A hairy spider on the window I dreamed of a long hairy spider with no end on my window and when I was going to close the window it jumped in. What does this mean? A spider generally represents a person who drains you of your energy or feeds on your weakness to feel good. So, finding a spider on your window means you better be careful because an unscrupulous individual will do whatever it takes to snatch a great opportunity from you. This person could smear your credibility and reputation or badmouth you around your friends. Get your guards up and choose your friends wisely because you do not want to be kicked out of your social group.
White worms on the body Saw white worms crawling up my body. I couldn't even get rid of them as I felt weak. Woke up. Dreaming of worms crawling on your body reveals your internal desire to prosper and become successful in your chosen field or career. Unfortunately, the worms also indicate a struggle to attain your lofty goals and ambitions. Your physical weakness and inability to brush the worms off of you symbolizes your worldly ways and tendency to focus on material possessions. Sadly, your financial capacity is not enough to pay for your wants and other luxuries. Ultimately, this is your mind telling you to control your spendthrift ways so that you can afford the necessities.
Fleas and lice on the head Interpret my dream: I have so many fleas and lice on my head, I am female. While the content of this vision may be bad in reality, in the dream world it suggests much happier developments. In particular, lice and fleas centered on the head and hair portend improvement for your financial situation in wake life. For instance, this vision is usually seen in combination with events or actions that increase your earning potential, particularly getting a raise, starting a new job or going into business for yourself. If you have been considering self-employment or looking for work, now may be the right time.
A child covered with ants A small child covered in ants, blocked airways. No one was helping except me. Ants are normally considered a symbol of diligence and responsibility, and they shed light on your tendency to be a hard-working, reliable individual. However, in this vision the ants are suffocating a young child. This suggests you are working very hard to the extent that other areas of your life are suffering. Perhaps it is your relationships that have been neglected as you try to get everyday tasks accomplished in reality. Your efforts to help the child in your vision further speak of your desire to jump in and take on more work. In this case, the best thing you can do is to concentrate on your loved ones and not overwork yourself so that you can be fully present in their company.
An insect coming out of vagina And so in my dream, an insect came out of a vagina and stung the middle finger of my left hand. In dreams visions, insects often referred to negative or pessimistic thoughts. Therefore, envisioning one coming out of the vagina could be indicative of you succumbing to those troubled thoughts. Instead of letting them roll off your shoulders and moving on, you are likely holding on to those unhappy emotions. Furthermore, receiving a bite to the hand in the dream world is synonymous with losing something important to you in reality. Perhaps your unhappiness would spill over into how you treat others. For example, you may be less effective or helpful at work than you normally would be, or maybe you would be more inclined to treat family members with less love and respect than they deserve. This vision, then, may be a warning to be careful that you do not take your own bad mood out on others.
Cobwebs in the house I'm a male. My mum was cleaning cobwebs in my house in my dream. I don't live with my mum. I live with my wife. Cobwebs, much like their counterparts in reality, represent lack of care and despair. As such, they suggest you are possibly living under a bit of a cloud at present, more prone to moodiness and negative emotions. Envisioning your mother in your house, then, points towards success and a lifting of your mood, meaning you may soon get favorable results from something you have been working on recently. You would feel great relief and happiness once events begin to turn in your favor and everything falls into place for you.
Ex-husband with maggots in his nose My ex-husband had maggots in his sinuses and nose. When they hit the floor they would turn into cockroaches and be everywhere. In the dream we were still together but I would not sleep with him because I was disgusted with this and that he wasn't doing anything to fix this problem. Others would also see this and gross out, he started wearing a surgical mask to try to hide it. I kept looking for bug spray to kill the bugs. It's like his sinuses were translucent only I could see the maggots. This dream seems to reflect some of the unresolved issues you have with your ex-husband. The maggots in your ex's nose represent your low expectations of him. You probably find him uninteresting, stupid or annoying. The maggots then become cockroaches, a sign that you could have trouble with him in the near future. His attempt to hide the problem with a surgical mask means that he has tried to avoid showing his true colors to other members of your family or social circle, but you could see the maggots, suggesting that you know the truth. While you may not need to advertise his faults to the world, you might want to warn others who could be hurt by his behavior in the future.
A beehive on the neck I dreamed I was cleaning our bachelor's flat and complained of a weird feeling in my neck. My fiance then checked and he said it was a bee but not on the side that felt weird so I redirected him. Then he checked that side next and said with a gasp "OMG, it's a whole beehive", but in the form of a honey comb and it was so hard and formed a crust on my neck that was hiding underneath my hair all the time. We then tried to get it off but it was tricky, seemed possible till bees started going crazy buzzing and we got stung. In this vision, cleaning the house may be a sign that you would have an unexpected visitor at your place of work or that someone important who is usually not around would show up to observe your company. The honeycomb beehive on your neck represents your concerns that your efforts and contributions to the growth and development of your company might go unrewarded. Perhaps your boss is not often around or does not usually acknowledge your efforts to improve both yourself and your workplace. However, being stung by the bees means you could soon receive a small monetary incentive or cash gift for doing a good job or making an important contribution to the work environment. So even if you feel that no one is paying attention to you at work, know that others are watching and taking note of the good work that you achieve.
