Kneeling before a handicapped woman and son walking in I was on my knees, I was going to touch a woman in a wheelchair, her left leg was hurt and my son whom I have not heard from walked in the room. He had light blue slacks and a white shirt on and he looked healthy. What does this dream mean? Dreams containing imagery of coming into contact or being around disabled or crippled people is a reflection of your anxiety and concerns about lonely existence you anticipate ahead. The subsequent appearance of your son whom you lost connection with could be symbolic that these thoughts are directly related to you missing him in your life and the fear that you may never hear from him again. At the same time, the bright clothes and his good health indicate that there is a strong bond that exists between you and him, so you could reunite with him soon, despite your doubts and uncertainty.
People trying to cut a rope and hearing a voice I dreamt many people were trying very hard to cut a drying line (rope), but were not able to. I tried it and was able to cut it. There was a pit underneath the line and a voice came from it saying "You're left with 12 years". I don't understand this dream. This dream vision about cutting a rope could symbolically represent your great dependence on people from the past, such as childhood friends or schoolmates who are still present in your waking life. Relying on their help and expecting them to always be there for you may be a great thing for you personally, but you could also be sensing their growing tiredness and reluctance to be around all the time because of their own responsibilities and commitments. If this is the case, you could be hearing your own voice warning you about breaking ties with these people soon if you do not consider being less reliant on them.
Being with someone in a boat Someone kissed my hand. I was in a boat with someone. To dream of yourself on a boat with someone is an indication of unexpected and imminent changes. There is a possibility of moving or finding a new home, hence the need for relocation preparations in your future. This change may materialize as a result of the symbolic kiss on the hand which points to the acquisition of considerable wealth. While this all bodes well for your prospects, sailing through the waters would still be tricky, as you would have to adopt certain behavior and attitude that could hinder your success, so a re-evaluation of your approach to having more money is essential.
Receiving advice from an unfamiliar woman Saw a desk a computer, looked at my phone (ex was texting me). Didn't know what to say back. Phone was white, it was a different phone. A lady came she had pretty wavy curly loose hair it was black, her voice sounded black. She was thick, but I think big-boned or medium-boned. She was dressed professional and said "If I were you I'd date him, he's a producer, he likes music, makes his own music. Y'all have the same stuff in common, I'm just telling you girl". Getting advice in dreams usually points to issues in real life needing resolution. Based on your dream, it seems that you are currently grappling with relationship concerns. Are you thinking perhaps of getting back together with your ex or is there a new romantic prospect? More often than not, your dreaming consciousness wants you to recognize something that you already know, but not ready to accept or admit. Your mind is also putting pieces of information together and processing them in your dream. Whatever the case, the good thing about receiving advice in dreams, love advice or otherwise, is that it urges you to introspect and find out what you really want or find the best way to approach a problem.
Being in bed with a strange hairy woman I had a dream I was in bed with this big muscular furry and that we are a boyfriend and girlfriend. And we were just cuddling in bed and sometimes she would kiss me on my head and cheek. While somewhat unusual, the strange furry who you were being so taken by in your dream, represents a certain feeling of dissatisfaction that could start nagging at you in the near future. Something in your life could trigger this feeling of discontent, which may lead to conflicts with people who are close to you. Keep a straight head, remember who your true friends are and this should be over soon.
Strangers occupying apartment without permission I would get home and people were in my apartment washing clothes and sleeping, people I never met and they had the key to my apartment, and I will get so angry and fight with them and kick them out of my apartment. Seeing your home being occupied by others without your consent is a negative omen. One that portends upcoming issues in your relationship with someone close to you. Be it your boyfriend, a friend or a relative, this person's company may have already become cumbersome for you. He or she may end up doing something that would represent the last straw.
Trying to talk to an old woman and unable to I had a dream about an old woman in a old-fashioned blue dress staring at me. I tried to talk to her, but I could not get any words out, it felt like I was completely numb. Dreaming about an old woman points to the possible heartache and frustration you may suffer due to malicious rumors circulating behind your back. Regardless of whether they are true or not, this blow to your reputation could cause you a great deal of stress. The old-fashioned blue dress the woman in your dream was wearing represents the emotional distress that may be caused by the aforementioned gossip. Keep your head high and do your best to not let such things affect you and you may come out on top of the situation.
