A pet parrot on display I just saw my beautiful cockatiel as a display. She was alive and appeared peaceful. The symbolism of a cockatiel or cockatoo in the dream world has to do with acceptance. It means that you are probably not afraid to show the world your true colors. Perhaps you are the type of person who is very transparent in expressing your emotions. Your friends and family can usually tell your disposition just by observing your facial expressions and behavior. You are comfortable in your own skin, embracing all that you are, including your flaws.
Having a cat and a bat for pets I had a dream that a very close friend gave me a pet cat and bat, they were playing with me and I loved them both, but then I had to leave where I was and I was trying to go back for the cat and bat, but then I was woken up by someone. I had this dream about a day ago and I am fixated on what it could have meant. I usually don't remember my dreams, but I do this one and it seemed like it was trying to tell me something, but I can't figure out what. Can you help? Getting a cat and a bat as pets from a friend carries negative interpretations in a dream. The animals in your vision may be allusions to the terms "catty" and "batty", which points to a possible change in the dynamics with a close friend. Either you would be the petty one in the scenario or your friend may be the instigator of some major misunderstanding. Whatever the case, the cat alludes to childish issues and the bat refers to silly behavior. As such, whatever should come between you and your friend, it seems that those are superficial issues and problems which you can easily fix if you learn to control your emotions.
Pet dog disappearing in a swamp with snakes My dog ran into the swamp and it was full of snakes, so I couldn't go after her and she went under and snakes everywhere and she never came back up. She means everything to me. She is my best friend and partner in life. Dreaming of a swamp filled with snakes reflects how you view life. In this case, you are highly displeased with your current situation and have a poor outlook on what is to come. While you may not be in dire straights, nothing seems to excite you or hold your attention anymore, leading to a dull, boring existence. The one shining light in your life, your dog, represents all the good around you in reality, both the things you recognize, like the dog itself, and those you do not, such as the devotion of your family or your financial stability. As you might expect, watching your dog sink and disappear into this snake-filled swamp represents losing all of the most important people and things you currently hold dear due to your lack of appreciation. To salvage this situation, you would have to both truly believe and physically show how much you care for and value the life you have been given.
Evil duplicates of pets I've had recurring dreams of evil pet duplicates since I was young. Not necessarily every night, but often enough that I remember. Firstly when I was little, I had dreams about my cat having an evil twin that was larger, had very big eyes and just looked wrong. And that duplicate dream happened a lot, often being that the duplicate was attacking my sister, mother and stepdad. And now, I have dreams of my ferrets having duplicates and I have to decipher who's the real ferrets, sometimes evil, sometimes not. Pets in dreams are associated with loyalty and civility. Generally, this means that you make a point of being nice and polite in most social situations, even at home, in the waking world. As such, the recurring dreams of pet duplicates or evil pet doppelgangers may be representations of your rebellious and temperamental side. No matter how much you try to be good, sometimes you cannot help disobeying your parents or speaking rudely to them. In addition, pets also represent your need to be nurtured and loved. In this case, the evil pets could be symbolic of your resentment and frustration whenever you feel neglected or overlooked. Either way, this type of vision may recur whenever you are tempted to not play nice.
Protecting a dog from a creature Protecting my dog in my old house from a threatening mythical creature. Protecting your dog from a menacing mythical creature reflects your tendency to help others in waking life. Just as your dog relies on you for love and care in reality, so does this vision suggest there are others, such as friends, family members or co-workers, who heavily rely on you for protection, advice or support. In essence, this vision is a direct manifestation of these positive qualities you possess.
A monkey killing a cat I was walking in a field with my cat and a monkey came out of a dead tree and kidnapped my cat. The monkey dressed my cat in a plain white costume with red trim and put her on a stage. Each day the monkey cut off one of her toes. After several days on stage, my cat died. Monkeys are often thought to be the manifestation of immature or tactless behavior, so dreaming that a monkey kidnaps your cat and tortures it to death could represent someone in your life whose disrespectful words and actions could become much more devious with time. In a sense, your subconscious is considering or worrying about what this individual might do without any checks to their behavior. The dead tree from which the monkey came could represent being negatively affected by this yourself, suggesting that the person in question is close to you, either a friend or family member. You would need to decide if you should step in and say something yourself or wait and see if someone with more power and authority would discipline this individual.
Scanning the dog at a checkout I brought my dog to the grocery store and I scanned her at the self checkout and sent her down the conveyor belt towards the bagging area. Shopping together with your dog and then sending her down the conveyor belt at checkout is a more personal interpretation of throwing the baby out with the bath water in the dream world. Shopping suggests you are trying to improve some aspects of your life while getting rid of bad habits or traits that have held you back in the past. However, pets tend to represent the best in us, so seeing the dog moving away from you could be a warning that, by giving up something bad, you may also be losing something good. You may need to carefully evaluate how you are reshaping your life.
A dog pooping My black dog, a Labrador, is running around in my kitchen and struggling, so I let her outside where she does the biggest poop... almost as big as she is! Then she is running and bouncing around happy. Then curls up and falls soundly asleep. Dogs represent loyalty and security which is why they are oftentimes associated with family. In the context of your dream, however, the amount of dog feces or poop suggests cleaning up after a mess made by a loved one. You may have to take control of the situation in order to avoid further complications. Alternatively, this vision could also symbolize a loss of control as a result of your desire to express yourself. Perhaps you have been reigning in your emotions for too long that being able to get them off your chest would give you catharsis.
