A sea turning into a lake My dream was about sea... I see calm sea waves and then I talk to my friend saying this sea is not a sea, it has no much water....We walk on the sea body which has no water, and then we reach a place which looks like a canal, then the sea has turned into a lake which has houses around it, trees grown. I see a guava and bulls heart tree grown and we start plucking those fruits and I see another kid from other side plucking the fruits too. The calm sea in your dream vision refers to prosperity, victory or overcoming trials. Meanwhile, its transformation into a lake points to your level-headed way of approaching relationships. While others may tend to blow issues out of proportions, you remain calm and collected, using your mind instead of emotions to navigate problems. Finally, picking the fruits of a guava tree means you would soon find a romantic partner. Overall this dream is telling you that you are ready to be in a relationship because of your maturity and appreciation of the benefits of having a significant other.
A well surrounded by trees with snakes on it In my dream I saw my teacher giving me a white jerrican, he sent me to fetch water from a well located in the swamp. When I reached the well I realized it belongs to my aunt. There were thorny trees surrounding the well and their branches were bending into the well. I saw 3 big green snakes sitting on the branches of those thorny trees. One snake had 1 big and 1 small breasts. I got scared and went back with no water. The well was in the shape of a pond. This vision seems to reflect the position you find yourself in in reality. Being asked to draw water from a well speaks of your desire to control your own fate, even as other forces, like your parents and teachers, desire to shape you in their image. In a sense, your youth and lack of experience have conjured up this scenario in the realm of dreams. The swampy waters with their thorny trees and branches match with the three green snakes you perceived, a symbol that sheds light on how manipulative and controlling you think these individuals are. While it is sometimes good to assert yourself and stand up for what you believe in, this vision also may be a warning not to dismiss the advice of your elders so hastily. It is true that you are your own person, but everyone needs help and guidance, especially when they are on the road to becoming an adult.
Collecting crystals underwater I have a reoccurring dream about discovering crystals, quarts and other points of different colors under water while diving either in a river or ocean bay. The crystals always are easy to gather and I always feel like I need to gather them quickly and not let others know. Discovering crystals underwater represents positive developments in your future. This is associated with exciting opportunities that would open up for you, in line with your personal goals. You could be offered the job of a lifetime or discover a lucrative investment that would make you a lot of money. There could be an element of time tied to this opportunity which is why you feel like you need to grab the crystals before anyone else shows up. It could be an emerging trend in the market and you need to act fast in order to reap the rewards after. If you have a business plan in mind, then you need to get funding and implement it as soon as possible before others beat you to it.
Artificial flowers instead of real ones in the garden In my dream I was at someone's garden (they are married couple with 2 young children). I saw 2 bunches of colorful flowers in their garden and I pulled them out from the roots and I threw them, but then I felt bad and I looked back, but then I saw those fresh flowers were artificial and I said to myself that I don't need to feel bad because they weren't real and I woke up. Thank you so much. Pulling out flowers from someone else's garden signifies envy. A garden filled with colorful flowers represents a happy and prosperous household. A part of you feels resentful of their comfortable and seemingly well-off existence which is likely better than your own. Meanwhile, finding out that the flowers you pulled out were artificial or fake flowers means you have decided to cut ties with these people, perhaps because you no longer want to feed the spiteful feelings or negative opinions about them or you just want to avoid unpleasant encounters. Alternatively, the artificial flowers could also mean that you think their ideal life are all for show and upon closer inspection they are not as perfect as they appear to be.
Oasis in the desert I was flying over a desert with many clear and still ponds with some plants and life around. Finding an oasis in a desert means you need to take a break in order to recharge. You could be working too hard and for too long, so your subconscious is reminding you to take better care of yourself or you could succumb to sickness or an emotional breakdown. A desert can also signify loneliness and abandonment, so the ponds and plant life reveal your desire to connect with people and find a like-minded group of friends who would welcome you with open arms and make you feel comfortable. Fortunately, this dream symbol portends the end of your isolation and the beginning of a more active and satisfying social life.
