A boat anchored off a beach A friend (female) dreamed that my partner and I had a fishing boat anchored just off a white sandy beach. Sandy beaches seen in a dream reflect prosperity and well-being. They are symbols of comfort and feeling at peace with important decisions and position established in life. There are no anxiety or concerns about what tomorrow may bring and no reasons to be particularly concerned about the loved ones. The notion that it was your friend who dreamed about you is also a positive thing, because her dreaming about a friend being healthy and happy could foretell favorable circumstances for both you an her, such as reuniting with someone dear to your heart or hearing some encouraging news.
Swimming in the ocean and getting lost The US was located where Mexico is and South America didn't even exist. I was swimming west along the US coast and I somehow managed to swim half the width of the country. When I decided to swim back, it was night and dangerous waves as well as a strong current which prevented me from swimming that way. So I swam to the shore instead. There, a person with a lantern swam up to me from the seabed. The person told me she could help me get home. I woke up at home not knowing how I got there. Often, the geography in your dreams mimics your state of mind. As such, the absence of South America and the shifting of the USA's location may reveal your anxiety about global politics and events. Swimming represents your efforts to try and make sense of the various issues that are both directly and indirectly affecting your existence. Thus, your inability to get home means you may have a tendency to get swept away by your emotions, especially in relation to social issues, so that you end up losing sight of your priorities and other important things. Perhaps in trying to argue your points and strongly held values, you inadvertently cut off loved ones or alienate yourself from those who care about you the most. So, the person holding a lantern symbolizes a wise individual in your social circle who may be able to help you focus on the things that matter and help you assert yourself without hurting or cutting off others.
Ocean waves shaped like wolves I dreamt that I was standing on a shoreline whilst watching wolves run out of the ocean, however these wolves were formed by the ocean waves. Every time a wave came to the shoreline, a group of wolf-shaped waves would run from the ocean and then disperse. This vision is highly symbolic of the upcoming troubles you are about to go through. The image of waves breaking on the shore represents peace and tranquility. Your current existence is marked by order and calm. On one hand this means you have few troubles to worry about, but it also means there is nothing exciting or interesting to give spice to your life. However, when the waves break and take on the form of wolves, it suggests you may soon experience some events or situations that would cause some drama in your life. The wolves in particular are associated with enemies and potential danger, so you are sure to have your hands full for awhile dealing with these issues.
A building in a stormy ocean I'm female. I was in a giant building that was floating on an ocean like a ship would. It was at night. The waves were very large, it was almost stormy but not dangerously and no rain. I was also observing it from the outside at times in the dream. A building often represents the self, while the ocean represents emotions. This means that a stormy ocean may indicate inner conflict or tumultuous emotions. Since the storm seems to be in its initial stage in your dream, perhaps your troubles are only just beginning in reality. Looking at the building from the outside could mean that you have not yet completely absorbed the gravity of the situation, so you still feel a bit detached. However, strong waves usually refer to loss and sadness, as well as an emotional breakdown especially if you are prone to bottling up your feelings. Complications and difficulties could wear down your defenses and send you on an emotional roller coaster. Ultimately, just like the floating building in the vision, your problems could make you feel lost and aimless if you are unable to manage your emotions during this possible challenging period.
Trying to escape a cruise ship after attack I am a female. I was on a cruise ship, the cruise announcer told everyone to go inside because a Russian ship was planning on attacking us with killer poisonous gas. Everyone was panicking and I could not find my friend. I started filling out information about myself and possible requests for my funeral. I finally found my friend and we realized the only way to live was to flee the ship on a ferry. The ferry cost money, so I had to call my mom and ask her to wire me some, but she would not pick up. The cruise ship in your dream represents leisure and a good life. As such, being on board this cruise ship represents your ambitions and the lifestyle you want to lead. Perhaps you are already on track to getting what you want. However, the Russian ship represents a rival or anything you deem as a threat or obstacle to achieving your dreams or getting your desired lifestyle. Something could go wrong which would sabotage a great opportunity and your career would not pan out. The ferry then refers to a period of transition or transformation or maybe your Plan B. You may have to reevaluate your goals and life plans because your initial goals may be impractical at the moment. Unfortunately, you still need your family's support to follow this path which is not in your original plan and perhaps they are not receptive to this back-up plan of yours.
Wanting to go to the ocean with a naval general Female. It's night. I was up in my flat which in waking life is above looking over the bay in my town, in the dream my house is on a cliff and the bay is an ocean where I see 4 perfect spherical giant balls of ice beneath the surface perfectly arranged like on the 4 side of dice. I go to the water and jump on a naval ship and ask the general to float me out there to see them closer. He says only if i go to dinner with him and I reply "Where and when?" and he's so shocked, he's speechless. The end. A house on a cliff often represents a brand new perspective or reaching new heights. However, there is danger or risk involved in whatever success you may experience. There is a possibility that you could lose everything with a wrong move or a bad decision. In connection to that dream symbol, the giant balls of ice refer to stagnation and paralysis. If you do make a mistake which would risk your stability, you may find yourself stuck and terrified of chasing your dreams again. Meanwhile, ships in general symbolize journeys and transitions. So perhaps you can look forward to favorable changes or new challenges, at work or even in your personal relationships. Specifically, the naval ship and the general allude to discipline. As such, navigating new terrains, whether it is a new job opportunity or moving to another place, would require you to be disciplined and in control. Ultimately, this dream vision may be your subconscious telling you that you are ready for bigger responsibilities and possibilities that may present themselves in reality.
