A head injury resulting in a huge blood loss I dreamt that I had cut the back of my head open badly. It was as if I was also watching it happen from a distance at the same time. I am a person who will faint at the sight of blood and in this dream I was crying and screaming in pain - I have no idea how I cut my head open, my mum was in my dream, she's alive, but she lives quite a long way from me. In my dream I was told that I needed stitches - something that petrifies me as I have had the experience of stitches. Lots of blood. Dreaming about bleeding from a head wound is usually symbolic of "bleeding" out the thoughts and words you would normally keep locked up in your mind. To be more specific, this sign in a dream vision often points toward acting or saying things without your usual filter, which could upset or horrify the people around you. Your inner monologue is likely darker and less positive than what you portray. The presence of your mother, in this case, could serve as a warning to temper your words and be more careful about what you say and whom you say it to.
A friend feeling pain in the groin area My friend who is also my secret love is holding his penis and when I ask him about it he said that he feels pain from it, so I ask to assist him to the clinic. To dream of a penis in this context could be reflective of potential problems in your sexual life. You may be experiencing intimacy issues resulting in a less than desirable sex life. The pain he feels could also be a reflection of your sexual frustration. Perhaps your repressed feelings are manifesting in your dream as a way to assure you or validate your desire. Maybe you feel as though you are what he needs in his life, therefore in the dream you are at the right place at the right time and in a unique position to help him with his predicament.
Testicles bleeding and wife receiving a cake I dreamt my testicles were dripping blood, then I dreamt my boss giving cake to my wife. Testicles refer to pride, power and masculinity. The dream may be indicative of your anxieties regarding your skills and capabilities. On the other hand, you could be experiencing feelings of ineptitude in terms of providing for the needs of your family. Cakes in a dream are normally associated with happiness, rewarding and pleasant experiences in the waking life. Hence, some other person giving cake to your wife reflects your own sense of inability to satisfy her. Perhaps there is a need to confront your personal issues that are affecting the dynamics within your family.
Giving birth with no pain I dreamt I was pregnant twice and never experienced labor pains, I just heard the children being born. Dreaming that you are pregnant could have contradicting meanings. Pregnancy symbolizes an unhappy life and sometimes undesirable children. On the other hand, pregnancy can also mean meeting someone new and starting a more meaningful relationship with that person. This relationship will be much better than the ones you have had in the past. If you are in a happy relationship, then this dream could be associated with personal development underway or you could be developing new ideas. The birth, in general, represents new ventures, projects and goals. So there is much to look forward to.
A female friend suddenly growing body hair Hi, I saw my friend (girl) who had black hair growing on her face and body (saw only shoulders and back). Half of her face was clean, as she had a shaver in her hand. And I helped her to shave part of her shoulder. Dreaming of having hair growing in places where it should not be growing is a sign of acceptance and forgiveness. Somebody that you have wronged in the past may forgive you for your misdeeds and could even go out of his or her way to assist you with something. It is likely that the friend you saw in your dream will facilitate this reconciliation.
Cleaning body after defecating and carrying clean water I dreamed I was passing a stool and washing my bum... There was lots of shit on my hand and I was washing it off... Then after a while I saw myself carrying a big bowl of clean water on my head, my mum helped me to put it on my head. This dream points to a process of cleansing. Defecating in the dream refers to a removal or letting go of personal dilemmas and negative emotions. If something in your life is troubling you, perhaps you feel the need to get rid of this source of turmoil. The clear water you were carrying on your head signifies better conditions and happy occasions in the near future. Your life will also be prosperous and you will be able to enjoy the finer things in life. As such, the initial cleansing goes hand in hand with peace and prosperity. Only when you find closure with the more unsavory issues you are battling will you finally get the chance to live a more carefree and fulfilling life.
Unable to use a restroom and suffocating from poop in the mouth I dreamt I was trying to find a place to poop and people kept interrupting me. I would find another bathroom and more people would come in. Somehow I ended up with my mouth being full of poop. I assume it's mine. I try to open my mouth to vomit it out, but it is stuck like peanut butter or something. I never got it out. Trying to find a bathroom but being unable to indicates that you have been holding on to an outdated set of beliefs for a long time. The other people who are hindering you from using the restroom, then, can be seen as the people in your life who want to keep you from changing your mind, most likely parents, older relatives or politicians. In this case, finding that your mouth has been filled with your poop suggests you are slowly poisoning yourself by holding onto this old way of thinking, and the only way to release yourself from the negative baggage is to force yourself to break free.
Scrotum splitting open and no one available for help I was in another country with people I know and my testicle bag split open. I kept begging everyone to phone me an ambulance, but they wouldn't. I had to crawl around looking for help, the split got bigger and bigger and I kept having to put my testicle back in the bag. I eventuality found a phone and called an ambulance, but when it turned up it was very grim and didn't have paramedics, just the driver and one of my testicles turned into a stop watch. Testicles are often associated with sexuality, masculinity and power. To dream that you have sustained testicle injuries could be a reflection of your sexual anxieties or intimacy issues. On the other hand, it may also refer to a low self-esteem and self-confidence. Perhaps you are starting to question your capability to manage your duties and responsibilities. This latter interpretation seems more apt in the context of your dream as the stopwatch in the end alludes to a need for better time management. You could be swamped with deadlines that you are having trouble to meet. The stress of your work is creeping up in your subconscious and manifesting in your dream.
