Friendly and aggressive trees It was a nice sunny afternoon, I was in the backyard of the house where I grew up, there were a lot of big green trees, some were happy and friendly with me, hugged me with their branches, but the bigger, older one was very aggressive, tried to hit me and my two younger children (boy and girl) with the branches. I was afraid it would throw itself above the house or my children and smash them. A man of my family had to cut it and I felt sad but relieved at same time. Dreaming about your childhood home is a common symbol in dream visions associated with wanting to find peace and comfort in wake life. In some ways, you have already achieved this, as the big green trees represent your happiness and satisfaction with some areas of your life. However, as with most families, there are some things which bother you still. This is seen in the image of the aggressive tree. In this vision, then, cutting down and removing the tree represents finding a solution to the problems which may still be haunting you.
An unpleasant shallow beach I dreamt about a man-made beach. That was supposed to be Coney Island. I've had this setting in my dream before. The water was so shallow and the sand was orange. So I'm swimming and I have seen bras under me. It was just nasty. A man-made beach. It was an unpleasant beach dream. The man-made or artificial beach in your dream reflects your current state of mind. The water is shallow and the sand is orange because you could be trying your best to fit in with your peers or members of your social circle. The appearance of the beach is unnatural and repulsive to you because you may feel uncomfortable about changing who you are and following the crowd just to avoid being ridiculed or judged. The bras you have noticed could symbolize sexual inclinations and proclivities which you are not keen on exploring at the moment.
Frightened by a spinning sky I was looking through a window and I saw a cloudy blue sky spinning, I felt dizzy and I noticed that only me was frightened, suddenly from the spinning sky a bright light flashed. I went outside of this house because I felt that the world was ending, I started running, trying to find shelter... Then I was in a big city with big buildings and people working around. Looking out of a window and observing a cloudy, spinning sky could represent your desires for the future which you are too scared to admit out loud. You may have big dreams, but are afraid to tell anyone lest you be mocked for their grandeur. This is followed by your feeling that the apocalypse is coming, a symbol associated with disasters and misfortune. In this case, you do not actually seem to witness anything bad happening which could predict that your worries about the future are all in your head. Finding yourself in a big city surrounded by others, then, represents how you are trying to do all this alone and take on too much all by yourself. It would be better to rely on others to share the burden, that way you can help each other reach your common goals together.
Stealing fertile soil Acres and acres of fertilizer dirt with sprouting seeds of grass. I was taking some with me because I needed some for my home. Dirt which is beginning to sprout could represent your budding intellectual prowess, suggesting you are slowly learning how to organize your thoughts and arguments in order to get what you want. However, trying to take some of those seeds away could predict that your efforts to utilize these powers may be hampered by health issues. You need to remember to take care of your physical needs before working on any other endeavors.
Being taken upwards during a lunar eclipse I don't remember much of it, but I remember this one moment pretty vividly. I was in a field with some other people I know from different points in my life. And we were watching a lunar eclipse. Right when it began, the moon started to shine, and I began to start floating upwards. I was taken off-guard and kind off timid about it, so I came back down after awhile. I tried to go to my friends to tell them about it but no one believed me. That's all I remember. There is some opposing imagery in this vision which makes it difficult to interpret concisely. The field you are in at the beginning of the vision represents all the good things that have happened in your life thus far. Seeing friends and family from various points in your life can be thought of as reminders of the value they have added or the lessons you have learned from them. This is followed by the image of the lunar eclipse, a negative sign associated with misfortune and sadness. However, during the eclipse you begin to float upward. This represents your positive nature and your confidence in a happy future. It seems, then, that as long as you maintain your patience and positive outlook on life, you should have the tools and mental strength to make it through the trials that await.
Climbing a hill with friends I had a dream that I was with a couple of friends picking up something and laughing. Then we decided to climb this massive hill. As we started, we got separated, so when I started there were people looking and laughing, but I carried on anyways even helped others on the way up and struggled but carried on. Once I got to the top, I was scared but the view was so beautiful, but I didn't take a pic because I was scared to move, but after looking at it for a bit I got down and started to make my way down the other side. Dreaming about climbing a hill is a good sign. Each step represents a successful achievement or a fulfilled goal. Since you were climbing to the very top, the dream means that you are going through an auspicious period, filled with satisfied desires, victories or successfully completed projects and plans. Helping others and struggling on the way could indicate that there are still things you want to change. This is also seen in you becoming separated from your friends while climbing, a symbol thought to be the manifestation of your desire to get rid of bad habits or unwanted aspects of your personality.
Taking a shower in front of a mountain I was showering inside a space, home, fresh water falling down on me. In front of me was a huge window (or open wall) where I saw a beautiful mountain in front of me. I almost felt as if showering in public, yet the scene was beautiful and made me feel deeply-peaceful while I was feeling cleansed. Dreaming about seeing a mountain is an indication of the connection you feel with nature. You would rather spend most of your free time outdoors, exploring forests and nature reserves, going for swims in secluded rivers and lakes, watching migrant birds, observing wild animals in their natural habitats, or just enjoying the changing of the seasons. Taking a shower in a dream vision represents meeting or being introduced to someone in the near future, although it tends to have a neutral interpretation. You may spend some time and effort trying to befriend this person, however they are unlikely to make any significant contributions to your life or leave a lasting impression due to their lack of personality and possible dislike of the outdoors.