Being saved by lifesavers I dreamt that my wife and I were on a ship in the middle of the sea, then our boat started sinking but we found the life savers which we wore and swam to the shore, which was in the middle of nowhere. A sinking ship or a sinking boat often signifies failure which may manifest in the breakdown of relationships or poor performance at work. Since your wife was present in your dream vision, then it is possible you would encounter problems in your marriage. You may find yourself drifting apart or arguing over several issues. Fortunately, life jackets, life vests or life savers symbolize help and support. Friends and loved ones who care about you may intervene and help you resolve whatever conflict may occur between you and your wife. Swimming to the shore also reveals your strong desire to survive the ordeal together.
Being with a mermaid and interacting with others I dreamt of a witch who stole a kid, then I was looking for them, then I was pulled into the ocean by a mermaid. When we reached the bottom I waited for someone who was behind a desk with bars, she took me to get a brand new fur coat, then another threatened to let out red dye into the water which froze everything the mermaid and I made it out, but she was half-frozen on the beach. This was extremely bizarre. I need an explanation. The fairy tale and fantastical elements of your dream vision reveal your need to escape a drab, unexciting or depressing reality. This escapist tendency could be fueled by personal issues which are illustrated by the various dream symbols in your vision. For instance, the witch, when she kidnaps a kid, refers to evil and dark forces contributing to your negative emotional state. A charming bully in reality could be trying to manipulate you and oppress you by using your insecurities against you. In connection to this, getting pulled or lured into the ocean by a mermaid further shows your insecurity about your own attractiveness and sexuality. As illustrated by the fur coat, you feel rejected and invisible to the objects of your affection, hence your need to be desired or validated for your physical attributes is growing. So to make yourself more desirable, you are thinking of transforming or reinventing yourself based on the symbolism of the red dye. Your big battle is choosing between learning to love who you are and embracing your unique qualities or completely changing yourself to please others. The ending of your dream means you are going to overcome your self-doubt and self-love would endure.
Being strapped down to the ocean floor I was lying on the ocean bottom looking up, seeing the sun shine down. Then total darkness hit with a green flashing light with straps around my arms and legs lying naked on something cold. The bottom of the ocean in your dream vision symbolizes introspection. You are trying to explore areas of your consciousness you have not confronted before and this will lead you to dark places as indicated by the total darkness. Your lack of awareness about certain quirks and personality flaws are probably affecting your relationships in negative ways. The flashing light signifies your journey to shedding a light on some of your repressed memories or buried issues. Being strapped down and naked means you will be very vulnerable during this whole process. It would feel like you are not in control and fear would set in. However, if you confront these issues as early as possible, there is a higher chance for happiness and building healthier social connections.
A baby and a shell on an unclean beach The beach was very crowded and there was a lot of trash. It was stormy and gray. People were catching fish. I walked by with my family and my sister gave a shell to this woman selling shells on the beach. I go to grab the shell to take it back and the woman's baby held onto the shell and I ripped it away from him. The baby's face was covered in a painful rash and it was hysterically crying. I walked by again and it was on the ground alone crying. I hesitate to help and a different woman picks him up. A dirty beach indicates an unpleasant event that would lead to major changes in your life. In particular, the stormy sea indicates getting involved in a scandal which could be an affair or a passionate sexual encounter. If you are in a committed relationship, then this would create a lot of complications as well as show you your real character, especially your flaws. The baby with the rash actually symbolizes your innocence which would be snatched from you the moment you get involved in a scandalous affair. The shell refers to shelter and protection from the harsh realities of life. Taking the shell away from the baby is actually you stripping yourself of ignorance and a naive view after you find yourself in the middle of a provocative situation. The time to grow up and mature will happen sooner than you would expect.
Reaching destination in a stormy ocean Traveling over a large body of rough rocky water (sea or ocean). I was scared in the dream, but I overcame the fear and was able to reach the destination. But it was scary. Traveling over a stormy, choppy sea often means you tend to find yourself in scandalous situations or in the middle of conflict. This is probably having a negative effect on your relations in reality, especially those closest to you like your family. Although the source of your troubles is unclear, making it to your destination is a positive sign. Perhaps you would work out whatever has been causing you to lash out or behave poorly, leading to closer relations with those who care about you the most.
Golden light under ocean surface In this dream I was on the surface of water. I was on a boat, but never actually saw it. I felt the motion as if we were floating on water. I was looking over the edge enough to dip my head under the water. The first time I put my head under the water I saw a golden light stream below on the floor of, I'll say ocean, because I was thinking that it was the underwater current. I lifted my head out then back in the water seeing the same thing. Even though you could not see the boat, the knowledge that you were alone in the ocean on such a vessel is suggestive of depression or isolation in reality. Perhaps being cut off from physically seeing friends or loved ones is having a negative effect on your psyche. The golden light streaming below the water reveals that you are concerned about the quality or commitment of those in the relationships. It is possible you feel some of your closest friends pulling away or spending more time with others than yourself, leading to jealousy and self-doubt. The only way to break this cycle is to have frank conversations with those who you believe do not have the same level of love and trust as yourself. Once you know the truth you can either put your mind at ease or give your attention to those more worthy of it.
A block of frozen flounders I dreamed I saw my husband and a friend of his together, they were both holding a block of frozen flounders they were going to cook. His friend was singing a soft song of some kind. The frozen flounders in your dream allude to ideas that are either impractical or plans that have stalled. Someone in your family is feeling impatient due to delayed plans as well as unfavorable conditions resulting in frustration. This can also be a projection of your reservations regarding a business proposal or decisions made by someone you love. It would be helpful if you can articulate your opinions about the feasibility of this undertaking to avoid further complications. As for the singing, there may be news from far away or a possible reunion with someone you have not seen in person for a long time.
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