Suddenly developing wounds with blood gushing I am in the hospital assisting my partner. All of a sudden my right foot and ankle open up in a wound gushing blood. Very painful. I go to get assistance and both my hands do the same. I have my son with me and all I can think is who will take care of him. They tell me it is some kind of rare fungal infection connected to issues with your cervix. Then I wake up. Being in a hospital in a dream vision is usually a fairly ominous symbol associated with unexpected and unwelcome news, most likely about health and wellness. This is coupled with the image of your hands and feet opening up and gushing blood, another powerful portent associated with a debilitating cycle of illness and exhaustion. It may be wise to seek early screening for health issues which run in your family or with which you have recently been concerned, as early diagnosis and treatment may stave off the worst of these possible afflictions.
Finding a nit after scratching the head Sitting down and I'm scratching my head, as I'm scratching I pull 1 nit only. Both scratching your head and finding lice are positive signs associated with financial well-being and prosperity. You probably already have a good financial standing and a budget, but extra help, in the form of a monetary gift or grant, may be on its way to you shortly.
Unable to cut the hair growing on the bottom of the foot I had a dream where suddenly beautiful, long, wavy light brown hair began growing out of the bottom of my left foot. There were people all around me. I knew they were there, yet I could not see them. I wanted to remove the hair because it should not have been growing there and thought of using scissors, but I was moving too quickly to be able to stop to cut it. I also thought of using a razor, but could not because of the same reason. The focus on feet in a dream symbolizes being grounded. As a counterpoint, light, wavy hair suggests a tendency to get entangled in complicated affairs. This hair that keeps growing out of the bottom of your left foot represents the increasingly uncontrollable and unpredictable consequences of a decision you have made or are about to make. This action may set into motion a series of troublesome encounters and possible problems that you would have difficulty trying to nip in the bud. Perhaps your business could incur losses which may take time to recover, or the promotion at work could be delayed due to a project's underwhelming results and issues. This hairy predicament may keep your career or personal life at a standstill because of the many complications that may transpire.
Giving birth after wanting to use the restroom I was waiting to use the bathroom at home when I told my stepson "Hurry up, I have to use the bathroom". He said "OK" and I walked into my living room to pass time when I felt like I needed to push what I thought was a bowel movement. I felt something between my legs and it was a baby's feet. I took off my pants and gave birth to a baby in the middle of my living room. Yelling for someone to come help or call 911 because my fiance was at work. The beginning of the dream where you were waiting to use the bathroom for a supposed bowel movement reveals a need to let go of negative emotions or burdens. Perhaps the scenario of giving birth in the living room reflects a reversal of your expectations. Maybe you think something bad is about to happen or that things would not go your way, instead it turns out that your apprehensions are unfounded. You could be welcoming great news, opportunities or a lucrative business venture. This pleasant surprise may be unexpected such that you would need the support of your loved ones in order to see it through and properly manage the newfound responsibility.
A man with skin resembling a fruit texture I dreamed about a man that came at my grandma's house and the man had a ripe-fruit skin. And that fruit-skin man was acting very normal to me, but I was afraid to touch his skin because I thought that my skin will be of ripe fruits, and I remember that I saw an apple, orange, pineapple, grapes, pomegranate, banana, lime, papaya. I would like if someone can explain me that dream. Dreaming about a man whose skin is like that of ripe fruit contains both positive and negative news. On one hand, the variety of fruit predicts interesting and exciting experiences which may change your perspective or way of thinking. On the other hand, this vision suggests you could be hesitant to step out of line and try something new. The negative news, then, is more of a warning or suggestion to not be afraid to be extraordinary. You never know where life can lead you if you are willing to follow your aspirations and be open-minded.
Swallowing wooden cubes Dream of two wooden cubes in my stomach. This vision is a warning to get your act together before it is too late. Wood, by itself, symbolically represents failing to make progress or get things done on time, usually due to procrastination and lack of concentrated effort. The fact that you seem to have eaten or swallowed this wood suggests that your inability to finish even minor tasks could lead to great setbacks in the near future.
Urinating after learning about someone's marriage Urinated myself in the bathroom after seeing other girl's engagement of marriage. And urinated a little in real life. My age is 29, unmarried. Searching for a girl for marriage. This vision contains two opposing symbols, but can be interpreted as being positive in regards to your future endeavor to marry. Being inside a bathroom during a dream vision is often considered bad luck which, given the other girl's engagement, seems logical. Maybe you liked her or were subconsciously thinking about asking for her hand. Urinating on yourself, however, predicts good luck and fortune. You may have more success finding a wife in the coming months.
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