Woman with a martini glass and traveling through natural sites I dreamed a woman was stuck on a martini glass. A group was watching her then we were all racing. We had to use a suit as like a sail as such. We went through caves and rapids. The woman ended up on a rock, no she lost but was fine with it. The martini glasses was our tool a boat as such. Seeing a martini glass is often interpreted as a symbol for collective memories of time spent with friends and loved ones. This is also reflected in the race you and the group of people participated in, which points to an event involving many people. However, traveling through a cave and rapids represents feelings of loneliness and sadness, possibly due to being unable to spend much time with those you care about. This dream, therefore, is likely a message from your subconscious to make time to be with your friends and family to improve your happiness and overall well-being.
Old and untidy women Very old and dirty women in dream Visions of meeting or communicating with old and untidy women in your dream foretells problems or troubles from the past starting to resurface. It can be due to unresolved issues from your distant or recent past which continue to hound you, and they may have negative and lasting impacts on your life if you do not manage to address them right away.
Finding things out about previous relationship from a stranger I had a dream that a man at a bar was being protective over me when I wanted to leave and go to a bar by myself. Later, this same man told me that my ex boyfriend was my true love. Then I was walking with him crying and we went into a kind old ladies house where my married friends and my ex boyfriend were sitting. I sat next to my friend's husband and he had me lay in his lap, on his penis specifically. And I watched a video of me professing my love for my ex boyfriend while he sat, confused, and watched, and continued asking why I was upset. The man who was protective seemed very angelic. Dreaming about being in a bar portends to needing help in the near future. Normally this might indicate needing financial assistance or having to deal with government agencies, but, in this case, it seems to point more to emotional support from friends and family, which is also indicated by the other images in this dream. The protective, "angelic" man may symbolize feelings of guilt or remorse. Crying together with this person predicts beginning to overcome your past feelings and possibly to the opening of a new path for you. These past feelings are probably related to the ex you saw in your dream, as seeing yourself profess your love to an ex-boyfriend in a dream may represent some time recently when you, either by accident or on purpose, captured his attention. His confused expression, however, indicates that this is likely a lost cause and that you should continue to focus on your own growth and personal life.
A woman giving men a green snake A lady giving the men green snake. Dreaming of a green snake means that you may soon be involved in an event where alcohol would be flowing freely, a party or celebration arranged by the woman you saw in this dream and possibly together with men she chooses to invite. The same dream vision could also be symbolic of the fact that this woman may have a tendency to drink alcohol excessively, so if you know this person or tend to hang out with her, you should be mindful of her actions at this upcoming gathering because she may get you involved in some inappropriate behavior.
Meeting people by the sea I was walking up steps away from a turquoise sea, the sun shinning on it and a light wind, with my son and mother. Next, I was high up in a busy cafe finding a seat with them both here was a massive panoramic window and you could see the sea. Then, all of a sudden, I was on the grass in a park with a male that had been on my course at university who said nothing but passed me a piece of paper, when I looked up he was gone. I looked at the righting on the paper, when I looked up I was back at the sea it was dusk, a smart lady in her 50s got out of the back of a limo with a brief case offered help with masters. Seas and oceans are often associated with new and exciting ventures. This could be concerning the masters you mention at the end of the dream though it could also be related to a new job or travel as well. Additionally, vast quantities of water also indicate that you may feel somewhat overwhelmed by what is to come. The receiving of a written message and the offer of help both represent subconscious feelings of trust and admiration, perhaps for a well-liked professor or upperclassman or woman. This dream may, therefore, be a message to seek and consider following the advice of those who have gone before you, especially in regard to an academic journey.
A stranger claiming he is watching over the family In my dream I felt like I was awake and heard a noise coming from my kitchen. When I walk out to see who it was, I see a man in his early 30s standing next to my refrigerator, eating a sandwich. He was dressed in a grey 3 piece suit with a maroon vest and tie. He also had a pocket watch with a chain. The sight of the man scared me so I picked up my 4 year old daughter and left my home. However, as I stepped out my house the man said "Wait, I need to tell you something, I watch over you". Still calmly eating his sandwich he added, "There are four others watching you and your daughter". Because this dream took place in your house and kitchen, it can be inferred that this dream is concerning you specifically. Seeing a stranger in a vision may indicate feelings of regret or disappointment over past behavior and actions. This may be somehow connected to your daughter due to her presence, but not necessarily. It may also be related to something at work, as symbolized by the man's suit. This man's promise to protect and watch over you, while on one hand representing remorse, also predicts you have the ability to overcome these feelings and make things right. You could, therefore, analyze what you may have done in the past and amend things where needed and if possible.
Meeting with the ex, a dog and a baby I saw my ex as he was walking with a dog and I was with my girls. He saw me and came to say hi. He talked to everyone but I saw that he wanted to come to me and his dog (Jack Russell Terrier) just wanted always to come to me and was dancing and touched me. Dog was on the leash to my ex and he came to me. When i started playing with the dog, the baby carriage appeared with a baby in it. I thought it was his baby from other woman and it was cool, but baby cried and asked for mom. I took him and it felt like it was my baby. Baby calmed down and I said mom is here and woke up feeling like a mother or this mother feeling was so real. Talking with your ex-boyfriend in a dream is usually a negative sign associated with communication issues in your current romantic relationship or with other people you are close to. Flirtatious behavior between the two of you also suggests not having the complete picture about an issue that is important to you, possibly related to some minor trouble with your friends or family. These two negative signs are balanced, however, with the image of the baby. Taking care of an infant or small child within a dream vision represents finding solutions to your problems and coming to a resolution which greatly pleases and satisfies you in multiple ways. The strength of this positive ending is reflected in the powerful maternal instincts you felt at the end of the dream.
