Having many babies In my dream I had fourteen babies, seven girls and seven boys and I was preparing to bring them all home from hospital. I was getting name tags ready so I could remember who was called who and preparing enough bottles to feed them all. What does this dream mean? Dreaming about seeing or having many babies in one place could symbolize the repetitiveness of a task. You could have been, or be about to spend a great amount of time on simple but repetitive tasks. You would need to perform them in order to to accomplish an overarching life goal. Also, you had a vision about not being able to recognize or distinguish between each one of these babies. This could mean that you could currently or soon be subconsciously preoccupied with solving many tasks at once, some of which could be confusing or interfere with the resolution of some other additional activities. This state of affairs could suggest that some occupations could be standing in your way and hindering the completion of you main life goal. For a better work experience, you could perhaps spend some time organizing your schedule and plan with the objective of cutting out superfluous tasks.
Socializing with a celebrity I've had a dream about the same person and he's a celebrity - I've had a dream 3 days in the past week - one was about I was showing him around my city holding hands with him as we were a couple and the other was we was working out in the gym exercising. This dream has two meanings depending on your personal situation. First, it could be an indication of your obsession with or excessive interest in this particular celebrity. You could be completely absorbed and taken by the life story and appearance of this person. You might have desire to be closer to that individual. The second interpretation involves your own desire to be a celebrity yourself. For example, you could have been trying to accomplish something or have a grand ambitious plan. However, you would most likely be over-estimating your abilities and resources available to you. This means that you could be about to face frustrations and disappointments. The dream would therefore work as an advice. You should get your feet on the ground and be more realistic about your goals and self-assessment.
Forgetting to feed a baby I suddenly remember that I have a baby in the wardrobe that I've forgotten to feed. Every time I dream it the baby is thinner. I start to mix up formula but never get to feed the baby. Dreaming about forgetting to feed a baby is symbolic of a task, obligation, plan or needs within a relationship that you are forgetting about, failing to pay attention to or unable to complete. Your subconscious mind is reminding you that you need to resolve those in order to reach a certain goal or accomplishment in life. Also, you had a vision about this baby getting thinner. This could suggest you are currently preoccupied with solving too many tasks at once and failing at the one that means the most to you. That is, there may be something standing in your way and preventing you from addressing this important issue. By showing you the thinning baby, the dream is reminding you that the unaccomplished affair will not wait forever. Time could be running out. It is therefore important to try to understand what that neglected task is and give it the required attention.
A girl crying and a boy trying to console her but unsuccessfully I dream that there is a girl sitting in the corner she is crying and one boy coming to the girl to hug her and one girl saw them. She wanted to react instead she only bowed her head and the boy wanted to come closer to her but the other girl cried again.....Please help me to interpret.....thank you and good day! Dreaming of observing a crying girl may translate the possibility of upcoming negative events. These would be related to your relationships. For example, your partner or lover could soon cheat on you or resort to some unfaithful or deceiving acts. Two girls were involved. One of the girls was observing and one of the girls was crying. This does not necessarily mean that there is a third person involved. Rather, it suggests that the negative relationship-related happening would come as a complete and utter surprise. Hence, part of you started crying, whereas the other part of you observed and was unable to react. She remained submissive and watchful of the unfolding events. The image of a boy could symbolize the cause of the grief. Alternatively, there could be someone coming into your life. He would try to comfort you and help you deal with such difficult situation. Although the external help might come in handy, you should try to take responsibility and courageously face and solve whatever is about to happen.
A woman unable to put a baby inside a car A vision that was given - showed me a woman with a baby scraped to her chest and heading to a car. when she opened the door the car was completely filled with stuff and there was nowhere to secure the baby in the car. the car was a working car standing still however the woman didn't have a place to to put the baby due to the pile of stuff. This dream could represent your subconscious projection of worries and concerns you could be experiencing in regards to a person who is important to you. The baby is a representation of changes or new developments in yours or in this person's life. These changes would influence the other person. The symbol of the car stuffed with items is an indication that this person or yourself cannot embrace, accept or deal with new changes which may be coming your way. This inability could result from some present demanding responsibilities, obligations, duties or anxieties. The notion of the running car can indicate that these changes could be related to relocating, moving away or leaving the other person behind soon. The outcomes of such separation could be problematic for you, but it will all be dependent on what this person decides to do. Alternatively, the running car could suggest you would be forced to change, even though you or the other person seem to be or feel cramped with little internal and external space for new changes.
