In a car with an insane person What does it mean if a mad person is sitting beside me in the car dressed as normal person, but mad and started biting me? Please narrate this dream for me with full meaning, thank you and God bless u. The mad or insane individual sitting beside you in the dream may be a representation of an aspect of your mind that is slipping from reality. Perhaps you are a dreamer by nature and as a way to escape, you conjure up make-believe events and scenarios in your head. However, as indicated in this dream vision, you may be indulging too much in your fantasy world so that you end up losing touch with your actual situation and surroundings. Perhaps this tendency to daydream is holding you back from actually living and being productive.
Coming into contact with a strange-looking woman I dreamt I was making pastries and a woman came up to me wanting to try my pastries. I was explaining they were not meant for her, then a friend came around seeming to question why was she there. Then she turned and faced me with a weird smile, looked like she had two top teeth protruding from her mouth. We came face to face with each other, close enough for me to bite down on her teeth and lips. Then I woke up. Dreaming about baking pastries is a powerful symbol that signifies your wildest dreams coming true in a most unexpected way. While this may sound like a good thing, you may have to go through a number of struggles to get there or maintain what you have earned. This can be seen in the image of the strange woman's protruding teeth. Biting down on her teeth and lips, however, suggests you would not only be able to avoid some of the trouble, but also counteract or overcome any difficulties or obstacles that get in the way of your goals and aspirations.
A girl hiding from someone wearing a mask Paper mache full headed mask. A girl hiding under floor boards from the one who wears the mask. Shallow water above the floorboards, but girl hiding isn't being flooded. In the dream world masks represent hidden jealousy or envy. The girl trying to hide from the masked person represents your own subconscious self trying to hide secrets from those around you. Perhaps you are going through a difficult period in your life and are probably aware of those around you who may be resentful of your happiness. You could be suspicious that these people are simply waiting for you to make a mistake and therefore are trying to pry open your secrets. This negativity is further reinforced by the presence of shallow water. Since shallow water portends obstacles, make sure that you keep yourself alert and try to find a way out of these problems by being more assertive.
Talking to a dwarf I was walking around a circus and a dwarf grabbed me and said "You must take strides outside of the path you walk". He repeated it before letting me go. Dreaming about being in a circus portends a period of difficulty in your waking life. You may have to face certain trials and tribulations which could set you back quite a bit. However, the dwarf in your dreams is the unrealized potential which you have. It is further reinforced by the dwarf asking you to walk on a different path. It seems as if you realize that you have the power to overcome any obstacles appearing in your way. You simply need to be more focused and learn to take risks to ensure that your ventures are a success.
Evil women and being a soldier I'm a woman. Two blonde women are walking through nature, they have evil smiles and they are walking towards me in a zombie-like way, but before they get to me the scene changes and I'm in a maze-like place with white walls. I'm a real soldier playing fake war with other soldiers and I'm frolicking through the maze beating each person I pass and creating a dance as I go. The scene changes to the women following me again and I start to scream before they get to me I wake up. Dreaming about being intimidated by zombie-like creatures is a manifestation of the current status of your life. Perhaps you are going through a chaotic time which is filling you with stress and anxiety. The zombie-looking women are a representation of your fears. The fact that you find yourself in a maze immediately after your encounter these women indicates that you are unable to face the difficulties in your waking life. Although you find yourself frolicking in the maze, it is a materialization of your desire to get rid of these problems. However, it is not as easy as it seems and you are constantly haunted by the presence of the obstacles which are placed in your path, as signified by the reappearance of the zombies in this dream. Make sure you stay strong and rely on your intuition to fare better in life.
People acting strange at a bar I went into a local bar I know, sat down with a male friend holding a baby and then he began breastfeeding the baby. Then I got up, went to the restroom, 3 ladies barged in and one of them started playing with my urine and drank some. First of all, going to a bar in the dream world represents your desire to get a burden off your shoulders. You could be feeling stressed out or overwhelmed in the waking world, so you are looking for ways to relax and loosen up. The presence of a male friend breastfeeding in this bar alludes to your need for love, satisfaction and care. Seeing this image in your dream likely stems from feeling neglected or lonely in the real world. Similarly, since urine is generally a metaphor for negative feelings or repressed thoughts, having these women drinking your urine is an allusion to your yearning for acceptance. Maybe you have been getting more and more frustrated in trying to meet the expectations of others. You want to be appreciated for who you are, flaws and all, instead of being expected to act according to society's standards all the time.
A stranger giving a note Well, I was having a dream as far as I know about me and my partner going out and all of a sudden we are in a building, don't know where though. And there is another woman there with short hair, looks familiar, but I don't know her, very sexy and good-looking, walks past us an puts a note into my pocket. I don't know what is on the note or anything, but it was just very funny and I could not get back to sleep for some time. Being out with your partner, possibly on a date or going to an event, represents your journey towards self-discovery. You could be trying to uncover or understand issues that are bubbling up to the surface recently. Part of your current concern may be about your love and commitment to your partner. The sexy and attractive woman you encounter in the building could be a representation of your yearning to explore or meet new personalities. Perhaps you are feeling limited in your current situation and you are looking for some excitement by having new experiences.
