Daughter getting marriage proposals Dreams about I am in discussion with one proposal for my daughter. I saw a dream that groom side are agree with the marriage and said that their 9100 people will attend marriage and from my side 900 people. Total 10000 people will attend marriage. I have to make food expenses. Marriage will be performed at Groom's city. Also I remember a figure of Rs. 2.25 lacs. It is a dowry or what I don't remember. Having a dream about getting marriage proposals for your daughter is a sign of favorable and positive changes coming into your daughter's life as well as yours. The number of guests you mentioned estimating to be invited or in attendance in this dream may symbolize the magnitude or extent of these favorable changes,meaning with this large number of people, the changes may be quite significant. Thinking about or estimating dowry in your dream may be related to other people's involvement (such as depending on their support, advice, even money etc.) you will need in order to move forward.
Being a bride I am a woman aged 40. I saw myself as a bride in my dream. A dream about seeing yourself as a bride of someone when you know who this person in your dream is indicates upcoming major changes in the relationship with this person. It could also mean that you will be able to mend existing issues or problems in the relationship with someone whom you have been trying to reconcile. According to another source, you could also be pushing too hard to make your relationship official with someone whom you really like and and want to marry.
Getting married to a man even with the age difference Someone getting a man for me to get married. And when I saw him I liked him and I was ready to get married with him. But he seemed few years younger than me. But the person who found that man for me, she lied about my age and told him, I am the same age as him. He seemed ok as well to get married with me. If you are female and had a dream about getting married in general with the person consenting to marry you regardless of circumstances (such as the age difference you have mentioned), this is an indication of positive changes in your intimate life or in your workplace.
Bracelets breaking after getting married I got married in dream but after another day of my marriage my bangles were breaking one by one. Having a dream about feeling hesitant about marriage or having difficulties after becoming married means that people around you may perceive you as a person who is very indecisive or who lacks confidence while dealing with everyday things. Try improving your image in their eyes by responding when asked for help or support more proactively and readily.
Marriage and pregnancy I have dreams at night of marriage and pregnancy. These dreams occurring in the future, what is the point of the event. Please send your answers quickly. And the dreams that I come again and again. My name is Anu. Please tell me the answer for these dreams fast and accurately. I shall be very thankful to you. If you are a female and have had a dream about getting married in general this is symbolic of positive or encouraging alterations. These modifications might take place either in your intimate life or in your career. As far as your office or workplace is concerned, the constructive changes taking place over there could be budding from your supervisor's sides, partly because they might have recognized your efficiency as well as productivity and to a certain extent your proficiency and capabilities. These are a few reasons why you might receive a promotion or a raise.Dreaming of becoming pregnant if you are a female symbolizes meeting someone new whom you will start a meaningful relationship with. This relationship will be much better than the ones you've had in the past. It can also refer to having a great start to a new relationship at this moment in your life.
Being at a wedding and wanted by other men I'm a guest at a wedding and 3 different men all want me to be with them. Dreaming about being a part of someone's wedding could be a sign that you will have an opportunity to attend a big gathering or party arranged or planned by good friends of yours or people you know closely. Also, seeing yourself being wanted by other men in the same dream means you could get an opportunity to become associated or acquainted with a person or people who may have a big influence on your life and for a long period of time.
Wearing a wedding dress and the groom without his face showing I saw myself in a wedding dress and I was preparing for my wedding, I saw the groom but didn't see clear his face. And that's all. Dreaming about trying a wedding dress on while getting ready for your own wedding signifies upcoming significant life events. You could be worried and concerned in anticipation of their arrival. However, this dream vision suggests that the outcomes of these future events or circumstances would be positive and beneficial for you. You also had an indistinct glimpse of your groom's face. The groom might represent someone from your actual awake life. Subconsciously, you believe that this person would be responsible for your life's positive changes. Try to think of someone of the masculine gender with whom you presently have a close relationship. This individual might potentially act as a catalyst of these new impeding developments. Alternatively, the dream could mean you implicitly know that the future events will be fortunate. However, you are unsure about the outline or exact nature of such events.
Being at a wedding with an unattractive man I'm at someone's wedding with another man (unattractive and unfamiliar man). As I sit down at the table I can hear family gossiping how I'm with this man and not my fiance. The dream you have had about attending someone's wedding and being approached by a man you did not find attractive or worth being around could be revealing that you are presently being influenced by or becoming excessively absorbed in some negative developments or a worrisome situation in your waking life. This circumstance could be related to either something you are not happy to be a part of or associate with, however, at the same time, your everyday life depends on you being involved. You are also expressing obvious concerns, reflected by your subconscious mind, that your involvement is not approved, welcomed or understood by those around you. If you are starting to feel stressed or overwhelmed with your current situation - it is definitely the high time to reassess your priorities and goals you are currently pursuing.