A friend who is upset about seeing dreamer with another friend My friend keeps having a reoccurring dream about me . She comes down to visit, and surprise me, and tell everyone at my shop about it. When she arrives I am in the back room with some random girl . She is usually incredibly upset, and the dreams are starting to bother her. We are just friends when have been good friends for like 3 years. Recurrent dreams usually translate the existence of some subconscious conflict or desire that is important to the dreamer. This dream vision involved being surprised by the visit of a friend while entertaining someone else. This could represent the intuited, feared or real existence of suspicions and secrets in your relationship. The idea that you were surprised in the backroom reinforces this idea of secrets. These secrets could be unconscious feelings of love or jealousy nurtured for one another. One of you could also be associating with someone the other does not approve or like. Alternatively, there could be some rivalry between the two of you, concerning the desire of obtaining the exclusive attention of someone from the opposite sex. Such rivalry and competition could be hidden, disguised or unconscious. It would be associated with the fear of being caught betraying the other’s trust. The notion of being surprised is also indicative of trying to find a way to resolve these issues which have been bothering your friend for quite some time now. The best way to help the situation is to analyze in which way you might be experiencing any of these alternatives. It could also be beneficial to have a frank discussion to pinpoint existing interpersonal issues, problems or poorly expressed feelings and emotions. This is because the existing problems might be nothing but fears, misperceptions or misjudgments related to your current relationship and harbored by your friend.
Friend's relatives in a house, angry woman and dying I went to familiar place a I find my family relatives to know them and suddenly I remember the house of my school friend during college then she brings me to her house and talks to them with her husband and kid. Then my friend notices in their kitchen one woman standing and anger with memy said to his husband she aswang nory and I saw that lady outside and I'm angry with her ... then I said don't aswang me don't aswang me ... Then in my dream I'm back to my own home and my daughter is their and after 8hours I was die... What it does mean? This dream could be an indication that your usual daily routine and the way of living is about to change. Most likely you have been exposed to some tensions or disagreements among people you know closely, such as relatives or friends, but without participating, just a side-observer. The dream ends with you dying and in dream interpretation it means you are longing for major changes, either for yourself or for the people whom you deal with on a daily basis. Angry people in the same dream could also symbolize that you have tried to change things around you in the past, but without any success or because people were reluctant to recognize your efforts to make the situation better. You still treat this issue as unresolved and subconsciously want more improvements.
A stranger girl trying to communicate at a social gathering It was my mom's birthday expecting cousins to come by, but an uninvited bunch of happy people (politicians and bureaucrats) from our community coming and having a feasts at my place full pack and a girl stranger trying to get my attention from another room and I remember some of them leaving after having food.. . And one part I remember my cousin girl taking to me.. .And just at that moment I began to think that I am wealthy or something like that :) Dreaming about attending a big feast or a banquet with a large number of people attending this reception can be indicative of an invitation to a wedding or engagement ceremony which you are about to receive. You may soon be hearing good news about close friends or relatives who are about to tie the knot. You might also have recently been or about to be persuaded to attend some community-based or volunteer activities, which is depicted by the vision of a stranger girl trying to initiate contact or conversation with you in this dream. Overall, this dream indicates some type of festivity or social event waiting to happen in the near future and which you will become part of.
Being chased by a girl in a white dress and mother figure In my dream I was chased by a girl wearing white dress and I came running to my mother on the bed, but my mother didn't see this girl. She was trying to pull me from my legs. The dream vision of a girl in a white dress chasing you could be indicative of a certain person in your life whom you know very well and who is trying to propose to you or take your relationship to the next level by marrying you. You seem to be either reluctant or averse to this proposal. Your parents could play an important part in the process of making important decisions because of their authority, and you probably always consider what they have to say before taking a next step or accepting changes which would impact your life in a serious way. Although taking parents' advice into consideration is beneficial to anyone facing tough decision, you might want to try relying on your own independent thinking and judgement when it comes to your relationships and personal choices.
