Finding gold and leaving silver behind Find gold locket from road and left silver one there in my dream. Having a dream about finding gold or gold items means you could be very successful in something you are currently working on because of your perseverance and outstanding abilities. Seeing silver in a dream could portend troubles or unfortunate circumstances, but since you left a silver item behind in this dream, this could be an indication of avoiding them or being successful in overcoming potential issues. Overall, this dream carries a positive connotation.
Wearing a gold ring and gold jewelry Last night I saw a dream about that gold ring. I wear a gold ring on my finger and was wearing jewellery on my neck. What is the meaning of that. sir plz. Dreaming about wearing a gold ring on your finger can be viewed as a positive sign. It symbolizes help, support and kindness you will receive from those who are quite close to you, like your family and good friends. However, seeing yourself wearing a lot of gold jewelry means you are may be taken advantage of by someone whom you personally know.
Grandfather giving a ring I dreamt my late grandfather giving me his ring as a gift. Dreaming about receiving a ring as a gift from your deceased grandfather symbolizes that all the differences or misunderstandings which you might have had in your family relationships will be successfully resolved, the conflicts and episodes of unhappiness resulting from hardships or tensions will become a thing of the past. This will pave the way to a more harmonious and successful relationship which will bring peace and understanding to family members and relatives.
Boyfriend buying a wedding ring Boyfriend buying a wedding ring for someone else with you there. A dream in which you see your boyfriend buying a wedding ring for someone else could contain a prediction of him getting involved in a fling or an act of cheating. This would be his relationship without any strings attached and would end quite soon. He might come back to you after this is over.
Wearing a wedding ring lost in waking life Currently I am divorced and since then I have not had my wedding set in my possession (lost or stolen)... I dreamt that I watched my hand and discovered that I was wearing it all the time, which was a big surprise... I do not usually dream but hence I am a bit disturbed by the dream. Seeing wedding rings in a dream can contain a mixed message, depending on your personal circumstances. In this case, it may be related to your prior divorce, indicating that some unresolved issues are about to resurface. It may be some time before these issues are finally resolved and a satisfactory conclusion is reached. However, if you are seeing or dating someone else currently, this may indicate stability within the relationship with the potential for deepening bonds, if both parties are committed and willing to take it to a new level.
A ring with diamonds coming loose I was surprised by a diamond ring given to me by my ex-husband, and it was all diamonds, but one of the diamonds atop of the ring came off, but I still was wearing it and my deceased mother was smiling at me. Being given a diamond ring by your ex-husband predicts you are to become the center of attention in some very public way. However, this exposure is not likely to be flattering and may result in the spread of vicious gossip and untrue rumors about you. Watching part of the diamond break off and fall to the ground suggests that your attempts to rectify this situation are to be in vain. However, you might still take pains to avoid the situation by laying low and staying out of the spotlight.
Finding grandmother's rings which were lost Good Day, I dreamed of my grandma losing her rings in sea water, everybody was looking for it and eventually I went and found it. Please assist me with the meaning. Lost rings are symbolic of encounters with dishonest, deceitful people and other competitors. These people are willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead. However, the rings in the ocean point toward some opportunity, possibly an opportunity that is open to anyone who could fulfill the task or role presented. This special, valuable opportunity is what your rivals are after. Most likely, finding the rings by yourself predicts success in this task if you make yourself available to resist and counteract their efforts, meaning you can get ahead of your rivals and rise above them and their pettiness.
Losing a precious ring while helping others It was a dream of sad and helpless resignation. A heirloom ring of worth to me... My last reserve of financial stability... being stolen from me despite my efforts to conceal it and protect it. I went after the dangerous person to try and recover it... I even had a weapon, but I had to stop and focus on getting a women to the hospital to have a baby. I was happy the baby was Ok and thankful I chose to help her, but my ring was lost forever. Whether you own such a ring in real life or not, envisioning an antique or heirloom ring in the context of a dream indicates finding the person who is your soul mate. However, because this ring was taken from you, it seems there may be some obstacle preventing you from being with this person. Most likely this is a rival who is willing to use any underhanded means available to them to make sure you are out of the picture. Being beside someone as they give birth and assisting during this event in the second half of the vision shows two things. The first is that you have a generous nature and often put others before yourself. The second is that you are likely to participate in some seemingly insignificant event which actually is very important for your relationship with the person who is your soul mate. While you may think little of it at the time, your behavior and actions may be influential in how this person perceives you in the future.
