Insects infesting a hand I had a infection in my hand. Was making the skin peel off. Wet and gross skin. Peeled it back and there were little flying bugs crawling around and laying eggs inside my hand. Dreaming that your skin peels off to reveal bugs crawling underneath and laying eggs portends the start of a new job or project. This new activity could be linked to a new mode of transportation for you. It may force you to start using the train, bus or some other method to reach your destination. It could also involve having to travel, and thus be away from home, for long periods of time.
Growing a hair patch after girlfriend leaves While talking to this girl I was ordering a product. She started looking funny at me and she left like in a hurry. I then noticed I had grown a hair patch that looked like a racing stripe down the side of my face that ended with a longer piece at the corner of my mouth that was not there when we first started talking. Dreaming about a new patch of hair growing, especially in an unusual place or with a strange pattern, is the manifestation of selfish or self-centered tendencies. This means you usually put your needs and wants before those of others, even to the point of hurting or using others to achieve your goals or desires. Because this appeared while in conversation, it may suggest that others are becoming aware of this personality trait and could start avoiding you or treating you differently if they feel wronged.
Fingers of two people attached to each other I had a dream were I was doing a report, or revising a report about fingers. After revising some of it, I saw two people with one of their fingers attached to one of the other person's finger. Fingers in dreams denote expertise and skill. Specific meanings depend on which finger was in your dream. The ring finger refers to commitment, while the index finger alludes to authority. The report on fingers in your dream possibly points to your hard work towards your specialization. Perhaps you are polishing your skills and continuously improving your craft or career path. The individuals with fingers attached to another person may mean that they share a special bond, possibly of a romantic nature. In relation to you personally, perhaps this vision is telling you that your excessive focus on work and career may be leaving no room for romance.
Going through pregnancy and being at school Had a dream I lost my virginity to my boyfriend and it hurt so bad, I got pregnant after losing my virginity. My belly was big, I was so happy I was pregnant with my own child, it was hard for me to do stuff. I realized I was pregnant when I kept getting sick, I had to pee a lot, I felt my baby's head, I was still with my boyfriend, I was at school too and walking pregnant in the hallways. I turned 18 two days after I got pregnant. Losing your virginity in a dream is often interpreted as a negative sign, which is often attributed to concerns about losing face and earning a bad reputation. However, the happiness exhibited in the dream, after you got pregnant, reveals a more positive outcome behind this event. In a way, the sexual intercourse could suggest your desire for intimacy and love. The pregnancy that occurs after the act is a validation of the positive effects of being in love. Alternatively, this vision may have just manifested due to your curiosity about the physical act of conception itself. It is a reminder from your subconscious to bear in mind the consequences of your future actions.
Pulling worms from under the feet Please, I dreamed that I am removing worms from under my feet by pulling one by one. But my left foot remained with a wound. A dream in which you are removing worms from your feet, leaving behind open wounds and lacerations, can be interpreted as a subconscious desire to achieve some kind of material or financial wealth. It is possible that you are currently struggling to reach these goals as the wounds that remain on your body seem to point to. This could be causing you undue stress and exasperation.
Receiving negative comments about body weight I have two dreams. I cannot remember the whole, but some parts of the dreams. I have been working on losing weight for some years now. When I lost about 35 pounds at first from 175lbs to 145lbs, my friends and family called said all kinds of diminishing things like, you look ugly, you look like someone whose husband refused him food, etc. I gained 20lbs, which I am working on losing now. In my dream one on the people commented on how thin I am, and I said "I don't care" and walked away. In a dream vision, when other people comment on your weight, especially in the case of weight loss, it tends to predict difficulty with your interpersonal relationships, most likely family and close friends. This seems to manifest itself literally in the vision, as you brush off other people's comments and walk away from the conversation. It may be the hostility you feel from your family concerning your weight, which brings out these feelings.
Bugs infesting the body and leaving holes behind I dreamt that I had loads of lines under the skin on my legs and bum cheeks. When I picked at the line or bumps, they moved because they were stripey bugs like caterpillars. After a while I clawed my skin to get them out of my body leaving gaping holes everywhere. Every time I ripped one of them out I crushed it and it seemed another one appeared in the hole in its place. Eventually, I got all of them out from under my skin and there were huge gaping holes in my legs where they had been. The vision of caterpillars under your skin alludes to stunted potential. Clawing them out of your skin is a reflection of your frustration and anxiety about being unable to reach your full potential. You could be stressing yourself out trying to hit all sorts of targets and standards that you have set for yourself. Being too hard on yourself, however, could lead you to self-destruction or a loss of your optimism and passion. Alternatively, the caterpillars could be individuals in your waking life who are leading you astray. The holes they leave as you pluck them out of your life refer to the irreversible damage and negative consequences of following their lead.
