Prevented from peeing in public I was peeing in my dream, then a lady came to stop me, but I did not until another lady, more mature, came and was directing me to a toilet instead of gutter before I woke up. Peeing in a dream is often interpreted as a positive sign because it is associated with success and the achievement of dreams. Your deepest desires to hit it big and make a name for yourself are likely within reach, though not without a lot of hard work and a little luck. However, peeing on the ground suggests you may be wasting your talents or not putting the to good use. In this case, the women who guide you to the toilet are warning you not to squander your gifts. Additionally, the image of the toilet indicates you may need to work hard to change other people's impression of you, possibly because you were not on the right path before. It may take time to win people to your side, but their support may be beneficial in reaching your goals.
Trying to collect urine samples in a public restroom I was trying constantly to collect my urine sample in a public washroom, which had a lot of cubicles. But someone or the other came because I couldn't collect my own sample. Once, when I was almost successful in collecting, a friend peeped from a neighboring cubicle preventing me from collecting my own urine. Then, finally, I collected my brothers wife's urine but not mine. Dreams containing images of trying to collect your urine samples could be an indication of anxieties about your current physical and mental well-being. You may have been stressing out so much lately from having to work for hours on end, that you began to worry that this hectic schedule could eventually take its toll on your body. The vision of your friend and family members appearing in the same public place, and essentially preventing you from what you were doing, could also point toward the need to reconsider your approaches to completing your tasks by learning from other people's experiences and success stories. Overall, the dream seems to suggest that there is always room for a positive outlook and ways for self-improvement, especially when it is your health and sanity which are at stake.
Cleaning blood after a visit by a pregnant woman Dreamt of a pregnant woman in my house. She bathes, changes clothes, sending me out. After she went out, I am wiping the blood (menses). Seeing a pregnant woman in a dream vision is an ominous sign predicting troubles hindering the progress you hope to achieve in wake life. This is especially true of menial, time-consuming tasks that make it impossible to get through your daily schedule smoothly. You may have great difficulty completing a project you are working on or meeting a goal you have set for yourself. This is also supported by the image of her changing her clothes, which is a symbol for letting go. In order to garner desired outcomes, you cannot keep going down the path you are on. Finding a new, better approach toward growth is what is needed to succeed.
Being breastfed by mother My dream was about sucking my mother's breasts. Dreaming about being breastfed is an ominous sign indicating a decline in morals. It suggests you may have recently become engaged in immoral or illegal activities which would be frowned upon by those around you if they see your true colors. While you may be able to hide the darkness within yourself for the time being, your wrongdoing is destined to be revealed in the end, causing loss of trust and disappointment by all those who once believed in you.
Trying to get rid of exrements People clearing a lot of coal from a river or sea, me carrying poo in a cup, trying to get rid of it... l was thinking "I can't empty it in the river, people are already looking for the cause of infection..." Despite the story of your dream revolving around a spreading infection or disease, this vision is actually more closely related to your relationships with others. Imaging people cleaning coal and other debris from water is symbolic of becoming involved with a powerful person who influences you in a negative way. They may get you to do things you are not particularly comfortable with by justifying your actions in some way. However, your inability to get rid of the feces you were carrying suggests that continued involvement with this person could expose your actions to the public at large, bringing shame and embarrassment. Your closest family and friends are likely to be very disappointed in your behavior.
Discomfort during labor I dreamed that I went into labor and I could feel something wedged in my vagina trying to come out, accompanied by a lot of vaginal bleeding. What does this mean? The birthing process is often symbolic of change in your life, both positive and negative. This could be related to your personal life, such as kicking a bad habit or starting a new routine which is meant to positively influence you and those around you. However, bleeding is usually associated with loss of money or bad financial decisions. It is important to remember that even during times of change and turmoil, you should be careful not to overspend or go to extremes with your money,
Pulling a long hair from inside the stomach I dreamed I pulled a long hair out of my mouth that was attached to my stomach lining. Pulling long pieces of hair out of your mouth is symbolic of the imbalanced life you lead, indicating you tend to waste time doing or worrying about things that do not matter instead of focusing on tasks and plans that are relevant to your future. This is also supported by the hair's origin in your stomach, which is the center of your being. You may need to step back and plan your course of action, perhaps with the help of others who are more experienced, before deciding on a new path.
