A giant spider laying eggs A fat hairy-legged spider was hanging by a string upside down holding something appearing as if a mud ball in its legs. As I went closer, it came down and left its eggs in my belly, the umbilical cord curled in. Later I saw myself slightly pulling the in-turned cord and seeing the eggs, and showing to someone, I do not remember who? The eggs were three in no., small size shiny black. The spider quietly climbed the same string. I can still feel the sensation of slight hot, warm near that area. A dream about a hairy spider could be a forewarning of upcoming health problems. The fact that the spider descends down to lay its eggs in your belly might be indicative of the fact that you might suffer certain health ailments which would affect you internally. Maybe arthritis or something of a similar nature, on the other hand showing the umbilical cord to someone could pertain to the fact that you might visit a doctor for an investigation or a probe for your physical well-being. Consider this dream a timely warning and be very careful regarding issues which pertain to your health and make sure to get the correct treatment done.
A lot of cockroaches I dreamt of cockroaches. Lots of them. Dreaming about cockroaches is a good sign. You may soon start receiving stable income. This would allow you to consistently provide for your household. The cockroaches might have swarmed or grouped together in this dream. In this case, you might be paid a visit by an unexpected guest. This vision's interpretation is also related to the way you felt during the dream. For example, you might have been bothered by the cockroaches in the dream. You might have felt that the cockroaches presented a nuisance or a problem to you. In these cases, the vision could reveal that you have a tendency to hoard or collect useless or unnecessary things. You would probably benefit from going through and throwing away things you do not really need.
Flying cockroahes and killing them I was walking and then a swarm of flying cockroaches came at me. One by one they started attacking. And one by one I killed them. By the time I woke up, there were 3 cockroaches dead and 2(?) buzzing about. I think I was with someone. Seeing cockroaches flying in a dream indicates that a person would enter your life and pose some serious competition to you at work, in your business or in your relationship. As a good sport, you would try to treat this person not as a threat but as a challenge, and try to stay ahead of the competition without resorting to dirty tactics and unfair practices, even if he or she may be getting a little bit too close for comfort. If you were killing the invasive cockroaches in your dream, it is an indication of your desire and readiness to be free from your fear of some kind of material loss you are anticipating to happen. However, it could also mean that you would do whatever it would take to eliminate the source of your fear, even if it would involve committing questionable acts and resorting to behavior which is not typically something you would do, in order to destroy the threat forever and to ensure your peace of mind. Perhaps you will be helped by someone who is close to you, such as a friend or a family member, as you envisioned in the dream.
Water from the ceiling and coming across a big spider Napping on couch on day off from work (which I was really doing). People dropped by for roof estimate I'd forgotten calling about, spouse took them round, let me sleep. Left with estimate more reasonable than anticipated. We went into the bedroom and discovered large ceiling crack leak with water raining on floor. Toweling that up, discovered a spider had been disturbed. She was light brown, furry and HUGE. Basketball sized. She had babies on her back. I was terrified of this thing, crawling everywhere, shooed her out of the bedroom but all the babies were in the air. Thanks. Dreams containing images of water dripping from the ceiling can predict coming into contact or having to deal with individuals trying to mess up your life or something important you are currently undertaking. This person or people could be standing in your way and blocking your progress, intentionally or without realizing what they are doing. Finding a giant spider in the bedroom points to possible confrontation with a con artist or an authoritative figure, possibly connected to the developments mentioned above. You could also expect being humiliated or let down by people who surround you in your waking life.
Forced to eat cockroaches, fighting with parents about untidy house My parents are cooking in my childhood home. My mom heats soy sauce in a small dish on the stove top. Small black cockroaches start appearing and moving toward the dish. Two crawl in and are cooked. I am then asked to eat this and I do. I then fight with my dad and mom about the state of the house and how disgusting it is to eat cockroaches. While we are fighting, I am feeling very angry and start organizing. I find important documents that are mine and then feel guilty for taking care of my stuff better. I start yelling more and my dad laughs and offers me more cockroaches to eat. Dreaming about feeling that cockroaches presented a nuisance or a problem to you or being outright disgusted by them could reveal that you have a tendency to hoard or collect useless or unnecessary things, not necessarily as bad as it was perceived in the dream. You would probably benefit from going through and throwing away things you do not really need. Dreaming that your or your parents' house was unclean and messy to live in could represent a possibility of moving to a new location, starting to experience financial troubles or getting a divorce. It is also a warning that advises you to take some time and re-assess the aspects of your life which might eventually lead to these possible problematic outcomes.
Insects inside a banana Was handed half a banana, opened to find a bunch of pill bugs (armadillidium) rolled up, then open and crawl out. Obviously was shocked to have seen that. The dream vision about being handed a banana filled with insects could mean two possible things, one of them is that someone recently could have acted or said something that really upset you or made you distance yourself from this person. The bugs crawling out of the banana could also represent your personal trait of becoming easily offended when criticized or made fun of, especially in front of other people. If you have had an incident similar to the one described above involving a person who may intentionally or inadvertently insulted you, chances are you will never communicate or hang out with him or her again.
Exterminating brown ants I dreamt spraying a lot of brown ants outside a house. A few were on my clothes and l managed to remove them and sprayed them again. I did not crush them but I sprayed them using an insecticide. If you find yourself dreaming about ants invading your house, you have a right to be worried. This vision may signify unfortunate events and their repercussions which could result in a possibility of an accident to occur. If you were surrounded by ants, this could be another warning that people might try to take advantage of you soon, in some way or another, whether it is extorting money from you or simply stealing you property or possessions.
