Carrying water and river with excrements I dreamt that I was fetching water in the bucket. Then I carried two buckets full of water. Going somewhere and a little kid was asked to show me the way. As we were going, I saw a river and we swim in the river and in the river I saw an excrement from the toilet and it was really smelling and I swam through it. Then I got on a piece of wood and I climbed the wood. Then, the girl who was showing me the road almost soaked in the water, then I rescue her out. Then, I woke up. What's the meaning? Fetching water in a bucket and carrying it is often interpreted as a positive sign in the dream world, as it predicts being triumphant over issues or obstacles that have stood in the way of your success and happiness. The particular source of your trouble seems to be related to money, as the presence of feces in the river is thought to represent financial difficulties and decline in prosperity. In a sense, swimming through the river while being surrounded by fecal matter could mean that you would need to tackle some serious problems or challenges in order to gain the money and material possessions you desire. Saving the girl who was with you from drowning at the end of the vision portends finding happiness and contentment with your position in life after going through these trials.
A giant worm attacking girl scouts Female. I was sitting on top a cliff looking down to girl scouts camping in the forest below with binoculars and they were starting a camp fire when all of a sudden a giant worm busted from the ground and ate them all. Sitting at the top of a cliff in your dream vision means you are at a crossroad and facing a major decision. This could be a make or break period for you. In that sense, the camping ground you were observing below refers to your social circle and support group. These are the people who make you grounded and make sure you do not forget your roots. In addition, Girl Scouts typically represent order and preparedness. So, this may symbolize your efforts to prepare yourself for what is in store for you in the future. Finally, the giant worm alludes to suppressed issues and emotions kept hidden. This is the symbol you may need to watch out for because those issues could potentially sabotage certain opportunities no matter how much preparation you make. You need to be mentally and physically prepared to take on the challenges ahead.
Trees in green grass Female. I did it Hikaru Namaz to know whether the person I am interested in will be my life partner. And I saw in a dream I am in some school program. Later I was shaking a tree trunk, something like a papaya tree trunk. And I saw green-color grass and trees. Seeing trees in a lush landscape or surrounded by green grass in dreams symbolizes prosperity and happiness. If you have been having doubts or reservations about something or someone, then this is an auspicious sign for you. It means you would find fulfillment and satisfaction in the path that you choose for your future. Most likely, your partnership with this individual you have interest in will be mutually beneficial, rewarding and joyful.
Explaining the nature of tides to others I dreamed I was explaining to 3 or 4 people while sitting on a beach, the difference between tides on the East Coast and Gulf Coast, North-South movement vs East-West and the dramatic difference as it was then low tide at the beach. I am "male" and grew up on the East, that it wasn't a shock to me. Just surprised at dreaming about this. Generally, a dream which involves teaching or informing others about a concept or idea reveals the dreamer's self-confidence. You may have recently further solidified your credibility or widened your sphere of influence, which is why you were showing your perceived or true expertise in your vision. The symbol of tides, in particular, refers to the ebb and flow of emotions. Perhaps in reality you are a source of wisdom and guidance for friends, colleagues and loved ones. Your subconscious may be urging you to use your influence to help others overcome their personal issues and provide the emotional support that they need. Your own past experiences may add even more weight to the advice you dispense since you went through those problems yourself.
Twin sister trying to sell trees Someone was telling my twin sister "Don't sell the trees". I looked around and could see a vast amount of land with hundreds of English-type trees standing on the land, but these were individual trees. I was not looking at a forest or wood. Trees seen in dreams are often thought to be the manifestation of blessings in your life. In this case, multiple individual trees could represent any number of possible benefits or gifts. The warning your sister received about selling the trees likely refers to the idea of looking a gift horse in the mouth. Basically, you should be grateful for what you receive, and you should not pass along gifts you do not want to others. Useless but thoughtful presents should be displayed somewhere, so that others can see you appreciate their kindness.