People under various circumstances Two tour buses passing me by with "Wild Horses Tour Taylor Swift" written on the side with a picture of a brown horse running wild. Also my granddaughter with white bird poop in her hair, my elderly friend behind me getting up from a fall but smiling saying she is fine and doesn't have her walking stick. And then actor Tyler Perry in a hat and sunglasses sitting in a lawn chair but when I get closer it is not him. My boyfriend hits a rabbit with broom in the corner of the kitchen, his grandson morphs into my friends grandson. I put on a red vest. Boyfriend wakes up searching for me. All in the same dream. There are a lot of conflicting images and symbols in this dream, making it difficult to a singular conclusion. The multiple symbols in and of themselves may point to being extremely busy and possibly over-inundated with information. Seeing celebrities or their images, in this vision, may reflect your desire to be in front of a crowd. You may enjoy teaching or entertaining others, and you may even have a talent for getting people to listen to you. The red vest you put on at the end of the vision indicates acting with your heart more than your head. Finally, the older friend that you see in your vision could represent your own desire to keep pushing yourself to do your best, even without the support of others. If you strongly believe in your dreams and yourself, you may be able to achieve what you want by your own hands.
Standing on the mountain of dead soldiers and more approaching Why do I get the dream of me standing on top of a mountain of dead soldiers on one side of a river running red with sword in one hand and my people looking up to me. Some with their hand closed in the form of a prayer and bodies littered everywhere. And I see in the distance the sun setting and huge number of soldiers approaching with their eyes glowing more like demons than soldiers. This vision has a number of complicated images that require analysis. The first symbol, you standing on a mountain, suggests feelings of discomfort and hesitation. In wake life, you may soon find yourself in a situation where you are unsure what step you should take next. This is also supported by the soldiers you saw in your vision. In general, being around soldiers suggests receiving news, and it is likely given the gruesome scene painted by your vision that the news you receive is not pleasing. However, while you may be facing some troubling or difficult times in the future, both holding a sword and the people who look up to you suggest eventually overcoming these evils, though it is likely to take a lot of time and effort.
Meeting a woman with children and letting them go In this dream my husband and I allow this woman with children stay with us, her daughter lied on me and said I foot my foot on her face. Everyone knew she was lying. Her mother was a good person, but my husband and I had to tell her and her children to leave us. Dreaming about allowing strangers into your home suggests you feel aspects of your life are unbalanced. This is likely in relation to your husband since you both allowed the woman and child to live there in the dream. You may feel he is not spending enough time with you or that he is not giving you the attention and love that you need. However, the lying child and everyone's knowledge of her deceit means that things are not as bad as they seem, though improved communication might make things clearer. Asking the woman and her child to leave at the end of the vision can be interpreted as a sign that you need to stand up for yourself and ask for the things you really need. If you keep your true feelings to yourself and do not communicate them with your husband, you may run into problems down the line.
Looking at a picture of a crush with others My dream was about me looking at a picture via Internet of my crush with an older woman. Also, there were 3 kids in the picture with them, but one of the kids weren't his. What does this mean? Dreaming about looking intensely at the photograph of your crush points to your desire, if not obsession, to establish or maintain a long-lasting relationship with this person. Your subconscious mind has painted a picture of an old woman, which is probably just a projection of your own self, imagined together with the children as a representation of the family or union you would like to have with this man.
Thieves accompanied by a dog Dreams about four thieves and a small dog. As the details are very limited, it is difficult to give an accurate reading of this dream. The four thieves you encounter generally predict having issues or difficulty in your life. Seeing a small dog also predicts minor troubles related to your relationship with a shallow, materialistic person. It seems that this person's behavior or actions may get you into trouble or that other people may scorn you for your association with this person. You might want to reconsider your relationship with those who are superficial and fake.
Strangers trying to attack and family members dying I was leaving my house and a man walked outside of my basement side door. I was calling for someone, but they drove away and didn't hear me. An old man in the street with gray hair and a green apron was signaling me to come to him and then he disappeared and another man tall with dark hair came to attack me near the basement door. And my left arm was tangled in my shirt, so I couldn't defend myself. Then I dreamt my uncle and husband died in a car accident and I wanted to drive back, so I could change time, but then realized I don't want to die, this is so unfair, now I have nothing and was crying. The images of being attacked by a stranger outside of your house point to upcoming changes at home or personal relationships that could alter the course of your life significantly. These transformations may represent the direct result of external forces or circumstances, but could equally originate from within the family. The notions of not being able to defend yourself in this dream point to your reluctance or unwillingness to deal with something already happening in your life at the moment, which would otherwise lead to something even bigger in its magnitude later on. Most likely, you are afraid that if you make wrong moves or allow something new to enter your life, it might irreversibly impact your relationship with the people who are important to you.
A man in white clothes on a white horse I saw a man putting on white clothes from head to toe and riding a white horse. Dreaming about a man wearing white clothes has ominous connotations. It must be considered a forewarning that someone who's very dear to you might suffer severe health ailments or the fact that you might hear the news of their demise very soon. An image of a white horse is also not a very positive symbol. In the context of this particular dream, it could signify either the need to travel in conjunction with these events, or someone arriving from far away to stay with you following these unfortunate circumstances.
An unfamiliar woman in a green dress flirting In my dream a woman in a green dress was trying to seduce me at a family function. I did not know her. The green dress the woman wore represents satisfaction and happiness within your relationships, both familial and romantic, however, this is only an illusion. This is because a woman who acts seductively toward you in a dream vision predicts disappointment in those closest to you, possibly causing you to react badly to their behavior and do something questionable yourself. You might want to brace yourself for news regarding your loved ones and try to avoid making rash decision about it in the heat of the moment.
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