Receiving an engagement ring which looks familiar I dreamt of looking at a man proposing to a woman, and then suddenly a woman came and put in my palm a diamond engagement ring... The ring looked liked it's already mine from long back, the woman was talking to her husband after giving me the ring... A diamond ring symbolizes success. Being given this diamond ring and feeling like it belongs to you suggests a resurgence of confidence and the coming of new opportunities. You may soon triumph in your endeavors and projects which you are trying to pursue. It could also signify favorable changes occurring in your life, maybe meeting a new acquaintance who could prove to be very important for you or when achieving some of the goals you have set for yourself. The dream suggests that you have been missing this diamond, thus it could also point to your potential. Maybe people around you have been reaping rewards and now it is your time to harness this potential for your own benefit.
Losing a diamond from an engagement ring In my dream I looked down at my hand that my engagement ring was on and as I looked at it, my diamond fell off of the ring. Dreaming about the diamond falling off of your engagement ring is a highly ominous sign associated with problems in romantic relationships, in this case, between you and your fiance. The loose stone could symbolize a personal tendency to break promises or not follow through on things you say you will do, suggesting that you are at fault for this particular disagreement. You may need to make a special effort toward finishing the things you start to show your future partner your dedication to your shared future.
Eating a part of a wedding ring I dreamt I ate part of my wedding band set. Your wedding band represents peace and stability in your day-to-day existence, so losing it for any reason in a dream could spell disaster for your living situation or career. Eating the ring is suggestive of the fact that you are the author of these destructive patterns in this particular case. It may be wise, then, to carefully consider the actions you take before trying to pursue them.
Being robbed for a wedding ring I had a dream that I was being robbed for my wedding ring, when I woke up from my dream, my ring was off my finger and in my hand clinched like a fist? Please let me know what that means. Theft of a wedding ring in a dream vision is a highly ominous sign which predicts a rift forming in your relationship. More specifically, the presence of a third party trying to steal the ring could represent such an event in wake life, such as someone trying to seduce you or your partner, or someone trying to sabotage your relationship through lies and prodding. It would be wise to spend a little extra time communicating with your partner and avoid jumping to conclusions in ambiguous situations.
Receiving a ring from a new boyfriend My dream features a new boyfriend (whom I don't know in waking life). I notice a few chunky-varsity type rings on his hands, so I inquire about them. I am not sure what he says, but a few minutes pass and he gives me one of his rings. It was gold with an orange gemstone and he placed it on my middle finger. I was surprised when it actually fit. This dream of a complete stranger as your boyfriend means you could easily become agitated and highly dissatisfied with everything you experience in your life. This could create a lot of conflicts and issues with people close to you. Fortunately, the gold ring on your finger which you received from this person is symbolic of the fact that you are about to meet your soulmate, someone whom you would love and cherish. This person would provide you with the kind of peace you have been lacking and seeking. It can also be taken as a sign of happy tidings, for example a possibility of getting married in a relatively short period of time.
A ring with an amber stone I saw a large-sized amber stone on a ring. Dreaming about a ring with a precious stone like a large amber is symbolic of the great tasks ahead of you. This vision foretells great success for you in all these endeavors, but only if you focus your efforts and set priorities according to what you want to achieve, just like the image of a large stone embedded into the ring suggests.
Diamonds taken out of a wedding ring I can't find my wedding ring. Then my husband gives me a package that's come thru the post (mail). My wedding ring is in the package, but the diamonds are missing, but also in the package are the diamonds, in a white tissue. Then I replace the diamonds back into the ring. Your dream about losing your wedding ring should be taken as a serious warning that something unpleasant and dangerous is about to happen. You may soon face situations that would test the strength of your relationship with your husband. Even after such problems are resolved, certain issues would persist as symbolized by the missing diamonds. The scenario wherein you replace or fit the diamonds back into the ring likewise hints at troubles coming your way and may also mean your personal goals could be difficult to achieve.
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