A female friend dressed in white I am in 2-yr relationship but I keep seeing a female friend dressed in white holding out her hand, but when I touch it I wake up sweating and thirsty. What does it mean? There are two possible interpretations for this vision depending on your feelings toward your female friend. The main symbol, your friend in a white dress, has the same meaning in both versions. This sign suggests upcoming nuptials or romantic feelings leading to a marriage proposal. The notion of reaching out and having the vision end suddenly, however, can have different meanings. On one hand, it can reveal an unfulfilled desire to have a relationship with this woman, meaning because of your friendship you have chosen not to pursue something deeper and more meaningful with her. On the other hand, you could be completely true to your current relationship but are not yet fully able to commit to marriage. In a sense, your subconscious mind is using your friend as a stand-in for your current partner because you are not ready to face the possibility of a committed relationship yet.
Not recognizing someone's name Today morning something strange happened in my dream. I heard a guy's name, apparently didn't know anyone by that name? Whats the significance? Names in dreams can often be the mind's way to help the dreamer remember something important. Perhaps you have been neglecting a loved one recently and your subconsciousness is making you feel guilty about it. Since the name sounded unfamiliar, it represents something missing in your existence. You may be looking for affection or validation to fill the void. Alternatively, there could be someone in your life with a similar sounding name and the strangeness or unfamiliar sound of the name is a reflection of how much you have drifted apart.
Black women entering the room by mistake I am a female, I dreamed someone knocking at my door and I said "Enter", then very black naked women entered.They asked for someone before I answered, a person outside called out that they entered a wrong room, it's next door. Then they went out. I woke up. A knock on the door in the dream world is usually a positive sign pointing to good news and exciting opportunities in your future. As for the naked women in your vision, the interpretation depends on your reaction to their visit. If you simply accepted their nudity as something normal, then it means the opportunity or news you would receive likely deals with your ability to embrace other people's needs they want to take care of using your help. On the other hand, if there was fear and trepidation over the nudity, then there is a likelihood that you would stumble upon a sensitive secret or information which could give you some leverage, yet would go against your principles or personal values.
A faceless person What does it mean when a person doesn't have a face. Being confronted by a faceless being or individual in the dream world alludes to deceit and possible envy from someone in your social circle. This personality may be putting up a friendly disposition and hiding his or her true colors to gain your trust. Alternatively, the faceless figure may represent your own identity crisis. You could be faced with several different paths to take and you are unsure about what you really want to pursue at this point in your personal journey.
A harmless serial killer I was dreaming about Michael Myers looking over me, also walking around my house. He didn't try to kill me or anyone. Dreaming of a fictional serial killer means you may be trying to rid yourself of some negative emotions. There may be aspects of your personality which you want to let go of because they are preventing you from achieving your full potential. This may also be an allusion to your self-destructive habits and tendencies. You could be afraid of being a danger to yourself because of your lack of discipline and self-control. Maybe it is time to confront your shadows and start to become a better version of who you are.
Being surrounded by blind people I saw myself surrounded with many blind people around me. I was going somewhere with my friend and suddenly we get stuck in a building full of blind people and we couldn't find an exit. And suddenly my mother woke me up. Being surrounded by blind people in your dream is an allusion to the kind of crowd you associate with in reality. Your peers and contemporaries may be feeling lost or uncertain about their futures. Maybe you also lack direction, so being surrounded by equally aimless individuals is exacerbating the situation. There is also a possibility that you are missing out on great opportunities because your social circle is prioritizing hedonistic pursuits. Fortunately, having your eyes open during this dream means you are at the very least aware of what your priorities should be. You may even feel like you cannot relate to those around you because you have set your sights on more productive endeavors.
Meeting elderly people by a lake during storm My ex-husband and I were walking and riding a motorcycle and came upon a still lake edge suddenly. The lake was clear, so I could see the algae and plants below the surface. A bad storm, a red-hued hurricane, was looming. Clouds were moving quickly, but no wind. An elderly woman needed our help. I picked up her things and he went ahead with her. An older man seemed sexually interested in me. The presence of your ex-husband in your dream alludes to unfinished business. Meanwhile, the clear lake represents fresh insight and clarity. As such, you may soon find the courage and lucidity to close this chapter of your personal journey. The motorcycle as a symbol illustrates the risk and spontaneity that characterized your previous marriage. In a sense, the elderly woman may have been the old you. Perhaps you feel like your ex has not grown up. On the other hand, you are now ready to move forward by looking for someone more mature and stable, someone you can grow old with.
Someone sitting and holding a bowl I dreamt twice in one night that someone is sitting cross-legged and holding out a bowl to me. The bowl in your dream could symbolize either the womb or a place of comfort. Meanwhile, crossed legs could be seen as a defensive and distanced position. In that sense, perhaps you feel like a loved one, perhaps a romantic partner, may be holding back or putting up walls between the two of you. Even when they mean well and claim to have your best interests in mind, somehow you feel like they do not quite hear you or understand your point of view. There is sense that they are reacting maybe out of pity instead of a genuine understanding and attention.
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