A beautiful scene of nature I have seen a beautiful real scene of nature with beautiful mountains, clear river and shining sun. Green mountains were there. I am a woman. This vision is two-fold in that it predicts an unpleasant situation with an eventually pleasant outcome. Specifically, the beautiful mountains with their clear river represent partaking in a task that seems to take you further away from your actual goals. In most cases, this symbol is associated with working in a field outside of your real passion and expertise. This is coupled, however, with the shining sun in the mountains, a symbol indicative of progress and financial improvement. These symbols can be interpreted as a sign that although you may not initially appreciate or like the tasks before you, they would surely bring you fortune in the future.
A white cross at the end of a tunnel Female. My dream was I saw a waterfall, it was beautiful and peaceful and then it led me to a tunnel with gushing water in it, I felt like I was there with it, then it led me to a wooded area it was beautiful and had a long path and then I ended up being at this place where I saw a shadow, but there was a white light in from the side. I could see specifically a cross, the cross was brown, the white color was very white (not clear white). The beautiful and peaceful scenery of the waterfall at the beginning of your dream is symbolic of your natural state. You are very comfortable in nature and wild places, and you probably have an innate curiosity about life outside of cities and the hustle and bustle of modern life. The flowing water that leads you along suggests that following your heart would lead to riches and wealth. This could refer to material possessions and money but more likely represents spiritual wealth and peace of mind, especially considering the other symbols present. This vision culminates in the image of a cross and bright white light, a symbol associated with a search for spiritual enlightenment. In essence, this vision is a message that getting closer to nature and your true self would help you on your journey as a religious or spiritual individual.
A crush, twin sister and a toddler on the beach I had a vision where I see a guy that I like and that I’m talking with my twin sister at the beach and there was a toddler in the middle. They were all sitting in the rocky sandy while the water is behind them and it’s still. Envisioning a conversation with your twin sister usually means you have strong interpersonal communication skills. This is true whether the conversation was about a serious topic or about something fun and light-hearted. It may not be true if the conversation resulted in a conflict or fight, however. This ties into the image of the rocky seashore and the presence of your crush, as envisioning a rocky water-front could mean your life is about to become an emotional roller coaster. You may go from experiencing great highs and happiness to deep lows and despair in a matter of days or weeks, possibly due to some changes in your relationship with this boy. The still, calm water of the ocean, however, speaks of your unique ability to manage things well. While you may experience some heartache or stressful periods, you would likely make the best of the situation and still come out on top.
A door in the middle of a field Female. I was standing in a field, screaming for someone to respond. There was a door, and when I walked through the door everyone was dead. Standing in a field could represent the current peaceful state of your life or a recent period of calmness that you experienced in reality. As such, your cries for someone to respond to you mean you could easily become shaken, emotionally lost or depressed by a sudden change in the environment you are used to. In this case, walking through the door to find everyone dead reflects this previous symbol, suggesting that the area where you spend the majority of your time or the individuals you spend your time with are not doing what they should to lift you up and improve your life. This vision may be a warning that you need to break free from the current monotony and normalcy you are used to and challenge yourself to step up to the next level.
Swimming, fetching water and climbing a mountain Swimming and fetching water and climbing up the mountain in a dream. Dreams about swimming often relate to emotions and the subconscious. The movement of the water, the body of water you are swimming in or the clarity of the water will add more specific interpretations to this dream symbol. In your case, the inclusion of the mountain as another dream symbol means you are contemplating a major life decision which will lead to a better way of life. The imagery of climbing a mountain represents the process of leaving behind bad habits or embracing a new lifestyle. It will entail difficulty, so focus and perseverance are required if you want to succeed in this venture. Fortunately, fetching water symbolizes triumph over adversity. At the end of this challenge, you will gain a useful life skill which will propel you into more success.
Feral kittens and pine branches I dreamed I found several tiny kittens in my barn. The mama cat was there too. She was feral, the kittens were running around. Several of my domestic cats were there. The kittens took off running and managed to get away, under a crack in the barn. They were white and gray and so tiny. Also, dreamed of a bundle of pine tree tops or limbs with green needles. I wanted to root and make trees from them. There was a lot of them, my husband had them. Dreaming about kittens with their mother cat together without considering their other characteristics like size or color, is conventionally interpreted as a particularly beneficial image. This vision predicts great wealth and prosperity in the imminent future. In case you are married, this dream may imply that you are about to get a present or some delightful and wonderful news from your family members and relatives. In some cases, it could also signify that you are to receive a visit from someone from your surroundings shortly. However, the white color of the kittens carries a message of caution. You may be currently dealing with someone who is trying to find your weaknesses and abuse your kindness, including a person who will come to see you in the upcoming future. Your sixth sense will help you detect his or her intents, so you can regroup before something bad happens. The symbol of the pine tree indicates your personal character and the way you present yourself in front of others. You may want to use this strong point in case you need to counteract their plans if the situation calls for it.
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