Causing a waterfall to dry up I saw a waterfall, in which people were having a good time standing under. When I went to stand under it... it dried up. Having a dream of looking at a waterfall could mean you could soon meet another person who would be important in your waking life and who even may leave you shaken to the core. The notion of the waterfall drying up when you stood under it could mean that while you can see other people around you experiencing major changes in their lives, you are being left out of meaningful things taking place in your own life. It is as if the deeper emotional experiences in life represented by the waterfall are being denied to you. That could either be due to some aspects of your personality or to an overall perception you tend to maintain.
Being carried through river waters I'm a female, I was being carried through water for miles and miles by a man, the water was muddy at times but mostly just regular river water, the water was deep. Dreaming that you or someone else is wading through the river alludes to negative vibes. You may have to deal with several obstacles to existing projects and ventures. In addition, being carried by someone through the waters of a river may symbolize your saving grace. Someone generous and dependable may help you overcome the upcoming challenges. Muddy or murky river also refers to negativity. You may have a tendency to be pessimistic, hence you have to rely on a more level-headed and optimistic personality to balance out your disposition.
Going into a river on a bike with father Traveling into a river by bike with my dad. Female. Dreaming of going into a river usually means that your life could be on the verge of a turning point, that some type of surprising circumstances or situations could be coming your way. Since you entered the river with your dad and on a bike, it could mean that if you are to face any hardships or obstacles brought about during this period, you can always rely on help and support coming from your loved ones, especially your parents.
Gathering peeled oranges from an orange tree Hello. I had a weird dream about oranges. I really need help with its interpretation. I was in a place with a friend (I haven't seen him ever but in the dream he was my friend) when I saw an orange tree that didn't look like it had fruits but on reaching closer to it, there were many ripe orange fruits on it. Then an old man, the man was more like his dad. But upon reaching to the top to pluck them, the oranges on the tree were already peeled and had slight dirt on them. The old man rejected it asking to look for better ones, ripe ones. He did not reject it because it was already peeled. They were ripe but he wasn't satisfied with them. So we took the ones we've plucked. There was an old fridge below the tree, it was really dirty. We just dropped the oranges there. I'm really confused about this. Seeing a ripe orange feels good but am not certain with the way it ended. Please help me out here. In dream visions, orange trees are very auspicious symbols of success, especially if it is full of ripe fruits. The fruits in the tree are metaphors of fresh ideas, exciting opportunities or new interests. In the context of your dream, the peeled and dirty oranges could be an indication that the opportunities you would come across in the waking world may not be as good as they initially appear to be. Perhaps ideas and insights for business ventures are actually not as fresh and novel as pitched. Maybe you have your own ideas which may need to be polished some more before being implemented to ensure a smooth roll out. In a sense, the old man symbolizes wisdom, experience and overall rationality. This is your pragmatic side which you may need to heed before jumping into something that appears too good to be true. Your subconscious is basically telling you to be more diligent with your decisions. Furthermore, the dirty fridge may be your repository of ideas and plans which may need more thought and deliberation. Maybe you can benefit from expanding your horizons and changing your perspective a little bit to be more innovative and get your creative juices flowing.
Jumping off a mountain into a river I climb a steep mountain and jump into the river flowing below with my arms spread. Though I don't know how to swim, I swim out of the water and again do the same at least 5 times. I wake up while I am at the top of the mountain, ready to jump yet again. Gender: Male (my younger brother). Steep mountains often represent the trials and tribulations one must go through on the path to success. As such, your brother may be envisioning the manifestation of the hard work and effort he has recently exerted in a specific area of his life. Flowing rivers are commonly considered as indication of acquiring material wealth. Therefore, jumping off the mountain and into the river could mean that your brother's efforts would be rewarded with money or valuable goods. Additionally, the idea that this occurred multiple times could either show that continuing to work hard would lead to additional monetary gains or that hard work in other areas would yield similar results.