Being at a wedding party and attending a funeral afterwards I dreamed that we are celebrating a wedding party and later on that we are on our way to burial of someone and I saw a friend of mine. She is dead for one year now. She is also escorting the dead body. Seeing yourself celebrating a wedding event means that in your waking life you are about to be invited to a gathering, but based on the rest of what you are describing, this dream could be related to a gathering arranged in the loving memory of someone's departure. It would not necessarily be a person you are closely related to, but the vision of your now deceased friend escorting the body of another person who passed away speaks of the possibility of having to attend services in order to say farewell to someone who may pass away soon or whose wake you would be invited to attend.
Getting married and not knowing the bride I had a dream where I saw myself getting married to a girl. I could not recognize. I felt happy in the dream because it appeared real. Dreaming about getting married could signify upcoming significant life events. You could be excited or concerned in anticipation of their arrival. Most likely, this dream vision is suggestive that the outcomes of these future events or circumstances would be positive and beneficial for you. However, not knowing or able to recognize who the bride was in the same dream could mean that you are unsure about the precursors or exact nature of the circumstances leading up to these events or developments.
Looking through wedding photos using a camera i dreamt about looking at the wedding photos of my female former classmate in a camera. I am a lady. Looking through wedding pictures in a dream is a sign of an unexpected relationship which could start developing between you and a married or engaged person. It would be wise to use caution while in this relationship to avoid creating any problems for the person involved and for yourself. It can also be a warning that you are getting too deep into this relationship with a person who belongs to someone else. This means that you may have to make a decision to either cease the relationship or take reasonable steps to prevent hurting all parties involved.
Bride as the only happy person in wedding pictures Looking through wedding photos in a camera, there was only the bride who appeared happy in those photos. Seeing a happy bride in wedding photos is a possible indication of your own well-being, financial security, or peace of mind. It is very likely that you are currently experiencing a carefree time in your life when you are not worried or stressed about health problems, your relationships with friends and colleagues, or your livelihood. However, the lack of other happy members in the wedding party suggests a tendency to look down on or disregard men, particularly those in your own family or circle of friends. This may be because you worked hard to achieve your success on your own or because you dislike the ease in which they are able to acquire high status and prosperity,
Hair and dress not ready for the wedding I dreamt that I was getting ready for my wedding. I was having problems with my hair and could not get anyone to help me. My sister was being mean and would not help me. I arrived at the church without my wedding dress on or hair done. I was able to fix my hair. Watching a wedding go wrong because of unforeseen mishaps, internal conflicts or wedding-related events during the wedding is a warning that you are going to encounter some misunderstandings or conflicts in your life that might be hard to overcome. If you find yourself dreaming about a situation in which somebody interfered with the progress of your wedding, then it is a sign of trust issues. It means you lack the tolerance to deal with jealousy and accusations that come from your significant other, who may simply be getting fabricated information about your behavior from people whom you usually socialize with.
Pregnant and about to give birth My dream was about me being pregnant and about to give birth that day or maybe the day after and when I went into labor I woke up. Having a dream about giving birth in general is suggestive of some major changes underway or a possibility of some important issues being resolved. It may also be related to something you have been contemplating of eliminating from your life for a long period of time now, things such as vices, bad habits or addictions. For girls and young women, this vision could also be suggestive of possible arguments or disagreements based on some common issues or concerns with other people, from the description of your dream - something that has happened recently.
Meetings with someone suspected to be a result of arranged marriage Female. Dreamt about me being rejected by a guy on our first meeting for marriage (arranged marriage). Later, after several months or years (not sure), we both meet, but on some other occasion and we talked a little and started liking each other. His family pays a surprise visit while we were chatting and I guessed (while dreaming all this) that our meeting was planned by his or both families. Dreaming that your marriage has been canceled by the other party signifies the wrongdoings of others that negatively impact your life. The later meeting and your interest in each other both suggest that there is someone who is trying to mislead you or get ahead because of your weaknesses obvious to them. In particular, this refers to missing something very important or not putting two and two together on your part. Lack of attention to these details may cause some major problems in your life.
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