Mother sitting in the street I am a black female. I had a dream of my living mother sitting on the street with eyes closed, thinning hair and when I woke her up she told me that she was waiting on my sister. I am not sure if she was picking her up or they were about to go into some place. Freudian interpretations of seeing and talking with your mother in a dreamscape suggest you may be about to get some good news or hear some pleasant announcement in the near future. The thinning hair you noticed could reveal that this change may not be good for everyone involved, however. For instance, you may be happy to learn that your rival in love has made a fool of herself, not only ruining her chances with your love interest but perhaps boosting your image in their eyes as well. Alternatively, you could come into some money through the passing of a relative or the selling of a once precious item.
Aggressive mother My mom woke me up out of my sleep and she started yelling and she wasn’t listening to anything that I was saying. She went through my phone and she took it and she started beating and yelling at me for no reason. She kept telling me to shut up and calling me all types of names and she was being very disrespectful when I tried to simply ask a question. When children see their parents yelling at or scolding them in the dream world, particularly mothers, it often means they are expecting to face adversity in wake life. This may be a subconscious understanding which you have reached based on clues around you, but it is possible that you are well aware of the troubles your are about to encounter. The image of your mother looking through your phone points towards trickery and deceit. Someone may try to get the upper hand in a disagreement through underhanded means. With your knowledge that such an event may take place, however, you are in a position to avoid the deception and maneuver yourself into a more advantageous position.
Deceased mother with a lion I was with my mom who also was hugging a lion while other lions roamed the land. I was a little frightened but I believe it was to show me courage. Also my dream came about a month or two after my mom passed away. Seeing your dearly departed mother is often thought to be a message from beyond symbolizing the good times ahead. While you may still grieve and feel lost, your mother is letting you know that the future is brighter than you can imagine. In particular, the image of the lion being hugged by your mother represents close relationships with someone. If you are single, you may meet someone with whom you would become very intimate. Alternatively, a strained connection with your partner or spouse if you are committed may work itself out and become more fulfilling than ever as long as you both are open and honest about your feelings. This may require the courage you felt your mother was showing you in your dream.
Father giving things for protection I saw myself, my deceased father, and my daughter I haven’t had yet. And my father gave me a gun, knives and a baseball bat for protection. What symbolism does this dream have? Receiving weapons from your dearly departed father is an ominous symbol to perceive in the dream realm. It often portends conflict or hostility in a close relationship, usually with a romantic partner. Some associate this symbol with cheating, such as a partner seeing someone else on the side, but it could also reflect emotional unavailability or a lack of support with household chores or child-rearing tasks. You may need to find more hands to help you out if you are expecting a child in the near future.
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