In a bush with people and animals I always dream I find myself in a bush with some people and animals. The bush in your dream suggests you are keeping secrets. This is probably a recurring theme because you have been keeping these secrets for so long and your mind is struggling to contain them. The presence of animals means this is about certain primitive urges and desires or a tendency to be vulgar or crass, which you are either suppressing or likely denying. Meanwhile, the image of people together with you, especially if they are strangers, also points to hidden aspects of yourself or memories you have been repressing. A trigger in the waking world could some day cause all these repressed thoughts or memories to come rushing to the surface.
A friendly dog and buying beans I dreamed of a dog, sort of large brown-white, nipping my arm. Not biting, but just nipping and grabbing my arm. He was large, as I was leaving, the dog pushed on the screen door and managed to get out, and still wanted to grab my arm. In the dream I related the dog belonging to my son. The dog was not mean, but just kept biting at my arm. I am no longer working, I am retired. Also I dreamed I was buying 2 bags of fresh green beans from a farmer. Dogs in dreams often represents friends and loved ones because of their loyalty and protective instincts. In your case, the dog nipping and grabbing your arm is a loved one giving you advice in reality. This person wants you to move on or move forward in your life instead of dwelling on sad memories or mistakes from your past. This could be a family member who just wants to see you happy and fulfilled by encouraging you to take up new activities or hobbies. In the other dream, buying green beans reveals your desire to be more connected to the community. Although this can also symbolize frugality which means you could be worried about your finances at the moment.
Driving and seeing a volcano I remember driving down a winding road with an ex. We were on a vacation together and we seemed very happy. I remember seeing a hilly background as I drove the car. I then remember seeing smoke coming from a volcano. I remember stopping the car and just looking at the smoke. Strangely enough I remember being at ease knowing the volcano wouldn't erupt. Going on a vacation with your ex means you are looking back fondly at the happy moments you shared. The sloping or hilly terrain represents the problems and complications in your relationship which likely led to your breakup, but it seems you are looking at it in a positive light instead of being full of regret. Finally, the smoking volcano symbolizes all the negative emotions and resentments that you are finally letting go. Hence, this dormant volcano means you are ready and eager to put this chapter of your life to rest, while taking the valuable lessons you have learned with you. This dream vision further signifies the closure you have been craving, so you can have the peace of mind to face your future.
Walking in an orchard with husband I'm having a dream about me and my husband walking hand in hand through an apple orchard, enjoying the wind and sun. Then we look down and see a rose blooming alone by itself and my husband reaches down to pick it for me and that's where the dream ends. What could this dream mean? I'm a female. A fruit orchard, such as an apple orchard, represents a blissful marriage. You have a loving spouse, good neighbors and a harmonious home to raise your children. You are also comfortable financially, so you have relatively no serious problems to deal with. However, picking a rose denotes a blossoming relationship. This could be either a positive or negative development in your marriage. On one hand, a new person could enter your lives which would add meaning and purpose to your partnership. On the other hand, this could also refer to betrayal and infidelity if someone catches the eye of your husband.
A bullfrog fighting with a snake Male, 54 y.o. Walking down a trail in outdoor or forest setting carrying a bullfrog in my hands. Then the bullfrog is on the side of the trail in partial den or debris fighting a snake. I use a stick to try and pull them out of den, and see that not only is the frog trying to eat the snake but the snake is trying to eat the frog, also. Finally I get them out and both the frog and the snake are dead. Then (the same dream) I see that an earthworm has dug into the top of my bare foot and is coming out another hole, I pull it out. Walking alone through a forest means you are longing for a much-needed break. You have been working so hard and so long that you are exhausted and stressed out from all your responsibilities. However, instead of getting the peace and relaxation you deserve, holding a frog in your hands suggests being involved in some additional activity which would stir up negative emotions in you. In addition, the fight that ensues between the bullfrog and the snake refers to conflicting areas of your life. The frog symbolizes wellness while the snake represents your desire for power. If you want to pursue passions you have long wanted to chase, your health could suffer in the process. But if you prioritize your health, then it means being more laid-back and letting go of certain opportunities. Since both of them are killed in the end, it means you still have not decided which way you are going to go. Unfortunately, being indecisive could compromise both paths. Finally, pulling a worm out of your foot points to your desire to leave behind a lasting legacy or wealth for your family. This is why you want to keep on working even though you may not be as physically fit as you used to be. Ultimately, you need to decide which course of action would be beneficial for you, especially if you have already spent enough time providing for yourself or your family.