The oceanside and a plant Female. I was at the ocean - there were two very long canoes- set up like a see-saw on the beach. I was inside and kept looking out, but then got my coat and ran outside to take photos before the sun went down. My husband was inside talking to someone. Inside was very botanical or tropical-like. A caretaker there was very tired and sitting down, I asked him the name of a beautiful plant with red flowers, he didn't remember, but left and said he would go look it up. Dreaming about being near the ocean is a fairly favorable sign in regards to your overall lifestyle and mentality. It is usually associated with peace and tranquility, often after times of hardship or difficulty. This is opposed with the image of the canoe you sat in on the beach. This symbol suggests conflict and disagreement, although its position outside the water may mean you are involved in this trouble unnecessarily. This interpretation is supported by the beautiful red flowers you saw inside at the end of your vision, a symbol associated with good relations, love and friendship. It would be wise to reconsider butting heads with someone, as it could be better to simply let things calm down and return to normal.
A dog in RV and a butterfly I dreamed of traveling in an RV. I opened the door to the RV, it was raining, there was a small white terrier dog, looked lost. I petted him, held on to his collar and walked him to some girls so he wouldn't get hurt. I wanted to keep him, but I already have a dog. Also, dreamed of a large Luna moth (butterfly) that in the dream it was beautiful, but somehow got one wing torn off. Traveling in an RV means that you are going on a long journey. More often than not this is a figurative journey, such as a journey of enlightenment or self discovery. The size of the RV and the rain suggest an emotional journey in which you would carry a lot of personal baggage. Maybe you have been hurt recently and you want to get away or escape from the turmoil and, because of your trauma, you may be incapable of making new connections or forging new friendships which is why in the dream you decided not to keep the terrier. You probably already have a lot on your plate and you cannot accommodate another person during your period of healing. Finally, the moth is likely a representation of yourself. The broken wing reveals your broken spirit or at least your perception of yourself. You may still need to make yourself whole in order to fly and regain your confidence.
Eating human meat and strange clouds Me and my mother visited a home of a deceased woman acquaintance and we met there two identical women with a little of almost 10-years old. Those two women gave me cooked meat, after eating I had a feeling that they gave me human meat. After that I saw white clouds falling on the ground but all the clouds ran and stopped at the graveyard. Two clouds landed on a dry tree and formed a grey head and another formed a white image of a person. A white one fed a capsule like a holy communion to the grey head. The symbols in this dream seem to go back and forth. The meat you received is suggestive of hard times or difficulty in reality, your feeling that this meat could be of human origin may point toward an inner power or special skill that would allow you to solve all your problems. Tapping into that talent, however, is another matter altogether. The falling cloud represents your reluctance to try something new or work outside your comfort zone, the possible source of your true ability. This could be your downfall. The clouds that land on the dry tree and morph into a grey head could predict misfortune and trouble within your social circles. Unless you find a way to get over whatever is holding you back, other areas of your life may begin to suffer more and more.
A rock and a flower A stone sphere rolling downhill and a lonely daisy standing at the bottom. A stone that is rolling downhill represents the destruction of your beliefs as well as a moment of weakness. You may experience a difficult period ahead of you which would test your strength, faith and personal character. You may discover your dark side which others, as well as yourself, may have not seen yet. Fortunately, despite the hardships and bad luck, the daisy represents hope and salvation. A kind friend or an innocent soul may save you from total self-destruction or a downward spiral. Their positive energy and sincerity could get you out of your predicament.
Spending time with boyfriend at a lake house My dream was about me and my boyfriend, we went to a lake house in a city I didn't know, we were there with my grandma and her husband. My boyfriend and I were rowing a little boat on the water going under a big highway bridge and it started to collapse. It didn't kill us and we went back to the lake house. We all got in the car to go home, then my boyfriend mom showed up out of nowhere and led us back to the lake house. Then I woke up. In dreams, a lake house or a house by the lake refers to comfort and peace of mind. It can be a literal place which you consider as your comfort zone or safe place and it could also be a state of mind where you feel most comfortable and at ease. Meanwhile, the collapsing bridge above you means you are going to miss out on a big opportunity. It seems like your loved ones are keeping you from achieving your goals, as illustrated by the scenario at the end when your boyfriend's mom takes you back to the lake house. Maybe you are also content with your present circumstance. However, pretty soon you would be faced with a difficult choice of grabbing a rare opportunity to chase your dreams or settling down with your boyfriend. It would be best if you and your boyfriend are on the same page, otherwise the collapsed bridge could also refer to the end of your relationship.
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