More fingers than usual I'm in my bed and I count my fingers and there's 12, so I know I'm dreaming. So, I scream until I "wake up", which I'm still dreaming and I keep doing it, but the more I do it seems like I'm just trying to get my parents to come and help me in my room and sometimes I wake up on the floor. Then, at some point I actually do wake up, but not screaming and that's when I actually wake up. Counting your fingers and realizing that there are too many could represent an unusual preoccupation with a particular goal or hobby you currently have. You could be dedicating more time than you should on this one particular area of your life, causing other areas, like chores, studies, or familial relationships, to suffer. Trying to force yourself to wake from this dream could suggest you are aware of this growing problem, but are not yet ready to take measures to turn the situation around. This vision could be a warning, then, that time is of the essence.
An urge to urinate while shopping So I dreamed I was is a store that had no bathroom. I had to go, so an employee took me out to a parking lot were there was 3 Porto potties, but there was a gate with lock on it and I could not get to them, but I had to go real bad. Then I woke up and had to pee what does it mean? Looking for a bathroom or toilet in your dream could be a reflection of your need for release. You may be carrying some type of burden which is wearing you down, so you want to be rid of it. Typically, searching for a bathroom or a toilet in public is associated with poor financial management. Perhaps your finances are causing you some distress and you want to be more financially-independent. On the other hand, it could also just be a manifestation of a full bladder. You physical needs communicated themselves through the dream scenario you experienced.
Needing to pee while at school I dreamed we were in our kids' school with my friend filling some forms and my friend was pressed with urine and I was trying to tell her to use the office toilets and she didn't want to go, kept pressing until the urine was out. Then she started crying until a teacher and other officials came out and took her outside and I could hear her cry. Urine is usually a positive sign, although in this case it is not related to you (the dreamer). Urine predicts fortune and success, so seeing your friend urinate could predict great prosperity in her life. The form she was filling out represents your foresight in this matter, suggesting you can see good things coming her way even if she cannot. Whether you choose to share the good news with her or not, your subconscious belief in her bright future is likely appreciated.
Unable to take a shower I don't remember much from my dream except that I kept wanting to shower but something always stopped me. Being in a dream where you suddenly feel the strong, irresistible urge to take a shower, either because you have gotten dirty or just had an intense workout, represents some deep, unusual desires you wish to have fulfilled. Because you want something unusual or rare to find, you may be putting your financial situation on the line to make these dreams come true. Fortunately, your pragmatic and levelheaded side may still be in control, as you delay making important decisions without being fully prepared.
Having deformed hands and dizziness My hands were red and swollen, with no finger definition and spike-shaped blisters and I was dizzy. Red and swollen hands in dreams suggests unexpected events which would lead to positive outcomes. Puffy hands generally refer to a lack of control over certain circumstances and yet managing to benefit from the events in some ways, possibly in financial terms. The dizziness represents confusion and being off-balance due to the unexpected nature of these events. Once you gain your footing and find your bearings, you can begin to find joy in the surprising turn of circumstances you are about to face.
Having an extra hand and warts I had a dream that I had another hand on top of my right hand. And in between the two there were many many large warts. Dreams about the right hand reveal triumph over difficulties and negative or chaotic situations. The extra hand situated on top of the other speaks of forces or individuals keeping your from achieving success or overcoming challenges. These oppressive forces are wreaking havoc in your life, as symbolized by the warts, possibly making you lose hope in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. To triumph, you need not only prevail in the presence of adversaries, but also overcome your own negative feelings and insecurities.
A needle in the forehead A lady injecting a long needle in my forehead. Needles tend to represent focused attention or a singular event, so having a needle injected into your forehead could represent the honing of higher mental abilities, such as psychic powers or visions of the future.
Seeing body through someone's eyes I was looking out to the horizon over the ocean and as my gaze lowered, I saw the sand and feet which were not mine. The view I had was through the eyes of a friend. Dreaming about having an out-of-body experience is an ominous sign associated with being rejected by friends or those in your group of peers. You may be a bit of an "odd duck" who has trouble fitting in or getting along with others, making it difficult to form and maintain long-term friendships. This coincides with looking out onto the horizon over the ocean. Oceans often represent opportunity for personal growth, but only watching the ocean could point to your lack of motivation to go forth and make those changes. Unless you put in the time and effort to get along with others, you may always find it challenging to forge those types of bonds.
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