Trying a wedding dress on and people giving advice I was standing in the mirror wearing a wedding dress trying to adjust my veil. In the second part of the dream I was sitting at a table with my ex and his mother. She was telling us that we have to let go of things that cause hurt. He was saying to me, you waited for me. Both parts of this dream vision reveal your insecurity or excessive worries about starting new relationships or keeping them last for a long time. Seeing yourself trying on a wedding dress in a dream signifies your concerns and anxiety about upcoming significant life events. However, it could be emotionally draining and uncomfortable to be worrying so much. As the second part of this dream suggests, other people seem to be encouraging and supporting you in your quest to overcome negative experiences from the past and focus more on what's ahead.
Someone with bees surrounding him I was a cashier and a guy was waiting patiently. He walked tiredly to a chair, I saw the bees in his head just sitting like barrettes. I didn't know how to ring up the item. I went for help. There was a church service. I was trying to get thru. A multitude going to prayer. I heard some say the way to bring Muslim and Christians together, remind that Jesus is in both the Koran and Bible. There was more. Anyway I walked back and saw the bees dead on a trail. They led up to the guy no longer tired, he was smiling healthy. Joking with me. He said I know I'm gonna get your number after waiting. He was on lunch. This is a complicated dream with a number of symbols which warrant interpretation. The first sign is that of the bees sitting peacefully on the cashier. Bees on a person portend finding love or your soul mate, meaning someone you have a deep, lasting connection with. Finding yourself at a church service after suggests having inner peace with this realization and also feeling safe and protected. This person, though not necessarily the cashier you envisioned, is likely someone you enjoy being around, not only because they are kind and interesting, but because they take care of you. The dead bees you see leading up to the cashier at the end of the dream, however, indicate that not everything is as perfect as it seems. Dead bees represent financial problems, so either this special person may bring their debt into the relationship or you may go over budget due to dates and other related expenses.
A strange trio and being chased by a dog I saw two long-legged women go into a house. I looked into the window of door. They were kissing on a man. He saw me... The women turned into dogs and he turned into devil... The door flew opened and the dogs chased me thru an orchard. Before they caught me I climbed a tree praying to god. Then I woke up... This is a fairly complicated vision with a number of interesting symbols. The first sign is that of the women kissing the man, which tells of an unfortunate experience that is about to befall you. The dogs you see represent the scandal and gossip that occur as a result your thoughtless actions and behavior. But the man turning into the devil makes the situation clearer, pointing toward some temptation that you are dangerously close to giving into. If you give into your desires without considering the consequences, you may be the target of rumors or may even be shunned by others. Climbing up the tree at the end of the vision, however, means there is a glimmer of hope, namely that you could avoid this trouble and even become more successful in life if you do the right thing and resolve your natural urges and desires to find balance and stability in life.
People outside entangled in tree roots I was inside my house and I saw people outside, so when I get there I see they're trapped in the tree roots and I help them escape. I was awoken by bugs on my arm and it made me jump awake. Houses symbolize both your current life and where you are most comfortable. In this case, stepping out of your house can be interpreted as stepping out of your comfort zone, meaning you may be about to embark on a new journey in life. However, this vision shows two possible outcomes for this endeavor, depending on your own strength and ability. On one hand, seeing people trapped in tree roots could represent losing your freedom, individuality, or both. If you are susceptible to the influence of others, you may experience some difficulties. But if you are strong-minded and able to resist pressure, the bugs you saw suggest finding great success and prosperity.
Traveling barefoot and meeting people who behave strangely I dreamt that I was traveling barefoot. I ask for help and a woman carrying a little baby gave me slightly used but new-looking brown sandals to wear. At that moment I saw myself wearing a gold-color wig and gold earrings. After that I saw a lady who took me to a bathroom because she wanted to look at my vagina, but I was reluctant to show her, at that moment she started pouring water on herself. And there was also a man wearing green sleeves with no underpants, also pouring water on himself and I woke up. Please, I need the meaning of this dream. This dream is full of negative imagery and portends a number of troubles in your future. The first sign, traveling barefoot, is very ominous and predicts serious monetary problems. This is also supported by envisioning yourself asking for help, so you may have difficulty providing for even your most basic needs. The wig and jewelry that adorn you in the middle of the vision give further information about the reason for your poor state, namely that you have either been robbed or swindled. You probably could have avoided being duped by being more careful or listening to others, as indicated by seeing people pouring water on themselves, leading to feelings of empressement and sadness. However, not all hope should be lost, as receiving shoes as a gift indicates a similar situation in real life, meaning that even if you are in a dire situation, there are still people willing to help and care for you.
A neighbor moving away I dreamt about my good neighbor and friend moving out of our apartment building. Thank you for interpreting my dream. The departure of your friend and moving away from you is an indicator that you are losing loyalty and respect among a number of your family members and peers due to what you have recently done or said. Since no conflict or signs of tension were present in the process of your neighbor's moving away, the dream suggests that your social balance is preserved and that you will be able to cope and repair the damage to your reputation by yourself, which, however, may involve investment of time and resources. The ultimate reward after the revision of your relations with other people is the return of your confidence and self-esteem.
Women with periods in progress I was told by two young girls and shown they had just gotten their period. Dreaming about two young girls who have just become women is symbolic of your tendency to rely chiefly on your emotions to solve problems or negotiate with others. While feelings can be useful in some cases, you may disregard logic when it does not suit your interests, causing conflicts with those you are arguing with. You may want to take a step back from heated confrontations and analyze the whole situation you are in before saying something that does not make sense or is not supported by good reasoning or common sense.