Chewing a penis and a garden A man chews at a half-cooked penis, but fails saying it's half cooked. Then another man takes a bite on a large testicle and chews. Then I am walking on rocks or stones. Somehow I come across a ripe garden of millet that is ready for harvesting. Both dream symbols of chewing on a penis and a testicle refer to emasculation. You feel like you are being underestimated by your colleagues or people who work alongside of you are overpowering you at every turn. Fortunately, this is merely an obstacle you would have no trouble overcoming because the second scenario depicts triumph. Navigating a rocky path or road implies a new undertaking which would eat up a lot of your time and energy. Fortunately, the ripe garden ready for harvesting means all your hard work would return rewards and blessings in spades, so just keep your head down and focus on doing your job well.
Flowing rainwater Seeing flowing rainwater into a blank plot attached to my house. Consider yourself lucky because finding rain water in dreams is a promise of upcoming success. More specifically, you can anticipate an increase in your popularity because of your accomplishments. These achievements can occur in the workplace or within your social group. A boost in your confidence will open further doors of opportunities for you, so make sure you make the most out of this auspicious period.
Walking in deep sand I dreamed I was somewhere where there was sand. I was alone, walking in the sand, maybe a beach. Sort of fun and relaxing. I turned around to walk back, it was starting to get dark. The sand was hard to walk in and find my way back. It was deep walking in it, and I would slip a little back, not sure if going right way. I saw someone nearby, so I got really still so they wouldn't see me. It was dark out, I woke up before I found my way out. Walking on sandy terrain in the dream world is often associated with the idea of fragility and the precarious nature of human existence. In a sense, the grains of sand represent our smallness in the grand scheme of life, and sinking into the sand as you walk could be interpreted as a sign of getting caught up in small, insignificant matters that only serve to weigh you down. The growing darkness in the vision suggests upcoming sickness. This could refer to physical ailments but may also mean something bearing down on your soul or weighing heavily on your heart. Perhaps this vision should be considered a reminder to focus on the big picture and not be distracted or brought down by temporary setbacks that do no matter.
Under a tree during a rainfall Standing under a tree in a heavy rainfall facing down. Standing under a tree is an indication of your anxieties and apprehensions about interacting with someone you are interested in. This interest could be romantic in nature or maybe you just hold this person in high esteem. The heavy rain, meanwhile, points to troublesome situations in which you would encounter this person of interest. So, in addition to your insecurities, the complications associated with the situation would make it harder for you to engage this person in a meaningful way. This less than ideal encounter might even convince you to ultimately give up on pursuing this person or earning their approval.
A tent on the hill and other people Male, 46 yrs. In my dream I was looking up at my enormous tent sitting on a hill. The colors were predominantly brown and some blue. I noticed I was at a meeting holding 2 cups. Someone says "Do I need to sign a waiver?". The man at the meeting keeps talking about falling asleep behind the wheel. Then a flirty attractive women says "I don't have any martini's". The tent on a hill implies a sexual encounter. The presence of a flirtatious attractive woman in your dream means you crave affection and intimacy. In combination with the first symbol, this means you are going to get what you want. A tent could also refer to a much-needed break or vacation. This suggests your sexual encounter would occur while you are having a leisurely time. If you are already committed, then this is an indication of a possible fling or affair. Pleasure will come with a lot of strings attached. Either way, you are going to fall in love soon as illustrated by the cups and it is up to you whether you will pursue this further or not.
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