A positive pregnancy test I had a brief dream where I was holding a positive pregnancy test. No one else was around just me. A dream in which you are holding proof that you are pregnant is an ill-omen. It points to certain fundamental issues in your current relationship that could eventually lead to a breakup. Having no one around you in the same vision also points to the fact that you can be the main cause, with your actions or personal qualities, of these circumstances taking place.
Cutting hair after it caught on fire My hair caught fire and I had to get all my red hair cut to shoulder length and it felt horrible, but I also seen a four leaf clover as well I think. Envisioning any part of yourself on fire during the course of a dream is highly ominous, suggesting you need to immediately reevaluate certain aspects of your life. In particular, this symbol suggests you worry too much about unimportant things while failing to act on tasks or assignments that hold weight in wake life. Cutting your hair due to the damage, then, predicts being able to move past this weakness by cutting ties with the people who egg you on unnecessarily and distract you from the important things in life. A four leaf clover at the end of the vision supports the idea that removing this person of these people from your list of social connections could have a positive impact on your existence.
Son losing front teeth My youngest son lost top two front permanent teeth. I was upset and took him to dentist. Seeing someone close to you losing their teeth in a dream could be interpreted as a subconscious representation of your fears. You may have certain concerns and apprehensions about the possibility of losing this person, in this case your son. While this could mean that he may have had an accident in the past or some sort of affliction that would make you fear for his health and safety, it could also represent the fear that all parents feel at the prospect of their children growing up and eventually leaving.
A guy leaving because of being too fat A guy that I like and who liked me back in real life met up with me and left me for some other really hot skinny girl because I was too fat for him. Your dream of being traded for a hot, skinny girl because of your weight reveals your own issues and insecurities about your body. Additionally, when other people in your dream comment or act in a certain way because of your weight, it reflects existing difficulties with your interpersonal relationships, most likely family and close friends. Perhaps you feel judged in reality because of the way you look. Your subconscious could be bringing up these issues so that you can focus on them in order to make you feel better and more confident about yourself.
Advice to hide long hair I had very long hair and there were 2 Muslim teachers in my kitchen which I know them. One of them was telling me to hide my hair and was holding my hand. I was very angry. Long hair in dreams is associated with attraction and sexuality, especially for females. Being told to hide your hair reflects limitations and conservative beliefs surrounding you. You may be feeling restricted and chastised in reality for expressing any kind of vanity or feminine sensuality. It makes you feel angry and frustrated whenever others try to control your actions and behavior. You may be in the process of trying to assert your independence and this is making your elders uncomfortable. Perhaps you need to strike a balance of getting a degree of freedom whilst respecting your traditions and values.
Strange objects inside and on the head In my dream I suddenly realized I had hairbrush bristles growing out of the top of my head. Not only that, but it was being caused by ants that were living on my scalp. When I tried to pull out these hairbrush bristles, they came out in three sections, and the bristles were rooted in some sort of machinery gear that had been built into my head, as if that's what they were rooted in. I felt embarrassed and creeped-out in my dream. The hair brush bristles growing out of the top of your head denote muddled thoughts. You could be in a state of confusion and unable to think clearly. This symbolism urges you to clear your mind of clutter which is making you unproductive. The ants living in your scalp likely point to a sense of dissatisfaction about your current situation. This frustration could be the reason why your thoughts are going haywire. Perhaps you need to be strategic about how you want to improve your current position in life. Focus on the how instead of dwelling on why.
A penis covered with feces I dreamed I was touching my husband's penis. When I looked down at it... it was covered with feces. It was even on his leg and thigh... Dreaming of a penis covered in feces means that your respect for your husband could be going down. His penis represents power and masculinity. In reality, this power and sense of pride come from his personal achievements and the ability to provide for the family. Meanwhile, feces alludes to dirt and feelings of disgust. The symbol of feces in dreams has also been associated with financial and money matters. Your husband may be having money issues in the waking world and, as a result, he may be feeling insecure about not being able to catch up with your family's needs. Perhaps you are also second guessing his capacity to get your family out of a financial rut.
Boils and blisters on the feet A painful dream! I have blisters in my feet and my feet were getting disfigured, big boils. A dream in which your feet appear to be disfigured and full of blisters could represent certain subconscious desires. You may secretly wish to achieve a level of financial or material wealth but refuse to admit it, perhaps even to yourself. Your current financial situation could be causing you undue stress and exasperation.
