisions you made in the past that would continue to hound you. Given those symbols, the news that you are pregnant similarly portends to something surprising or shocking that would occur in the near future. You may need to face up and be accountable for the consequences of your reckless behavior and careless actions from your past. This challenge may help you realize the importance of tempering short-term pleasure with long-term aspirations in order to achieve a stable and secure future.
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