A half-burnt cornfield and a chipmunk I dreamt that I saw cornfield but the top of the corn was burnt, the rest was in good condition because someone was able to save the field. And I was on a small hill looking at the field feeling relieved that it didn't burn down. Also I saw a little toy chipmunk. A cornfield in a dream symbolizes wealth and prosperity. Seeing the top of the corn burnt, however, could signify certain problems in your current financial situation. Perhaps there are certain negative influences which have kept you from achieving the desired amount of wealth. The toy chipmunk could represent juvenile decisions made by you, therefore these may be what have caused obstacles in your road towards success. At the same time, seeing the rest of the corn being spared suggests upcoming events which could eventually lead to your well-being and success albeit after a few trials and tribulations.
Boats being blocked by sandbars I dreamt I was looking out the picture window of the house where I grew up at the lake. Boats were trying to cross, but sandbars kept popping up blocking them. I went to the shore and waded in the water watching the boats and growing sandbars, but could not do anything to get the board through. The boats were red. Water blue. Sandbars white. Dreams where you look out of a window could be a reflection of your tendency to push others away from you, especially family members or your significant other. In your mind, this helps you keep the relationship intact by avoiding conflict and bad energy. However, it is likely that the opposite is true, meaning others can feel the growing distance and are hurt by your lack of trust. The boats being blocked by sandbars predict this situation coming to a head in the near future. Those close to you may confront you over issues that they feel you should be sharing with them. Wading in the water at the end of the vision brings this situation to a positive ending, suggesting that, with your deepened bonds, the future looks bright and your opportunities are endless.
Stuck in a swamp with frogs and snakes I dreamt I was stuck in a swamp with green water that had million of little frogs and snakes in it. I had to struggle to get my way out of it and the frogs were everywhere. You may be facing a particularly tricky situation in the waking world. The frogs in the swamp represent a potentially problematic or stressful situation, which is probably happening at the workplace. The little snakes are some cunning and manipulative individuals contributing to the stress involved in solving the issue. However, you would be able to get out of this predicament and solve your problem easily if you face it with humility and kindness. You may want to learn to admit your weaknesses and mistakes, and seek the help of those who can assist you in solving this problem, like your family and your trusted friends. You would need the support of others to get through it, so do not hesitate to approach them.
Dark clouds, lightning and a pesky bug There were clouds that turned grey, almost black. They were moving fast, a bug kept touching my face driving me crazy. Lightning was striking and I woke up. A dream wherein you can see flashes of lightning against dark skies portends gloom and destruction. It symbolizes the arrival of certain hardships and difficulties in your life. These could either pertain to the financial side of a business or, if you are in a relationship, you may need to keep an eye on your partner. Being annoyed by a bug is indicative of the presence of a certain individual who might be trying to create obstacles for you in wake life. The problems you experience might somehow be directly related to this individual. The best course of action would be to remain on high alert and stay away from those who feed on negativity.
On a bench with a man and tree leaves I dreamt I was near a bench with a man. He was tall, holding both my hands, smiling. We were talking and we both were happy, comfortable and in love. There were colorful fall leaves everywhere and some of the leaves had written words burnt in them like from the sun. The words were "Remember, Imagine, Love". I remember I said I need to collect these and I picked up a few of the leaves and woke up. Dreaming about a man with whom you are happy and contended has positive connotations. It is symbolic of a pleasant and happy time in your life which has manifested in your dream. The positive vibes are further reinforced by the presence of colorful leaves around you. It depicts that your life will take a turn for the better and things would eventually fall into place leaving you feeling contented and satisfied. You would experience this gratification in your romantic as well as professional life. Be jovial for things are working in your favor and keep working towards your goals.
A black flower and a black bee I was picking a black unknown flower and handing it to my mother. I was worried the black flower was poisoned, when this black bee started to fly out of the flower and into my left ear. Black in dreams is a bleak color often associated with death and darkness. As such, the black flower your present to your mother in the dream may refer to a funeral or death. In addition, the black bee could symbolize illness or a tragic accident. You may need to keep your intuition and gut feel on high alert. Perhaps you need to ensure that you and your loved ones are healthy as this dream vision implies upcoming challenges and negative changes in your or your family members' well-being.
Swimming in water with frogs and snakes My dream was about me swimming in deep water infested with poisonous frogs and snakes. Swimming in deep water that is populated by poisonous creatures suggests that you may be facing a particularly tricky situation in the waking world. The poisonous frogs in your dream vision represent stressful circumstances which are probably happening at your workplace. Meanwhile, the snakes refer to cunning and manipulative individuals contributing to the stressful environment. Fortunately, you can overcome the obstacles and challenges in your way if you face them with humility and kindness.
Throwing something into a river Hi, I dreamed that I'm at this big river flowing strongly and that I tried to throw something in the river, but was to have someone help me to throw it in and rush off in a hurry back home. Before I left the river I saw it flowing downstream, it looked like a body covered in white, but I was happy at times in my dream. Can you please tell me what this means? Thank you. A river with strong currents could either represent a period of emotional upheaval or single-minded focus on a particular subject. In your case, the fact that the river flows down stream may allude to your determination to overcome a difficulty in your life once and for all. Whatever you threw into the water symbolizes your firm resolve to let what troubles your mind drown in oblivion. Any worries or burdens you may have been carrying lately would soon slip away to the corners of your mind. However, suppressing problems now rather than facing them may allow them to pop up at an inopportune moment in the future.
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