A breast injured by someone Someone I'm not even attracted to was making out with me and sucked in my boobs and made a hole (legit hole in my left breast), and I could see into it. My breast and some blood inside. I was running away from an ex. I woke up out of my sleep drastically... Making out or kissing someone in a dream reveals your desire for love and intimacy. It is possible that you may soon meet a handsome man. However, things may not turn out the way you expect. This man could be a womanizer who wants to take advantage of you or he could use you to gain material things. The hole in your left breast alludes to insecurity. Perhaps you feel undesirable and tired of always giving and yet not getting enough love in return.
Face and body decomposed I saw myself looking in the mirror finding my face and limbs completely decomposed with decomposer insects all over my body. Both your decomposing body and the maggots on and in it suggest that you are about to go through a difficult, uncomfortable period of time. The maggots in particular predict that the source of your troubles is within you, such as a negative feeling you have not been able to let go of. It would be wise, then, to analyze your current emotional state and try to seek a solution, so that you can move on and find happiness again.
Pulling out worms from the rear I was dreaming about two worms going out of my asshole. Then I pulled out too hard to pull using my 2 hands, then I got it. What is the meaning of my dream? Thank you. A dream in which you see worms coming out of your body's orifices, such as your anus, could represent certain subconscious feelings you have in regards to yourself and your place in the world. It is possible that you tend to build a wall around you to keep others away, perhaps without even realizing you are doing it. You may even see yourself as an outsider, and these feelings could be taking their emotional toll on you. If this happens to be the case, it would be advisable to look for advice from someone that you know you can trust. There is no shame in asking for help when you really need it.
Giving birth to fish but not panicking I'm pregnant right now. But in my dream I was lying on the couch, not in pain, but I gave birth to multiple fish. It was like a shower of fish. In my dream I wasn't frightened but calm and content. What does this mean? For pregnant women, seeing yourself give birth to fish is a highly ominous sign. It suggests having a difficult pregnancy or giving birth to a sickly child. It would be wise to pay close attention to both your and the baby's health until you give birth and avoid any unnecessary travel or physical activities that could negatively affect your pregnancy.
A small bleeding wound by a thumb I had a needle point sized spot on the back of my hand at base of thumb bleeding. This needle point sized bleeding wound on your thumb represents the possibility that you could be subjected to unpleasant or embarrassing situations in the near future. Through no personal fault or intentions you may become the target of mockery and verbal abuse. This hostility could stem from jealousy over your achievements at work or socially and could cause you undue stress and some degree of anxiety.
Losing a foot during war I was in a dark open space like a war zone where I heard someone yell something is coming, after that all of sudden I had lost my legs, but only the leg part that we slide in the shoes. Later I found my legs I pasted it unevenly, desperately not wanting to lose it. Doctors cared less too. I was taken in but not for treatment but a lockup with crippled people, all in same room. Outside was a policemen trying to catch someone, somehow I escaped. Outside someone called my name to come in again... HELP. Visions containing the images and sounds of war often predict conflicts or disagreements within your circle of friends. Likely this is a group in which you have recently become popular and well-liked. It could be that your sudden rise in status has angered current or previous members, causing jealousy to rear its ugly head. Losing your legs in the vision supports this idea, further showing how the disagreements between you and your enemies could begin to put a strain on the relationships with your friends. You and a few others may try to hold things together, but it may be better to abandon these individuals altogether and find a group with less drama and animosity.
Discovering own pregnancy I dreamed I was in the shower when I noticed both of my breasts were leaking milk, then looked down at my belly and noticed that I was pregnant. A night before I dreamed that I felt asleep in my friend's pregnant belly and that I could feel the baby move and it made me so sentimental that I started tearing because I remembered that I had a miscarriage in my pregnancy, which is actually true. I had a miscarriage 8 months ago. Then I had a dream my sister was pregnant and gave birth. I was so happy. The first vision, leaking breast milk and then noticing you are pregnant, suggests that your body has recovered from the physical stress it was under, possibly during the time of your miscarriage, but that your emotional state and your ability to connect with others, particularly your partner, may continue to suffer. Both your friend's pregnancy and your sister's pregnancy and birthing predict happiness and contentment in your future as time begins to heal the wounds. There may be other wonderful surprises in store as well.
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