Jumping over stones in shallow water A person trying to jump over stones in very shallow water and partner edging him on. Shallow water can have both positive and negative connotations. On one hand, it could mean experiencing happiness and lucky circumstances in your life, but on the other hand, it may also represent bad health or declining well-being. The stones represent finding a path to transform yourself into a better person. This likely includes actions such as quitting a bad habit, taking up meditation and daily gratitude, or reading more. However, jumping around and between them in the water suggests you may not be ready to make those changes yet. If you wait too long to change your life for the better, there may be dire consequences for your inner balance. However, if you make the effort to do your best from now on, you may find your life drastically changing for the better in a short amount of time.
A forest fire and causing an explosion that kills people I had a dream in which I was in a forest where people were hunting and bullets kept missing me. I was not hunting myself but I could see that some trees and bushes around me were on fire. At one point, a branch I was holding caught on fire, and I panicked, so I threw it away. It landed near some people and caused an explosion which killed many people. I remember feeling horrified and guilty about accidentally killing people. In real life lately I have had a very turbulent romantic interest, but I have no idea whether this is related. Although this is a somewhat complicated vision to interpret, there are some interconnected parts which could be telling you about the way you interact with others around you. Seeing people shooting while hunting and the bullets missing you speaks of your tendency to avoid direct confrontations or arguments with other people when they initiate conflicts or disagreement with you involved. At the same time, seeing yourself surrounded by a forest fire raging wildly nearby and approaching you is a warning that you need to be more careful when you are acting and expressing your opinions around other people in order to prevent making them uncomfortable or intimidated. Similarly, throwing a burning branch and causing an explosion in this dream serves as a warning to be careful of what you say in front of others. Because of your criticism or lack of tact, you may jeopardize your personal relationships or provoke verbal disagreements. The same situation may be developing within your relationship with the person you are currently dating.
Being swept into the ocean by waves and surviving I was in a vehicle that was traveling along a cliff and it was swept over the cliff by raging waters. Somehow, me and the other 2 people with me were thrown out the vehicle into the water and then I found myself just floating over the deep dark ocean that was by the cliff. I was quite afraid because I thought I would have fallen into this ocean, but all of a sudden something just threw me and one of the other guys back onto the land and we were safe and sound. The other guy didn't make it though... Cars are usually symbolic of your journey through life and being thrown from a car into a large body of water indicates finding yourself in a situation where you have many different options available to you. This could be related to your current occupation, including changing jobs or being offered a chance to work in a different city, or it could be related to your home life, like having multiple potential suitors or an opportunity to travel abroad. However, suddenly being put on land again safe and sound, while having a positive connotation, suggests being somewhat off kilter. This means that if you do not carefully weigh your options, you may make a rash decision and find the balance in your life is off, making it difficult to manage your obligations or keep your stress levels low. You should look at all your options with a neutral eye and choose the one which has the most positive benefits for your future.
Being calm and relaxed while floating on top of a waterfall I had a dream about a waterfall. It was huge, curved around. I was floating in the water at the top of it. The water at the top was very calm, like a pool or a pond. I could see over the edge, but couldn't see the bottom of the fall. The water continued to fall over the edge like it should, but I just floated there, never going over the edge. I felt calm, relaxed, like I somehow knew I was safe and could not go over the edge. There was a couple of other people there with me. Close friends or family, but I don't remember any faces or who they were. Just floated there, smiling and chatting. Floating and swimming in a large body of water, such as a pool or pond, predicts having new and exciting experiences. The image of the waterfall suggests that not all of these experiences are to be pleasant ones, as the nature of trying new things usually implies. Therefore, this scene seems to point to a period of growth in your life. The calm water you float in, however, indicates pleasure and being content in the future, so the outcome of this time is likely to be beneficial for your life. The bottomless oblivion you see at the end represents hard times and impending disaster. However, because you remained up top and felt calm and relaxed, this means being able to prevent or avoid these troubles.