Meeting a celebrity (Eminem) at the airport and being encouraged by him I was sitting at the airport and suddenly Eminem came and sat beside me (Eminem is my idol). So I asked him if he would help me to be a star like him and he said "Yes" and then danced and went away. This symbolic vision of meeting a celebrity (Eminem) is obviously a subconscious manifestation of your obsession and extreme interest in this person. You could be completely absorbed and blown away by his life story, appearance and success. You might have desire to be closer to this individual. Another interpretation involves your own desire to be a celebrity yourself. The vision of being at the airport in the dream is probably the reflection of your plans and intentions already deeply rooted in your brain or completely overtaken your life (e.g. "sitting at the airport" usually means "about to take off"). For example, you could have been trying to accomplish something extraordinary or have a far-reaching and ambitious plan. However, you would most likely be over-estimating your abilities and resources available to you. This means that you could be exposed to frustrations and disappointments down the road. The dream therefore cautions you to get your feet on the ground and be more realistic about your goals and ambitions.
A man approaching moving to a beat It starts off with a man very far away and he starts coming closer and closer to a beat and he smiles and he stops when he gets to my face. This dream vision of a man approaching you from a distance could be a reflection of your own recent behavior, actions or personality. You could have recently come to terms with something you have been questioning or trying to solve for a long time. It is not necessarily an indication that it was a good or bad decision or action, but merely a reflection that you have finally made your choice and moved on. Judging by the elements contained in this dream scenario you described, this decision could be related to your personal life, relationships or even romantic affairs.
A man on the balcony and woman leaving the house In my dream, I saw my grandmother's house, a man is standing in the balcony of the first floor and a woman starts to leave the house while I am entering. We look at each other and she smiles, I have no clue why, the woman leaves and the man in the balcony I feel is hiding inside... I start to walk in without looking up to him, but wishing he is still there looking at me. Your dream about observing a man standing on a balcony and looking suspicious or as if he was trying to hide something from you means encountering a person (not necessarily a male) who would be willing to help you with something you are unable to undertake or manage on your own. However, their willingness or readiness to help or assist you will come with a price you would have to pay. You would probably be having some animosity or disagreements with this person before they agree to help you. The outcomes of accomplishing your plans or goals are worth going through this initial unpleasant and stressful period in the relationship with this person. The symbolic vision of encountering a woman who was smiling at you in this same dream could indicate soon to be received news or announcement which would lead to the unfolding of these events.
A tall blonde man in tuxedo telling to commit suicide A dream about a tall white man with blonde hair wearing a tux that was telling me to go kill myself. This dream vision could originate from your attempts to try to compare yourself with an individual or people who are more successful or popular than you in waking life. You are probably constantly referring to someone you know personally or from media sources as a role-model or idol because they seem to be in your eyes. However, they could be belonging to a completely different social circle, have manners or traits you know little about and it would be close to impossible for you to adopt their lifestyle and qualities. The notion of the man telling you to go kill yourself most likely means you are in need of a change, or so you think. But you should look at these attempts more realistically and try to find out why you are not content with the lifestyle and things surrounding you in your everyday life.
A woman swallowing white snakes I had a dream of a woman surrounded by many snakes and she was swallowing them alive. The snakes were white.The woman was not fearful she was just swallowing snakes one by one. This dream vision could be interpreted as you recently becoming aware of someone, most likely a woman who is your acquaintance or whom you know closely, learning or finding out using some other way or method, too much information about you which you consider to be private and personal. And even though this woman does not go around sharing this information with other people, you have growing concerns that when she reaches a certain level of such knowledge, she may become a real threat to your well-being and peaceful existence.
Ex-girlfriend crying and stabbing herself Dreams about it was dark and I saw my ex in the corner crying. And when I asked her if she was okay she didn't respond. Then she got up and stabbed herself in the stomach. Darkness within a dream points to some issues in your life which have not been resolved or you have not found closure for yet. Because you are still grappling with this issue, you may be neglecting some other areas of your life. The vision of your ex-girlfriend crying, despite looking like a sad image, is actually a positive sign predicting good changes coming about in your life. These changes are most likely the result of your own hard work and effort, being related to either your personal life, such as a relationship or financial goal, or your career, like a new project or landing a big client. This is further illustrated through your past partner stabbing herself. While it is another morbid picture, the meaning is quite similar, indicating large changes brought about by your own hands.
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