A spider that looks like a crab I dreamt a big spider crawled on the wall but kept turning into a shell like a crab. Crawled toward my boyfriend and was spread out on a glass door or window in front of his face. I kept telling him, but he wasn't listening to be careful, the spider was going to jump on his face. I was very scared. I woke up then. Dreaming of a spider on the wall is a harbinger of misfortune, as it predicts being unable to solve the problems that are plaguing you in reality. Just as a crab has a hard outer shell, so does the image of the spider turning into a crab reflect the difficulty you would have getting to the root of the problem. While the actual source of your troubles is unclear, it is possibly related to your boyfriend. It is possible that he is either part of the problem you need to fix or that he is completely unaware of the issues you both face, such as money problems or relationship troubles. You may need to have a frank conversation with him about listening and exploring all your options when it comes to decision making.
Getting flies off the bed I dreamt so many flies on my bed, so many that I would touch them and hit them onto the ground. A swarm of flies means some malicious individuals in your social circle would spread rumors about your personal life. The bed symbolizes safety, comfort and privacy, which means your own privacy would be invaded by gossip insinuating your involvement in some controversy. You would have to deal with people questioning your integrity or even those who are actively seeking to discredit you and tarnish your reputation.
A bee inside a toe What it means when you see yourself making a cut in your toe skin to release a bee crawling inside you in your dreams? The bee crawling inside you represents some kind of bone disease or bone issue manifesting itself within you. You may soon suffer from some breakage or other problem that hurts your skeleton and causes you pain and suffering. This would obviously make your day to day life very difficult and possibly affect your mobility and comfort. However, this medical problem may not necessarily appear in your leg. You could develop this disease or injury in either your back, arms or neck instead or your legs.
Driving through a desert and a scorpion I was driven by no one to this dark house in the desert but I didn't feel alone, many souls were present. Only for daylight to quickly approach. I was transported from the front to the back with nothing but desert all around. I then saw a diamond covered scorpion crawling through the desert sand that no one was afraid of, and it let itself be known and latched onto my hand. I pulled it off but it felt like Velcro, as if it was stuck. It didn't sting or bite, I then saw a strange water spout an awoke? The desert, as the main symbol in this vision, sheds light on some trouble you may soon have in reality regarding certain members of your social circle. A friend may leave you high and dry suddenly, without any explanation or clear reason for doing so. Your loss of this individual's support would likely cripple your ability to succeed in something you are currently working on. This is seen in the image of the scorpion covered in diamonds, a symbol that is associated with both difficulty achieving personal goals and suffering due to a friend's betrayal. Perhaps your friend was also a partner, and their sudden departure has ruined your chances of completing your project or meeting your deadline. In any case, the water that spouts at the end of this vision has neither a good nor a bad interpretation. Rather, it suggests this would all come about rather suddenly, casting a shadow over your life much like the dark house you witnessed at the beginning of your vision.
Bees and ants in the room I am a girl aged 29, and I have dreamt twice a swarm of bees in the corner of my room and many ants on the walls of my room on one side. I got so frustrated with them to such an extent that I was crying and wanted to change a room in the dream. A swarm of bees refers to unfair treatment. Someone in reality is taking advantage of you, in part because you may be afraid of this person and he or she is using this fear to make unreasonable demands. Meanwhile, the ants on the wall allude to a sense of being powerless and helpless to the changes happening around you. It could also refer to your passivity whenever big things occur that could affect you personally. You tend to go with the flow or let others dictate the path you are going to take. Both bees and ants are also associated with hard work and industry. This means that whatever is troubling you and giving you a lot of stress is likely connected to your work. Your boss could be so demanding that you are drowning in tasks and responsibilities, yet you do not have the courage to push back or say no. Instead, all the anger and frustration just keep building up inside you. You could even be contemplating on resigning and seeking employment offering a better work and life balance.
A wasp and a bee nest I dreamed I happened to see a wasp nest with wasp inside it, there was also a bee nest next to the wasp nest, with bees in it. I moved away from both, and did not disturb either. Nothing happened, the wasp and bees stayed in their nests, I just moved away from them. In the realm of dream visions, a bee nest represents contentment and satisfaction with your career, work life or daily happenings. On the other hand, a wasp nest usually predicts great distress or misfortune, suggesting things would not go well for you at your job or that something major would disrupt your daily schedule. It seems, then, that your vision is manifesting the two possible outcomes to a situation you are currently dealing with in reality. In fact, your actions in the vision could represent exactly what you should do, that is, step away from the problem and analyze it from afar. By doing this, you would remove the chance to react irrationally and perhaps save yourself some serious trouble in the future.
Centipedes in the bedroom Female. Dreamed there were all sized centipedes covering my entire bedroom. I looked at my room from the doorway and felt alarmed and panicked to figure out a way to kill them without them scattering all over the house or going all over me. I told my mom in the house so she would be aware and she was extremely angry with me as if I was causing a disruption even though it wasn't my fault. The dream ended with no resolution. I was left feeling panicked and to resolve alone even though it impacted everyone. Dreaming of centipedes in your bedroom means you are experiencing overwhelming fear and insecurity about your own capability to succeed. Your mother's dismissive attitude about the centipede infestation likely mirrors her dismissal of your personal concerns in reality. She could be expressing tough love because she knows you have it in you to overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from achieving your goals. In addition, your mother's indifference to your issues is making you feel neglected and isolated, so your subconscious is telling you to find the courage and determination within yourself to triumph during this adversity to prove to everyone that you can step up when needed.