Running away from incoming water in a forest Dreams about walking in a forest, then, all of a sudden, the ground got wet and I heard a sound of water. It was loud and we ran by swimming and the place was fenced. We also had to jump the fence to escape the water. Walking in the forest and feeling that the ground is getting wet and water starting to surround you in this dream is a symbol of your hesitation or indecisiveness while trying to manage or solve issues which are of importance to you. You are simply afraid that dealing with these issues may bring negative outcomes or impact you in a bad way. Trying to escape the approaching water by jumping the fence in this dream also warns you to postpone any major plans or actions you may have at the moment because they will either be unavailing or can have negative outcomes if you rush things without paying attention.
In a boat which was about to sink I was in a boat and it got a hole in it. I had to swim to the shore. The water was calm, I could see my feet in the water. But I was tired of paddling and trying to keep the boat from sinking. Having a dream about being in a sinking boat often is a symbol of a significant ending. You could currently have an important love affair, romantic relationship, partnership or project. The dream foretells that such relationship or business is about to end. You might accept the fact and let it happen or you might try to prevent it from crumbling. In this case, you might start intervening and take action to save it. However, based on the ending of the dream you had, you may be feeling that you can no longer control the situation and want to find a your way out as soon as you possibly can.
In the wilderness and being pursued The dream woke me up a few minutes ago, so I remember it well. There was a huge forest, and there were wolfs everywhere, I soon ran into my parents. Here's where it gets weird. We ran into a man and we all decided to get inside from the wolfs. We saw a cabin with open doors and the lights were on, so we went inside. Then we met a man whom the other man knew. While sitting, the first man started talking about how there is no escaping "him". Then bullets came through the window and killed my parents. I pointed a gun at the first man because he was smiling. The second man said "no psychopaths" and I woke. The beginning of this vision focuses heavily on your life and a need for change. Finding yourself in a forest represents some aspect of your life getting a major overhaul, while seeing wolves everywhere points toward a desperate need to improve a specific area in order to move on to the next stage of your life. But the part of your life that needs help is explained more fully in the second half of the dream. Being led to a cabin indicates a health concern or growing problem. This could be some illness that is becoming more serious or, more likely, some lifestyle-related disease that requires you to lead an overall healthier lifestyle (e.g. eating well, exercising more, etc.). Both seeing your parents being killed and pointing a gun at someone predicts imminent danger, so it would be wise to monitor your health and take actions to prevent any serious complications or illness.
Diving into the ocean with someone special I dove into the ocean with a boy holding hands (romantically involved at one time). The blue water looked 2 meters deep and not turbulent. I could see some rocks at the bottom and was concerned to not dive into them. He initiated the dive and I jumped just before him and once in the water it wasn't scary and was actually deep. I swam further underwater while also expecting him to catch up then we climbed out the water together. This process repeated a few times with other people in the dream also waiting their turns. The feeling was "I can't believe this is happening and semi shy" - thanks! This is a fairly straightforward and positive dream to experience. Oceans are most commonly associated with upcoming opportunities for growth and self-improvement. Seeing yourself dive into this water, despite hesitations, represents your grit and determination in getting things done. This means you are likely to make full use of the opportunities presented to you. Going deep into the water further symbolizes protection for you, and you family by extension, from difficulties and problems as you follow your dreams and pursue the options available.
Gathering sea salt with the boyfriend I dreamt that my boyfriend and I were collecting sea salt from the the sea and I was putting the salt in a bucket. Seeing yourself walking along seashore or on the beach predicts a possibility of a long and distant trip, it can also be a sign of reuniting with your long-known friends who currently live far away from you. Collecting salt from the sea, however, could be a sign of deterioration of the relationship between you and your boyfriend. Some emerging irreconcilable differences could make it next to impossible to maintain it viable enough to last for long. The size of the sea salt crystals in your dream could help you determine the magnitude and extent of the problems you may start facing in waking life.
