On a train with mentally ill people I am a man, 23. I saw today a dream about being in moving train. In the train there was like a mental hospital. I wasn't mentally ill, but I was inside this compartment where mentally ill people were. So I was trying to escape and I escaped but they saw. All this dream happened in a moving train. Weird is that I saw exactly the same dream a long time ago. This image of yourself on a moving train suggests you strongly desire to engage with others on a deep, personal level. There is likely a particular individual who has caught your attention and whom you would like to get to know better. This person is probably someone you are interested in romantically as well, although it is possible you simply desire friendship. The notion that the train was also a mental hospital, however, could suggest that your involvement with this person is not a good idea. The connection could eventually lead to discovering some serious issues and making you reconsider the choices you have made.
An Asian woman living in the house I have been going to a Chinese food place where I find this Asian cashier extremely attractive, I always order their food which makes me see her a lot. I'm 22 years old, 23 in May, and born in 1994. So, when I went to sleep I had a dream where I believe I was in my own home but instead of having a shed, it was a room, there was clothes as if a woman was living there. This woman was Asian and she told me to wake up and I was attracted to her, had a flashback of a murder scene happening in this home. The Asian connection which provides background for this vision may reveal the presence of empty promises or outright lies. It is possible you are being deceived, although the person deceiving you may be none other than yourself. Being attracted to this woman in both reality and the dream world speaks of something unusual or exotic which you would like to experience for yourself. However, you may be imagining that she reciprocates those feelings, meaning you are not being honest with yourself about the reality of the situation. This could lead to some internal conflict and great disappointments, as represented by the murder scene.
A lady being touched and smiling A lady standing in swimming dress and smiling, suddenly a lot of hands touching her thighs and vagina, even though the lady still standing with smile. This vision may be related to concerns, holdups or anxieties you have related to sex and intimacy. In a sense, the woman's swimwear could be a metaphor for partial exposure, which suggests you are in a situation you can handle but still makes you feel uncomfortable. Perhaps the person you are with or want to be with is someone who makes you feel safe, but your personal issues are preventing you from being totally relaxed. This is supported by the image of the hands touching parts of the woman's body that are considered very intimate. Perhaps you also wish to touch and be touched but lack the confidence to do or say so. You may need to take things slowly as you explore your sexuality more deeply.
Running from a dead girl and meeting a baby I dreamt that I was taking a shortcut and I saw a dead female, her face was my cousin who is alive, I walked over her and she got up and started laughing and I started running, but she was walking and I got in the house and I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and I saw a baby, she said to me "Look how long I have been waiting on you for us to play". I woke up. Dreaming about taking a shortcut could mean you are feeling impatient about reaching your goals and because of that you could be doing some things not entirely ethical in order to achieve them faster. The dead female you came across on the way could be a warning for you to stop doing things in haste, and the way your cousin has resurrected and managed to make you go back to the house could mean people around you are trying to put you on the right path. The baby at the end of the dream could be a metaphor for a reward for you to follow the right way, since a baby is usually a symbol of accomplishments and the resulting prosperity.
A woman with a chef knife on top of stairs Female. About 30 years ago about when I got pregnant with son, second child, I dreamed I was in basement of the old farmhouse where I grew up, which I dream of often. Someone standing at top of the stairs broke a pearl necklace, all the pearls bouncing down the steps toward me. I looked up and saw standing in the doorway an unknown woman with chef knife making downward chopping motion. I woke up and saw same woman in bedroom doorway for split second making same chopping motion. Going to a place from your childhood makes sense in this vision, as this symbol may be the manifestation of your desire to find comfort and to be sheltered from the troubles you faced in reality. You may have had concerns or doubts about your pregnancy that were making themselves apparent in your dream. The image of the pearls from the broken necklace bouncing down the stairs further suggests you felt helpless and hopeless. This may be the case if you or your son were experiencing health issues during this time. It is also possible you had been given a wrong piece of advice back then, as the female figure with a chef knife appearing in your dream represents practical knowledge and experience miscommunicated with you by someone causing you distress and anger. The notion that you still remember this vision so clearly all these years shows how much of an effect it must have had on you at that time.
A neighbor who has asthma I dreamed that my old friend Arts teacher had moved to nearby house to me. I went to visit them, other friends were there too. He was laying in bed, very white skin, had a white cloth over his face. I asked him if he had asthma. He looked sick and nodded "Yes", he had asthma. In this vision, it seems your old friend and art teacher could be representative of either yourself or someone else close to you in reality. This is due to the fact that he had moved to a house near yours in the vision. Your subconscious may see some parallels in your art teacher's life or personality that mirror something in your own, allowing him to act as a substitute for the situation you witnessed. Seeing him very pale, then, alludes to some form of betrayal or subversive behavior, meaning either you or someone you care about is about to be hurt in the worst way possible. The cause of your friend's illness in this case is asthma, a symbol associated with flexibility in the face of uncertain or painful circumstances. You may need to think outside the box to get through this troubling time or rely on outside sources to find comfort when all is said and done.
A legless woman I'm not close to her at all but I dreamt that she had both of her legs. I also remember sitting outside a restaurant with her sitting without her legs braiding my hair. And I asked if it hurts. Specifically dreaming that someone has both of their legs in a dream, whether they have legs or are an amputee in reality, is a positive symbol associated with success, fortune and progress. In a sense, the presence of legs literally refers to moving forward with some aspect of life. However, the idea that this woman did not have her legs later in the dream could mean the halting of progress or some type of impediment to success. Even though you are picturing someone else in this state, it seems you may be the one suffering from a lack of progress recently, as having your hair braided points to sadness and distress. Perhaps you are not satisfied with your recent results or you are not improving as quickly as you have in the past. In any case, instead of worrying how quickly you are moving, focus on how far you have come and the happiness you would feel upon reaching your goals.