Ants coming out of the body I am a female. I dreamt that tiny ants in a large number are coming out of my body. Dreaming that ants are crawling out of your body means you are juggling too many commitments and responsibilities. You are on the brink of a burnout or an emotional breakdown due to the amount of stress you are trying valiantly to manage from all the different areas in your life. Since you have a lot on your plate at the moment, your subconscious is basically encouraging you to slow down and try to be more realistic with your goals and your workload.
A hornet's nest I dreamed I was outside and came upon a cone-shaped nest. I peeked inside the cone and realized it was a hornet nest. I quickly backed away. There were actually four of the cone-shaped nests. I went inside a building nearby, and 4 or 5 of the red hornets were following me. I ran and shut the door and waited till they left. A hornet's nest symbolizes a threat in your environment. Most of the time this is a warning for the dreamer to take precautions in order to avoid getting entangled in a conflict or confrontation. In your case, the image of multiple hornet's nests means several people, or a group of people, are going to try to provoke you or rile you up for their own selfish reasons. In addition, the red hornets following you symbolize anger. These individuals are going to project their anger and frustrations on you because they do not know how to deal with their own issues. Fortunately, your mind has sensed these troublemakers and so this vision is advising you to steer clear of contentious topics or antagonistic personalities because you could become a target of their hatred.
Disturbing fire ants I dreamed I was outside with someone. There were fire ant hills. The top of one hill was covered in a ball of red fire ants. As I was looking at them, I disturbed a mound, and fire ants got into my shoe, and were biting me. I told whoever was with me "Move away, fire ants are in my shoe biting me!". In the context of this vision, disturbing an anthill means you are about to find yourself in some serious trouble. The fire ants themselves specifically refer to getting in some type of accident or becoming ill, meaning it is likely to cause problems for your health and well-being. You may soon get into an accident while moving about your city or come down with a serious disease that would require professional medical care. Considering the large number of ants present and your warning to keep the man or woman in your vision away, it is possible that you are the only one who would suffer at this time. If you are feeling unwell, it would be wise to check with your doctor quickly to make sure that it is nothing serious or permanent.
A fly in someone's nose Someone throws out a fly from their nose in my dream. The fly in the nose of someone in your dream vision may predict future situations that are dangerous, difficult or otherwise risky in one form or another. You could find yourself gambling with your life in a physical sense, like climbing a mountain doing extreme sports, or in a figurative sense, such as putting all your money into one basket or dropping everything to make a huge change in your lifestyle. While most people would become stressed and miserable under such circumstances, the person blows the fly out of their nose, meaning you would have little trouble avoiding the worst pitfalls and troubles associated with your journey. However, this does not mean you can be careless. Your success in this matter is closely tied to how cautious and observant you are during the trial itself.
Ants in a drink I was drinking a cup of water and when I looked down it had a bunch of ants in it? Dreaming that there are ants in drinking water means you have a lot of things on your mind. These concerns are likely a combination of work responsibilities and personal commitments. While most of them are well within your capability to handle, the amount of issues you deal with on a daily basis is starting to tire you out. Alternatively, you could be feeling anxious about annoying or petty things happening around. Instead of focusing on the big picture and important tasks, you are restless, antsy and easily riled up by things that are beyond your control.
A mother scorpion with offspring A yellow mother scorpion got rid of her black baby scorpion in the pack for sluggishness. I observed closely while the rest were all going in a circle with the yellow mother scorpion. Then I went to get a broom to kill them. On arrival I saw the whole place has turned to a different room. Scorpions generally refer to fake friends and insincere colleagues who wish to advance their goals at your expense. The mother scorpion represents the ones leading the pack of gossip mongers and actively trying to find your flaws and weaknesses, while the baby scorpion symbolize those unwilling to do their bidding against you. Fortunately, you are a fighter who refuses to take things lying down. Killing the scorpions represents triumph over your enemies. Your rivals are doomed to fail as their plans would backfire thanks to your foresight and quick wit.
A spider in the room I saw a spider hanging on a thread of weed from the ceiling. I wanted to kill it but I couldn't for some reason. My wife was also in our bedroom on the other side of the room and did nothing. The presence of a spider in your dream means there is someone in your life who is sucking all your energy. Either this person is feeding off your weakness and insecurity to bolster their own ego, or it could also be possible that this person is taking credit for your hard work. If it is a thread of weed instead of web that the spider is hanging on to, then it means you feel rejected and overshadowed. You need to stand up for yourself or else you are just validating this person's sense of entitlement.
Cockroaches crawling from under skin Last night I dreamt about a cockroach that kept on appearing on my hand, and then one emerged from my mouth. I then looked at my hands and there were 2 large lumps on the both. Another person made an incision on my hands, one by one different sized cockroaches walked out. I could feel every single one crawling through my arms trying to escape. A really large one burst some flesh on my hand and about a dozen came out afterwards rapidly. Very vivid and very real I could feel it. A cockroach emerging from your mouth is considered a bad omen. This is a warning that you are going to be in harm's way, getting involved in an accident or injuring yourself. You need to be extra watchful and cautious about your surroundings to avoid getting physical trauma. Meanwhile, the imagery of cockroaches on your hand denotes toxic relationships and communication problems. You and your closest friends could soon get into an altercation over issues that have been brewing for years. The incision suggests a pivotal event or encounter which would force all those issues to surface. You need to finally fix whatever problems you have with each other, or part ways to avoid further problems.
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