Worms coming out when in the bathroom I dreamt that I was in the loo and all that was coming out inside of me was crawly slimy worms.. I was not crying, I was just looking at this and every time I pee or poop, everything that comes out is just worms. Worms are symbolic of the wall you tend to build between yourself and the world. You may act happy-go-lucky and cheerful around friends and family, but on the inside, you may be suffering from sadness or even depression. This idea is epitomized in the common image of a worm within an apple. In this case, you are the apple and the worms represent the darkness within you. Excreting the worms from your body in the form of urine or fecal matter, then, portends accidentally exposing your true self to someone. You might fear this spontaneous revealing could affect you negatively later on, but this could be a chance to seek help and reach out to someone instead of keeping everything bottled up inside you.
Drinking orange liquid Just drinking glass full of orange liquid. Dreaming of drinking orange liquid can be interpreted as a sign that you could soon find yourself in a position to achieve something great. As long as you don't let it slip through your fingers, it could earn you the respect and admiration of your friends and colleagues. Sometimes, the same vision could also indicate dehydration in your body, for example after a night out with drinking involved or as a result of strenuous physical activity preceding this dream.
Being told to take anti-pregnancy pills I'm not sure where I was or who I was talking to. All that stands out was that I was talking to a female and she said "If you don't start taking your birth control, you'll be pregnant by or in April". This vision is likely the manifestation of something you heard or talked about in wake life, meaning you may have recently overheard someone talking about birth control pills or started such a conversation with a friend. The female speaker, however, is symbolic in that she represents some resentment or scorn you might feel at this idea. It may be that you do not want to take birth control or that you dislike having other people stick their nose in your personal affairs. In either case, this vision is more likely your subconscious trying to work out its views on a particular topic rather than a prediction of things to transpire.
Unable to get sun tan I dream I'm on holiday somewhere hot and I either do not get a suntan at all, or I am not satisfied with my tan. Dreaming about being on a holiday or vacation could indicate the need to relax or take some much needed rest. The hot climate implies being under a lot of pressure which could be consuming you or draining your energy. In that sense, the tan or suntan could represent your current duties and responsibilities, and they are perceived, both subconsciously and while being awake, as if no matter how hard you work and how much responsibility you take on, a general feeling of dissatisfaction still persists, so unless you find a way to compensate for your hard work and resulting exhaustion, you will remain being reminded of the situation in your dreams.
Granddaughter's arm being amputated and replaced with a prosthesis My dream was about my granddaughter. I walked in and they cut her hand off, put a prosthesis on and I was telling the doctor he had to put her hand back on, there was no reason for him to cut it off and he grabbed her hand and started cutting all the little fingers off of her little hand and I couldn't stop him. Then my granddaughter walked out and had a prosthetic metal contraption from her shoulder down. I can't tell you how upsetting this dream was to me. Our arms often get most of our work done. They are oftentimes symbolic of our way of life or our vocation. Hence, a vision of amputation or a loss of this particular limb indicates a loss of motivation as well as a shift in priorities. Perhaps someone close to you will undergo some struggle which will put that person on a different track. There is a possibility that somebody influential is steering your kin in another direction, hence the prosthetic arm. Furthermore, your subconscious may be telling you to be wary of manipulative people surrounding your family which will put a strain in your relationship with them.
Face melting away after washing I was washing my face and when I looked up to look in the mirror, my face started melting and I started panicking. Washing a part of your body usually symbolizes that your life is going in the right direction. The terrifying sight that you saw in the mirror, however, points to the possibility of getting involved with dangerous people in the near future. Think carefully about the choices you make in life and who your friends really are.
A worm inside an eye I dreamed I had something in my eye. When I looked in the mirror at my left pupil, it looked oblong. As I looked closer, I realized it was a worm coming out of my eye. As I fought with getting it out before it squirmed behind my eye and into my eye socket, it fell out of my lower eye lid and down my shirt. It was the most disturbing and realistic dream I have had in a very long time. The eyes are windows to your soul. A worm coming out of your eye indicates an emotional upheaval. It may be that you have been harboring tension or repressing negative emotions and you feel the need for an emotional outlet to weed out the source of anger and frustration. This dream could be telling you to free your mind from harmful and counterproductive thoughts in order to gain a clearer perspective about how you are living your life. Once you get these negative aspects out of your system, you will have renewed motivation to go on.