People with backs turned I dreamed I walked into a room and everybody had their backs turned on me and one person said your in the wrong room. Walking into a room may point toward a new idea you have had or a new course of action you have set out for yourself. Seeing everyone with their backs to you, then, represents some roadblocks to your success. In particular, this could refer to your inability to gain the support of some important individuals or keep up relations with those who have helped you in the past. While this venture may not be destined for success, trying something new or working from a different angle may yield slightly more promising results.
Disliking a homeless person Homeless type a girl person, I bought some old clothes she had. They were dirty, unwashed. I threw them in the garbage. My husband tried helping her, I had bad feelings about her, and wanted her gone. She was lazy, laying around. Seeing a homeless person in a dream vision is usually a reminder about appreciating and valuing what you have, including your family and friends. Your bad feeling about this homeless girl means you are taking something or someone for granted. Clothes represent social status and public persona, so throwing her dirty clothes in the garbage illustrates your harsh or unfair treatment of someone in your social circle. An impending encounter or confrontation would reveal your personal biases towards a neglected, overlooked or undermined friend or colleague. This, in turn, would allow you to see what this person is truly worth.
A man in a suit and a man bleeding In the beginning of my dream, the man is standing wearing a suit inside a room. Afterwards, as I try to exit the room, I saw a man lying on the floor covered with blood. He begged and I helped him get out of the room. The man in the suit represents your ambitious and driven side. You are at a point in your life when there are opportunities left and right, however there are also a lot of competition and rivals around. In order to flourish and rise up the ranks in your chosen industry, you would need to fight for your dreams. This can be tough if you are not used to a cutthroat or highly competitive environment. So you would experience disillusionment and discouragement as illustrated by the bloody man. Fortunately, you would be able to retain your fortitude despite all the setbacks, this is symbolized by your decision to help the man get out of the room.
A blonde man by the bed I opened my eyes from sleeping and saw a very blonde-haired man with a light blue T-shirt and tan or khaki pants standing beside my bed just looking at me. I screamed and blinked my eyes and he was gone. While it is certainly strange to see an unfamiliar face visiting you in the dream world, this visitor seems to come with happy tidings. Blonde, fair-haired strangers are often thought to predict taking up a new hobby or trying a new activity in reality. This is combined with the blue T-shirt, a color symbolically tied to the idea of dreams coming true. It is possible, then, that this pastime is something you have wanted to take part in for some time but maybe did not have the time, money or energy to invest before. Now may be the time to explore and pursue those dreams and see where they take you.
Meeting a stranger next to office space I am female. I am walking up the stairs of a vacant parking garage. There is a man in a hat leaning against the wall with a slight smile watching me. I am searching for a code to call my family. I pass the stranger and find a hallway lined with closed office doors. I open one and walk in. Everything is black and white or gray. A dream wherein you see yourself in a dark and vacant garage is the manifestation of the frustration and sadness which you feel in waking life. Perhaps you are encountering certain difficulties which have made things complex and confusing for you, particularly some interpersonal problems you are experiencing at work or school. The hallway lined with multiple office doors suggests resolving this issue would prove to be very challenging, perhaps one of the most challenging things you have had to accomplish, as you may need to humble yourself or ignore your own desires for the sake of someone else. The monochromatic color scheme of the space you finally entered is the manifestation of your dissatisfaction with this situation. However, you may have to keep a stiff upper lip and suffer a bit before all is said and done.
Strange people dressed in black People dressed in black. When they were near the would make screaming noises and would jump and crawl at the same time. Having to hide in a small car in the passenger seat at the bottom so they wouldn't find you. A dream about people wearing black clothes signifies bad news or an impending negative event. Screaming signifies fear, so it means a group of people including those you love would be in great peril. However, instead of extending a helping hand, you choose to save yourself from being embroiled in this conflict by ignoring the issue. You would choose to focus on your social mobility and career advancement instead of making sacrifices for the sake of others.
People in pairs I keep having dreams of 2 pairs of people watching kids in my dreams. Dreaming of seeing people in pairs, regardless of age or gender, reveals your loneliness. You may not be looking for a romantic prospect, but you crave the feeling of having a steady companion. However, if you do have someone special in your life, you still feel neglected and unloved. Your deepest desire is to find a soulmate who will be by your side through happy moments and tough times. Pairs also symbolize starting over. As the year ends, you are looking forward to a brand new start to welcome a new year, even if it means leaving your comfort zone behind.
In a room with women I dreamt being in a house. The walls were not painted. The door was painted blue. I am with other women. I recognize only one from my church. Another woman came seeking for a room, and the lady I recognize welcomes her. Unpainted or bare walls mean you are surrounding yourself with people who do not care about you or have no emotional investment in you. As a consequence, you are feeling lonely as depicted by the blue color of the door. A blue door can also represent an opportunity to learn and gain enlightenment. Your subconscious is encouraging you to seek out new hobbies and interests to widen your perspective and open your mind to ideas that may not necessarily conform with your beliefs. This journey will help you in your search for happiness and a sense of fulfillment.
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