Worms inside lip area I had a bump in my lip, I opened it up and there was a black or greyish worm and it was dead. I pulled back the skin on the inside of my lower lip and there were more of the same worms moving slowly through the tissue in my lip. The mouth is often associated with conflict and insult, so a mouth that has bumps and sores may indicate you are about to get into a verbal altercation with someone in the near future. Worms are positive symbols associated with success, so it is likely you are to come out on top in this argument. However, while winning an individual argument may make you feel victorious, you may want to consider the more far-reaching effects of your words and behavior, as others may not look favorably on your tactics.
Recovering after a surgery I'd had some kind of brain surgery because I could feel the single-loop stitches around my head in various places where they drilled. Or maybe it was back surgery because they sat me up so carefully. I do remember saying that it wasn't so bad coming out of the anesthesia this time because I usually shake so violently, but not this time. Visions of surgery predict much the same in real life, namely that you may soon require medical attention in one form or another. Since it seemed to you like this procedure was a success, you may find that the procedure you undergo drastically increases your overall health and well-being. However, just because it is predicted to go well does not mean you should throw caution to the wind. It would be wise to carefully consider all your options and take special note of the pros and cons of each.
Giving birth to tiny twins as an accident I was at some beach party when I started to experience really bad pains and cramps and when I went to the restroom I ended up giving birth to dead twins. I wasn't sure what their gender was, all I know was that they were so small that they both fit in the palm of my hand. Twins are usually associated with family gatherings and celebrations, however, the fact that the twins you gave birth to were dead and caused a lot of pain can be interpreted as a sign of the opposite. This could manifest in two ways. On one hand, it could indicate a canceled event, such as a wedding that has been called off. On the other hand, this sign can also portend a gathering of family and friends under negative circumstances, for example, for a funeral or wake.
Being together with someone who is having stomach problems I was in a car with the man I have feelings for, he said I was perfect and kissed me, he had something going on in his stomach, he was getting waves of pain going up and down inside his stomach. I could see it happening but didn't know how to help him. Dreaming about the man you currently have feelings for in wake life is associated with indulging in your fantasies and desires, though not necessarily romantic ones. This could include a shopping spree or a night out with best friends. In either case, this symbol indicates soon doing things that excite you and make you happy, meaning that you are about to have another chance at enjoying life to the fullest and having a good time.
Pregnancy gone wrong Had a dream that I was pregnant and my baby stopped moving inside me? Dreaming about being pregnant is often associated with meeting new people and, in particular, being introduced to someone you find attractive. The relationship that blossoms is likely to start off much better than others you have experienced in the past, giving you butterflies and filling you with joy. However, not being able to feel the baby moving after awhile might indicate things suddenly turning sour, though the cause or reason is unclear. There may be something you can do to prevent this from happening, but it is also possible you will not want to.
Teeth falling out for a young female Every few nights I have a recurring dream in which my teeth are dropping out. I wake up in a panic. I am a female of 19 years of age with healthy teeth, so I do not understand the meaning of this. Dreaming about your teeth falling out is a fairly common vision, although the interpretation is not pleasant for the dreamer. When teeth fall or pop out in a dream, it portends experiencing hardship or great difficulty in your life. This is likely related to your life overall and not any specific aspect of it, so it may seem like everything is going against you during this time. A situation like this may cause great frustration and sadness, especially when you cannot come up with ways to reverse or amend the impact within the time available.
A baby developing inside an arm I had a dream I was pregnant, but instead of the baby growing in my belly it was in my right arm. I could see the baby moving and when it kicked my arm I could see the footprint. Dreaming of metamorphosis which involves your own body is not a positive sign, it could indicate the presence of developing malignancies or adverse health conditions. The kicking of the baby tells you that you were previously informed about the issue, but remained oblivious to the fact or paid little attention to it. The right arm signifies your dexterity and vigor to handle everyday things, so be sure to check on your health as soon as you can so you can prevent any undesirable outcomes down the road.
A fish implanted in the palm of a hand I dreamt there was a small fish implanted in my right palm with the tail part buried. As I pulled out the tail, there was a semi-clear vein that came with the fish. There were black spots like eggs inside. I kept pulling and a shrimp came out. I tried to stop that vein, but it just kept coming out. Envisioning a small fish embedded in the palm of your hand suggests you have many thoughts which are currently troubling your mind. These concerns may be making it difficult to focus on even the easiest or most mundane of tasks. The black spots which seem to be eggs, then, represent your preoccupation which such worries, meaning you spend more time thinking about your problems than you do solving them. This situation is likely to continue unless you make a conscious effort to improve your life, as the image of the never-ending vein could predict a long, drawn out period of unhappiness.
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