Being with someone in a hotel room Kindly interpret my dream. If a married lady dreamt she was in a hotel room in a single bed that was green and clean with another lady in another single bed, but both in same room. A hotel room often symbolizes a fresh perspective or a transformation. The two single beds with a woman on each of them alludes to a need to connect with another person, yet being unable to. Perhaps the dreamer is feeling isolated and is trying to reach out to someone for comfort or sympathy. The color green in dreams is associated with fertility, growth, even jealousy. Hence, it may also be related to a need for independence or breathing space in order to grow as a person.
A transvestite in a dream Transvestite dream, meaning please? Seeing a transvestite in a dream vision is often associated with the idea of being tricked or deceived by someone in wake life. While, generally speaking, a transvestite dresses in a certain way to express how they feel on the inside, this vision suggests someone in your life doing the opposite, that is, using their outside appearance to conceal their inner self. You should be careful of people who do not seem sincere in their dealings with you, especially those who are in a position to hurt you emotionally or even initiate a verbal or physical fight.
Having only females as neighbors Dreamt my roommate, my son and I all lived in a neighborhood with just other women as neighbors. All the female neighbors would come over to ask my male roommate for help with doing projects. Envisioning a situation in which your male, adult friend is being requested to help females in the surrounding area suggests you have a caring and giving personality, especially if in the vision he seemed happy to perform these services. The big difference between the number of men and women, however, suggests you also have a tendency to treat people preferentially according to your own code, which may or may not agree with society's norms or traditional views.
Being prevented to visit someone and meeting others on the way back A person came to me with his fiance and requested me to take them somewhere and in the dream I see they wanted to go see my mum who in real world passed on. We failed to reach her place because of human waste caused by a broken sewer. On our way back was the guy's fiance's home. Her young sister initially was excited to see me, but I was talking to an old friend. Afterwards she couldn't answer when I called her back. Your dream draws a lot of its symbols from past relationships. Your deceased mother and an old friend are aspects of yourself that are rooted in the past. The engaged couple in your vision who are seeking to meet with your mother symbolizes relationships and domestication. Maybe you are thinking of settling down or getting into a serious partnership and you want the opinion and approval of your loved ones. However, the excrement from the broken sewer blocking your way in this dream signifies undesirable situations. Before deciding to make a radical move in your personal life, some things need to be resolved or cleaned up in order to avoid potential complications further down the line.
Interacting with elderly while by an old monument Saw my fiance climbing an old wrecked monument's remaining stairs and myself following him a few stairs back when a stout old man hurriedly climbs nearer him showing how well the boy standing at a distance did in maths exam. When I look that way, I find an elderly lady nodding. Just then I take hands of my fiance and take him downstairs. I feel that the old man gets bitter on such a gesture. And I force my eyes open. The old, dilapidated monument that you and your fiance climb is a positive sign associated with having found the person who loves you the most and understands you deeply. This happiness in your union is also seen in the image of the old man. Though he looks disgruntled, the old man represents the positive energy which surrounds you and helps keep both of you happy and satisfied. While everything seems to be going well, the old woman nodding "no" could be a sign of trouble ahead, perhaps something you have been ignoring in favor of looking on the brighter side.
A man cutting a loaf of bread It's very simple. I was watching a man sitting at a table cutting a loaf of bread. What does this mean? Dreaming of watching someone cutting a loaf of bread represents the possibility of hardships in your future. This may happen while you are working on a particular project and hit a setback that could undo all of the effort that you have put towards achieving your goal. As long as you do not give up, you should eventually be able to overcome this adversity.
People leaving and entering a house Seeing midgets and normal people coming into and going out of a house. Seeing a variety of diverse people enter and exit your home or some other house is a highly auspicious sign associated with good things coming into your life and bad things leaving it. This could manifest in a number of different ways. For example, you may come across seeing better opportunities at work or unexpectedly receive money from a surprising source.
A strange woman at the front door I was in my condo and saw a woman outside my front door. I didn't know her. I asked her to leave, but she wouldn't leave. I started to point my finger at her and shout "Get out, get out, get out, get out..." at her. I was getting more and more anxious. The feeling of dread and anxiety that the woman in your dream inspired in you suggests some degree of instability in your current relationship. The woman outside the door that refuses to leave could be a subconscious representation of your jealousy towards people that approach your partner. This jealousy, in turn, could prove disastrous for your relationship in the long run.
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