Bees and wasps inside a wound 29 Female. In my dream, I received a wound that I knew was coming, in the form of a gunshot in my stomach, and though it was predicted that it would kill me, I spent most of the dream slumped over to stanch the bleeding while waiting for help, determined to live. Help came, and they discovered the wound was infested with bees and wasps. They prepared me for a procedure, in which they hand scooped out a large clot of blood that included all the bees and wasps. I felt relieved to be through the worst. A gunshot wound to the stomach is often considered a negative image in the dream world, as it pertains to emotional trauma and pain in reality. Because you knew the wound was coming, you probably sense that an upcoming event or confrontation would cause you internal turmoil and disappointment. For example, if you are going to meet with your boss or parents soon, they may say something about your work and life choices that leaves you disappointed and shamed. Bees and wasps inside the wound refer to the gossip that would surround you during this time and the physical toll this would take on your body. Even though this would not be a physical fight, your body would likely feel sluggish, achy and sore due to the stress you feel. However, having the blood clot, bees and wasps removed predicts being able to overcome this situation and be successful in spite of the challenges you face. This would bring you great happiness and peace of mind in the end, much like your feelings at the end of the vision.
Dead crickets Female, 32. Dreamt about having to remove dead crickets from my breast pump parts as I wanted them in the sink. There were other people in the room but nobody helped. It was not my kitchen and was very dirty. The dead crickets refer to bad advice. You are probably seeking guidance from the wrong people and making decisions based on their advice will get you into trouble, so make sure you consult wise and experienced people. As for the breast pump, this means your dilemma or source of confusion is likely linked to matters of the heart. You could be thinking about settling down with your current partner, but you are unsure if this is a good idea. This uncertainty is further strengthened by the symbol of a dirty kitchen which represents conflict and disagreements. Since the kitchen is not yours, this suggests the other person is the unstable and unreliable party. You could soon have a major fight with your significant other because of your differing priorities.
A white spider coming out of vagina I dreamt there was a white hairy spider coming out of my vagina growing rapidly once, then flashing to black and tan while jumping then running away. Seeing a white spider coming out of your own vagina represents succumbing to the negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself. Perhaps you think you are not good enough for a certain person or prize, and beating yourself up over and over again is only causing you more grief and heartache, as is seen in the growing spider that emerged. Perhaps the spider running away can be interpreted as a sign that you could get away from such thoughts and start working towards building your self-confidence and self-esteem.
Tiny insects irritating skin I had a dream about being attacked by a swarm of tiny insects that kept crawling on me. When I brushed them off they then turned into a green tube and burst making my skin blister and itch really bad. No one could seem to stop them from attacking me. Then I woke up. Dreaming of insects crawling all over your body means you are going to be the target of nasty and malicious rumors. For example, the content of your online presence through social media could be misinterpreted and twisted into negative narratives by people who do not know you personally. Those itchy blisters also mean this rumor-mongering is just a minor annoyance, yet it will rattle you and cause adverse effects to your relationships. All the backstabbing will make you feel paranoid and distrustful even towards your closest friends.
A hive with empty chambers I dreamed there was a hive, either a wasp or hornets hive or nest. It was empty of wasps or hornets. My husband was tearing it apart. As he tore into it, you could see each little chamber, there were lots of chambers, all empty. At the very back, there was something, not sure what, he left. It wasn't a wasp or hornet, something, not sure what. The main thing was the empty nest, tearing it apart, seeing the chambers inside. A hive usually symbolizes activity and productivity, so finding an empty hive in a dream represents stagnation or an idle existence. Both of you may be feeling unproductive, hence you are seeking a purpose to fill your days. While it seems like there is nothing left to accomplish, the discovery of something at the very back of this seemingly empty hive means you do have something to be passionate about. You only need to look within yourself to find out what gives your life meaning and pursue this in order to find fulfillment once more.
Roaches at friend's house I thought I was at my parent's house trying to lie down and sleep, a stuffed animal kept moving and fell to the ground, all these German roaches were everywhere, only to realize I was at a friend's house with their daughter and my daughter put my shoes in the washer to be washed and I picked up bug spray and sprayed the house from top to bottom. After that we didn't see the roaches again, we all lied down to try and sleep but I was worried that my friends would be mad we were at their home. While there seems to be a lot going on in this vision, the main symbol we should pay attention to is that of the roaches. Despite the grossness associated with roaches in reality, seeing roaches in a dream can often point toward a sudden increase in wealth. Perhaps you would get a raise at your current job or get hired at another company that is willing to pay you more for your hard work. However, trying to spray the roaches and get rid of them reveals that this increase in cash would also come with an increase in responsibilities and duties. You could soon find yourself much busier due to the extra tasks you would have to complete. While extra money is certainly a blessing, make sure not to allow work to take up too much space in your personal and family life.
A swarm of damselflies A swarm of damselflies in front of me and I was scared. I tried to slap some with both my hands. A damselfly typically symbolizes deception in dreams. So, the swarm of damselflies in your dream vision serves as a warning about a certain group of friends who are being very duplicitous. This group could be your drinking buddies, or possibly even family members. They will be very friendly and supportive in your interactions, but when you are not around, they will talk about you in disrespectful and hurtful ways. You need to be extra careful about what you divulge to seemingly trustworthy people because this could spell your own downfall.
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