Being covered with blood Someone had a vision of me being covered in blood. If someone had a vision of you being covered in blood, it means they are about to learn something about you that you were trying to hide from them. It could be a good intention on your part, when you did not want to hurt them emotionally or cause a stirrup while trying to help them achieve their goals, or it could be something more sinister, perhaps things related to being jealous of their quick success or things that bother you to a point when you feel it is necessary to interfere to prove them wrong.
Giving birth to fish instead of a baby I was giving birth to dead fish.. They were rugged and had sharp teeth. There were people waiting to kill me after I was done, but I was trying to convince them there was a baby and not to hurt the baby. Dead or dying fish carries negative implications in dreams. This is usually associated with sorrow and loss. Seeing yourself giving birth to dead fish means that you could end up losing a significant portion of your material possessions and power. This unfortunate incident may end up affecting your loved ones in a negative way, and you could wind up being blamed for the disappointing turn of events, justifiable or not. Your dream also alludes to your state of mind throughout the whole affair, which is to protect your baby from harm. The baby in your dream could mean your family, or it could also be related to your business and professional ventures.
Parasites emerging from the body I had a dream that felt real. Large white parasites with sharp teeth began coming out of pockets in my skin that opened up. One being from my chest area and one from armpit region. Parasites manifesting from within the body in the context of a dream usually point toward having a negative outlook on life. This could be a general state, meaning you tend to be cynical or sarcastic, or it may indicate a recent rough patch which is causing you to look grimly on the future. In either case, it may take some time and effort on your part to get yourself in a better mood. While this can be accomplished alone, you can also ask your friends or family members to help, which may be faster and more effective.
Feathers growing on the arm I had a few black feathers growing out of my arm. I wasn't scared, but I felt comfort when I look down at them. Just as vibrant plumage is a sign of virility in the animal kingdom and prosperity among humans, so does this sign represent thriving in wake life. This is especially true given your calm reaction to such a change in the vision. It could indicate you can see yourself evolving and becoming a better person and are pleased with the progress you have made so far.
Pulling a worm out of the ankle area and being disgusted I had a dream that there was a blob or black mush on my ankle, top of my foot area and when I was pulling on it I noticed it was a worm and it broke and I wasn't able to get it all out. Then I woke up. Grossed me out, still grosses me out. What does this mean? Worms crawling over your body typically mean a desire to accumulate wealth or achieve prosperity. Hence, pulling a worm or worms out of the foot suggests that you are not interested in material wealth. Your proclivities, it seems, are more geared towards self-fulfillment and spiritual pursuits. The breaking of the envisioned worm apart can also hold a significant meaning here, because it reflects a need for direction and possibly financial assistance. Perhaps you are prone to wandering and refuse to be tied down by conventional adult expectations.
Teeth and jaw fragments falling out During my dream, my teeth started falling out and I ran to the bathroom to run water in my mouth to dilute the blood. Then pieces of the jaw bone would randomly come out with the teeth and I would continue to bleed. To dream that your teeth are falling out alludes to feelings of inadequacy or insecurity. You may be feeling particularly vulnerable and sensitive to criticism due to your current state of mind. Perhaps you lack ambition or direction and it is preventing you from realizing your full potential. Try to look within yourself and identify your strengths and weaknesses in order to push through with your goals.
Cooking but not eating feces I was cooking feces and it did not smell and later I I poured it, I did not eat it. Cooking feces could be an indication of liking to stir up trouble or get involved with gossip. While you like to share juicy details with others and tiptoe along the edge of "bad," you probably are not actually a mean or vindictive person, as is indicated by not smelling or eating what you had made in this vision. Your involvement with those who do harbor darker personalities, however, could get you into trouble in the future if you are not careful.
Throwing up with colored worms Having worms (white and green) in own vomit. As I vomited in my dream, the worms were alive and squirming. There were only two green worms and they had very bright eyes. Expecting reply as soon as possible. Worms symbolically represent trying to keep a brave face while things are falling apart around you. Specifically, this dream seems to be related to your health, as vomiting in a dream vision is usually associated with physical ailments and illness. You may feel like you are coming down with a certain condition, but may be pretending it is alright, possibly because you do not want others to worry, or you are worried about falling behind in your work. However, your health is very important and should not be ignored lest things get worse.
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