Killing cats with a pitchfork So what I remember is that I had stabbed my cats with a pitchfork, they wouldn't die, so I had to break their necks by hand. I woke up sick to my stomach crying and about to throw up. It's 40 minutes later and I, still feel sick and am crying uncontrollably. I am an animal lover and don't understand why I would dream something so horrible. Please help me. Cats usually symbolize a carefree attitude, creativity and a free-spirited nature. In contrast, the pitchfork represents focus and responsibility. Perhaps you are at a point in your life where you may need to leave your immature and reckless side behind and be more accountable for your future. The reluctance and horror you felt because of stabbing the cats to death is a reflection of your own reservations of letting go or perhaps suppressing a big part of your personality. There could be a big event about to happen that would inevitably push you into transforming yourself.
Being concerned about dog's safety I was at a desk and I got up, but my dog was not following me. I saw him on a tall platform with a group of men that were trying to keep my dog away from me. This dream was in the daytime but I was afraid that the men would take my dog away from me and harm him because I had a sick sense about the men, I woke up feeling afraid. Dogs, because of their loyalty and protective instincts, often represent family and loved ones in the dream world. Hence, the men trying to take your dog away from you could symbolize real-world threats to certain members of your family. Perhaps you have a relative or close friend who is getting involved with the wrong kind of crowd and you fear for his or her well-being. There could also be individuals or personalities putting a wedge between you and a loved one by entertaining certain destructive ideas in their head. You may need to watch out for suspicious characters trying to create conflict and discord in your household.
Losing or killing a pet dog In a lot of my dreams, I have a dog and somehow, by the end of the dream, I end up losing the dog or accidentally killing it. I don't have a pet dog in real life. Since dogs are associated with protection and loyalty, they often symbolize family and loved ones when dreaming. In the context of your dream, losing the dog or killing the dog likely represents the disintegration of family ties. Since the incident of losing or killing the dog was not intentional, it means the damage to your relationship with a loved one could be an indirect result of your negligence. This negligence may be a failure to prioritize your friends or family, or perhaps you tend to make decisions that are against their interest or words of advice.
Finding a missing cat I am a female and my cat has been missing since May 11th. That night, I dreamed of my missing cat. I opened the door and she was huddled and looked scared when I opened the door. I picked her up and she was wet. Then, after a few minutes in my arms, she started to feel better and wanted to play. While we were playing, it started to rain inside the room we were in. Seeing a wet cat in your dream likely means that you are reaching your boiling point or your limit. You could be holding back tremendous amounts of anger, sadness and frustration which may come flooding out through an emotional breakdown. The missing cat may have added to your piling sources of stress in the waking world. This burst of emotion could be directed at someone who may disappoint or betray you. Perhaps an individual may fail to follow your instructions or neglect your needs when you are at your lowest point. In addition, the rain inside your room denotes sorrow. All your duties and responsibilities, made worse by negligent colleagues, could take their toll on you. Perhaps in trying to juggle so many things, you would end up losing the optimistic and hopeful part of yourself. Alternatively, finding the cat may mean losing a beloved and devoted friend. There is a possibility that you would find freedom and self-sufficiency, but at the risk of alienating a trusted confidante.
A dead pet dog attacking My dog has passed away but in my dream he was attacking me, and I was playing on my phone (acting like it wasn't happening). He was acting really crazy and I had bites and blood all over me. My husband got my dog away from me. In reality my husband woke me up. Seeing your cherished pet dog coming back from the dead is often interpreted as a warning in the world of dreams. It suggests that you tend to ask for help with certain issues in your life but forget to thank or repay those who help you. You may even decide not to lend them a hand when they need it. This could come back to bite you in the rear, as seen in the image of your dog attacking you in the vision, because being labeled as ungrateful could lead to others deciding not to help you in the future.
A pet fox biting on the hand Hello, I had a long dream where I was in an angry mood at my university party. I'm going to cut it short, a guy came to me with a pet fox. This fox made my mood better and I asked if I could pet her. He said yes and I petted her for a while but she started to bite my hand. She had really sharp teeth and my hand bled for a while but I did not take out my hand out of her mouth. After a while this fox turned into a mesmerizing woman while my hand still bled. I'm a guy and thank you. The school setting of this vision suggests you are under some stress in reality. Your poor mood may also be a reflection of this situation, showing how greatly you are affected. The source of your stress could be related to your interactions with an individual or a small group that you consider yourself to be in competition with. The image of the fox reveals the presence of competitors or enemies who have plans to attack your reputation or legitimacy. You may not be sure exactly what they have in mind or how to counter their efforts. Seeing the fox turn into a beautiful woman, then, can be interpreted as a sign that they would try to deceive you by creating uncertainty or making something appear better than what it is. It would be wise to go canny and question everything you receive or are exposed to.
A pet snake eating a dog Dreamt of a snake that was little, it was a pet. Then I couldn't find it, looked for it everywhere. Next thing you know I found it eating my dog like an anaconda, then woke up. Dreaming of a pet snake means you are enabling someone close to you into becoming a hard-headed and rebellious personality. This individual's destructive habits and careless disregard for the consequences of bad behavior could end up hurting a loved one or a family member, symbolized by the dog which was attacked in your dream vision. The snake may even be a metaphor for your own rebellious streak. In fact, your thoughtless actions could drag your family members in the mess you managed to create for yourself.
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