Various people inside a house that sinks I dreamed that one of the managers from work invited to his home. He had twins with his ex-wife who was there. The house sank in the ground, but we were all fine. The next day we were all still there and the house sank a little more. His girlfriend came over and he was anxious to give her personal information not to be disclosed to us. The twins were always one with me and the other with his ex-wife in the home. At the end I was on a giant fast Ferris Wheel. The two most important symbols in this vision are that of the house and twins which oppose each other in many ways. The image of this sinking house is similar to that of a sinking ship, indicating that everything seems to be going downhill around you. You may even be feeling the negative effects of the chaos and disturbance, leading to difficulties completing your tasks or performing profitable and productive work. However, this is offset with the sign of the twins who are always near you. This means that, despite the trouble you may see around you, you are confident in your ability to get through the rough patch and be successful.
A strange dark lady approaching and wanting to communicate A lady came to me, she was dressed in a black dress, she had bruises all over her arms and face. She was holding me tight then she tried to put her fingers inside my back. Dreaming about a woman dressed in black represents an internal sadness you have inside you. This may not be something you have shared with others, but it is likely connected to the upcoming or recent passing of a loved one or being unable to be with someone you care about. Receiving what was perceived to be a hug from this woman, however, indicates having one more meeting with this person or a chance to communicate. This opportunity could give you some closure and help begin the healing process.
Having to deal with sister and other people My sister lost a bunch of weight and was kinda rude, she was wearing a red and pink outfit, said she lost 89 pounds, she had an old lady cleaning her house, then all of a sudden I was in a grocery store, apartments bars etc. in one building and my boyfriend was with another woman and he said it doesn't count because I am not around. This sign is the manifestation of troubles brewing within your relationships, especially the one with your sister. The red color of the dress indicates you may be under some stress and are in prime condition to lash out at someone whether they deserve it or not. Additionally, your sister's weight loss in the vision suggests you might feel as though you are being treated unfairly and, as a result, may be inclined to take more than your fair share at the next available opportunity. All this may culminate in the prediction given by the last sign, which is your boyfriend cheating on you. This symbol means a major confrontation is ahead, and you should either try to avoid it or be prepared to deal with it when the time comes.
A stranger dressed in white inside the house Walked down my stairs into my living room and it was completely white all there was an unfamiliar young man sitting in a couch dressed in white. The man dressed in white is an ill omen predicting the upcoming passing of someone you care about, likely a person who as already been dealing with serious health problems (whether you know about them or not). In this case, the man is similar to the image of the Grim Reaper. Seeing your living room also devoid of color indicates that, though you cared about this person greatly, you can compartmentalize this situation and still go about your life normally, if this loss does occur. While your work and daily life may distract you from the pain you experience now, it is important to deal with your feelings instead of running from them.
Being approached by the ex-fiance's son I was at a stop light and I saw my ex-fiance's son. He walked over to my car and started confiding in me. I let him talk and cry and then I asked him if he knew who I was, and he said that he didn't. Then I told him that I was engaged to his dad but I never got a chance to meet him. Whether you met him in wake life or not, seeing your ex-fiance's son crying in your dream vision predicts an upcoming situation in which you are likely to be called on to comfort and stand up for someone in your life. This person may be a younger relative who is being bullied or an older family member who is being taken advantage of. In either case, being at a stop light suggests putting something in your life on hold to take care of someone else. They would certainly appreciate your help and express their gratitude profusely, but whatever you have to give up in order to help them might be just the right amount of effort you may want to spare in order to address their needs.
Waking up a patient when entering a hospital A guy woke up when I entered the hospital room, he was a patient. Dreaming about running into or walking through hospital patients predicts facing a period in your life which would be characterized by indifference, ignorance or even outright hostility toward you. The notion of the patient waking up upon your entry could also mean that you may have been doing something recently, not necessarily wrong, to evoke or magnify these kinds of attitude in those you are surrounded by.
Neighbor visiting while being naked For some reason my male neighbor visited my house naked. When sitting on the couch his penis was tiny and hidden amongst a lot of black hair. But I could see it was about an inch tall. When his penis got erect, it suddenly had a black crochet hat on it. I commented that it was strange and I'd never seen a penis hat and my neighbor said he loves them and always wears one. Help please, I've never had a dream this weird. This vision is a manifestation of your disposition toward this person, and you seem to be treating him as an insignificant, low-key and undeserving individual. The small penis is also an indication of hostility and aversion you may have, which you project into your subconsciousness, but not dare to express openly. The crochet hat he had on the genitalia is a sign that he wants to learn more about you, in a non-sexual way, and perhaps prompt you to change your attitude toward him, which is supported by the fact you were so focused on and interested in such little details of his exposure in this dream.
Mother, a president and a soldier together in one scene Me and the president of my country were upstairs and the people were downstairs. Our names were written on a paper. It was crowded. Suddenly I saw my mum who was arrested by security agents and was sat down. The young soldier wanted to save her, but he could not do it because the agents attacked him with a bayonet and wounded him. Anyway, this was the last time I saw my mum. Being with the president of your country and seeing his or her name written down alongside your own is the manifestation of feelings of inadequacy or a lack of confidence in your skills. Seeing your name next to an extremely successful person in wake life often brings up comparisons which may not be described as working in your favor or to your advantage. This is supported by seeing your mother restrained and the agents attacking a soldier who wanted to help her, which represent taking the blame for something that goes wrong, not necessarily because you caused it, but because you feel it would be your responsibility anyway.
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