Bites of black ants I was looking through the window of an uncompleted building in our former residence (back in the 80s) and being a bushy property, I noticed the sharp bites of ants. I checked and saw 2 black ants on my toes, I quickly dusted them off. Dreaming about being bitten by ants could indicate that there is a possibility of experiencing an unfortunate event in the near future. In this dream you may experience pain from the bites, which signifies becoming a victim of an accident or occurrence which you have no control over. The dream may mean something completely different and symbolize that you are about to take on some time-consuming or burdensome projects soon. This dream could have a different symbolic meaning which could mean being betrayed by someone you are very close to within your company or work facility. The trust and faith you put into this person could be used against you in order for them to come out on top and succeed in whatever goals they have in mind. Be careful of what you do and say relative to your common or shared points of interest and try to avoid the blows that may soon come your way.
Black cockroaches coming out of a phone I dreamed about small black roaches coming out of a phone. Dreaming about a great number of cockroaches is often interpreted as a positive sign. It usually indicates finding a consistent, substantial income which you can use to support your family. It may also be predict a second source of income which can be used to supplement what you already earn. However, the image of the phone indicates being tricked or deceived, which is negative in nature. Because the bugs were coming out of the phone, it may mean that you might find a source of income that does not pan out or is far more work than you were lead to believe. This dream is likely a warning to carefully consider any new contracts or extra work before taking it on.
Centipedes attacking in the bathroom I was about to use my aunt's bathroom when I realized that her bathroom was infested with small orange and green centipedes. They were falling out of the ceiling on top of me, I got stung by one on the forehead. I started to smash some of them with my foot right before coming out the house to tell my aunt what had just happened. In general, dreaming of a bathroom predicts overcoming some fear or reservations you had about some aspect of yourself. This is likely to do with a personality quirk which you saw as a bad thing in the past, but now realize that there is nothing wrong with it or you. Because you are in your aunt's bathroom, she may have something to do with your change of heart, either directly or indirectly. The centipedes seen in this vision further support this idea, as a mass of bugs represents a way of life or thinking that is emotionally draining. Being attacked and stung by said insects indicates facing some difficulties in coming around to your new state of mind, which might include opposition or bullying from people who would want to keep you down. However, successfully squishing the bugs that came after you can be interpreted as a sign that things will work out for the best in the end.
Rain and insects devouring food It started to rain reddish rain that turned ground into a mud that was uncomfortable to walk in. Weird greenish blue lightning that could strike me but didn't. Had to get food and drink from fridge outside. Then realized roaches were taking food, like whole roasts, ribs, even covered a cat. I started spraying a roach spray. There are a lot of negative signs in this vision. In particular, red rain predicts being the victim of gossip and rumors started by people who are jealous of your accomplishments or status. The roaches that suddenly appear represent worries about how these horrible and untrue tales will affect you and everything you have worked for. Seeing lightning flash is a sign that you may need to separate yourself from someone you once relied on, possibly the person behind the rumors, in order to begin putting things right. However, attacking the roaches with bug spray at the end of the dream predicts that, when all is said and done, you will find a way to deal with the situation and recover what was once yours.
A big cockroach on a chocolate cake I was standing at a table that had a whole chocolate cake on it with some of the edges of the cake eaten, crumbled. There was a 2-inch cockroach running in circles around the cake and in the edges of the frosting and I was trying to hit it off the cake, but could not catch it. It just kept going in circles on the cake. I was disgusted and repulsed by it. Frustrated that I couldn't get it off the cake. A chocolate cake, in general, signifies romantic relationships. If it was very beautiful or perfectly decorated at first, it indicates having positive, loving feelings toward your current partner. However, seeing the cake in a state of disarray, in which some parts are missing or falling apart, indicates that things are crumbling beneath the surface. You and your partner may act happy in front of others, but there are some issues that have not been openly discussed. The image of the cockroach in the cake that you cannot catch supports this idea, pointing toward issues of inequality within the relationship. Your partner may feel inadequate compared to you and the things you have accomplished, or, on the other hand, they may feel like you are not pushing yourself and, as a result, are holding them back. This dream can be taken as a warning that you need to improve communication with this person and work on fixing the issues if you want to save the relationship.
Cockroaches on the head and smelling insecticide Lots of medium brownish roaches crawling mainly on top of my head. I even woke up and smelled bug spray RAID. The image of the cockroaches crawling on your body is usually associated with danger and personal injury. The fact that they were concentrated on your head points to that being the region of your body most likely to be hurt. This could be a simple injury, like bumping your head, but it might also be something more serious, such as a concussion. You may want to take care while out and about and be extra careful if you are participating in sports or athletic training.
Killing bed bugs I was killing bed bugs (blood suckers) with my fingertips. Pressing them to the floor then blood was sputtered. Bugs were running for their lives. Dreams containing images of bed bugs can have two possible meanings. One of them could be telling you that you have recently changed your spending patterns for the worse, possibly because of some increasing demands for household necessities or due to additions to your family. Another meaning entails having people in your social circle who may be draining a lot of energy or make you irritated and tired. It seems like you have been preoccupied with finding possible ways to solve these issues, whichever apply to your current situation.
Insect eggs on the table I dreamt there were woodlice eggs on a table. The table was yellow brown wood with metal legs. Then I brushed aside the eggs onto the wooden floor. The image of woodlice eggs in this dream seems to symbolize small negative aspects of your personality and behavior. The fact that they are eggs points toward bad habits that are currently forming or already exist, like swearing or borrowing things without permission. Their placement on a table whose features stood out to you suggests you are copying the words and actions of others, possibly without critically considering what you are doing. However, brushing the eggs onto the floor is a message from your subconscious, suggesting that you should give up this course of action before things escalate.
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