Seeing shark fins from the deck on the ocean I dreamt that I was standing on a pier behind my house that viewed the ocean, and thousands and thousand of dirty, old and ruined shark fins were sticking out from the water. Envisioning yourself standing on a pier looking out onto the ocean predicts opportunities that are just beyond your reach. They are the type of opportunities that only come around once in a lifetime, so it would be wise to take advantage of them while they exist. However, you should be cautious which opportunities you choose to take advantage of as shark fins in water could reveal the presence of someone who is actually trying to deceive you and thus far is succeeding. Your gullibility may become your major downfall if you are not careful.
Frogs in water I was dreaming about a lot of water and many frogs. Dreaming of frogs in water is a very positive sign. It symbolizes success and triumph in your undertakings, both for those which you are currently involved in and also your future endeavors. If you are thinking about embarking on a new project, maybe it is the right time. However, a great number of frogs in your dream could also symbolize conflict and discord. You could be involved in a feud with your close relatives or friends because of some action that you committed, or due to a misunderstanding that you might have with them. This might lead to some fights and undue conflict within your circle. Try to be mindful to avoid such stressful situations in the future.
Observing sea waves from a balcony and being frightened I was standing in my balcony with my sister and an old classmate of hers. It was heavily raining, but the balcony position didn't allow us to get wet. In front of us there was the rest of the town and the sea at the end. The waves of sea weren't high, but when the waves crushed on the shore they were a lot closer to the land side than usual. I felt a bit frightened and asked my sister and her old classmate to go inside, and they listened. We went inside and closed the balcony window. Please tell me what does my dream mean and what does the rain and waves mean? Rain symbolically represents a tendency to distance yourself from others, both physically and emotionally. This could be directly related to your sister and her friend, especially if they have tried to help you in the past, but you were unable or unwilling to accept their support. Seeing a view of the ocean in a dream vision is commonly interpreted as a sign of opportunity. You could be on the verge of receiving numerous offers or being able to choose a new path for yourself. However, feeling frightened suggests you may not feel ready to break out of your shell. In this case, this vision is likely a message from your subconscious, trying to show you how much freedom you have and encouraging you not to limit yourself.
A snail in water Snail in water. Seeing a snail in the water is a fairly positive sign indicating success in the face of obstacles, especially those obstacles created by other people. This includes rivals who try to sabotage your efforts to get ahead in the workplace or higher-ups who dismiss your ideas without considering them. At the same time, this vision warns not to proceed in a hurry and carefully consider options available to you so to avoid potential pitfalls and errors on your part.
Clearing debri-obstructed water I was caught in fast-flowing water with three people behind me. I kicked debris that had a path blocked and opened the path, we all got through and were talking and laughing the whole time. I always dream of fast flowing water with debris while I'm in the water, but OK and laughing. Fast-flowing water in a dream tends to represent better wealth and ability to afford more things compared to other people in your waking life, such as you friends. You could be an independent, self-sustaining and, at the same time, generous person. It also seems that your friends do not think of you as someone superior in relation to them because you share your wealth with them in a lighthearted way, without asking for much in return.
A sight of nature perceived to be in golden colors My dream was of a golden sunny day with water like a large stream in the mountains. There was a man standing beside me, but I couldn't see him. Everything in the dream was gold. I could see my reflection in the water and I was smiling. The beautiful scenery under a golden sunny day reflects your positive outlook in life. The mountain, in particular, symbolizes your dreams and ambitions. Perhaps you are setting your sights on a goal. The smiling reflection in the stream denotes optimism and a clarity of the mind in your quest to achieve your goals. Similarly, the golden tone of the dream points to a rich and rewarding outcome that awaits you should you maintain your optimism and bring out aspects of yourself that are often associated with the male stereotypes, such as rationality, assertiveness and a healthy view on competition.
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